Hair Growth Activators from MedicoMed

Hello, dear girls!)

In my review, I want to tell you about Lotion activator hair growth =)

In search of a product that would accelerate hair growth, I tried many different products. So I stumbled upon this miracle lotion. I bought it at the pharmacy, it was not expensive.) I use it 3 times a week) It is easy to apply and not greasy hair, because He's like some water. But the only negative is that it is not a convenient dispenser, it can be shed, but these are trifles) The composition of it is completely natural! After using it for a month, my hair growth accelerated by 4 cm per month, and before that it was 1.5 cm!

Here is a lotion with an open dispenser)

This is a box manual.

This is a lotion in your hand, as you can see, it is transparent)

Who wants to grow long hair, I advise you to buy this lotion! Very effective tool! =)

Do not buy. This tool does not help you in hair care)

Hello everyone who looked at the page)

I didn’t want to insult MedicoMed, because there are decent products, but this product doesn’t make any sense of praise, especially judging by the packaging, which is not the most successful design option.

Of course, the inscription *** Hair Growth Activator *** I was personally delighted, I thought for a second, well, I finally found a miracle remedy for which I would have a shock of hair on my head, but it turned out to be completely different.

Thanks to a convenient dispenser, I would call a hole I had the imprudence to pour it on my head, well, that was good and flowed into my eye. Tweaks. I had to pour into an empty jar from under the spray and continue to use)

Summing up: Mastered 250 ml for 3 months. After shampooing, making partings, distributed the remedy at the hair roots. But alas) I did not see the results.

I did not fit! Hair after him, like a crow's nest.

This shampoo has acquired at the pharmacy by pure chance. At that time, my other searches for the perfect shampoo were unsuccessful. Therefore, I decided to buy a try something pharmacy and inexpensive for the experiment.

Baseline: hair is very thick, long, puschatsya and slightly curly, very long painted.

I got this shampoo for the sake of experiment, but suddenly they will start growing really fast and I will finally be able to cut off the bad ends, since I need to trim a decent length.

Shampoo has a fairly convenient package, like most. But due to the very thick consistency, when it ends, the residue is difficult to squeeze out of the bottle. It is necessary to pour water through a hole, shake and use it in this way.

The shampoo smells of herbs, with a slight smell of onions, but after washing it does not retain any aroma on the hair.

Immediately foam shampoo is good, but the foam settles very quickly, just instantly. Therefore, in order to wash my thick hair, I flop shampoo three times. The result is a very uneconomical expense.

Washes shampoo well only if you make a very rich foam. But after washing your hair like a nest. Very tough and matted. The balm slightly corrects this picture, but I do not like this horror at all.

I can’t say about growth, since I didn’t spend more than one bottle and, accordingly, during this period my hair grew at a regular pace.

Perhaps it does not fit my hair type, but for a very bad soap and uneconomic consumption, I give a low rating. I ask all ardent defenders of natural cosmetics not to throw stones, that it is natural, that is why it is so badly washed. Tried and other natural, where the shampoo was blurred perfectly.

Hair turns into a growing nest!

My struggle for beautiful hair began after giving birth. I have a short haircut, but I wanted to be long. In the store I saw shampoo and hair lotion in this series, read reviews and decided to take it. I washed my head for a month. hair began to push wildly, and even my short (5 cm) were confused. Maybe the hair grew from samnunya, but it seems to me it all depends on an integrated approach. And the hair from him became tow in the evening. I tried to use it with a balm of a different brand. Well, it seemed to be better. Fluffiness disappeared from the balm. One of the significant disadvantages is dandruff! From the use of this tool.

I will describe my hair for clarity: dyed, weakened after childbirth and feeding (I am a nursing mother), short, soft, greasy, quickly dirty.

photo composition. Already very harmful, harmfulness in it.

it closes uncomfortably and after a while completely stops closing.


I do not recommend it at least because the composition is terrible!

Super care - hair like after the salon))

Hello! I am committed to everything natural)) If you want to make hair luxurious and strong without the use of different modern chemistry - you here))

The lotion is an unusually scented water - well, I personally liked the smell. I applied lotion to the hair roots (partly — well, as when dyeing hair) in the evenings. It took me about 3 minutes. My hair was a little lower than my shoulders, and since the lotion was like water, they all became wet. So I spent some time before bedtime, then went to bed. In the morning, of course, I had to wash my hair. Therefore, applied lotion 1 time in 2 days.

Cost pleases - a penny. About 70 rubles.

GIRLS!! Well, there is no such external means from which the hair would grow) For the hair needs to be fed from the inside))

EFFECT FROM MEANS This is an excellent hair care product - after it they look healthy and strong. Natural shine appears. Hair becomes smooth. The ends split less (but I comb very carefully). In general, I want to say that this tool perfectly strengthens the hair and they look healthy.

AT composition Lotion includes: extracts of ginger, horsetail, aloe, essential oils of ylang-ylang and rosemary, a complex of amino acids.

In the tales of growth do not believe)

Loved it. I'll tell you why.

Hello! I want to talk about my experience in using the product of Medicomed with the hefty enticing name "Hair Growth Activator". I really want a mane like a tygdydy horse. Probably many such willing. So we scour in search of the perfect recipe.

I found the same product at joint purchases, because in our city (Khabarovsk Territory, Komsomolsk-on-Amur) it is not in retail sale and will hardly ever be. So here. I look, the description is promising, the price is acceptable, the volume is normal. I decided to try. Of course I waited decently, but I waited. A cherished bottle came.

Bottle as a bottle. In use, he, as they say in other reviews, is inconvenient. But there is always a way out. I had small bottles of spray. I quickly applied them: I poured the liquid from the uncomfortable container into a more suitable one. And everything is fine!

Well, now about the main thing. About the product itself.

When poured from a large bottle, I noticed that the liquid has a yellow color (this is seen in the photo). Smell, to be honest, for an amateur. No, it does not stink straight, right, but rather the smell of grass with something bitter-sweet. Not luxury perfume of course, but tolerable. Chemozoy does not stink. This makes me happy.

Having done all the preparatory work, I decided to use an activator. My hair is not straight like Varvara-beauty (this is sadness), not very thick but also get fat fast. You often have to wash your head often, otherwise these fat icicles will kill the entire nervous system. I read: sprinkle and do not wash hours 12. That is, you need to splash on clean ones, I decided. But here's the catch: I used different sprays on herbs of such a kind, and they stubbled their hair. Washed, sprinkled, and after 3 hours oily icicles. I thought it would be so. But no! Everything turned out quite the opposite! I squirted on the scalp, immediately rubbed it actively. It has become a silent burn. It made me happy! Immediately it is clear that not just tap water, but still something was mixed there. Hell did not last long and did not burn. Gently hot. Hair combed as usual. after a while, the hair dried out (did not wrap a towel, did not dress a hat). And here is the effect: the hair after the procedure did not get fat until the next day. And the next day I already sprinkled on unwashed hair and. This is the effect! As from the styling musa: the hairstyle was revived and became lush.

After two weeks of use, I noticed that my hair had become less greasy. Head began to wash less. Hair perked up.

I will not argue that this is some kind of super-mega means for the instant cultivation of thick hair. Do not expect such miracles from him, but for help and prophylaxis is the most. Moreover, the price is ridiculous: 108 p.

I liked this activator. I ordered more. And continue to use. But what if. a miracle will happen.

Useless or even harmful

Lotion was taken in a pair of shampoo for greater efficiency.

So the lotion turned out to be as good as water. Stated that you need to put on the scalp and wrap for 10-15 minutes. I conscientiously did these manipulations and received a bast on my head after 10 minutes. Began to wrap for 5min. the effect is the same. She stopped wrapping her hair, more or less like a normal look. But after applying shampoo lotion, the hair looks messy, no shine. Yes, and apply it uncomfortable. In the hands spreads. And one of the minuses is dandruff! I never had it, and then it appeared!


if I had immediately dismantled the composition, I would not have bought it. Bought for low prices.

DO NOT RECOMMEND! Unusual hair growth did not notice!

Medicated Hair Activator Lotion

Over time, women's hair loses its former beauty and attractiveness. After 30 years, the growth rate of hair slows down significantly, and they are much worse tolerate color and perm. Therefore, many girls and women are constantly in search of high-grade hair growth activator, which is able to return the hair to youth and vitality. One of these hair growth activators are drugs from the research and production company Medikomed.

Principle of operation

In most cases, the chemicals that accelerate hair growth act locally, affecting only the hair follicles.

The principle of action of shampoos and lotions of this manufacturer is different. The active elements of the drug enhance the regeneration of skin cells, and they, in turn, saturate the hair with oxygen, which ensures their enhanced growth.

We recommend to read the types of growth stimulants for hair, the pros and cons of their use.

The vast majority of the components of reducing agents are of vegetable origin. In particular, shampoo contains:

  • leek extract,
  • horsetail extract,
  • brown algae (fucus),
  • essential oils,
  • full complex of vitamins and amino acids,

Important! As part of the lotion among the chemical reagents can be distinguished parabens, which are necessary for better digestibility of natural elements.

The composition of the lotion is even more impressive:

  • extracts of aloe and ginger,
  • horsetail extract,
  • rosemary oil,
  • tangerine oil
  • taurine,
  • amino acid complex
  • Propylene glycol is used as a harmless binder.

Drug benefits

The advantages of using shampoo:

  • strengthens hair and enhances their growth several times
  • gives shine shine and elasticity
  • perfectly fights dandruff.

Lotion can solve the following problems:

  • normalizes the sebaceous glands of the scalp,
  • restores mineral balance and regulates the balance of vitamins,
  • normalizes metabolism.

Attention! It is advisable to use shampoo and lotion together, as a complex therapy to solve problems with hair.

Indications and cost

Use drugs from the company "Medicomed" should be in the case of loosening hair when curling or improperly painted. Also, activators will be useful if it is necessary to accelerate the growth of your own hair or to restore it after chemotherapy, complex medicinal procedures or prolonged use of antibiotics.

The cost of both shampoo and lotion does not exceed 300 rubles, which makes them an extremely affordable method of treatment.

Terms of use

Only the correct and periodic use of shampoo and lotion will give a guaranteed result and allow you to restore even the most neglected hair.

Shampoo: A small amount of shampoo should be carefully distributed over the entire length of the hair, from the roots to the tips. Massage for several minutes. Wash off with plenty of warm water. More options effective shampoos for hair growth, see our website.

Lotion: apply on washed hair. Massage the head, rubbing the liquid into the skin. Tie the head with a towel for 10-12 minutes. Then rinse with plenty of warm water.

Effect of use

In most cases, a therapeutic effect on the hair occurs after a week of daily use of drugs. After 6–8 days, the hair will be stronger and will become lush, and in a month the hair will be added in the length of 4–5 centimeters.

Note, It is recommended to use hair growth activators for several months so that the positive effect becomes permanent, and the growth is stable and independent of the drugs.

Advantages and disadvantages

To unconditional merits use of funds can be attributed to the fact that after a few weeks the hair will become healthy, luxuriant and shiny. In addition, active hair growth will begin, which women will appreciate.

The only significant disadvantage can be considered daily shampooing, which will take some time, which may cause some inconvenience.

As shown by clinical trials, with regular use, this tool accelerates growth of up to 4 centimeters per month.

Strengthen the action of hair growth activators will help:

Useful videos

Hair growth activator.

How to quickly grow hair.

Shampoo hair growth activator, review

Cute laconic packaging.

Herbal pharmacy smell, thick gel consistency. It is advisable to breed using the method about which I wrote here in this article, because the shampoo is so thick that even squeezing it is not easy.

I also liked how well he washes his hair and how he copes with the washing off of oil masks and the quality of his hair after washing. Later, I read reviews that the hair from this shampoo is expelled, but this, as always, is a personal reaction, until you try it - you don’t know. For my hair, shampoo for all indicators came up, for all but one - the composition.

Honestly, I was surprised when I finally read it. Hoping for all these "medico", "hair treatment", "distribution through a network of pharmacies", organic style of packaging, decided that only natural products would be included, although no one promised me that))

It was only later that the good washing ability of even oil-based masks was possible due to chemical ingredients, in particular, laureth sulfate, one of the less desirable ingredients present in the composition under the less well-known name sodium sulfoethoxylate.

Some ingredients, despite the fact that they don’t carry much harm to the body, I still don’t crave to see (diazoldinyl urea and propyl paraben with a rather high risk factor), because my hair is now least in need of irritating factors ...

The rest of the composition is good, contains a large number of medicinal components of plant extracts: onions, horsetail, fucus (brown algae), essential oils and a complex of amino acids, which, apparently, and revived the hair, giving them smoothness.

The main purpose of the shampoo is to help with the complex treatment of hair loss at the initial stage.Seeing the word “complex” it becomes clear that one cannot do without shampoo and lotion in saving hair. Nevertheless, I liked the shampoo with its strengthening properties, I even thought that a small “hedgehog” of new hair began to grow, but because of the disappointing composition, I didn’t buy this shampoo anymore.

Where to buy: ask in pharmacies in your city

Growth factors

Various detergent activators help solve basic problems, including intensive growth. Do not forget that the drugs will increase the effect, you need to do a head massage during the washing procedure, this will increase blood circulation, nutrients will quickly penetrate into the roots. When leaving, you must carefully comb your hair so that dead cells will be removed. Hair, suffering from fungus or dandruff, will never grow strongly, first of all, you need to get rid of skin problems, and then use a shampoo - growth activator.

Shampoo and lotion Medikommed

Russian manufacturer Medikomed has developed a unique growth promoter - shampoo and lotion. The shampoo contains a whole complex of amino acids, which actively feeds the hair, strengthens the roots, restores the structure, activates growth. Hair becomes smooth, elastic, incredibly beautiful.

After studying the reviews on the Internet about MedicoMed products, you can come to some conclusions:

  • Shampoo really strengthens hair, natural components contribute to this.
  • Important metabolic processes begin to operate at the cellular level.
  • The secretion of the sebaceous glands returns to normal.
  • There is a recovery of mineral balance.
  • The hair gets natural vitality and shine.

In addition to amino acids, shampoo includes extracts of fucus, horsetail, onion, rosemary essential oil, and rapeseed oil.

Activator application

All the included components together have a very positive effect on the hair, just a standard application is enough.. The steady effect comes after long use. It is enough to apply the agent, lather, massage the skin and rinse with warm water.

To achieve a greater effect, it is necessary to apply an activator lotion after washing, it is included in the MedicoMed complex.

The lotion contains active growth stimulants - rosemary and ylang-ylang essential oil, aloe, ginger, horsetail extracts, amino acids. Thanks to the lotion, the shampoo effect is fixed: the roots are strengthened, the skin balance is normalized, and growth is enhanced.

With regard to contraindications, they can occur only if there is any allergic reaction to one of the components included in the composition.

Other forms of release (2)

    Product information
  • Dosage: -
  • Packing: -
  • Release form: lotion
  • Packing: fl.
  • Manufacturer: Medicomed NPF, OOO
  • Active substance: -

Extracts of aloe and ginger, horsetail extract, rosemary oil, tangerine oil, taurine, amino acid complex, propylene glycol is used as a harmless binder.

Normalizes the sebaceous glands of the scalp. Restores mineral balance and regulates the balance of vitamins. Normalizes metabolism.

With the weakening of the hair with chemical waving or improper painting. Also, to accelerate the growth of their own hair or to restore them after chemotherapy, complex medicinal procedures or long-term antibiotics.

Before use, it is advisable to check the detergents for allergic reactions. To do this, drop a lotion or shampoo on your wrist and wait a few minutes. If redness has not occurred, then you can use them for their intended purpose.

Apply to washed hair. Massage the head, rubbing the liquid into the skin. Tie the head with a towel for 10-12 minutes. Then rinse with plenty of warm water.

MedicoMed hair growth activator lotion, review

The same concise, nice packaging.

The smell is slightly different from the smell of shampoo, but also herbal and pharmacy. But in terms of its consistency, it is completely liquid, like some water, but it has not become more difficult to apply it because of this. The lid of the bottle acts as a dispenser, with its help it is easy to distribute the agent on partings.

Since the lotion does not need ingredients to make hair clean, then there are no harmful additives for washing it.

In the first positions are plant extracts (horsetail, aloe, ginger), amino acids, collagen and essential oils. All hazards at the very end of the list.

And, frankly, sometimes I want to buy it again, but without the shampoo, because the beneficial effect on the hair, in my opinion, arose because of the lotion.

Where to buy: sold in pharmacies.

MedicoMed hair growth activator lotion, price: approximately $ 1.80.

Additional Information:

Activator lotion is designed to strengthen weakened and prone to hair loss. It activates metabolic processes in the scalp, restores mineral balance, strengthens hair follicles, accelerates hair growth, improves their structure. Contains natural growth stimulants - extracts of ginger, horsetail, aloe, essential oils of ylang-ylang and rosemary, a complex of amino acids. Effective with prolonged, regular use.

Activator lotion is designed to strengthen weakened and prone to hair loss.

Contains natural growth stimulants - extracts of ginger, horsetail, aloe, essential oils of ylang-ylang and rosemary, a complex of amino acids.

Apply the lotion on the scalp with a gentle massaging motion and spread it over the entire length of the hair. Wrap your head with a towel for 10-15 minutes. After the procedure it is recommended not to wash off the lotion for 10-12 hours.
Apply after each shampooing, but at least 2-3 times a week.
Lotion does not stain hair. To improve the effectiveness of the procedure, use a head wash

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