Variants of chic and trendy evening holiday hairstyles for medium hair: step-by-step diagrams, instructions, description and photo of hair styling

Holidays are designed to brighten everyday gray days of our lives. We are looking forward to the birthday, New Year, graduation and a lot of other equally important events for us.

To make the holiday unforgettable and give a lot of new emotions, it is important to think in advance about your future image, choose an outfit, decide on make-up and manicure, and, of course, choose a festive hairstyle.

Festive hairstyles for long hair

For long hair fit a variety of hairstyles, ranging from simple to complex styling. Creating original festive hairstyles for long hair is a whole art that can transform a woman beyond recognition.

Beautiful flowing hair has always been and remains the pride of any girl. For curly hair is ideal for easy styling with a hair dryer with a nozzle-diffuser. Long hair slightly curled with hot-air rollers or curling hair will look luxurious with an evening dress.

Festive hairstyles with weaving are ideal for long hair. Such styling on the basis of braids like a waterfall, lace, and snake hairstyle look impressive. Another original hairstyle - a bunch of hair braided in a braid. To create it you need to braid two braids. From one on top of the head to form a bundle, and the second to wrap around it and secure the resulting structure with pins.

Festive hairstyles for medium length hair

Medium length hair has an important advantage - it is very easy to style. Hairstyles of them can be done independently, without contacting the salons. To create festive hairstyles on medium hair, it is enough to have on hand a styler, hair curlers, several combs and styling products.

Fashionable festive hairstyles in 2018 are bunches of hair. On the sides you can leave the wavy downward strands, which will give the image of romanticism. If desired, the bundle can be formed on the side or below the top of the head and, alternately pulling out strands from it, fasten them in the form of loops with pins. To give the hairstyle volume, add hair at the very roots, before collecting hair in a bun.

Festive hairstyles for short hair

Girls with short hair often think about evening hairstyles. Options for styling a short haircut really much less than with long and medium hair. But they are, and you need to know about them, if you prefer a short length of hair.

In general, reliable, neat and high-quality styling is already a festive hairstyle on short hair. You can refresh it with additional accessories. The main thing is that they are combined with your outfit. It is much easier to turn a regular styling into a holiday one by fixing a glitter lacquer or colored mascara for the hair.

Original holiday hairstyles can be created on the car. This is perhaps one of the most common haircuts. For such an option is very suitable very popular now retro-styling and Hollywood waves. A rather simple, but no less winning option is to wind up the curls with the help of a styler and lay them down, giving them volume. The bob can also be supplemented with braided pigtails or decorated with hairpins and brooches.

Children's holiday hairstyles

Every girl wants to look like a princess at a matinee or graduation in kindergarten. With the creation of this image perfectly cope loose hair with curls in curls. To create curls on children's hair is better to abandon curling and forceps. It is most expedient to use sparing means - heated hair rollers and papilotki. An even simpler way is to braid small pigtails for the night along the entire length of the hair, and in the morning disband them and get a thick head of hair of wavy hair.

Traditional, but no less popular are hairstyles with elements of weaving. This may be a regular Russian braid, a French braid or a braid spikelet. Braids can be laid in the shape of a heart, hairstyle basket, braid snake. The undoubted advantage of weaving is the convenience for children, because the braids allow you to collect all the hair and stay on your head for a long time.

Rules for the selection of solemn hairstyles

Perhaps you are familiar with the basic recommendations and know what form of styling to choose for your type of face. But, a few useful comments will not interfere.

Take note:

  • with a rectangular and heart-shaped face, stop on styling with volume at the level of the chin and cheeks. The features will become more balanced, harmonious,
  • if you have a pear-shaped or round face, create a volume closer to the crown,
  • owners of a square face fit luxury curls, styling with a maximum volume in the upper part,
  • with an oval face, there are no difficulties with choosing an image - any variants will do.

Curls and volume

In the frantic pace of the modern world, a woman often has to hurry somewhere. But you want to look beautiful and attractive. On average hair length there is a mass of excellent styling.

  • A voluminous and lush hairstyle can be done if you use a hairdryer and styling products. It is enough just to apply mousse or foam on the hair and lay them. For showiness, the product is applied to individual strands and modeled.

Buffing at the back of the head will also make the hair more lush.

Volume styling medium length hair

  • Wavy hair always causes admiration and attracts eyes. With an average length of curls look amazing. They make the girl tender and romantic.

There are several devices that allow you to quickly get the effect of a wave:

For medium hair, all of the above options are suitable. If a girl uses the ironing, then she should put a thermal protective agent on her hair so as not to spoil it. Once the curls are ready, you must fix them with varnish.

Curly hair, hairstyle for medium and long hair

The size of the curls depends on the curling. To achieve the Hollywood waves, you need a large diameter forceps. The hair is divided into a side parting. Strands are wound as usual.

It is worth remembering that all the curls are wound in one direction. Then they need to comb and give them shape. If necessary, once again use the curling iron.

How to make beautiful curls curling - video:

Elegance and chic

Every girl wants to be in trend and know the latest fashion trends. Beautiful should be not only wardrobe items, but also hair.

The elegant beam is now very popular and popular. It is done quickly and easily. The beam can be not only in the center of the head, but also on the side. Hairstyle is suitable for work or school, and for a secular exit.

A bundle of hair will take very little time, especially if there is donut shaped hairpiece. He makes the hair volume and neat.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Hair should be combed and then tightly tightened to the tail.
  2. Bagel-chignon worn on top of the tail to its base.
  3. Strands are distributed throughout the chignon and hide it.
  4. Top secure with a thin rubber band.
  5. Those strands that remain, you need to fasten studs under the beam for reliability.
  6. For beauty, if desired, braids are woven, and then twisted around the bun.
  7. The bundle should be fixed with varnish.
  8. To hairstyle was original, you can use flowers, hairpins or headband.

Bundle with "bagel"

No bagel it is also easy to get a bundle. To do this, the tail is done, part of the hair is thrown forward, and part back. Then the strands are fixed invisible in a circle on the entire head.

The ponytail is great for medium length hair. If you make it high, it will look very stylish and spectacular.

there is secretsThat will make this hairstyle perfect:

  • you should always use a taut rubber band that holds the tail steady,
  • to make the tail smooth and neat, you need to tilt your head forward during its formation,
  • it is best to do this hair the day after shampooing, then it will be even more effective,
  • for lovers of smoothly combed tails, you can use a regular toothbrush instead of a comb.

Hair high horse tail

Simple hairstyles for medium hair for every day

In addition to the above hairstyles there are lots of different options to be beautiful all the time. With the help of ordinary accessories you can look every day in a new way.

  • When creating a light and stylish image, you can use various styling tools. They give hair volume and emphasize details.
  • It is worth paying attention to everyday hairstyles for medium hair with a wet effect.

To make styling, suitable gel for the effect of wet hair. It is applied to wet hair and a little blow-dry. To make the strands slightly wavy, you can lightly squeeze them with your hands.

Hairstyle with the effect of wet hair

  • Also do not forget about the braids that make the girl stylish and attractive. On medium hair, they look no worse than long. There are many variations of this hairstyle.

But if you need to quickly flee to study or work, it is not always possible to have time to build an entire tower on your head. But do not forget that there are simple hairstyles that take very little time.

Laying in 5 minutes

  1. The face is selected strand and braided into a regular pigtail.
  2. From the opposite side, the same thing is done.
  3. Now both braids spread from right to left, forming a bezel around the head.
  4. The tips are hiding in a braid and fixed invisible.

This is a very simple and original hairstyle. Hair does not fall on the face and does not interfere at work or school, and behind it looks like a stylish frame of hair.

Simple hairstyle with braid rim

  • In addition, from the strands you can build a knot, which will look very attractive. Medium hair is an excellent option that takes less than five minutes. To perform it, you need a hairpin.

Knot from strands

  1. In the zone of the temples on both sides, it is necessary to distinguish two strands with a width of approximately 5 centimeters.
  2. These strands are tied in a knot at the back on top of the head.
  3. Next, the uppermost strand is lowered onto the knot and connected to the lower one.
  4. The hair style is fixed with varnish and a beautiful hairpin.

Malvinka, a bundle of strands

These simple hairstyles are not only made in minutes, but also emphasize the beauty of the hair. A little bouffant can make styling more voluminous.

High hairstyle for medium hair

  1. Clean hair is collected and combed into a high tail. From its location depends on the height of hair.
  2. It is necessary to hold the tail towards the face with a hand and fasten it with pins at the base.
  3. Then the tail is retracted to its normal position and fixed with varnish. The roller is formed from it and fixed by invisible.
  4. When you get a bunch, you need to carefully stretch it to the side. Along the edges be sure to fix the studs.
  5. The hairstyle is fixed with varnish and, if desired, with beautiful hairpins. It is ideal for publication.

High bunch of tail

Greek hairstyle

Hairstyles in the Greek style are ideal for medium length hair. They do not require special skills and are made quite simply.

  1. Hair combed and divided into parting.
  2. Two strands stand out from both sides and twist into bundles.
  3. The hairs are curled towards the back of the head; other strands must be attached during the process.
  4. Assembled harnesses secure low tail on the back of his head.

Simple Greek hairstyle for medium hair

This refined image is achieved very quickly and easily. This hairstyle, decorated with accessories, may even be suitable for a wedding or a photo shoot.

How to make a Greek haircut with a rubber band - video:

Hairstyles for a celebration for medium hair photo lessons

The most popular and monosyllabic variant is a bundle that runs to the medium and even to a short length. Suitable for holidays, and for an evening out, and even on New Year's Eve. It is worth trying several variations of the beam in order to manage to stab your hair, decorating it to your taste, based on the event you are going to.

Fashionable casual knots are often found in girls today at the peak of popularity. Photo lessons will tell you how to put the curls properly. Here you can show imagination by trying to wind the flagella and fasten the strands with a thick elastic band, a scarf or invisible.

Do not be afraid of weaving, which will always decorate your image and make it stylish.

Hairstyles for medium hair for a celebration photo 2018

The famous “shell” can be seen on every second woman at the New Year's celebration, corporate party or even on a regular working day. Its peculiarity is that it instantly brings in the notes of the holiday. Therefore, so often it is done on holidays.

Hair is not attached with a rubber band, but curled to your taste and decorated with bright detail to diversify the classic simplicity of this styling. Delicate studs with beads or pearls are suitable for a wedding celebration, and bright hairpins - for girls and children of preschool age.

Photos for inspiration:

Simple do-it-yourself ideas in stages

Simple hairstyles for medium hair can learn to do each, both for themselves and for their child. Quickly create a solemn fashionable styling is not so easy, so stock up on time, patience and imagination. Especially if you want your child to be different from other kids in the New Year. Look at the photo with children's options and find the perfect option for yourself.

There is nothing difficult in constructing for the girl a flower from the atlas in the Kanzashi style, which has become very popular lately. Such a trendy decor will be an expressive decoration for any medium length. Try a gorgeous hairstyle in the shape of a flower on the basis of the beam. Collected hair on an elastic band at any height, divide into three strands and braid a thick loose braid. Twist it and hide the tip under the resulting bundle. Lightly free the strands from the braid to visually resemble a rose.

Simple hairstyles for medium hair for a celebration with your own hands in stages:

  1. Photo lesson for loose curls

2. Horsetail for triumph (can be decorated with flowers)

3. Idea with a bandage

Step by step photos of hair with bangs

If you once try to make a fashionable hairstyle for any celebration, then it will not be a problem for you, but on the contrary, you can always skillfully put it and fit into the overall style of styling. For the round face will be very useful hairstyle in the style of "careful carelessness." Hair just need to blow-dry, screw the ends, using foam and hair dryer to comb bangs so that she casually looked out. It will take you a minimum of time and you can do this every day, both at work and at a celebration. Everything will depend on your makeup, which clearly expresses your intention to attend a day event or a night one. You can put a slanting long bang in the Greek style with the help of a rim (no hair dryer is needed here, the main thing is to keep your head clean).

How to make hairstyles on medium hair for a celebration with a bang photo step by step:

Baby hairstyles for medium hair do it yourself for a celebration

The more braids braided girls, the more confident they will feel at any celebration. Medium, short or long curls can always be decorated with a neatly woven thin braid or a traditional spikelet decorated with ribbons, hairpins and brooches.A perky fashionable hair bow is very quick and easy to build, provided that the girl's hair is long or medium. A high tail is made on the crown so that the middle of the strand remains in the elastic band. Divide into two parts in the form of the ends of a bow and drag the remaining tail across, securing it with a transparent invisible back. You can splash varnish.

Photo lessons:

Video tutorial on how to make a festive hairstyle for a celebration for medium hair at home

Fashionable short or long car can also be beautifully laid on its side, with elements of woven braids. This fashionable option is suitable for a middle-aged woman and for young children who usually wear a short length. From either side, you can braid a thin or loose thick cone, securing its end under the head of hair. Pre-make styling iron for the volume.

For a high hairstyle, first collect the curls in a high tail, then fasten the hair with hairpins and wrap back, also securing with hairpins, turning the roller. The resulting volume is stretched to the sides and re-fasten with hairpins. Varnish fix, to hairstyle is not scattered around.

Choosing an accessory

Hoops are made from plastic, wood, metal, leather, fabric and other materials.

Hoops can be very different

There are such varieties:

  • Narrow. The most simple and unpretentious, they can be used in all situations.
  • Wide. Good keep naughty curls, although not always appropriate.
  • Romantic. The perfect choice for a sensual delicate image.
  • Retro. The usual headbands, decorated on one side with a large flower or bow.
  • Wedding. Decorated with rhinestones, pearls, fine embroidery, lace or made in the form of floral wreaths.
  • Vintage. This is the perfect headband for a Greek hairstyle.
  • Homemade. Uncomplicated cozy hoops that do not allow hair to fall on the eyes.
  • On an elastic band. A practical decoration option: the edges of the hoop are connected by a thin elastic band.
  • Headbands vice versa. The last “peep” of fashion, a beautiful and very original accessory. Remember the laurel crowns of the Roman emperors and understand what it is about.
  • Hippie style. Made of leather or wood, decorated with beads, feathers, beads or flowers.
  • Baby. Light plastic or fabric hoops of bright colors.

Simple styling for any occasion: for medium and short hair, with bangs or without

For a walk, household chores, work or rest with the company will approach such hairstyles with a rim for long hair.

Hairstyles with a rim for every day and for a holiday

  1. Dissolve the curls, put the bezel on the elastic, pull down on the hairline or forehead.
  2. Comb the curls back and squeeze a stylish accessory.
  3. Make a horse or a low tail or a bunch on the crown, put on a hoop.
  4. Braid the fishtail braid and turn into a slightly sloppy tuft at the back of the head. Best of all here is a double hoop.
  5. Braid one or two braids, put on a thin rim, holding the bang or located above it.
  6. Wrap the accessory with different ribbons, leaving the ends free, and put it on loosely curled hair.
  7. A hairstyle with a rubber band around the head in a hippie style: just put it over your bangs.
  8. Put on a hoop entwined with flowers on curled loose or braided hair.
  9. Decorate your curls with a thin retro rim with a small bow.
  10. Twist the curls, knead the bang back and slaughter, and put on a wide elastic band on the forehead.

If you are the owner of a short haircut, then you will find options for styling with a rim and hairstyle with elastic

  1. Stir the curls on the top of your head and press it with a thin hoop.
  2. Curl your hair, lift it to the back of your head and secure with hairpins. Put on a narrow bezel.
  3. If you have a square, place the wide bezel right on the bangs.
  4. Scrape the curls at the roots and remove back, pressing the hoop and firing bangs.
  5. Wear ultra-short hair with a large bow, stone or feather.
  6. Scratch all the curls back and fix the hoop, bangs and strands at the temples, leave free.
  7. Put on the head of the Greek headband on the elastic band, and twist the hair out.

Wedding and evening in the Greek style for long hair

Hairstyles with a rim for a special occasion

For special occasions such evening and wedding hairstyles with rim are recommended:

  • In the Greek style. Slightly twist the curls, then on the hairline or just put on a gum, and then tucked under it strands from top to bottom. Well straighten hair with elastic, fix with varnish.
  • Greek hairstyle with flowing hair. A variation of the previous one: only the side strands are filled, and the rest are curled and left free.
  • Greek hairstyle with braids. And again the same style, only now the hair, before tucking, braid in braids. An elastic band for a Greek hairstyle is decorated according to the occasion: for the wedding it is worth buying a white accessory with rhinestones or pearls, and for “going out” - with stones or lace.
  • Babette Legendary styling, which today has not lost relevance. Put on the hoop, hair strongly nasheshite on top, then put a roll of towel under them and sprinkle with varnish.
  • Retro. Curl the curls to make large waves, comb them to one side and decorate with a hoop with a large decoration - with such styling you will look extravagant and stylish.

Hairstyles for girls

Headbands for little fashionistas

Little fashionistas will go baby hair with a rim:

  1. Twist the curls, remove back, press the hoop.
  2. Remove the fringe with the rim.
  3. Attach the curled strands on the top of the head, complete the installation with an elegant rim.
  4. Smoothly comb the hair, collect it in a neat bunch on the top of the head, put a hoop on the parietal part of the head.

As you can see, almost any hairstyle can be decorated with the help of this exquisite piece of toilet. It remains to turn on the imagination!

Festive hairstyles for hair of medium length

If you are used to doing the same styling for a celebration, move away from the usual style, try several options. Many images are easy to create without visiting a beauty salon.

Take a look at the photo. What are the different options! Simple and more elaborate, romantic and quite strict, but, you see, not boring.

Original accessories will liven up the simplest styling: flowers, bezel, tiara, decorative studs, rhinestones and feathers. Know the measure, do not turn into a Christmas tree. Excess jewelry looks ridiculous.

Classic bunch

Popular styling will easily turn from everyday to festive if you add more volume, create curls, decorate a bunch with flowers or hairpins. To create a luxurious image will take a little time.

How to act:

  • you will need a strong hold lacquer, a gum that matches the color of the hair, a few stealth,
  • wash the strands a little across the entire length or wind it up. Curl elasticity - according to your desire,
  • gather the hair in a high or low tail, spin the hair around the elastic. Your task is to create not a “shredded” bun, but a voluminous, elegant bunch,
  • secure the outer strands with stealth or hide under the bundle with a rubber band,
  • if you curled strands, take more stealth, fasten each strand in the direction from the center of the beam. Get a "fake" bulk beam. It can also be decorated with studs with beads on the end.

Look for stylish hairstyles with a pile up for medium and long hair.

Where to buy and how to use colored hairspray? Learn more from this article.

Original braids

Some believe that it is more correct to call this holiday package “bundle with a scythe”. Regardless of the name, the hairstyle is delicate and beautiful. Despite the apparent complexity of technology, to create a luxurious image is quite simple.

Step-by-step instruction:

  • brush your hair clean, curl slightly if it’s not enough,
  • separate in the temporal zone three strands,
  • start weaving along the forehead line, gradually adding new strands,
  • reaching the opposite side, dock the braid to the end of the length, fasten with a thin rubber band,
  • from the bulk of the strands make a low tail,
  • put a foam bagel on the rubber band, wrap the strands around it,
  • Knock the loose hairs with stealth stems and hairpins, scythe, put under the volume bundle, fix it with stealth,
  • splash varnish,
  • decorate the bundle with original studs if desired.

Luxury curls on one side

With this hairstyle, you will certainly find yourself in the spotlight. If you have magic curlers Magic Leverage, hit all with spectacular Hollywood curls.

What to do:

  • wash your hair, blow dry,
  • separate your hair with a side parting
  • create curls. Use curlers, curlers of suitable diameter,
  • ready curls comb or beat your fingers depending on the type of curlers and your desire,
  • get all the curls on one side, behind it, fasten the strands with stealth or an original hairpin,
  • if there is a bang, carefully put it, but do not comb it,
  • fix luxury curls with a quality spray. If desired, use shimmering, golden or silver hairspray.

Greek style hair

A great option for curls of medium length. For the solemn version, be sure to curl the strands, lightly scribble the thin hair in front.

It will take:

  • tape, tiara or bandage,
  • hairpins with flowers or pearls at the ends,
  • more invisible,
  • ordinary studs
  • fixation spray,
  • mousse or foam


  • using foam or mousse to create the effect of "wet hair",
  • collect strands in a loose bundle on the back of your head, distribute, in a circle secure with invisible beads and ordinary studs,
  • in front, several strands should nicely curl closer to the temples. The width of the curled bands determine experimentally,
  • decorate the bundle, put on the tiara,
  • now you look like a greek goddess.

Legendary Babette

Popular retro styling is appropriate for every day or for a festive event. Decorate a magnificent bunch on a nape with pastes, tapes, a hairpin, and the hairdress will instantly change.

How to act:

  • split the hair on the back of your head by a horizontal parting
  • make a strong fleece on the bottom of the strands, attach stealth to closer to the parting,
  • the remaining locks are also scribed, but not so much
  • from above leave a thin layer of strands with which you will cover the pile,
  • cover the second half with the laid hair from the bottom, disguise it with fine strands,
  • comb back the side locks, secure with an original barrette,
  • Be sure to fix Babette with strong varnish.

Look at the romantic high hairstyle options for a wedding.

Recipes for dandruff hair masks are described in this article.

At find out about proper care for your hair extensions.

High styling

Seductive image for self-confident girls. The rich color of the curls is combined with a spectacular make-up and an original red dress.

How to act:

  • separate the narrow strands from the front, separate with a side parting, lightly scrape,
  • curl the bulk of the strands,
  • comb all the hair from the horizontal parting back, create a strong pile,
  • smooth the strands a little, slaughter the upper part of the back, below the top of the head, forming a lush “babette”,
  • at the level of the head, gather curled and slightly wrinkled curls in the low tail, turn it forward from one side,
  • Lay the front strands, as in the photo,
  • Be sure to sprinkle styling with a strong hold.

Perfect smoothness

At the peak of popularity, not only volumetric styling with intricate curls and braids complex weaving techniques. Healthy, shiny strands - decoration, past which it is impossible to pass indifferently.

Choose this option if you are satisfied with the quality of the hair. For a diamond shine, before straightening the strand, apply liquid crystals to the hair on the hair.

Your actions:

  • wash the curls, dry, apply some fluid,
  • divide the hair evenly parted
  • step by step, straighten your hair to a perfect state with narrow strands
  • do not use varnish at the end of the installation, the soft wave should look natural.

Create a festive look with triple curling

If you bought a modern hairdressing device, to create an evening hairstyle is not difficult. On the hair of medium length, the relief waves look stylish and expensive.

What to do:

  • as usual, prepare a head of hair
  • clean hair, dry it well, apply the composition for thermosetting,
  • divide the curls with straight or side parting,
  • start work in two - three centimeters from the roots, so as not to burn the skin,
  • place a narrow strand on one plate, cover with another part,
  • wait a certain time for the bend of the wave to form, slowly drive the triple curling iron from top to bottom,
  • after forming a wavy strand, go to the next one,
  • also do with all the hair,
  • Lightly spray the spectacular waves with lacquer.

Collected curls

A great option for the celebration. If you like a gentle, romantic image, choose this style.


  • divide the hair parting on the side,
  • using a regular curling iron or styler, create elastic curls,
  • wait for the curls to cool completely, slightly spray with a strong fixation spray,
  • pick up a lush mop on the back of your head. Do not strand, act very carefully
  • Looks luxurious hairstyle for which you collect curls on the one hand,
  • in turn, fix the strands wound. Use hairpins, if needed, stealth,
  • make sure that the volume and relief of curls is maintained,
  • pull out a few strands if you wish,
  • Be sure to fasten a luxurious shock of hair with a strong varnish,
  • a delicate flower would be a suitable decoration.

French braid

This option of holiday styling has many varieties. Original weaving is suitable for decorating a festive hairstyle or as the basis of the original styling.

For a celebration, invite a hairdresser to the house. See what masterpieces a skilled professional hand can create.

Cute and feminine looks variety of hairstyle subtitled "French Falls". Soft curls-jet down on the shoulders and back, give a tender look to the image. Laying perfectly suited for streaked strands. The maximum effect is obtained if you curl the locks.

You can easily braid a French braid for every day, and for a solemn evening, entrust your curls to a specialist. The result will impress even sophisticated fashionistas.

Another version of a festive evening hairstyle in the following video:

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I remember. when I was at the graduation party, all the girls made curls (a lot of curls), and the masters poured two cans of lacquer on it for them to hold on — it looked so creepy — it felt like girls were not 16, but 25 years old so ... But just curls, not in large numbers, laid on one side - look good!

Options for short hair

Often the owners of this length want diversity. Even the most stylish and fashionable haircut, sooner or later get bored. There are many everyday variations, however, what if you have to attend a solemn event?

In fact, a neat model is already a pledge of a magnificent appearance, whether it is an ordinary day or a holiday. The main thing is a properly chosen outfit, impeccable make-up, a trip to the salon or patience in creating a masterpiece on your own.In the latter case, it is necessary to arm the laying facilities, and a stunning option is provided.

If the length of the curls barely reaches 10 cm. Should pay attention to the following tips.

  1. For waves - a diffuser is used.
  2. The effect of wet hair - relevant, comfortable and suitable for any occasion. It is necessary to apply the foam or mousse on the palms, distribute on all strands. Using a hair dryer to dry, clenching them in a fist.
  3. Asymmetry, with an elongated strand framing the face, is a creative mess. Long curl can be screwed curling into light waves.
  4. Ultrashort prefers smoothness or ruffled. It all depends on personal preferences, selected dresses, accessories and the actual theme of the event.

A caret or a bob caret opens up new horizons in the creation of a bright idea. Different diameter papilotki help shape cute curls, voluminous or subtle curls, distributing them in any order.

Kare - femininity with weaving

Descending strands that do not reach the shoulders, it is permissible to decorate with cute weaving and slight waviness. For this:

  • hairs wind on curlers (diameter is selected based on the desired end result),
  • dissolve, lay, slightly raising the roots of the fingers,
  • divided into parting (oblique or straight).
  • separate a small part from the frontal zone, and braid a regular braid or spikelet.
  • Hide the ends on the back of the head, under the total weight.

Showyness and originality reach, braiding an ear on the forehead, picking up the locking strands. Optional accessories refresh any styling and ensure solemnity.

Watch the video: Бодибилдинг и пауэрлифтинг. Бодибилдинг программа тренировок. Пауэрлифтинг программа тренировок (December 2019).