The most stylish bangs spring-summer 2018 photo fashion news

Every true lady knows that the beauty of a woman, first of all, depends on her appearance, which, in turn, is largely determined by hairstyle and haircut, trendy styling and fashionable hair color, which will allow to transform lovely ladies.

Sometimes, we are ready for cardinal changes of our appearance, and sometimes, we wish to bring only fresh notes and new touches to our appearance, which will help make every lady more confident and attractive.

Fashionable haircuts for medium hair or short haircuts that are relevant in the new season of 2019-2020, as well as the most fashionable bangs of 2019-2020, which you can update your image, will help you with this.

Any of the hairstyles you have made, or those already created, will “come to life” with a new and such lovely bang in a variety of different styles and trends, in which the best bangs from 2019-2020 are demonstrated.

Therefore, if you are not ready for cardinal changes and a sharp change of image, then by all means start by looking for an incredibly beautiful bang. Fortunately, fashionable bangs in different directions will be the way for any top haircut 2019-2020.

Thus, the actual bob, bob in different designs, garcon, page, graduated and asymmetric hairstyles for any length and type of hair - from straight to curly, can be supplemented with spectacular bangs in any type of performance.

Stylists and hairdressing professionals showed fashionable options for bangs on spikes, straight bangs, arched, short and elongated bangs, as well as graded bangs in different styles.

Each specific type of bang has its advantages, making it possible to hide the flaws in appearance and to correct in some way the features of the girls.

It is important to note that bangs will look great for young ladies of any age, ideally complementing a round, triangular and oval face with short and medium haircuts, as well as with luxurious long curls.

Top short bangs will be able to complement the long strands and not very, equally irresistible looking in any of the options. Elongated bangs will certainly best complement the strands below the shoulders, harmoniously merging into the female appearance.

Fashionable bangs bring notes of playfulness and flirtatiousness to the female look, and sometimes a special charm, making the lady even more charming and irresistible.

Among other things, the bangs of 2019-2020 will be even more spectacular in any appearance, if you make a fashionable coloring of the strands, choosing one of the most beautiful shades of the season.

Let's take a look at fashionable and top bangs for any haircut and hairstyle. What fashionable bangs are best for round, square and triangular face types?

All this, as well as photo bangs in different variations, you will learn later in the article ...

Fashionable oblique bangs 2019-2020 year

Bangs, trimmed at the spikes and laid on its side, will give any haircut elegance, sophistication and elegance. Slant bangs are excellent with short and medium styling, rejuvenating the appearance of aged women and giving youthful hairstyles ease.

Bangs on the crotch are quite different in their presentation - shortened and long, torn and graded, allowing different ways to represent those or other haircuts for women. Lightness and negligence in the performance of oblique bangs of 2019-2020, as well as the volume and density of bangs are welcomed.

You can easily achieve bold and dynamic variations of hair with a slanting bang or, on the contrary, a cute and charming haircut with slanting bangs. The advantage of oblique bangs - any type of appearance will be excellent with bangs on the spikes.

Long bangs - trend 2019-2020

At the peak of popularity are long bangs in the season of 2019-2020, not giving up the position for several years, and so liked the lovely young ladies.

Elongated bangs will look elegant in combination with long and medium strands, complementing the looks of young ladies with hints of romanticism and femininity. Fashionable looks long bangs with torn and uneven cuts, elongations on the sides.

Popular long bangs will help to best hide the flaws and is suitable for any type of person. In addition, you can complete a long bang yourself, it is not necessary to go to the salon if you adapt a little.

Short bangs 2019-2020 year for the brave lady

The short version of bangs for girls, in our opinion, is one of the most extravagant, bold and extraordinary types of bangs for hair of different lengths. Short bangs or children's bangs (baby-bangs), as she still calls her, will be the choice of extraordinary and daring young ladies without complexes and prejudices.

With celebrity hands, straight bangs in the short version of the baby-bang became the choice of many fashionistas who want to stand out and demonstrate extraordinary hairstyles with bangs in a fashionable solution.

A short bang requires a lot of attention to its styling and care in order to maintain the beautiful look and style of straight short bangs.

You will also find torn types of short bangs with uneven cuts and graduations that look original and appealing in the season of 2019-2020.

Trend bangs on two sides (fringe-curtain)

The favorite bang of many celebrities and beauties of the whole world is a fringe on two sides, which is trendy in the season 2019-2020.

If you look at it, a fringe on two sides is a straight fringe, worn with parting on either side, or a fringe with a slanting type of haircut. Ideal bangs on two sides under the exterior of any type, allowing you to be in trend with fashionable bangs, curtain.

Refined bangs on the side can be both elongated and standard, which looks the same lovely in any version and on hair of different lengths.

Fashionable torn bangs from 2019-2020

Do you want to bring some kind of dynamism, boldness and notes of extravagance into the image? Then decorate your hair with a bang - torn, with uneven and clipped edges, which will be the perfect choice of active and fashionable ladies.

Ragged bangs - a variation for any haircut - from long cascading haircuts to bob haircut, bob and other variations of top hairstyles 2019-2020.

Spectacular torn bangs can be short, long, oblique and on two sides, allowing you to combine equally well in any style and decision hairstyles that you like in the season 2019-2020.

Fashionable bangs of the spring-summer 2018 season photo popular options

Bangs - very comfortable "beauty accessory." It allows you to quickly change the image without resorting to radical interventions in appearance, and can instantly make any haircut fashionable.

The bang is considered a budget analogue of Botox, since it can hide wrinkles on the forehead and “throw off” for several years. One of the most popular forms of bangs this season is deaf or straight multi-layered.

This form will suit the owners of an elongated narrow face, because it makes it more proportional. Ask the hairdresser to slightly shape your deaf bangs - this will add grace and lightness to the image. Stubby bangs are not suitable for owners of "heavy" chin. And all because she only emphasizes his rudeness. Indisputable advantage - bangs focuses on the eyes, making them more expressive.

Stylish and fashionable long asymmetrical bangs 2018 photos

Ideal to adjust round and square face. The easier the asymmetrical bangs, the more harmonious the face looks, so ignore the trends and ask the master to profile it. Long asymmetrical bangs look great with long and medium-length hair. It will perfectly complement any hairstyle, whether it be loose strands, a tail or a bun. Bangs can be screwed on forceps, giving the image playfulness, put in an academic style with a gel or spray, tucked behind the ear, or lay on the form, leaving the drop.

Careless elongated asymmetrical bangs will be the perfect complement to the “ragged” graduated haircut. Such a grunge style will make you a daring rock star. Especially this hairstyle is suitable for girls with thin hair, because graduation visually adds volume. If you wear a short haircut, you can safely add it with an elongated asymmetrical fringe. This hairstyle looks very stylish. Exactly this image will suit girls with a long neck and a small head. If you want a variety, you can not make a smooth styling, as in the photo, and more textural.

The most fashionable oblique bangs Vienna-summer 2018 photo trends

This form of bangs was popular at all times. The fact is that elongated oblique bangs have several advantages. And the most important of them is to correct the shape of the face. If you have, say, a round face shape, and you would like to visually lengthen the oval of the face, then the long side bang will cope with this task best of all.

This year in a trend are long side bangs with thinlines, as well as straight models. Since long oblique bangs claim in 2018 for the main trend.

The most stylish torn bangs spring-summer 2018 photo

If still oblique ragged bangs were more like outcasts of the fashion catwalk, today they claim to be one of the main trends of the season. In particular, designers recommend to pay attention to the ragged oblique bangs of short length.

They are fashionable to combine with both long hair and short. At the same time, today at the top of popularity are torn and patchwork haircuts, which harmoniously look paired with oblique, ragged bangs.

Oblique bangs have many advantages and have virtually no drawbacks. Unlike straight bangs, oblique options do not cover the face, allowing you to demonstrate only the advantages of the image. However, oblique bangs visually correct the shape of the face. Oblique fringe on the side - one of the main trends of the season. It can be worn in a pair with flowing hair or create fascinating hairstyles. Let's take a closer look at fancy styling with oblique bangs.

Fashionable long bangs spring-summer 2018 photo trends trends

Despite the fact that fashion for bangs for a long time, in 2018, it surpassed itself. Variety delights. You can simply correct your image, or you can change completely - to your taste bangs and thick and not very, you want a magnificent - please, and if not, choose a straight line. The length is, again, your choice. Unhappy? Do you think that you have an inadmissibly wide forehead?

Thick bangs with elongated edges to help you, as it will give a little ovality to your face. Be afraid of wrinkles in the corners of the eyes - make bangs from the crown. For emphasis on the eyes and expressive look, you can put the bangs on two sides. Thanks to the profiled bangs, the flaws of the face shape are transformed into dignity, of course, not without the help of a professional.

Stylish short bangs spring-summer 2018 photo trends news

Fashionable bangs sometimes becomes a real magic wand. As you know, she can drastically change the shape of her face, make her facial features softer, advantageously beat any hairstyle and become an indispensable part of the image. If you do not want to dramatically change the length of the hair or make a creative haircut, the bangs will open up a huge field for you to experiment.

Short bangs are suitable for women of any age category, owners of a square or triangular face. It draws attention to the eyes and eyebrows, so you should make sure that their shape was perfect. A short bang gives the image of childishness and mischief. This season in the fashion of careless, oblique and asymmetrical short bangs.

They look good with short hair of medium length, asymmetrical haircuts and are suitable for owners of playful curls. Classics in the form of short straight bangs, which creates a beautiful duet with long hair, now also on the crest of a wave. True, stylists are not advised to cut the bangs briefly for women who have hard and naughty hair, as it will be difficult to style.

Stylish straight bangs spring-summer 2018 photo trends trends

Bangs can change your appearance beyond recognition. In that case, if you want a dramatic change in appearance, but do not want to drastically change the length of your hair, and cherish long hair, cutting a fringe is the best option for you. If you have never worn a bang, then a haircut of a bang should be entrusted to a professional who will select and advise you on the length and shape of the bang, as well as give advice on styling.

The best bang is the one that does not take away a lot of time for you to lay and does not give you a lot of inconvenience when wearing. Due to the fact that the universal fad of retro bangs reigns on world catwalks, it also acquired signs of the past. Perhaps the most fashionable bang is a semi-circular bang in the style of the 60-70s of the last century. Perhaps your mother wore such a bang in her youth. Such bangs were worn by soloists of the world famous ABBA group. This bang looks perfect with medium-length haircuts, with a bob-cut, as well as with long straight hair.

Will short bangs suit you?

To find out in advance whether the shortened bangs are suitable for you, it is recommended to consult with a hairdresser or a stylist in a beauty salon. However, you can define this subtlety yourself. It should be borne in mind that small bangs may look different with different lengths of hair. The established stereotype that it is combined only with a “boyish” haircut is a heritage of the past.

However, before reincarnation, it is necessary to take into account all the subtleties, including facial features.

  • A bold and very short bang will suit the owners of a round face. With a sharply prominent chin, it would be appropriate to look straight fringe - with her facial features look more harmonious.
  • For girls with a triangular or oval face, an arc-shaped short bang will do. It smooths out angular proportions and gives an elegant look. Given that women with small features or with a small face are contraindicated long bangs, the perfect solution would be torn or classic options.
  • Not many people know, but the oval face shape is considered a reference. Therefore, this type is perfectly combined with any variation of a small bang: thick, thinned, straight or slanting short bangs, photos of which are provided below.
  • Owners of a square face type can focus on the eyes through short straight bangs. As an option, it can be replaced by a long asymmetrical fringe, but this year the trend is precisely a small length.

Girls with extraordinary character and love of attention can afford ultrashort. If you have streaked or colored hair, an excellent solution would be a multi-layered short haircut that draws attention to the eyes and makeup.

This bang is not recommended:

  • girls with high forehead,
  • women with wide cheekbones or narrow face,
  • wishing to disguise or divert attention from the cheeks or nose,
  • girls tall, although this item is quite individual,

Owners of frizzy or curly hair should abandon this “update” or treat it with all care, as in this case it will need to be carefully laid with various fixing agents (foam, gel, mousse, special waxes) and constantly corrected.

Haircut Compatibility

This boom with a bob haircut caused short bangs in 2013, their photos filled the entire world "web". First, the bob itself implies its existence, but it is by no means necessary.

Small bangs with torn or disheveled haircuts are in perfect harmony. More often the last time there are short bangs with long hair, and the length can be either completely the same or reduced.

Finally, I would like to say that short and ultra-short bangs are an unusual and peculiar part of the image. Therefore, it may seem strange and even ugly to some. Nevertheless, it has the right to exist and, by the way, is in great demand.

Short bangs

Smooth short bangs are considered one of the main trends of this year. But there is one nuance. Short bangs may not look good on girls with a square face: then the cheekbones will look even more angular. Also, it is necessary to stack it every day, otherwise everything will be very bad.

Bang on two sides

Bangs on two sides remains relevant for several seasons. This is one of the most universal ways, besides, you can always get rid of it by putting it on both sides of your face.

This bang brought in fashion Jennifer Lawrence, and the other girls just picked up this trend. This is a feminine and stylish version of the bang, which, unfortunately, requires everyday styling.

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Short bangs

For girls and women who prefer extraordinary in everything, fashion offers short bangs that can emphasize the individuality and avant-garde style of its owner. In the trend of short length, combined with the effect of slight negligence, you can even say "ragged".

Torn bangs

The trend and the best option for thin and sparse hair will be torn bangs. Especially good this addition will look with a haircut ladder, page, bob.

Side Bangs (hiding eyebrows)

The grunge style has even crept into the fashion for haircuts and their additions, so it is not surprising that this trend has spread even to bangs. Long bangs hiding eyebrows on one side - must-have and undeniable trend of the warm season.

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