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Dream Interpretation - Shawl

Beautiful headscarf - to the letter, good news, gift.

Headscarf on the head tie - curb yourself, there will be some kind of trip.

Scarf on another woman to see - to trouble.

A handkerchief - symbolizes anxiety, controversy.

Cotton shawl - predicts need, poverty.

Silk scarf - predicts love.

A clean handkerchief - to a sad event, a loss.

Dirty shawl - to wealth.

What did Wang say

The interpretation of dreams on one symbol Wang considered the wrong action. For example, the head is tied with a scarf, and you are caught in a blizzard, problems lie ahead, and if you have fun at the wedding, you will meet the chosen one of fate.

There are some clarifications of situations.

Many symbols in a dream means a dream is not prophetic, if the colors are bright, perhaps the prophecies will come true. What is important is the context of the dream, and not the individual object seen.

Dream Miller

The explanation of dreams also means that the handkerchief itself can incorrectly reflect the situation.

For example, if the head is tied with a handkerchief and you are carefully examined by blue eyes, then there is failure ahead because of the indecisiveness of actions. When gray eyes are observed, insidious behavior of a flatterer awaits, brown - wait for failure from the perfidious sly fellow, and so on.

What else the dream book tells: the white shawl on the head symbolizes that one must submit to fate, to listen to the opinions of others. However, it is not necessary to take seriously the predictions.

The entire context of sleep correctly decipher almost impossible.

Old Russian dream book

A scarf to joyful news, changes, wealth.

But again, you must take into account other characters dreamed up, for example, the color and actions performed:

If in a dream a warm scarf on a head - good changes, profit wait.

Ukrainian national dream book

The main explanation of what it means to wear a scarf on your head in a dream is waiting for you.

Depending on the color - happy or unpleasant:

When it covers the head and neck, the news of honors, inheritance, wealth.

If in a dream you tie a tight knot, news about the problems of stagnation at work, unleash - the news of the achievement of the goal.

The most correct dream book has not yet been compiled, and it is unlikely to ever appear, since it is impossible to decipher with precision the combination of all symbols and situations. Therefore, it is better to throw the mystic, esoteric from the head, they prevent to live fully here and now, forcing them to look back at yesterday’s sleep with a scarf tied or untied over the hair.

What dreams about a headscarf for a modern family dream book

If a woman had a dream a dream about how she ties a scarf on her head, then in reality she behaves too sharply, provokes conflicts. After such a dream, you need to revise your life principles, change your behavior. She should restrain her violent temper, give up harsh assessments of her relatives, otherwise there will be no peace in the family.

Why dream of a headscarf? For a close trip, family separation. As a rule, such a dream is a dream for business people before a business trip.

If the dreamer sees a scarf on his shoulders, then in reality he is afraid of something, worried about the incident or the emerging event. Symbolically, a handkerchief is a burden of responsibility that fell on the dreamer's shoulders and crushes him. If you do not get rid of the burden, you can bring yourself to depression.

What dreams of women in black headscarves? Dream interpretation treats the dream as unfavorable. There are too many two-faced, malevolent people near the dreamer. They spread gossip, spoil the reputation of the dreamer. He needs to behave prudently, not to believe flattering speeches and hypocritical smiles.

If a black scarf is covered on the head of the dreamerthen a long period of grief and serious trouble awaits him. Having passed the test, he will become stronger in spirit.

If a black scarf in a dream will be worn on the mother of the dreamerThis means that his conscience is unclean. A person experiences an internal conflict that requires early resolution. The dreamer is not self-confident, confused, on the verge of depression.

What dreams of a scarf on a new family dream book

The dream of a scarf covering the dreamer's head foreshadows significant changes in his life.

If the shawl is gentle, silky, this marks the tenderness of the feelings that the dreamer is embracing. A dream about how a dreamer covers a head of a close relative, friend or lover with a silk handkerchief, means that in reality he feels at the same time tenderness and sadness for this person. Sometimes a dream foreshadows separation from him.

Why dream of a black scarf on his head? In mourning, loss of a relative or friend. If the handkerchief is not black, but of a dark color, it is a harbinger of sadness that will encompass the dreamer soon.

What is the dream of a headscarf according to Freud's dream book?

According to the dream book of the ancestor of psychoanalysis, the headscarf symbolizes a woman’s body in a dream, a woman as an object of male interest.

If the dreamer ties a scarf, he seeks in intimacy, needs her. A dream about ironing or washing a headscarf has a similar meaning. Such a dream means that a man makes sexual contact very easily.

A dream of tying, washing, or ironing a headscarf that a woman dreamed of, means that in reality she wants sexual entertainment, and not traditional, but unusual.

If the dreamer lost his handkerchief, then in real life he is disappointed in his partner. Intimate life between them is over or end soon.

Head scarf symbolically means craving for intimacy with a same-sex partner.

What dreams about a headscarf on Miller's dream book

If a a young girl sees a scarf on her head, then in reality she will soon meet a young man and take a great interest in him. If the handkerchief is torn or dirty, the hobby will not be long and will only bring suffering because of constant quarrels and misunderstandings.

Female head scarf symbolizes stealth, secret knowledge, restraint. If he is put on his head, but constantly slides off, then in reality restraint prevents a person from obtaining important information or starting a close relationship. If a woman in a dream ties her head with a handkerchief, she intends to keep secrets and loyalty.

Silk handkerchief, means that feelings are very hard to hide. In the near future, the dam of restraint will erupt, and they will spill out.

What dreams of women in black headscarves? Unfortunately, which should be expected in the near future. If a black handkerchief is worn on the head, it is a foreboding of mourning.

If in a dream someone gives you a handkerchief, then in reality you have to learn a big secret.

What dreams of a headscarf on the dream book of the XX century

If the dreamer sees that scarves are worn on other people's heads, then some important information is hidden from him. The dreamer does not realize that he has not known for a long time the true intentions and moods of those around him.

Why dream of a scarf of bright colors? If he is put on the head of a friend or relative, then sleep is unfavorable. The dream foreshadows this man a serious illness. If the dreamer convinces him to appear as a doctor, one can hope for healing or prevent the development of a serious illness.

If a beautiful, richly embroidered scarf or tippet is thrown over the shoulders the dreamer, in reality awaits him a profitable business. Very influential people will take part in it, and the dreamer will be able to show his competence. After such a dream, one should hope for significant changes in fate, a transition to a new level of the social ladder.

Dreaming downy shawl - hint that some important things are moving away from his attention. A person is fixated on trifles, finds fault with any minor details, conflicts from scratch, but does not notice anything important.

If a young woman sees a scarf on her headin real life, she strives for perfection, constantly works on herself, knows how to control the situation.

Why dream of a black scarf? The symbolism of such a dream is not only associated with mourning, but generally predicts mental agony. Perhaps they will be the result of gossip, which dispel their worst enemies about the dreamer.

Dream of being clean a beautiful scarf is put on the head of a dreamer man, foreshadows him a calm, peaceful family life. His wife is faithful; you should not expect treachery or deception from her. If the handkerchief is torn, dirty, then the dream should be interpreted in the opposite way.

What dreams of a scarf on a married woman's head? The dream foreshadows that she is on the verge of serious change. They can be both good and bad. Therefore, just in case, it is worth preparing for negative developments. If a woman, wearing a headscarf, clearly feels some kind of emotion in a dream, then she will be the main one in real life.

What dream about a headscarf on Tsvetkov's dream book

According to the interpretation of this dream book, a headscarf is a precursor of good changes in life. After such a dream, the line of fate can make a zigzag and completely change for the better.

If the dreamer puts a scarf on his head, it is neither good nor bad. It is necessary to wait for household troubles and accept the fact that your favorite things will have to be put off to the side. In the near future it will be just not up to them.

What dreams of a scarf on the esoteric dream book

If the dreamer buys a shawl on his head, then in real life he was tired of the constant duties. A shawl is a symbolic symbol of protection from trouble that a person needs. This desire to hide from all the bad, unpleasant, acute need for a defender, reliable life support.

What is the dream given to the dreamer? To obtain reliable protection from an influential person or several people who have weight in society. After such a dream, you should not fear for the resolution of a difficult situation: everything will go well for the dreamer, because he is under guardianship.

If in a dream a person accidentally finds a headscarf, then in real life he dreams of traveling. And such opportunities will soon be presented: the dreamer is waiting for exciting trips that will bring positive emotions. However, a dream in which the found handkerchief is torn, soiled or simply disliked, foreshadows unfavorable trips, negative emotions, unmet desires.

Scarf on the Small Veles' Dream Book

Shawl - Shawl - Letter, gift, message, wealth, change, spread - write a letter, white - to meet a guy (girl), good news // illness, red - acquaintance // illness, yellow - separation, black - slander you , sadness, complaint, sad news, illness, colorful - matchmaking, tying your head - troubles, waving - a girl getting married, waving a black handkerchief - the news of death, warm cover - change for the better, wealth, torn looking at - gossip, poverty, lose - shame.

If you dream about Scarves (in the Ukrainian Dreambook Dmytrenko)

Shawl - Shawl - Shawl - news. Someone gave or bought a handkerchief: white is good news, black is sad. A white handkerchief in a dream indicates a letter with good news, a black one with a bad one. If you dream of a scarf - this is wealth. If black kerchiefs (especially young ones) are dreamed of, then this is a sign of love, pockmarked in a large cage - letters will definitely be there, colorful, flowery scarves - to matchmaker. The scarf is red - news of weakness. Someone is dreaming in a white headscarf or just a white headscarf - the news of the illness of someone in a headscarf. The girl in the black scarf is a weakness. This is an interpretation of what this dream is about.

What dreams of a Scarf (Dream Interpretation of the XXI century)

Shawl - Shawl - To see a beautiful headscarf in a dream - to a letter, pleasant news, a gift. Tying him on his head - curbing himself, there is a trip ahead. His to see another woman - to trouble. A handkerchief - symbolizes anxiety, controversy, cotton - need, poverty, silk - love. To see in a hibernation a clean handkerchief - to a sad event, a loss, dirty - to wealth.

Patronage and help

The fact that you will have an influential patron says a dream in which you saw a scarf on your head, suggests the dream book Medea. If it was white, then do not ignore other people's advice, they will be very useful to you.

Dreamed that you put a black headscarf on someone? This means that in a difficult moment you will help this person. Putting it on yourself is a sign of your own problems and lack of help from outside. And if in the dream someone else is tying a black head scarf on you, then this is a sign that someone will make you bother and take care of yourself.

To dream that the headscarf combines both black and white in color - a sign of uncertainty about whether you need help, suggests a Muslim dream book.

Love unrest

What is the plot in which you tie a white handkerchief with a large color ornament on your head, the Islamic dream book tells you: if you are an unmarried girl, then wait for the offer of a hand and heart. For the rest of the dreamers, both women and men, such a dream has meant an unexpected romantic adventure.

A gypsy dream book suggests a pleasant evening spent with a person who you really like, says the plot in which you wear a red scarf over your head. If in a dream you tied it under your chin, then the meeting will be successful, but to dress a kerchief as a bandana - to the disappointment.

Do not rush to conclusions

If you dreamed that a woman you know was putting a colored handkerchief on your head, then you should remember what it looked like in a dream before interpreting what this story dreams about.

So, the scarf was beautiful, light and new? Do not rush to make decisions, even if the choice is obvious, advise dream books. A dark handkerchief, having a dream, symbolizes the haste of conclusions under the influence of others and, as a result, annoying oversights. An old worn shawl in a dream indicates distrust.

Emotions under control!

Deciphering what a huge dark handkerchief is dreaming about on a woman’s head, dream books broadcast that this is a symbol of the secrecy and emotional restraint of the dreamer. Probably, it is more comfortable for you to keep your emotions “at yourself” without giving out true feelings and sensations.

But if in a dream you are forced to tie a kerchief and wear it, then this is a signal that you allow yourself too much. Think, maybe you should change your behavior and habits, become more restrained emotionally.

Do not be afraid to trust

To see in a dream how someone chooses you a kerchief for a gift is a sign that you can completely trust this person. He will not betray you and will always help in trouble.

What dreams a handkerchief on the head of her husband, Longo’s dream book will tell: don’t be afraid to entrust your secrets to your spouse, he will not only not give them out, but also help to cope with some difficult issues that you don’t decide to tell others.

Blue, pink, yellow or any other bright color scheme, as well as a pleasant to the touch shawl fabric promise a pleasant and fruitful cooperation, without “bases” and betrayal.

What dreams of a scarf in a dream (dream book of Catherine the Great)

A handkerchief - you have lost or forgotten your handkerchief somewhere in a dream - whether you like it or not, you will have to borrow money. It was as if you were given a handkerchief with a monogram - a dream suggests that you are too romantic for the gray everyday everyday life, you tend to idealize, many consider you old-fashioned. A woman dreams that she tied a head with a handkerchief - this woman will soon receive a lot of money.

What did the handkerchief look like?

Learn from the dream book what dreams of a handkerchief, neck or any other interpreter knows the answers to these questions. Read it carefully and thoughtfully, do not miss the details and realize that you will soon await in reality.

1. As the dream book says, the scarf in dreams, which you had to see, foreshadows the news from friends, something new and unexpected. You will get a surprise or some important news from your loved ones, you will know or see something, and you will be surprised.

2. I wonder what the handkerchief dreams about - regardless of the actions with it, the dream book indicates that it is to tears. You should not worry and worry in advance - nothing terrible, the interpreter does not promise you any harm, and sometimes it is even useful to cry and mourn a little. The main thing is not to “get stuck” in the state of the blues and tune in to the positive.

3. A fluffy, warm wool scarf or a shawl in a dream is a symbol of the fact that you should carefully and carefully treat your health. Your body is now subject to ailments and weaknesses. Begin to treat yourself more responsibly, take care of your body so as not to get sick.

4. As the dream book indicates, the scarf is silk, light - it is to love. Get ready for the fact that soon you will lose your head and find yourself in a new, dizzying feeling that will change your reality, paint it with new colors.

5. Headscarf - a symbol of life changes. Something will change, and you should not be afraid!

Sleep Circumstances and Actions

1. Find this simple object in your dream - to the road. The interpreter promises that soon you will have to go somewhere. Maybe the path will be long or not, it may be an unexpected trip, a business trip or a long-awaited vacation, a trip to visit or on business. Get ready for the road!

2. If the shawl was in a dream on your shoulders, this is a hint that you are protected. You do not need to be afraid of anything, fears have no reason, you are protected by higher powers, nothing bad will happen to you while you are doing the right thing and in good conscience. Do not be afraid of difficulties and enemies, everything will be fine.

3. If you saw it on someone, then in reality you will be given important help, you will not cope with the problems yourself.

4. To buy it means to seek protection in reality. You will be forced to turn to someone for help, and you will definitely find support in someone.

5. To see or wear a scarf on your head, it means that soon you will learn something very important, meaningful.

6. For an unmarried girl, such a dream speaks of an imminent marriage!

Color value

  • I wonder why the scarf is black, mourning. Do not be afraid - even though black is negative, this dream does not portend trouble. A black handkerchief means that you will be in sorrow for a while, but it will pass.
  • Red color of a scarf - to bright, unusual events in reality.
  • A green handkerchief is a symbol of hope and good news.
  • A colorful, bright and colorful handkerchief - this is a vivid experience and interesting adventures.
  • And white - to the losses, which will be replaced by something new and beautiful. Do not be afraid to lose, in return you will get a lot of joy!

This simple, simple object, just a piece of cloth, as you see, has many meanings and can tell you about important things. Listen to the information provided by the interpreter, analyze and think about it, and make the right, informed decisions in reality. You create your own destiny!
Author: Vasilina Serova

Dream Dream

This source advises to take into account the gender of the dreamer. What does it mean if a handkerchief darted to a strong man? The dream book of the Wanderer promises a man who sees a similar dream, loyalty to the second half. The owner of a dream can not doubt the feelings of his chosen one.

What does a dream with a handkerchief mean if a woman sees it? If the representative of the weaker sex wears it in night dreams, in real life she seeks to keep everything under control, does not allow herself to relax. It is bad if a lady sees a black scarf in her sleep. The Dream Trader states that this predicts misfortune. It is not excluded that in the coming days a woman will lose someone from close people, put on mourning.

Representatives of both sexes may dream of a handkerchief. This product, if you rely on the approval of this source, can predict separation, it is likely that a long separation from loved ones. If the shawl in a dream was dirty, it is worth being morally prepared for the betrayal that the dear person will do.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

The interpretation of this popular dream guide is largely at variance with the information outlined above. What does this source predict to the sleeper, what is the dream about the scarf? The dream interpretation of the 21st century insists that a dirty product promises wealth, an unexpected profit. Whereas a clean handkerchief foreshadows grief, a sad event.

If a beautiful handkerchief appears in the nightly dreams, the dreamer awaits with great news. It is possible that soon he will receive a long-awaited letter or an unexpected gift. Also, a person may dream that he is tying a scarf on his head. The dream interpretation of the 21st century believes that such a plot promises a quick journey. If a lady sees a thing belonging to her on another woman, serious troubles await her. The handkerchief that the dreamer uses for his intended purpose predicts conflicts, disputes with those around him, in which there will be no winner.

The material from which the product is made is the moment to which practically any dream book will advise to pay attention. A shawl can dream a person who regularly suffers because of his own carelessness. It is possible that he gives excessive importance to small things, ignoring the really important information. In this case, the dreamer should “wake up” in reality, as close people suffer from his indifference.

What promises a silk product appearing in night dreams? To a lonely person such a thing predicts a change in his personal life. In the coming days he will have to lose his head from love, fortunately, with a high probability, the erupted feeling will be mutual. This passion will not last forever, but will leave the most pleasant memories.

Definitely bad most dream reference books call a dream in which there is a cotton product. Such a plot foreshadows poverty, need.

White shawl

Color is another factor that necessarily takes into account the dream. A white handkerchief to buy means soon to get great news. It is possible that they will have a serious impact on the life of the dreamer, you can count on changes for the better. A dream has a similar meaning in which a person wears a white article.

However, not only positive events are associated with such a thing a dream book. White shawl can dream and unfortunately, if the owner of night dreams sees it on another person. There is a high probability that in the coming days the dreamer will hear about the illness of the one who appeared to him in the arms of Morpheus.

Different colors

Is it worth worrying if a blue product is dreamed up? Such a thing promises supernatural events that will affect the perception of the world. It is possible that the dreamer will have to believe that miracles happen.

A green handkerchief is a symbol of renewal; it can dream of someone who is expecting a change in life. It is great if such a dream is disturbed by the nighttime peace of a lady who dreams of motherhood. Soon she learns about the long-awaited pregnancy. The red thing is a sign of passion, in the near future love will enter the life of the sleeper, which will have a forbidden character. People who are married, such a dream promises to betrayal, or the desire to commit it.

It is bad if a lover dreams of a blue scarf. Such a thing is regarded by dream-books as a symbol of cooling. It is possible that relations will deteriorate because of the indifference of the partners to each other’s problems.

Black shawl

What other options does the dream book consider? The handkerchief does not dream of good, if it is mourning. Such a sign does not necessarily predict someone's death, rather, the dreamer will experience mental agony, which will be the result of nasty gossip dispelled by ill-wishers.

Seeing a lady in a black scarf, it is also worth preparing for the worst. There is a high probability that the sleeper has health problems that he does not realize yet. It is necessary to pay close attention to your health, note the alarming symptoms. It is possible that the time has come for a visit to the doctor.

Interestingly, a black product does not always bring trouble to single boys and girls. Some dream guides claim that such a thing can predict mutual love.

On the shoulders, on the neck

It is obvious that in a dream the sleeper can not only see the product, but also wear it. What does the dream book promise him in this case? The shawl on his shoulders, fortunately, dreams of good. In real life, the dreamer has to make a good deal. Perhaps among his acquaintances there will be influential people who will help him succeed in his professional activity.

A scarf around the neck is a wonderful dream, this is the opinion of many sources. This sign promises quick career advancement. However, there are other interpretations that claim that the scarf tied around his neck speaks of the torments of conscience that gnaw the dreamer and prevent him from enjoying life. Perhaps it is time to fix the mistakes made in the past. Also, a scarf around his neck can dream of someone who, deep down, considers himself unworthy of a new position, promotion, dreams of abandoning this “gift” of fate.

What other interpretation does the dream book offer? A headscarf can predict both positive and negative events. If such a dream sees a married woman, she is waiting for a change that can affect the life of good or bad. If the dreamer in reality is faced with the need to make a difficult choice, you should trust his own intuition, rely on the call of the heart.

Lonely young ladies can also get a scarf on their head. A dream indicates that his owner constantly spends time working on herself. Her goal is to achieve excellence, she constantly holds back negative emotions. The chosen tactic adversely affects the health and mood of the girl, so she needs to reconsider her, learn how to make herself concessions.

Buy, receive as a gift

What should a dreamer get ready for when he dreams, how does he buy this product? If the chosen handkerchief is used for wearing on the head, such a dream indicates a secret desire to find a safe shelter. In the real world, a person dreams of a powerful patron who will solve all his problems, protect him from enemies. Such night dreams are often seen by infantile people, those who do not wish to grow up and take responsibility.

Also in the dream thing can give a sleeper. It should be regarded as a promise of help that comes from influential people. Reliable "rear" will allow the dreamer to safely face the troubles, overcome them and go further.

Various plots

Of course, the above are not all possible scenes, which the dream book will help to understand. To try on a shawl means to face household chores. Unfortunately, for some time the dreamer will have to abandon thoughts about rest and entertainment, focus on solving problems that have piled on.

Tie a scarf in a dream can he who in reality will be forced to sacrifice their own principles. This will be a necessary condition for the establishment of peace in the family. To put on a thing before going out - soon go on a long trip, directly related to professional activities. Fortunately, the journey will turn into profit, the financial situation will improve, finally cease to be a cause for concern.

What other interpretation is the dream book? A downy shawl can be erased in a dream by a person who is facing a difficult test in the real world. There is no doubt that the dreamer will come out of it with dignity, will triumph over his rivals. The one who sees himself in a dream stroking this thing should be wary. It is possible that now is not the time for the realization of the conceived, a risky undertaking will not have the expected success.

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