12 beautiful and simple hairstyles for short hair: PHOTO

Most little fashionistas have short haircuts. Even in this case, you can make the original hairstyle, because the services of girls tails, braids, flagella, and an abundance of bright rims, rubber bands and pins.

You can remove strands from the face with the help of flagella. To do this, divide the head of hair into four partings from the forehead to the top of the head, twist the flagellum from each strand and fasten with hairpins. Ideal small crab or rezinochki.

Hair length may not be enough for one high tail. Then simply tie the two tails on the top of the head, and the curls at the back will hang loosely. With the help of thin rezinochek you can make a grid of tails.

Ponytails look elegantly basket with colored rubber bands. To do this, divide the hair from the top into six parts. Tie the tail, attach the tip to the next strand and tie the tail again. So remove all the hair in a circle. The tip of the last tail can be woven into the first gum or left free.

Space for fantasy and give braids. For short haircuts, weave them with a spike from the forehead. With the help of a few spikelets, you can simply remove the hair from the face. To pick up all the strands, braid your head in a circle in the form of a basket or spiral.

Easy hairstyles for every day to school: step by step instructions

Many people think that if their hair is cut short, then interesting hairstyles will have to be abandoned. This is not true. There are beautiful and simple hairstyles for short hair for every day.

Recently gained popularity Greek styling. Light spring look can be created on short hair with the help of elastic band and varnish. First, the strands need a little curl, give the volume and effect of light waves.

Put on a special gum. Take a small strand at the temple, perekinte through the gum and gently tuck inside. Do this with all the hair. Fix hair with lacquer.

The simple weaving on hair will recover the bothered hairstyle. A loose braid with falling strands will create a romantic image, and thin braids, spikelets or flagella will create a fashionable effect of a shaved temple.

Hairstyles for short curly hair: suitable for those who are over 40 and 50

Hairstyles for short hair with your own hands is easy to do if the hair is curled. On a short hairstyle with bangs, the contrast of textures looks good. To do this, bangs need to straighten using styling tools and a hair dryer or ironing. And add a wavy effect on the sides and back with a curling. If the curls are from nature, it is enough to beat them with your fingers, giving shape.

Hairstyle with curled strands looks stylish on curls. Separate the two strands from the temples and twist, bringing together at the back of the head. Fasten them to the back of your head with invisible crosses.

Retro styling for short hair: with bangs and without

The most common hairstyles for short hair at home in a retro style are variations on the theme of Marseilles waves and smooth straight strands with accessories. You can make the Marseille wave with the help of curling.

To do this, make a parting, separate the strand, on which there will be waves, and curl from the roots, placing the forceps either under the strand, or above the strand. There is a cold way of doing waves. In this case, a strong fixing agent is applied to the strand. The waves themselves are formed by fingers and fastened with clamps until dry.

  • fabric headbands
  • large flowers
  • caps,

ornaments and hairpins with a veil,

headbands and pins with feathers.

Evening and festive trendy hairstyles do-it-yourself: options for 2017

Girls with short hair can make elegant evening styling of various types. The classic version of hairstyles for short hair with their own hands - a shell. Short strands can not be formed into a bundle and secure with studs. Invisibility come to the rescue.

Start the bottom, if the top strands interfere, tidy them with a barrette. Flip the lower hair from the left side to the right and fix it with stealth. Strand the strands on the right side to the left, tuck the ends inwards, hiding them, and secure the invisible inside the curl. Thus rise up, grabbing new strands. Fix the laying with lacquer.

Wedding hairstyles and accessories

The owner of modest curls can create an image for any occasion, not an exception, and wedding hairstyles for short hair with their own hands. To create an image of the bride using accessories. The type of installation will depend on their appearance. Wedding hairstyles are decorated with:

  1. A veil of different types and lengths. Fashionistas prefer ultra-short models or a pirate veil.
  2. Large artificial flowers or buds from a wedding bouquet.
  3. Barrettes with a grid-veil.
  4. Tiaras.
  5. Wreaths of artificial flowers.
  6. Decorative hoops from fabric and plastic with crystals, beads, pearls, flowers.
  7. Hair bands of lace or satin with decorative elements.
  8. Hairpins with pearls, rhinestones.
  9. Hairpins with beads, beads, rhinestones, feathers.

Depending on the overall style and accessories used, the bride can choose the type of styling. Often these are light curls, stuck with a hairpin, hoop or wreath. Decorated studs are used to create complex curls. Tidy hairstyles are held with bandages.

Short curls do not limit the choice of hairstyles. Making styling is often easier, and with the help of modern fixation and original accessories, the hairstyle will be kept for a long time.

1. Bob and Garcon

The most common female haircut for short hair at all times - the bob. In this year, the trend for the undying classic is gaining momentum. A modern, easy-to-use, universal bob hairstyle will suit both curly and straight hair, and all shades, from ashy and golden to scarlet and inky black.

Another variation of the easy hairstyle for short hair - garcon. Translated from the French word means "boy" and is kept in the languages ​​of all fashionistas for more than 100 years. Garson is a hairstyle that you should decide on at least once each. With the help of such a transformation, you will be able to stretch your face, emphasize your cheekbones and bring some sort of light French sexuality into your everyday look.

• elongated

But the elongated, you guessed it, implies a hair just above the shoulder. This haircut is best suited for curly and wavy hair types, although there remains a preference for celebrities with straight:

The trend of this fashion season - square with bangs. And completely unimportantly slanting, straight or shortened fringe you prefer.

This type of hairstyle, despite all its stylishness, is gradually getting out of fashion. Take a short cropped, shave or short cut the bottom layer on the back of the head - and the effect on the leg is ready.

3. Retro hairstyle

The end of the 20th century is a time when girls with short hair began to come into fashion, shine on the screen and hit men with their eroticism. That is why the light waves, hairs and curls in retro-style especially go to short-haired girls. The stars of modern show business this year consider it their duty to appear on the red carpet with short hair and just such styling.

4. Romantic wreath

If you think that making a light and romantic hairstyle on your hair length is difficult, try to build a cute and unusual wreath. For this:
- split the hair side parting,
- roll the harnesses on both sides and secure them with stealth to the back of your head,
- Collect the remaining hairs below in two strands and pin crosswise,
- Spread the wreath and look for a few small strands to complete the image.

5. Weaving

Spit on short hair, as in our last paragraph, - not fiction, but reality. Weaving for short hair looks even more stylish and elegant, and is suitable even for the wedding version of a short hairstyle.

We suggest you try these options: braid, fishtail, braid of rims, French weaving and even an ordinary spikelet. Try it and you will be amazed at the result.

When, as not a short boyish haircut, to do a crazy and trendy comb back, which will make your image memorable and suitable for both social events and important business meetings.

Another option hairstyle deserves special attention. We are accustomed to a strict high ponytail, a romantic tail at the bottom and even a tail-knot, but we have no idea how to put short hair in an elegant tail. Of course, you can use false hair and chignon, but the picture will not be so original. We offer a look at our tail ideas for short hair:

8. Thrilling curls.

Light curls and funny curls will add both a square and a shorter haircut, mystery and high spirits. It is possible to use curling iron for such styling, but stylists and fashionable hairdressers recommend to twist short hair exactly on an iron that creates more volume and is easier to use. To get your hair right, start turning your hair from the back of your head, after lifting the rest upward. Be sure to fix the hair with lacquer.

9. Creative mess

Hairstyle that does not require much effort, but it looks so elegant that flaunts on the covers of all fashion magazines. Creative mess on the head to create as easy as on the desktop. This will help you hair dryer and curling. Hair should be dried with a hair dryer, preferably using mousse. Screw a few strands, and romantically tear them.

10. Shell

The favorite hairstyle of our mothers and grandmothers, the shell, is slowly and surely entering the trend of recent years. You do not need special skills, a lot of time or cost. Just one picture will help you make a pretty shell out of hair, long above the shoulder:

Well, how can a modern girl do without a popular bundle, even if the length of her hair does not allow building a large tower on top of her head. Dont be upset. Arm yourself with studs, varnish, invisibles, some cute accessory and dare:

12. Greek

The hair of Greek goddesses is especially suitable for owners of short haircuts. The technology of this romantic miracle is quite simple:
- we dress an elastic band, a rim or a bandage,
- starting from the temples, we twist the strands upwards and fill in our bezel,
- we fill all strands in such a way
- we fix a hairdress with a varnish.

In the life of every modern woman, mother, keeper of the hearth and beloved wife, there is very little joy in luxurious social events. But let's try to be beautiful every day and love ourselves not only on holidays, despite the length of hair.

Tail opposite

The most elementary version of the hairstyle for short hair with its own hands is the tail; on the contrary, it will not be a lot of work and effort to make it; Initially, you need to make the most ordinary tail, then turn it inside, fix it, you can add a little zest by decorating it with a pretty hairpin hairpin. This option is suitable for everyday image.

This option is very simple, suitable for any style of clothing and for every occasion. To make such a hairstyle to start, the hair must be removed in the tail, then the strands that fall out, stab stealth. On the tail, place a wide elastic band and close the outer side with strands securing the tips with stealth. This should be done around the circumference until the gum closes, and so that the attachment areas are not visible, it is necessary to tie a scarf around the beam.


To produce the fastest hairstyles for short hair with your own hands, in general, it is not difficult, here is another simple option for everyday use. In cases if they are extremely short, then strands or chignon will be needed. Initially, it is necessary to pick up the hair in the tail on the top, and those that come out to be fixed with Invisibles, then attach the overhead strands to the tail and at the base with one strand hide the mount, wrapping it around.

Naughty image

Make a similar image is allowed with the assistance of two tails on the sides located low. To do this, it is necessary to divide the hair vertically next to each other; Collect all the strands in the tail with gum. But in front it is possible to lower a few strands to give the face a more oval shape.

Many girls think that braiding her hair in the form of a wreath is a laborious process, but it is very simple and beautiful. To do this, you need to divide the hair into two parts and starting from the forehead to twist with the seizure of the strands, having done so from two sides. Next, fasten the harnesses on the back of the neck with stealth loops, and which remained to be again divided into two parts, cross-wise and fasten them. Spread flagella slightly to add volume.

Woven bezel

To weave such a bezel, you need to take a thin strand that is above the ear and divide it into two parts. Then begin to weave a pigtail in the form of a rope, twisting strands around each other. Next, tie a pigtail with a rubber band on the tip and throw it over the forehead, in order to fasten it under the hair on the other side of the head. Repeat the same on the other side. As a result, fasten the tip of the second pigtail on the opposite side under the hair and align the braids.

French waterfall

This hairstyle is based on weaving pigtails, it is very simple, but has its own originality. The weaving itself resembles a spikelet; only the lower strand should be lowered down after each spikelet. To continue the spikelet, you need to take a strand of the entire volume of hair under each lowered strand. Weaving must be done to the middle of the head. On the reverse side, make the same spike and further combine the tail and two pigtails.

Easy styling for short hair

Laying short hair at home is easiest. For this styling, you first need to moisten some hair and apply the foam. Next, dry them in a hot air conditioner, slightly squeezing them in your hands. Get a hairstyle voluminous and wavy, which would be an excellent option for a weekend.

Disheveled styling

This hairstyle is done very easily and quickly. It is enough to apply a little wax on the hair, smearing it against growth or tousle. The most front curls put in the left direction or right, it all depends on how you like more.

Smooth styling

This hairstyle looks perfect on short hair. It is necessary to lay with the help of a hair dryer and a large brush in the direction that you prefer in the end to fix the whole result with a gel.

Another simplest hairstyle for everyday use are curls. To make it necessary, spray hair with lacquer or another styling agent, then squeezing the hair from the ends to the roots to form curls. As a result, will come out beautifully and elegantly.

Give short hair volume, density and make hair interesting and unusual help bouffant. It is possible to carry out such laying in several ways that will be suitable for different situations. For example, to comb each curl separately, and if the hair is too short then it is better to comb the hair at the roots.

Strict styling

This kind of styling for short hair is ideal for work, for business meetings and to show yourself as a business woman. In order to make this hairstyle you need a gel or mousse of strong fixation.Initially, it is necessary to make a selection on one of the sides even. Gel or mousse is needed to fix the strands, so as not to get out of the styling, which will create a more strict look.

Daily styling

Make daily styling on short hair can be done with a hair dryer and foam or mousse. It is necessary to apply a little wet hair or foam or mousse and dry them with a hair dryer starting at the roots and lifting them up, this will give the hair shape and volume. And it is also possible to twist the hair at the tips directing to the face, you get a classic version for every day.

In general, the owners of short haircuts can make a gorgeous, easy and beautiful hairstyle at home without difficulty, but also save their time and money well without going to beauty salons. However, if you look at it from the other side, a short haircut requires and imposes some obligations on a woman, as the hair should always look well-groomed, clean and have a neat styling or hairstyle.

The conclusion is that the beauty of the appearance of a woman makes her own hands. Half the success depends on an attractive hairstyle, styling. That is why it is best to learn how to clean up your hair beautifully by yourself, since it is not at all difficult.

Create high styling

If the hair has several long strands, you can make an unusual styling, beautifully fixing them. Before performing this hairstyle, you should prepare the styling foam, hairpins, stealth, and fixing varnish.

  • Initially, the hair should be divided into 3 zones: the front, the top of the crown and the occipital,
  • The lower part of the hair should be divided into several strands, each of which is twisted into a bundle and fixed,
  • Peck straps are neatly placed on top of the occipital and fixed,
  • The front part of the hair is added to the hairstyle and sprayed with varnish.

Especially effectively this hairstyle looks on hair with highlighting. Light-colored locks very beautifully stand out and make the girl especially attractive.

The combination of short hair and braids

It is rather problematic to perform braiding on short hair. If in front of the haircut there are several long strands, you can experiment and braid them in an unusual braid.

In advance, you should prepare a mousse, lacquer strong fixation to secure the resulting weaving and several invisible.

Step by step installation:

  • Apply mousse to wet hair and dry it with a hair dryer.
  • Hair on top and back of your head lightly spray with varnish for greater elasticity, it will help your hair to last longer,
  • Then you should start weaving ordinary pigtails, French or spikelet. What weave to choose depends on your desire,
  • No need to worry if some strands will break out of the crowd. Thanks to the created volume of hair it will not spoil a hairdress,
  • When the braid is docked to the ear, it will need to be fixed invisible,
  • The head strands should be slightly beaten with the hands, giving them additional volume.

This interesting styling will quickly help you create an elegant look for every day, and can also be used for a solemn evening.

Hairstyle with bangs

Very often, short haircuts are combined with a bang, which gives the face expressiveness and playfulness. Bangs require daily care and styling. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to allocate time to take care of your hair, so a hairstyle with a bang laid with a harness can come to the rescue in such a situation.

It is performed as follows:

  • Initially, hair must be laid using volume
  • In front on one side, or at the same time on the left and on the right, the curls of the fringe should be marked
  • These curls are neatly twisted into a bundle and fixed invisible in the side,
  • If desired, the hair can be sprinkled with varnish.

It is also one of the simplest hairstyles, which does not require professional hairdressing from the girl.

Hairstyle for short hair with a band of elastic

If you are bored with daily and monotonous styling, follow the hairstyle using elastic bands to create a beautiful rim.

It is done quite simply with your own hands and takes very little of your time.

  • Parting
  • On each side of the face should be separated strands, a width of about 2 cm,
  • The remaining mass of hair gently makes fun,
  • Take a curl and secure it with a rubber band at the base of the head,
  • Next to the resulting tail, add another small part of the hair and also secure with a rubber band,
  • Continue according to this scheme to fix the hair in the direction from parting to the ear,
  • The result should be a very beautiful wreath of rubber bands on each side of the parting.

The remaining mass of hair must be dissolved and give it volume, which will complement the image favorably. This styling is quite resistant and will not worry about the condition of your hair all day long.

Hairstyle with a rim for a short haircut

To perform quick hairstyles for short hair can be beautifully with the help of the rim. This installation can be created by hand in 5 minutes. It is also important that the hair texture does not matter. This style will look perfect on smooth curls and curly hair. If you want the hairstyle to look more lush, you can pre-curl strands with an ironing machine, curling iron or using curlers.

  • Hair should be combed in the back of the head,
  • Put the headband on the head, fix the hair with lacquer.

To create this styling, you can use rims of different colors, matching them to the color of the clothes. You can take a bezel with flowers or beads. This option is especially suitable for a romantic evening or party.

Original curls

This styling is perfect for cutting a bob or square. In addition, it can be used for holiday events, and to create a daily image. Perform hair with their own hands every girl can.

Stages of creating styling:

  • It is necessary to apply a heat protective agent to the hair.
Before winding the hair using high temperatures, it is recommended to apply a heat-proof spray to the hair, this will protect the hair from damage when winding
  • Collect the front part of the hair and pin them on the top using stealth,
  • Begin winding should be with the strand of the smallest length,
  • Longer curls are wound in a different direction, both to the face and from the face,
  • Twisted curls should be of different lengths, it will give the impression of a small order on the head,
  • At the final stage of creating a hairstyle, a fringe is twisted (if available). The pinning is clamped by the curling iron and pulled,
  • Further, the hairstyle is fixed with varnish,
  • Curls on the back of the head must be combed and sprayed with varnish.

With this hairstyle, you can create a romantic and very feminine image.

Braid bezel

Girls with short haircuts can use different types of weaving to create a fashionable image.

It is performed as follows:

  • After washing and drying the hair, they should be divided into a side parting,
  • Then, on the one hand, one should start braiding a French braid, weaving thin strands into it as weaving,
  • The braid finishes to the end and is fixed with a rubber band,
  • From the opposite side, two identical braids are woven and joined to the French in the occipital region,
  • It is necessary to firmly fix the braids with invisible beings, they must be motionless,
  • Loose locks should be curled with a curling iron or a flat iron and slightly tousled with their hands,
  • The resulting styling is neatly fixed with varnish.

This hairstyle is quite durable, so you can go with it from morning till evening, without disrupting it at all.

The combination of the beam and the braid

It is very simple to make an elegant and very unusual hairstyle using a usual bun, around which beautiful braids are braided.

Hairstyle execution scheme is as follows:

  • Initially, the strands should be twisted on a curling iron or using a flat iron. Keep curling should be upright
  • The tail is fixed on the back of the head, and several curls at the temples on both sides should be left hanging down,
  • The tail must be twisted to make a bunch
  • From the curls lashes French braid on the contrary,
  • Both braids are fixed at the base of the bundle, and their tips are neatly hidden in the bundle,
  • The resulting styling will need to sprinkle with varnish.

Girls with similar hairstyles on the street are not common, so people around you will certainly pay attention to the unusual and stylish styling.

Greek hairstyle

Elegant and feminine weaving in the Greek style can be made not only on long hair, but also on short. You can allow yourself to do this styling daily, as it takes no more than 5 minutes.

  • The hair is treated with mousse to give volume and curl,
  • This is followed by gently hands to give the hair volume,
  • A rubber band, soft rim or bandage is worn on the head,
  • In the temporal region, you must begin to gently wrap the strands under the gum,
  • It is necessary to wrap all the locks in a circle under the gum,
  • After completing the styling should fix the hair with lacquer.

It is not necessary to resort to the help of a professional to create a Greek weaving, it is quite possible to do it yourself.

Original braids

This weave looks very luxurious, giving the hair extra volume.

  • Parting can be done both straight and oblique
  • Along the hairline starting from the forehead, weave the braid along the hair growth,
  • In the process of weaving you need to add extra strands from the back of the head,
  • Thus, the braid is woven to the neck, then additional strands are no longer added, the braid just completes to the end,
  • On the opposite side, we make a similar braid,
  • The resulting pigtails will need to stretch your fingers, it will make them more voluminous,
  • The rest of the hair is fixed with a rubber band and hides along the braids,
  • If necessary, you can sprinkle hair with lacquer.

When performing weaving, it is not necessary to use lacquer to fix the hairstyle, as the braid itself fixes the styling and prevents it from disintegrating.

Unusual bunch

If there is no time to create complex styling, you can use the option of creating a bundle from a regular pigtail.

  • Hair must be combed and braided with the usual classic braid,
  • Weaving can be performed both at the crown level, as well as in the occipital region,
  • Then the resulting pigtail gently tucks, a bundle is formed from it,
  • To fix the hairstyle should be used studs and stealth,
  • You can turn the braid vertically or horizontally.

It turns out the hairstyle is very neat and restrained, so it can be done both before a business meeting, and before a romantic date. Hairstyles that can be performed on short hair, a great many. Each girl can choose the options that best suit her everyday image. Having in its arsenal several varieties of stylish and trendy styling, easily performed by your own hands, you can look luxurious and elegant every day.

12 ideas for beautiful hairstyles for short hair do it yourself

What can you do hairstyle for short hair with your own hands? The choice is huge. At home, just create light daily images, evening, retro and wedding styling.

Beautiful hairstyle is originally your fantasy, and then your work or stylist

The principles of creating beautiful hairstyles for short hair

Styling short hair makes it possible to try on many different images. Contrary to stereotypes, haircut is not an obstacle for creating a feminine, romantic hairstyle. Today, a woman looks stylish if, at first glance, it took just a few minutes to create her styling.

The rejection of elastic rubber bands is gaining popularity, at least they should not be visible. The latest fashion trends: naturalness, femininity, easy negligence.

There are several key principles for creating hairstyles:

In order to style your hair beautifully, you can go to a professional hairdresser, but creating your own hairstyle will allow you to realize your own fantasies.

If you know the basics, even at home you can really make a stylish and beautiful hairstyle for every day or for a holiday.

Romantic wreath

On short hair, the Romantic Wreath hairstyle looks beautiful, fast and stylish styling is suitable for any occasion.

First, the entire mass of hair should be moistened and divided into two parts by direct or side parting. In front, from the beginning of the parting, a long rope is rolled up on each side, picking up strands around the face. The harness can end at the level of the ear or go to the neck itself - it depends on the length of the haircut.

The tails and the remaining hair behind the twist in the same bundles, impose on each other, forming a solid "wreath". So that the hair does not get loose, they need to be fixed invisible.

Broken strands give the image of lightness and romance, they are fixed with lacquer, and large curls or bangs are better to pin along the "wreath".

It is important to know! Hair will look natural if invisible and hairpins are matched to the hair color.

"Romantic wreath" opens the face and is not suitable for women in a round face shape. Hair decorated with flowers, ribbons, beautiful hairpins.

Charming curls on the square

Curls on the car - a universal hairstyle with many variations, which is suitable for any type of person. Curls are wound on curlers, curled with an iron or curling, laid or left "as is", keeping the texture and shape of curls.

Curls come in different types:

  • spirals
  • small curls,
  • large curls,
  • disordered curls.

But not every kind of hairstyle is suitable for caret, small curls shorten hair too much, and spirals are good only on long hair. On the classic car is best to make large curls or irregular curls.

Stylish hairstyle for short hair, quickly and beautifully:

  • split the whole mass of hair into two parts horizontally, the top strands are stabbed with crab,
  • the curling begins with the lower hair, strands of medium size are wound on large curlers or curling in one direction, leaving ends,
  • the upper part is curled in two directions: the right half to the left, the left to the right, so the curls will be symmetrical when viewed from the front,
  • dry hair hair dryer (if used curlers),
  • to model the hair with your hands or simply divide the curled strands into small curls,
  • bangs curled with the bulk of the hair or pulled by the iron.

When it is necessary to make curls soft and romantic, fixing sprays are used only at the end, and to get clear and elastic curls, they apply mousse or foam before curling. Styling tools need to be used carefully, an excessive amount of weight curls.

Curls on the square give hair volume, depending on the direction of the curls, you can open the face or vice versa to adjust its shape framing curls.

Retro Style Hairstyle

Of all the variety of retro hairstyles on short hair, the “Marseilles waves” look particularly elegant, the modern interpretation - “Hollywood waves” is created on their basis.

Classic Marseilles waves are a clear alternation of “ridge-trough” and are performed in two ways: with forceps (hot method) or with hair clips (cold method).

For styling short hair fit the cold way, clean hair divided side parting into two parts. From one ear to the other one more parting is made, the two backs of the hair are united and fastened with a crab, in front there are two: a large one and a small one.

Waves are formed from two front strands, gel is applied to the hair, carefully combed, spreading it over the entire length. Here you will need a thin comb with small teeth, with its help the hair sets the desired direction.

How to make beautiful waves:

  1. hair is laid, departing 1 cm from the parting,
  2. the first wave always goes up
  3. with the help of a hairbrush, with smooth movements, the first bend is set and fixed with a long hair clip,
  4. each "wave" is fixed by a clip on the sides and in the middle, with the average shifting towards the face by 1 - 2 cm.

Thus, the entire hair strand is bent in the shape of the letter “S”; when creating a retro styling, the gel dries quickly, so all movements must be quick and confident. To make hair easier to shape, a little gel is periodically applied to the comb.

The second front strand fits in the same way. If the styling is done on the square, the back of the hair is retracted into a small bun or bump, and the ends of the waves are twisted around its base.

The result will be a classic retro hairstyle in the style of the elegant 20s, like that of the famous Barbara Kent. Marseilles waves well "fall" on the classic bean, the top and back hair in this case is curled or flattened and combed with a small amount of gel.

Interesting fact! Stylists do not highlight certain rules for modeling retro waves, you can lay not only the front strands, but the entire mass of hair. The key rule is symmetry, the bends should be the same and merge with each other.

“Cold waves” should dry naturally. but it will take a long time. It is permissible to dry styling through a hair dryer at low speed. When all the bends are dry, all the clips are carefully removed, if some hairs are knocked out, it is easy to pack them with gel.

Laying on short hair does not give volume and does not hide the flaws, because it does not fit girls with rounded shape of the face.

Fishtail on short hair

The hairstyle “fishtail” is a braid with beautiful, non-traditional weaving, contrary to doubts, it can be braided quickly even on short hair, from 15 cm in length.

Technique of weaving fishtail spit:

  1. hair is divided into two parts
  2. a small strand is separated from the edge of the right strand and shifted to the large left,
  3. from the big left strand in a similar way to take a small one and move it to the right, thus creating an unusual weaving,
  4. leave a small tail, fasten the braid with a thin rubber band.

Considering the small length of the curls, it is better to start from the very top of your head like a French braid, weaving loose strands slowly. So the texture of the spit will be better viewed.

To give a spit a volume and a shade of negligence, you should gently pull the links with your fingers along the entire length, so the hairstyle will become more voluminous.

If styling is done for a formal event, before weaving the hair slightly moisturize and apply fixing means with a light texture: styling foam or mousse. Spit "fishtail" - a simple and versatile hairstyle for any age or type of person.

Braid rim bundle

Braids in various manifestations are gaining great popularity, more and more often professional stylists create unique and stylish hairstyles with classic weaving.

The braid bezel with a beam is one of the modern fashion trends in the field of hair styling, everything is combined here: femininity, romance and elegance.

Weaving can be clear and smooth or lush and careless, in any case it is woven using the technique of the French braid. To give the hair volume, comb your hair and curl large curls.

The entire volume of hair must be divided into three equal parts: two side, for weaving braids, a smaller size and the average of the main mass of hair, to create a fashionable beam.

From the middle of the forehead weave two French braids towards the back of the head, they form a bezel. The ends are fixed with thin rubber bands and temporarily left free. Next, you need to form a stylish beam.

From the middle strand make a tight tail, hair is twisted into a bundle and wrapped around the base, securing it with pins. The ends of the rim are also hidden in the base of the beam, and if the length of the hair is not enough, then they are fixed with invisible hair.

Tail inside out

The accurate hairstyle on short hair will quickly and beautifully change appearance. Most importantly, this simple styling is suitable for work, study or reception.

Hair combed and make the usual tail on the back or side. Then the gum should be gently pulled down with your fingers, and the hair above it divided into two parts.

The tail itself is lifted and passed between the hair above the rubber band, into the resulting hole. The look will be more elegant if the tail curl into light curls.

Casual styling

Casual style styling should be stylish and practical, take a minimum of time and fit into a casual look. Ideal when the hair, with all simplicity, corresponds to fashion trends.

Hair should be washed and blotted with a towel. Take any fixing agent, apply it evenly on wet strands.

The traditional casual will emphasize the direct parting, but it is allowed to make a retreat by 2 - 3 cm to the side.

Give hair volume at the roots with a comb brush, hair lifted and dried with a hair dryer, but not worn.

In the end, they model their everyday hairstyle with a bit of carelessness, but they must be fixed with varnish, otherwise the styling will turn into carelessness.

Long bangs are brushed diagonally and also fixed with varnish.

Stylish Mess - Hooligan

The advantage of short hair is that it keeps its shape easily if you use wax or styling gel. The trend for a stylish mess originated last year, but does not lose its relevance today.

Apply means for fixing to wet hair with hands, evenly distributing it over the entire length. The bulk of the hair on the crown and on the back of the head is raised at the roots, locks of similar size are stacked in different directions.

The overall silhouette of the hairstyle should be rounded, the corners and dents will look ridiculous. It is important to keep the line between stylish disorder and impudent rebellion, then the hairstyle will be in harmony with both jeans and a cocktail dress.

It is easy to avoid carelessness, it is enough to carefully lay a few strands on top of the head and hair in the temples.

Comb on short hair

The bouffant is suitable for daily styling of short hair, and thin and sparse will give the desired volume.

Laying begins at the back of the head, small strands of 2–2.5 cm are taken and whipped with a fine comb at the roots, all movements up and down should be smooth and neat.

Each strand is fixed with lacquer, and the ends are left intact.

Interesting fact! Hairstyle with hair on short hair can be done quickly and beautifully, not only with a comb, but with forceps, a corrugation. It is necessary to take a little strand and apply forceps right at the roots, thus lifting all hair up.

When all the strands are combed at the roots, they need to be laid, from above the hair is neatly combed in any direction: back or sides, depending on the type of haircut.

At the end you need to place accents: set the direction of the individual strands. With the help of wax, the ends are slightly stretched and laid, special attention is paid to the front strands. Hair must be fixed with lacquer.

Techniques for creating these or other styles are simple and in many ways similar. To try on a new, unique image every day is enough to master the basic principles.

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