Know how to make afro curls yourself

This cute hairstyle has been popular for several decades. It is associated with women and men with romance, freedom, adventurism. Such beauty is universal - on its basis you can make a lot of styling. Become the owner of a flirty hairstyle is easy. In the article we will discuss how to make Afro curls independently and at home, sometimes this type of curls is also called Brazilian.

Afro-curls call small curls that give volume to hair. Fashionistas prefer them also because of convenience - attractive curls do not require hourly attention. Use them to create both everyday and evening image.

Important! Despite the attractiveness of this hairstyle, it is not suitable for all girls. Wide-faced ladies risk visually make the face wider. Girls with small growth long curly hair even more "landed."

However, there is a trade-off: miniature beauties can create afro-curls at the shoulders. In a win-win position are slender tall girls. Fluffy halo will suit the owners of an elongated face.

Features and ways to create

When choosing a styling method, first of all you should pay attention to the type of hair:

  1. Straight hard - considered the most difficult. Curling ripples or tongs can handle them, but time and temperature will have to be selected individually. It is recommended not to set the mark above 220 degrees, do not work with wet hair. Be sure to use the tools specifically designed for hot styling.
  2. Direct obedient - do not require such efforts as in the previous case. The most important thing is the right preparation. You will need to stock up on shampoo, conditioner and styling products for curly hair. For the formation of curls fit forceps, curling. The temperature of the latter can be set within 180-200 degrees.
  3. Curly Natural - this type is the easiest to turn into afro-curls. They will be created by any means and will last longer.
  4. Damaged - this type is worth mentioning separately, as it has its own characteristics. Afro-curls will be able to disguise damaged tips or dryness, but a special approach will be required. Curls should be made uniform, using cold styling.

Hot styling can damage your hair even more. However, if you want to try this particular method, it is recommended to use special means of protection.

Let's talk about styling:

  1. Hair spray - undesirable. It is better to use analogue in the form of foam. Varnish will make curls stiff and lifeless in appearance.
  2. Foam despite the softness, perfectly captures the hair. And the fixation is long enough and holds in all weather conditions. However, an excessive amount of foam only makes the curls heavier.
  3. Special oil - suitable only if prolonged installation is not needed. Fixation is not hard, but curls hold. At the same time, they radiate a natural glow.

With the help of braids

This method is considered easy, perfectly suitable for beginners:

  1. All strands should be braided in thin braids. There is a small secret: the smaller the braids themselves, the more curly they will be. Leave the hair in this form should be for several hours.
  2. After the specified time, the braids need to be carefully dissolved. Fingers can give the desired shape. Do not damage the curls. If persistence is needed, use a special modeling gel with an average degree of fixation.

Exists one more way:

  1. All the hair for the convenience of gathering in the ponytail. It is divided into many strands, which need to be braided in pigtails. Pigtails are kept in this form for 3 or 4 hours.
  2. Then you can dissolve them and spread them with your fingers. It is advisable to fix the result with some fixing means. Get a wonderful hairstyle that will best hold on the hair of medium or long.

With a curling or ironing

The iron seems to be an inappropriate means, because it is designed to straighten the strands. It turns out, and perky curls under the force of this invention. It is preferable to use a device with a tourmaline coating - it is quite gentle. The procedure for curling is as follows:

  1. Preparation first. It consists in thorough washing the hair and blow-drying. Then you need to apply a spray with thermal protection function.
  2. The curls are separated from the total mass and twisted with fingers. It should make a ring. This ring and clamped between the parts ironing. Hold costs 10 seconds, no more.
  3. Each curl should gently fluff. It is necessary to do this with all strands, even if such a procedure is time-consuming - it may take several hours. We also do not forget about the fixing device.

Important! Each strand must be twisted into a ring as tightly as possible. So they will not hang around in all directions.

With regard to curling, it is recommended to choose a model for the corrugation-styling. It is perfect for creating small curls. Time takes a little work, especially with short and medium hair. The sequence of work is as follows:

  1. Certainly need training, which is similar to the option with the iron. It is recommended to work properly comb. Suitable for a similar procedure comb with frequent teeth.
  2. Now take a small flat curl - it should go well in the curling. The curling iron itself is best placed closer to the roots, but without touching the skin. The tool for curling should be moved towards the end of the strand gradually, periodically pressing it to the hair.

After this treatment all curls are recommended to comb them. This will give a hairstyle lightness.

Hairpin to help

  1. First of all, you need to prepare a hairpin by straightening it. Then each strand, wetting, should be wound on the tool. It is recommended to start with the bottom row of hair, placing the hairpin closer to the skin.
  2. Now each strand should be wrapped around the hairpin with an eight. This design is fixed invisible. Do not forget to moisten hair from time to time.
  3. A few hours later, all the excess is removed. Hair need to fluff, process fixer. If you want to add this fluffy, massage comb will help.

Hair curlers need to pick a small diameter. It is advisable to buy papilotki - they are soft, just will not hurt the hair.

The process of creating curls is:

  1. Hair washed, thoroughly blotted with a towel. You can slightly dry them. Each of the strands needs processing with foam - spend it in stages.
  2. Now the main thing: all the curls are wound in turn on curlers. After everything is twisted, you should spend another 2-3 hours, waiting for fixation. With particularly naughty hair, you can go to bed in this form.

Salon hairstyle

Not all women of fashion can afford to spend home time on ingenious manipulations. Or simply not enough skills. In this case It is necessary to contact the salon for the so-called spiral perm. The price varies on average between 1,800 and 6,000 rubles, depending on the length of the hair.

In the process of perm, the master winds each strand on special vertical curlers. These curlers are located close to the roots. Each curl is no thicker than a centimeter. The durability of the hairstyle is provided by chemical reagents. It is important to properly dry - the master has a hairdryer with a special nozzle.

Every approach to creating a perky African hairstyle has its own fans. A large role in the selection is played by the type of hair, individual skills - for example, it is easier for someone to braid hair than to mess around with a curling iron. However, the leading position in terms of simplicity is occupied by the method of braids and iron.

Curling with the use of special tools will please curls, curls up to six months. The following articles may be helpful to you:

Hairstyles with afro curls

Useful videos

How to make afro curls?

Afro curls for 1.5 hours.

Execution technology

Girls often make non-standard hairstyles in order to stand out from the crowd and attract men's views. But before performing African styling, It is necessary to adhere to some recommendations:

  1. Girls of small stature are better to do afro curls on short and medium hair length. But long-legged beauties fit elastic, light curls for long hair.
  2. Small curls go well with an oblong face, adjusting its shape.
  3. Afro pigtails are an excellent choice for owners of small face shapes. The optimal length of the hair for African styling is considered to be the average, and the ideal hairstyle for the afro haircut is a cascade.

You can create light fine curls by yourself:

  • ironing or curling with a ceramic coating,
  • curlers boomerangs or flexible files,
  • thin bobbins, threads or pencils.

Styling long hair

Long hair and African curls - vivid interaction of audacity and sexuality, strongly attracting the male sex. It is worth noting that it is very difficult to put long hair in spirals and small curls, but the result will exceed all expectations.

The fastest option of creating afro-curls on the head is the use of crimping tongs, thanks to which the curl turns out to be voluminous and lasts quite long:

  1. Apply means to protect the cuticle of the hair from high temperatures on clean strands, and a small amount of firming serum on the tips.
  2. Separate the strands and twist each separately into fine forceps, making them stiff.
  3. The temperature must be at least 190 ° C.
  4. Then disassemble the rings with your fingers and blow-dry with your head tilted down.
  5. Twist hair in a whirlpool, using the mousse for styling. If desired, you can make bouffant at the roots.

The curling iron is desirable to choose a conical shape with a diameter of not more than 15 cm.

A good option for getting the desired result. and preserve the health of the head of hair are the usual three-strand or French braids. Afro hairstyle can be performed as follows:

Braid pigtails, dividing the hair on a large number of thin strands. Leave at least 6 hours or overnight. So curls will last longer. Then braid the braids and fix the result with varnish or foam. You can make a light fleece at the base for pomp.

For a quick result - use the iron, walking along the braids from top to bottom.

Instead of braids, you can also braid the strands, twisting the hair into a spiral and fixing them at the base of the hair.

Creating temporary dreadlocks yourself:

  1. Divide hair into squares of approximately 2 square centimeters and fix each of them with a rubber band.
  2. Release the first workpiece and make a tight pigtail out of it, without loose tips.
  3. Fasten the roots and ends with unnoticeable color rezinochkami.
  4. After that, cover the braid with wax and for a rather long time roll it in the palm of your hand to seal it.
  5. Do the same with each billet.

Medium hair styling

For the average head of hair, the technology for performing African curls is the same as for long hair. In order to make laying with a pencil will need:


Wash the hair and wipe it well with a towel - it should have been slightly damp. Comfortably comb and divide the hair into many strands. Take one strand and wind it evenly over the entire length of the pencil. Then walk the iron on a pencil with a strand or fix it with forceps. Carefully remove the curl and put the next strand on the pencil. To shape the finished styling, you can slightly straighten your fingers.

Similarly, fine curls can be created with a long-handled comb and sushi sticks.

In an unusual way can be made close to the original curls using simple studs and barrettes. In addition, this method is safe for hair.

  1. It is necessary to carefully comb the hair and start doing styling from the bottom up.
  2. Hairpin need a little stretch in different directions.
  3. Thin locks are required to be wound with a figure eight, bending around one side of the stud and then the other.
  4. Fix laying invisible.
  5. Continue similar actions with the upper part of the head.
  6. And so to perform strand by strand until all the hair will not be collected on the studs.
  7. To process the obtained result with water or a clamp for curling and leave for 6 hours.

On the long and medium head of hair you can use almost all ways of creating African curls, but on the short one, their number is significantly limited.

African American style for short hair

Afro-curls on short hair give the girl coquetry and attractiveness. Funny small curls can be screwed on papilotki of strips of cloth or beautifully cut sheets of paper. To do this, you can apply neatly cut pieces of paper and strips of cloth.

Curling fabric strips is required to perform on clean hair. Each strand must be thoroughly combed and sprinkled with water. Then pull the curl up. You can still pre-strand each strand with a cord.

Put the tip of the hair on the middle of the fabric or paper with a cloth and start to spin down. Twist the curls can be both in a spiral and horizontally, depending on the length of the strands. Tie a rag at the base of the hair in a knot. In the same way to do with all the hair.

Strips of fabric can be replaced with short laces or wipes twisted into a tube.

You can also use thin hair curlers-boomerangs. The process of forming curls is:

On washed, wet hair, apply a foam for fixation. Divide the thin strands into three parts and begin to twist them from the upper third. First of all, wind the tips of the hair, and then - completely strand to the ground. Twist the edges, blow-dry and handle fixative. So carry strand by strand. After that, leave the curlers on the head for 3 hours, and then carefully remove and fix varnish.

Nuances of creating hairstyles

When twisting the strand in a vertical way on curlers or bobbins, the curls will be arranged in a chaotic manner, and in the horizontal winding they will fall down.

You need to gently twist the ends of the hair so that they do not stick out, especially if you use smooth bobbins.

Medium and long hair can be curled with the help of bobbins and curlers, separating very thin strands that are conveniently wound on the device.

If the hair is longer than 25 cm, then you can apply both horizontal and vertical curling.

The time of preservation of styling is curled on the structure and amount of hair. On thin and docile hair, the hairstyle lasts 2 days, and on thick and hard - for several hours.

Thus, with the help of improvised devices, you can make beautiful African-style curls for different hair lengths.

Some tips on choosing small curls

If you are going to finely curl your hair, you should not forget a certain peculiarity of the hairstyle - it does not suit everyone. The most organic and bright African-curls look at tall and thin girls. And they can afford curls on hair of different lengths - from the shortest to very long. But low girls should be careful when choosing this hairstyle, as small curls below the shoulders can, on the contrary, shorten the silhouette and expand the figure.Therefore, the ladies of this build is better to curl afro-curls on medium hair or short length. It will look harmonious.

Also, when choosing small curls should be remembered that they are ideal for slender and elongated face. They also help mask some flaws. But for girls with a round face, it is desirable to avoid afro-curls: they will make the oval more round and visually increase it.

Creating curls with braids

How to make afro-curls at home? Surely this simple version of the creation of a stylish hairstyle will interest many girls. This is especially true in the summer when you so want to be beautiful and feel the admiring glances. Make your own hair using braids in two ways.

First option. You need to braid a lot of braids on your head and braid them after 4 hours. Apply the gel to the curls and beat the curls with your fingers.

The second way of how to make afro-curls. We propose to collect hair in a tight tail high on the back of the head and divide it into many strands. The more strands there are, the more elegant the hair will be. Braid them and braid them in a few hours. Make your hair shape, sprinkled with varnish or inflicting gel.

Such methods are good for long hair and curls of medium length. Owners of short strands will have to stock up on additional funds.

Small curls with curlers

We have described above how to create curls without improvised means. But if the hair is short, then there can not do without curlers. And you can also use for this purpose drinking straws, which can be found in the kitchen of any hostess. How to make afro-curls on curlers? To do this, you need only a styling foam, small hair curlers or straws for cocktails and varnish, as well as 3-4 hours of free time.

Wash your hair and blow-dry your hair. Apply the modeling foam at full length. And now we separate the strands and wind them into curlers or straws. The shorter the hair, the thinner the strands should be - so the hairstyle will look better, clearer and more natural.

After 3 hours, the strands will be able to dry completely, and then you can remove the curlers.

Sprinkle the resulting curls with lacquer to fix the shape. It is noteworthy that the short hair curled in this way will perfectly fit into any style: business, evening, sporty and casual.

For a business style, it is enough to fix the hair hanging at the temples with inconspicuous hairpins. And for a party, on the contrary, you can give free rein to your imagination and decorate the curls with various bright hairpins.

Creating afro-curls using ironing or curling hair

Another option for how to make a stylish haircut. For this method, we need: curling iron for afro-curls or iron, hair dryer and spray for thermal protection. And also have to sacrifice a few hours of free time and have patience.

First we need to wash our hair and dry them with a hair dryer. Then sprinkle curls spray for heat treatment. Next, separate the small strand of hair and wind it loosely on the finger, and then remove, holding, the resulting ringlet, carefully place it between the plates of the already heated iron and hold it for about 10 seconds. So twist all the strands on his head. At the end, take the resulting curls at the tips and fluff them with your fingers. And to complete the image, spray the resulting hair with lacquer.

Creating curls with hairpins

And here is another interesting way to make afro-curls with ordinary hairpins. For this we need up to 30 studs. Their number depends on the thickness of the hair. Prepare invisible hair dryer and lacquer.

Wash your hair Lightly blow-dry your hair so that it stays a little wet. Take a strand and wind it on a hairpin with an eight, that is, winding it alternately at one end, then at the other. To fix all this invisible. Do the same with the rest of the strands. It is important that the hair is slightly damp - if they are dry, you need to sprinkle them with water. Remove the studs after a couple of hours. Fluff curls and sprinkle with varnish.

Now you know how to make afro-curls at home. Spending 3 hours of time and putting a little effort, you can bring in your image lightness, brightness and cheer up.

How to do at home: 5 basic techniques

The process of curling is no different from winding simple curls, only the thinnest curlers are used.

Wash and dry hair, apply foam or mousse for styling and wrap curlers with small strands.

Take off when the curls are completely dry, if possible leave for the night.

Slightly comb your fingers to increase volume.

With the help of curling or corrugation

This method produces large curls corresponding to the diameter of the curling. For the afro effect, a separate thin nozzle or a cone-shaped curd is needed.

Apply on hair thermal protector, mousse or foam and wrap in a thin strand for 20 - 30 seconds.

Special crimping forceps will make smaller curls and lush volume from the roots. A wavy nozzle is used in which curls are clamped for a couple of seconds along the entire length.

The high temperature easily damages the hair structure, so you should not neglect the means of thermal protection and regenerating masks. Also, devices with ceramic elements are considered more benign than analogs with a conventional surface.

How to wind afrokudri curling iron can be found here:

Easily and without damage to the structure get afro curls help small pigtails. This method will be especially suitable for long and medium hair.

Wet washed hair divided into strands, apply a styling agent. The thinner the curl, the more voluminous the hairstyle. Braid many braids, from thirty and more, leaving them for the night. In the morning, spread it out, lightly fluff it with your fingers and fix with varnish or gel.

This video shows how to weave pigtails to get afrocudrey:

Using ironing

If there is no time for a long perm, then the iron helps to speed up the process. On wet hair, do not forget to apply a protective spray from high temperatures, braid thin braids and dry each with forceps.

Pay attention to the new model - iron TYME Iron PRO
It works in 2 directions at once:

  • Creates chic curls (effect curlers),
  • Straightens fluffy strands.

You can make fine curls and with the help of a pencil or a stick and ironing, as in this video:

On the studs

The seemingly strange technique of getting African curls with the help of hairpins gives the most amazing results.

It is necessary to stock up with a large number of ordinary studs and elastics or to purchase thick and long special hairpin studs. Apply styling foam to hair, divide by strands and twist into hairpin on spiral, fix the end with an elastic band. To sustain 3 - 4 hours and stitch.

Get the most similar to the natural African-American curls with extreme volume.

When there are no special devices at hand, but I want to change the image now, you can take a regular pencil or a tube, even sushi sticks will do. Moistened hair to wind and dry ironing or hairdryer. Get easy, playful curls.

AfroCoudry for short hair

For short hair, there are not so many ways to make curls.

You can diversify short cut afro wrinkles by means of papillotok - thin strips of fabric. Wash and dry hair. Separate a small strand, apply styling agent and wind on a strip from the ends to the roots. Tie the edges of the fabric into 2 knots. Leave overnight or blow dry.

Instead, the fabric fit and pieces of clothesline, shoelaces or twisted napkins.

In stores you can find special hair curlers boomerangs. This is a modern version of papillotok made of soft flexible material. The process of winding is simple, the prepared hair is twisted in separate strands on the curlers from the tips. The edges of the boomerang are bent to the middle and left for a couple of hours. To speed up the styling, blow-dry.

Quick fix procedure and how long it will last

It takes a lot of time and effort to curl afrocudrey, so an important question arises, how to fix the result?

How many curls hold depends first of all on the structure of the hair. The longest afro styling will last on naturally wavy hair of medium length. To do this, do not even need to use additional means of fixation.

If the hair is straight, then afrokoudri better sprinkle varnish.

You can also create a stylish effect of wet hair, inflicted on curls fixation gel.

Long hair is usually heavier, and the hairstyle will quickly lose its charm.

For disobedient, difficult-to-style hair, methods with curling or forceps should be chosen, which will increase the chances of a long-term result.

To make African curls will have to spend a lot of time and patience, but the result will amaze the imagination and become a bright and audacious accent of a stylish image.

Afro-hair with long and short hair. Who are fine curls?

African-style curls for several seasons in a row do not lose their relevance. They look great both on long and short hair due to the lightness and dizzy volume.

Afrokoudri: how to make

Curls are one of the bright ornaments of a woman. They visually correct the shape of the face and give the image more romanticism. African curls - a separate conversation.

They will give their owner a mischievous, easy look and will not leave the opposite sex indifferent. Small curls perfectly fit into any summer look. On their basis, you can subsequently make a lot of bright and stylish hairstyles.

Hair, curled in curls, will not cause much trouble, and will please their mistress and others with the perfect look.

Afrokudri can be made on the head of hair of any length, but they look particularly impressive on long hair

To build such a fluffy hairstyle, it is not necessary to run to the hairdresser. Afro-curd can be easily and easily created at home. In this case, help thin papilotki, small bobbins, hair curlers, boomerangs, curling iron or iron. With their help, you can create a new image without leaving your home and at the same time saving the budget.

Curly hair - it is fashionable and stylish, but it does not fit every girl. AfroKudri long hair can afford only the tall and slender fashionable women. Of course, it is possible to curl hair in a similar way and to owners of small stature, but in this case they should be maximum up to the shoulders, since longer curls will mercilessly shorten the silhouette.

Chubby girls also better avoid curls in the African style - this hairstyle visually expands and increases the face.

If you, on the contrary, have a thin and long face, then small curls that border it will become an ideal option. Remember at least Sarah Jessica Parker: her curly curls successfully mask the imperfections of the face.

Star admirers of such curls are also Nastya Kamensky, Solange Knowles, Julia Roberts, Shakira.

Curly Sue: top 10 beauties with curly hair

The easiest way to create afro-curd hair is to braid the hair in small pigtails for several hours, and then gently weave it and give the hairstyle the desired shape with the help of a modeling gel. Afrostyle haircut is ready!

You can make it even easier - to collect the hair in a tight tail at the top of the head and divide it into several strands. The more of them there are, the smaller the curls will be. Strands must be twisted into braids, and after three hours, weave them, spray them with varnish and enjoy the effect! These methods will suit owners of long and medium hair. Girls with short hair can not do without improvised means.

It will take:

  • styling foam
  • small curlers
  • varnish

Wash and dry hair a little. Apply styling foam to them.

Separate the hair strand and wind it on the curlers. Curly hair on a short head of hair will have a clearer and more natural shape, if you wind very thin strands.

Remove the curlers after 2–3 hours. During this time, the hair is completely dry and will get the desired shape. Sprinkle the resulting curls with lacquer.

Curls in afrostil perfectly fit into the business image. To do this, carefully collect the strands that fall on the face, and stab them from behind

It will take:

Wash your hair and dry it with a hair dryer. Spray heat on hair to minimize the harmful effects of ironing.

Separate a small section of hair. The thinner it is, the more playful and smaller the curls will be.

Wrap the strand around your finger, and then remove the resulting ring. Gently clamp it between the hot plates of the flat iron. Hold for seven to ten seconds.

Take the resulting curl by the tip and fluff it with your fingers. Wind the whole head like this. Subsequently, the curls can be fixed with varnish. So that they do not stick out on opposite sides, the strands must be wound as tightly as possible.

Hair curlers and hair straighteners should be twisted strictly from the tips to the roots. When using spiral curlers - from the roots to the tips

Curls with ironing: tips from professionals

It will take:

Wash your hair and blow-dry your hair to a humid state.

Comb the hair, take a small strand and twist it onto the hairpin with an eight, that is, alternately bending around one of its ends, then the other. Twist the strand in the same way until it is finished.

African hairstyles

Attach a hairpin with twisted hair to your head with the help of invisible. Then do the same with the rest of the hair. Keep in mind that the hair in the process of winding should be wet. If they are dry, sprinkle them with water.

Remove the studs after two hours.

Ideal - keep the studs on the head all night

Comb the resulting curls with a massage comb - a chic hairstyle is ready in Afrostyle! Want to get less fluffy curls, then do not brush them, but just spread them with your fingers. Fix curls lacquer.

It is also interesting to read: kefir mono diet.

We make middle hair curly

Fashionable and popular afro hair perm. Its advantages and disadvantages for hair

For women who dream of curls and curls, modern beauty salons offer an unusual perm that resembles African curls. Recently, this procedure has become increasingly popular. Before contacting a specialist and curling hair, it is important to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the perm, its advantages and disadvantages.

Waving Stages

It is worth noting that the procedure is considered very time consuming and long. Experts do not recommend it to carry out independently, even if all the details have been studied in the smallest details.

Having visited the hairdresser, the master initially assesses the condition and structure of the hair. Given this parameter, the appropriate solution will be selected, which will be further processed curls.

Processed small strands are wound on special small curlers - bobbins. In appearance, they are similar to spirals. Curls wind, adhering to a special technology. As a result, you can brag of lush mop of hair with tight curls.

Analysis of the structure of the hair and scalp

This preparatory procedure is necessary in order to choose the right technology and a certain composition. In the salon, the specialist most often takes into account such parameters as hair density, type, elasticity and strength characteristics.

Note the fact that thick hair is more difficult to do perm, because the chemical composition is more difficult to penetrate into the hair. Strong fixation solutions are not applied to weak and thin curls. Otherwise, the beauty of hair will be lost.

If the curls are not elastic, they will stretch when they are turned on and return to their original position. Their deformation occurs.

The procedure for dry hair is not recommended.

Test for sensitivity of the skin

To find out if the client is allergic to the chemical composition, a cotton swab is moistened in the product and applied to a sensitive skin area. Most often this place is at the bend of the elbow or behind the ear. The drug will be left for ten minutes.

In the presence of redness and rash, it is not destined to become a curly woman and Afro locks are contraindicated.


The procedure is considered necessary, as it protects both clothing and scalp from the negative effects of the tool. Also not desirable is the presence of earrings and other metal jewelry. Then turn up the collar and wrapped a towel around the neck. It is fixed in such a way that the clothes remain dry.

Concentration test

This is important for determining the concentration of a curling agent. You need to take a thin strand and process it with a special tool. After 10 minutes there is a check. If it remains durable without obvious changes, proceed to winding curls on curlers.

Sometimes the strand becomes dull and drained. In this case, the concentration of the solution is reduced.

Hygienic cleaning

They emphasize that the quality of future afrolokon affects washing hair. In the process of their washing, its scaly layer is loosened, which contributes to better curls.

Before the start of the main task or after it, you can make a haircut and give the hairstyle a finished look.

After completing all the above points, the scrolling process will be successful.

The choice of drugs

The task of the solution is to change the structure of the hair with chemical substances that are part of it. As a result, the strands take on a certain shape. Their deformation occurs due to the influence of chemical elements on keratin.

Through the use of bobbins and special curlers, curls acquire the desired shape.

At the conclusion of the procedure, a fixative is applied, which contributes to the restoration of cystine intercellular connections and the appearance of curls.

The main criterion for selecting a solution is its pH. Given this parameter, solutions may vary.

How does the master perm

In the process, the specialist selects the length of the bobbin. The longer the curls, so it is more.

  1. Hair is well cleaned with shampoo and divided into small squares.
  2. Work begins with the occipital region.
  3. The diameter of the curlers corresponds to the width of the square. If this parameter is not taken into account, the bobbin may not fit on the head.
  4. Curls fasten special clips.
  5. The master prepares the chemical preparation on twisted hair using a sponge or brush.
  6. Taking a small strand in hand, pass through the holes located at the base of the curler. The tip is threaded into the base from the side of the thickened cone.
  7. Now they take a strand moistened with a special tool with their left hand and pass it into the hole, fold it in half and pass it through the hole at the base of the curler. In the case when the client boasts a thick mane, fold her two closer to the end of the hair to make the strand easier.
  8. The master winds a small strand on the bobbin evenly and neatly. Long curls wind in two rows.
  9. The next step is fixation with a rubber clamping ring.
  10. Apply a chemical fluid for a certain period of time.
  11. The final manipulation will be washing the head, processing it with a fixative and re-washing the head.

In the process of waving the master should not use objects made of metal. It is also prohibited staining the first 14-20 days.

What you need

  • Ordinary plastic curlers or bobbin curlers. In this case, their size may be different. In the presence of anchoring gum, at least 80 pieces.
  • In order to get flat coils, you need to prepare plastic studs and clips that will allow you to fix the strands.
  • Combs. In this case, the material tool is only plastic. Metal objects are not recommended. Otherwise, metal objects react with the chemical components, and an unexpected effect can be obtained.
  • Special protection cap for clothing and skin, as well as rubber gloves.
  • A small measuring cup.
  • Several foam sponges.
  • Bowls in which ingredients for a chemical composition, and also fixing solution will mix. It may be a small glass or plastic bowl.
  • A couple of towels and cotton pads.

Be very careful about the choice of chemicals. Only in this way achieve the desired result. Having bought the right product, it is advisable to check it for an allergic reaction.

If it is present, the reddened place is treated with hydrogen peroxide and washed with water. Exactly, as in the salon, you should check the hair for elasticity.

Prepare a fixing solution with your own hands. To do this, take 75 g of water, which dissolve 8 tablets of hydrogen peroxide with 15 ml of shampoo.

For a short haircut prepare small bobbins, which will help to raise the hair no longer than 10 cm.

Execution rules yourself

  1. First of all, the head is washed with shampoo, without massaging the skin. This is necessary in order to preserve sebum, which will protect against transplantation due to the negative effect of the preparations. Having wetted hair, gently comb.
  2. Split the strands into zones, wind them into prepared curlers.

  • After completing the previous procedure, it is recommended to walk a fatty product on the skin in front of the hairline. Then they tie a head with a harness along the vegetation growth line.
  • The next item will be putting on rubber gloves and protection for clothing. Take a measuring cup and measure them the right amount of fluid.

    Poured into a bowl and put a sponge on bobbins.

  • After keeping the chemical solution, you should wait for the necessary amount of time; wash your head without removing the bobbins.
  • Gently dried curls, put the retainer in several stages. 1 layer can withstand no more than 10 minutes. Then, removing the hair curlers, put the second part for 5 minutes.

  • Future curls very thoroughly washed with water with a rinse, which neutralize the chemical composition. A simple and effective option would be a liquid with citric acid. For a short haircut will be enough 2 liters, and long - 3 liters.
  • IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW! A unique stimulator of growth of eyelashes and strengthening of the bulbs themselves

    After drying the curls with a towel, proceed to the application of care products.

    When planning to make cute curls at home, it is important to calculate the exact amount and concentration of the composition. If irritation or burning sensation is felt on the head, this indicates a large concentration of the solution or it has been applied too much. The product got on the skin and started burning.

    Exposure time is also important. Problems associated with brittle hair are often the result of overexposure. Experts recommend periodically removing the bobbin to check the elasticity of the curl.

    In exceptional cases, after the procedure, hair color changes occur. It is appropriate to talk about the use of metal combs or overexposure fixing means. A similar situation arises due to excessive concentration of the drug.

    Benefits of the procedure

    1. Considering the volume of hair, curls turn out large, small or average.
    2. Among a wide selection of perms, this particular aphrovariant is considered the most popular.
    3. Hairstyle is not required to care in a special mode.
    4. Using modern cosmetics, long hair remains beautiful and well-groomed.

  • Afroversion is suitable for rare hair, which makes the hair look thick and voluminous.
  • Daily and long-term styling is canceled.
  • Due to the curl face looks more feminine and soft.
  • Due to the voluminous hairstyle, the shape of the face can be adjusted.

  • Taking into account modern methods and innovative means, they create not only curls, but also simultaneously change color.
  • Luxury curls remain in fashion for several centuries in a row.
  • Modern innovative methods do not damage the hair structure.
  • The fatness of the hair will thus be resolved.

    Due to the influence of the chemical solution, they will be dried, and excessive fat content will no longer bother.

  • When the hair gets into a humid climate, you will not have to worry about the condition of the hairstyle.
  • The long effect of tight curls.
  • Given the small curl, passion and sexuality will be conveyed to the image.

  • Small tight curls will provide the perfect volume at the roots, which allows you to create a luxurious lion's mane.
  • The ideal approach for a fundamental change in the image.
  • Disadvantages of perm

    It is worth mentioning that by resorting to such a change in appearance, it is not possible to increase the old hairstyle. Hair will grow back slowly, they are regularly cut, and at the same time, and curls. In order not to harm the curls, it is important to adhere to the rules.

    1. In the case when the hair is thin and constantly split, do not resort to such a transformation and to chemical perm. Such a desire can harm the beauty of curls, finally spoiling their appearance.
    2. After the procedure, be careful with curls, take care of them in a timely manner.
    3. To keep your hair in perfect condition, after the procedure, purchase several tools that allow you to properly care for your hair. Otherwise they will become dull and lifeless.
    4. Not every type of face fit curls.
    5. Contraindication to chemical perm is a period of interesting position, the menstrual cycle and breastfeeding.

    How to make curls curling on short hair?

    Curling on short hair looks very feminine and sexy. There is nothing surprising in the fact that many girls prefer just such a package. Curling on the curling iron is very easy, and the shape of the curl depends on the type of instrument selected. However, not everyone knows how to make curls curling hair on short hair.

    Manufacturers offer a large number of various devices for styling curls. It is easy to get confused, trying to choose the best. The most important thing to remember when choosing a curling iron: each type allows you to create a specific type of curls.

    Decide on what hairstyle you want to see in the end. This will allow you to easily find the right device. What kind of curling iron would you choose, remember that you need to choose tongs with a thermostat.

    Such models are a bit more expensive, but they will help keep your hair healthy.

    It is worth considering the appropriate types of pleyek for short hair. First, decide on how you see your curls:

    • To create curls, you need a large-diameter curling iron. For small curls it makes sense to buy tongs of small diameter. Professional options are much more expensive, but they allow you to create a very large curl.
    • An alternative option is a cone curling. Its diameter varies at the tip and at the base, which allows you to adjust the size of the curl at will. Moreover - curls, wound on such a curling iron, look more natural.

      As a rule, the cone curling iron is not made in the form of forceps (there is no possibility to “pinch” the hair with the help of a valve). Be careful when working with such a device, there is a risk of burning your arm. Many manufacturers supply a special glove that protects the hand from burns.

      If you purchased a curling iron without such a glove in the kit, it makes sense to buy it separately. For curling short hair perfect triple curling iron. With its help, you can create beautiful smooth waves along the entire length. Such a device is not used for clipping pixies.

      If the length of hair allows (cutting bob, square), this device will allow you to create an interesting feminine image.

    Currently, there are a large number of ployok, differing not only in shape but also in the type of coating. Try to give preference to appliances with a ceramic coating, they are less traumatic for hair. Iron tongs are cheaper, but they are very harmful.

    It would seem that the options for styling short hair is not so much, but it is not. There are several suitable methods for laying this length:

    • Large curls. This style will perfectly fit into a casual look, as well as suitable for publication. In addition, large curls will be a salvation for girls who grow hair, as they will hide uneven tips. Large curls can be made as glamorous Hollywood, and more natural.
    • Waves. Wavy hair looks very short on short hair. Gentle image, complemented by such styling, will not leave anyone indifferent. Creating a hairstyle does not take much time, and the hair laid in waves looks as natural as possible.
    • Fine curls. The similarity of a perm returned to fashion not so long ago and has already won the hearts of many girls around the world. Naughty naughty curls perfectly emphasize the oval of the face, but this styling is contraindicated for chubby girls.

      "Hollywood Wave". Four of a kind, laid on one side in the form of a Hollywood wave - a classic of the genre for the red carpet and not only. Such styling looks very elegant, elegant - and at the same time it does not require much effort to create.

      If you are going to start curling, you need to properly prepare the hair to minimize the negative impact of styling appliances:

      • Wash your hair using a moisturizing balm, dry the strands with a towel.
      • Use a heat shield. This is a mandatory daily procedure - even if you do not style your hair with a hair dryer and forceps every day. Thermal protector protects hair from ultraviolet rays, protecting them from burning out and drying out.
      • Apply mousse for styling. Choose a tool based on the original texture of your hair: if you are the owner of curly or wavy hair, you will need a tool with a minimal degree of fixation, if your hair is heavy and straight, choose a mousse of high fixation.
      • Now dry your hair with a hair dryer using a diffuser nozzle. If you don’t have one, dry your hair with your head down. This will make the hair more voluminous. Do not use a comb, as wet hair is very easy to injure. You can comb your hair only after it has been dried by about 70-80%.
      • Divide the hair into zones (occipital, temporal, parietal), to make it easier to wind the hair.

      After all these preparations, begin to curl curls.

      Getting classic curls with a curling iron is not that difficult. It is worth exploring the walkthrough, and then you can do everything as nicely and quickly as possible:

      • Decide what effect you want to end up with. To create natural careless curls, you should curl your hair in a random order. For a more glamorous image, stick to a certain direction of curling: to the face or away from the face.
      • Begin the curl from the back of the head. Keep the curling iron strictly horizontal to make a classic curl. Turning the tongs vertically, you get a curl-spiral.
      • Separate a small strand, well comb it and wind it on the curling iron. Heat the strand for 20 seconds, no more, so as not to overdry your hair. Try not to twist too much hair at a time, because they are unlikely to twist into the correct curl, and in the end you only get small waves.
      • Scroll the entire mass of hair and let the curls cool.
      • Now tilt your head back and fix the finished styling with hairspray. Do not comb your hair - so you risk to spoil the entire structure of styling. Better mix curls with your fingers (for a more casual look).

      Laying in the technique of "harness" is very popular, but not every girl knows how to curl her hair in this way. By the way, just such a technique is used when laying the famous "Hollywood wave." To put the hair in the technique of "harness", it will take a little more time, but the result will greatly please you. The procedure is as follows:

      • As with the creation of classic curls, the curl should start from the back of the head.
      • Separate strand a couple centimeters wide and twist it into a free flagellum.
      • Now wind the flagellum on the curling iron and let it warm up for 15–20 seconds.
      • Neatly remove curl with curling (without unwrapping) and let it cool in this state.
      • Wind the same way all a bunch of hair.
      • As a result, you will get tight curls. Fix hair with lacquer.

        If the option with tight curls does not suit you, do the following. Lightly spray hair with lacquer. Now gently comb your hair with a comb with large teeth.

        You will get large glamorous waves that will perfectly fit into the evening look.

      There are many styling on short hair, which is very simple to repeat. Of course, the best way to find out about them is to peek from the stars. Here are the most interesting options.

      • Kristen Stewart I chose a bold image with a curled bang on one side. This style is perfect for her face, emphasizing the sophistication of his features.
      • Lily Collins chose careless curls. It seems that star stylists have not spent a lot of time laying, but this impression is deceptive. The whole secret is in the texture of hair that looks perfectly healthy, shiny and silky. In this image, the stylists of the actress achieved a grunge effect, putting her hair in small waves straight from the roots. The side parting emphasizes the impudent character of the hairstyle.
      • Jennifer Lawrence prefers to wear hair on a parted part. Curling begins at eye level, drawing attention to them. This image is more classic. Stylists actress did her hair for the red carpet, which consists of small curls.

        It is important to note that there is absolutely no bottom volume. This is very atypical for hairstyles with curls, but it looks quite interesting and elegant. Selena GomezPossessing a round face by nature, do not hesitate to wear wavy hair.

        Negligent curls look very fashionable and stylish, straight cut hair makes the image more interesting.

        Rose byrne, the owner of a triangular face, prefers to wear a wavy square with a bang. The waves “round” the face, making it more attractive, and slanting bangs always look important.

        Jessica Alba It often turns out to be one of the founders of trends. This time was no exception.

        Light waves in the hair, deep side parting and deliberate pomp - a trendy light look is ready!

        Emily Ratakovski She achieved a glamorous look by creating curvy Hollywood curls with the help of large-sized forceps. Please note that the curls were not combed after curling. Largely due to this, they look so neat.

      • Caret Emilia Clark It looks as if the hair was not touching at all. Waves of various sizes mixed with curls add volume and create an “a la naturelle” effect.
      • Sienna miller chose the original image with a long curly bangs, falling over his eyes.

        The deep parting adds drama to the image.

        Polina Gagarina prefers to wear large curls, curled randomly. This styling is suitable for every day and will be to face absolutely any girl. An important role is played by the basal volume: the more luxurious the laying, the better.

        Camilla Belle - the owner of an elongated face. She prefers to wear a wavy square on a shallow side parting, giving volume at the roots and styling her hair so that they partially cover her forehead.

        This method of correcting the shape of the face is simple and effective, while the hair looks very beautiful. Hollywood Wave by Kate upton looks win-win.

        It is worth paying attention to the fact that the retro wave can be supplemented with both straight hair, like Kate in this image, and wavy.

      In the next video, watch master classes on 10 short hair styling options.

      Ways of temporary styling in the style of afro

      The development of the hairdressing industry made it possible to create curls in the African style on the hair of all types. What ways do afro curls in beauty salons? Stylists offer several methods for creating such temporary styling:

      • on the studs
      • on thin curlers,
      • flexible ducts
      • spiral curling iron.

      Let's take apart each one.

      On thin curlers

      Afro curls on thin curlers are made by winding strands on them in different directions.

      The procedure is as follows:

      • after washing the hair to process liquid gel-wax,
      • parting and spinning,
      • then dry your head using a drier or hot air dryer,
      • wait for the hair to cool down and take out the hair curlers.

      Make sure that the material from which they are made of heat-resistant, otherwise spoil the hair.

      On flexible tubules

      Afro curls on silicone flexible tubes do in two ways - on dry or wet hair.

      In the first case:

      • after washing, treat the hair with mousse to create curls and dry them,
      • wind fine strands on the tubes and process each iron heated to 210 ° C.

      The resulting afro curls will be a spiral shape.

      On wet hair:

      • wash, treat with mousse and twist the strands on the tubes,
      • dry the head with a hair dryer or under a sushiuar, remove the stylers and fix the styling with varnish.

      Spiral curling iron

      Afro curls with a spiral curling can be done both small and large. The thinner the twisted strand is, the smaller the diameter of the resulting curl. Thus, the same curling iron can make different curls.

      For clear texturing, each strand is sprayed without gas before winding.

      Fashion trends have brought an African style, not only in women's but also in men's hairstyles. How to make men's afro curls? - tools and materials for styling are used the same as for women. Since the hair of guys is usually much shorter than that of women, then bobbins or papillots of the minimum diameter are used to make African curls.

      How many afro curls created using styling tools will hold? It depends on the quality of perfumery, the degree of fixation and the length of the hair to be twisted - short and medium ones keep their shape better. But in any case, afro curls, made using temporary styling, are saved only until the next shampooing. High humidity and windy weather significantly shorten this period.

      Afro curls with a perm

      In order for the effect of African curls to last longer than before the next wash of your head, you need to do "chemistry". Cold permanent curling will help to keep afro curls for a long time.

      Only potent drugs are suitable for creating elastic spiral curls:

      Sparing low-alkaline and amino acid bio-compounds are not suitable for curling curls in the African style.

      To keep tight curls in their original shape, you need to wind your hair onto the stylers in a vertical or spiral fashion. A perm allows you to make afro curls even on very long, heavy hair. For African hairstyles need papilotki or bobbins of small diameter.

      Winding technology

      The division of hair into strands must begin with the lower occipital zone, no more than a centimeter thick. Crepe stylers should be as close to the roots as possible so that there are no creases and a regrowth effect. For this, you will need bobbins with a hole at the base and a puller.

      How to twist afro curls from the roots? - you need to tighten the bobbin up and at the same time winding strands on it. This method of winding completely imitates African hair type.

      Step-by-step instruction

      Before doing the "chemistry" you need to diagnose the condition of the hair and scalp. If damage or inflammation is detected, the perm should be postponed until the wound heals.

      Thioglycolic formulations are suitable for stiff hair and vitreous gray hair. For soft and dyed - highly alkaline, and for bleached - matrix.

      1. Wash your hair with a shampoo for deep cleaning and blot with a towel to remove excess moisture.
      2. Separate the head with partings and crepe styler on wet hair.
      3. Curl lotion each strand and wait for the right time.
      4. Without removing the stylers, wash off the lotion and apply a neutralizer.
      5. Remove the curlers and wash the locking phase.

      To remove the stylers after permanent waving in the African style, you need to carefully, without stretching the curls. Otherwise, instead of a clear elastic curl get a light wave. It is necessary to wash off the preparations with warm water and not rub the hair in the hands, so as not to deform the spiral. Before laying the excess water on the hair blot with a towel, directing them up.

      To preserve the shape of curls, the first installation should be done with a hair dryer with a “diffuser” nozzle. After a perm, you can not wash your hair for a day.

      Afro curls with a spiral curl on long hair

      How to choose the shape of afro curls for hair of different lengths

      When making a choice in favor of African curls, keep in mind that small tight curls visually shorten the hairstyle by an average of 10-15 centimeters. For each length of hair there are some twisting nuances.

      Let's find out who goes afro curls, what hairstyles you should not do curls of this form, and what methods of cheating are applied depending on the different lengths of hair.

      For short haircuts

      Afro curls on short hair make vertical wrapping. The horizontal method of curling on thin bobbins is not suitable for short haircuts, because after unwinding, the hair will look like an astrakhan hat.

      Chubby girls with short haircuts, it is better to choose a different type of curls, as the African curlere only emphasize the large forms of the face.

      Afro curls on the car should be done very carefully. Small curls visually shorten hair, so after horizontal curling, the square takes the shape of a triangle. It is impossible to twist such a style of a haircut on thin papilotki, because in the end you will get a dandelion on your head.

      The caret can be wound only in a vertical or spiral fashion, without affecting the short hair of the lower head region of the head.

      On average

      Afro curls on the hair of medium length can be done in any way, as they allow you to keep the shape of the curl.

      For the “Cascade” haircut, the spiral method of winding looks the most impressive - hair acquires a volumetric appearance and a distinct texture. Curling on homemade paper files will emphasize the individuality of the image and the structure of the haircut.

      For long

      Afro curls for long hair are made using mousses and lacquers of strong fixation so that the curl does not straighten under its own weight.

      To curl on paper papilotki kept in its original form for several days, walk on each strand of a heated iron. If you make African curls on long hair with the help of braids, then you should sprinkle spray paint over the braided strands abundantly with gas, and after full drying, fix the perm with a heated iron.

      For extended strands and kanekalon

      Afro curls for hair extensions are recommended to do in ways that do not harm their attachment. If African curls are created using a curling or screwdriver, then you should not allow the fasteners (keratin capsules, tapes) to come into contact with red-hot instruments. To do this, on these strands retreat from the root of a few centimeters. Extensive hair is much thicker than natural, so any kind of curls will look good on them - the hairstyle looks very volumetric and textural.

      Afro curls from braided Kanekalon in small pigtails are used to lengthen short hair. Already-made artificial curly strands are woven into their own, getting a combination of afrocrosichek and curls in one hairstyle. This kind of afro curls is called "Zi-Zi."

      Small hard curls can be combined with other elements of the hairstyle in the African style, for example, with Bradyd.

      After perm

      For hair care after highly alkaline or thioglycolic "chemistry", a complex of measures with a deep moisturizing effect is needed to preserve the water-alkaline balance. To keep curl intensity longer, replace your shampoo with a sulfate-free detergent.

      After the matrix "chemistry" hair also requires supporting keratin complex. This will help the weekly masks in the composition with him.

      After curling with hot tools

      Mechanical damage to the scaly layer leads to fragility and dissection of the hair at the end. To prevent the cuticle from splitting, you need to use oil-based products. Argan, sea buckthorn and castor oils heal the damaged areas of the cuticle and soften the scaly layer.

      For hair care, you can only use hydrolyzed oils, and when applied to prevent their contact with the root zone and the skin of the head.

      After weaving artificial curls

      Special care after such styling is not required. It is necessary to wash your hair with strands of kanekalon without using a balm so that the interwoven hair does not crawl. This hairstyle dries for a long time, so usually it is worn in the summer.

      Afro curls are small spiral cucker that imitate the hair of residents of hot countries. Such curls are created in different ways and are held mainly until the next shampooing, with the exception of a perm. The advantages of afro curls are that they emphasize the texture of curls and visually increase the volume of hair, and the only drawback in the fragility of such styling. Make afrolokony can be easily and at home. This is a great way to diversify your look, and “chemistry” will help to keep the African style of hair for a long time, if you follow the conditions of hair care after waving.

      Watch the video: Testing heatless curls on my straight, fine hair! (December 2019).