Favorable days for a haircut - changing fate with the help of a new hairstyle

For some visitors to beauty salons - haircut is an important ritual, a way to change life and raise your spirits. Because these customers are serious about choosing the time for a haircut. It is chosen according to the sign of the zodiac, lunar days and other signs.

Why you can not get a haircut every day?

Not every day is suitable for haircuts, dyeing or other modifications of hair. It is worth choosing on the basis of signs and factors. Ancestors believed hair - the carrier of energy information. Untimely or incorrect haircut deprives the holder of protection from negative energy effects.

The second theory is that the connection and energy exchange with the cosmos takes place through the hair. Cutting the hair incorrectly will break or break this bond.

The second theory is that it is through hair that the connection and energy exchange with the cosmos takes place. Cutting the hair incorrectly will break or break this bond.

Tips and signs on the choice of the day for a haircut on the calendar in 2017

A number of popular will take a visit to the hairdresser to help conduct the procedure as correctly as possible.

  • It is better if the master of the same sex with the client (the sign is based on the myth of Samson, who was cut by the woman and thereby destroyed his powers)
  • Relatives can not cut each other
  • You can not get a haircut yourself, because you can break your own biofield (according to the same logic, you can not cut each other spouses, because according to old legends, they are considered as one)
  • Cut hair can not be thrown away, they need to be stored in one place throughout life,
  • Make sure that the strands are not carried away by the wind. If at least one hair falls into a bird's nest, then its owner will be tormented by headaches.

These general rules always apply, regardless of what day the haircut is performed.

Choice of an auspicious day

There are favorable and unfavorable days for hair cutting. They are defined in various ways. Repels from the day of the week, the lunar calendar, the recommended period for the sign of the zodiac, etc. For example, Rempel haircut in 2016 should be performed with a certain arrangement of stars, etc.

Haircut by day of the week

Many girls think about which day of the week it is better to cut their hair, because it is believed that a hairstyle made at a certain moment can also affect the health and fate of a person. Favorable days for haircuts:

  • Monday, especially in August and October, is suitable for various manipulations with the head,
  • Tuesday in June and July is perfect to trim the tips,
  • Wednesday (April, March, May) is suitable for cutting, if you need to radically change life,
  • Thursday (September, November) is favorable for changing the image,
  • Friday (December) - neutral stage,
  • Saturday is the optimal time for transformation; strands will grow healthy, thick,
  • Sunday, especially in January and February, is not suitable for changing hair, because you can cut off your luck.

Horoscope haircut

Zodiac signs of birth can also affect the health of the head. Properly chosen horoscope haircut helps to look great, to gain well-being, to improve the financial situation. Astrological advice to zodiacal signs on which days it is better to cut hair:

  • If the satellite of the earth is located in fire signs (Sagittarius, Leo), then this is considered the most suitable time for changing hairstyles. A visit to the master will lead to success at work.
  • The moon in the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) can bring along with a new hairstyle personal problems. Dandruff may occur.
  • Air signs (Gemini, Libra) contribute to good growth strands.
  • Finding a satellite of the earth in Aries can make a person vulnerable.
  • Not suitable for the new hairstyle Moon in Aquarius.
  • Signs of the Earth (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo) - the ideal period to transform.

Is it possible to cut hair during menstruation

Women are often interested in whether menstruation affects the state of the strand and when you can cut your hair: before or after the critical days? Many hairdressers do not advise girls to manipulate the head during menstruation.

Even if the haircut will go well, the hair after it may not fit well, will become heavy and quickly begin to grow fat.

This happens due to the fact that the woman's body during periods is subjected to dramatic hormonal changes: the sebaceous glands begin to work, the thermoregulation is disturbed. Therefore, it is better to get a haircut after going through the cycle.

What days can not cut hair

Along with safe days for a haircut, there is a dangerous time when you can not get a haircut:

  • during religious holidays (Trinity, Christmas, Baptism),
  • any changes should be avoided during the period when the satellite of the earth passes through the constellation Pisces and Cancer,
  • it is not recommended to cut oneself,
  • during an eclipse of the Sun or the Moon it is better not to change the hairstyle,
  • the worst time for such manipulations is day 29, 23, 15 and 9 according to the lunar Tibetan calendar.

Haircut today

In the modern world it is difficult to calculate favorable days for cutting your hair, because The horoscope and the lunar calendar often do not coincide with the free time and schedule of the hairdresser.

Therefore, in order to determine whether you can cut your hair today or not, you should stick to astrological forecasts, but bypassing some of the prohibitions. For example, you need to urgently change the hairstyle at a time when the waning moon.

This can be done, but not drastically, but only by slightly trimming the tips. The same applies to other phases of the moon.

Moon and hair

The closest neighbor of the Earth - the Moon causes the ebb and flow of a huge mass of water in the oceans. A person whose tissues consist of more than 60% of the liquid, although weaker, also feels the effect of lunar attraction.

Hair contains a small amount of water - about 13%; however, its ability to be hygroscopic can increase this content several times.

So the hairline will react to the approach and removal of the moon as well as the water of the Earth's seas, lakes and rivers.

Among the most amazing knowledge that scientists of ancient civilizations left to humanity is the doctrine of the influence of the planets of the solar system on the human body, a horoscope. Observations of celestial bodies that have been performed by magicians and priests for several thousand years have shown a mysterious connection between the Earth’s satellite and manipulations with hair.

On the basis of such observations, the lunar calendar of haircuts appeared in the culture of many nations. In it, according to what constellation of the Zodiac passes through the Moon, determined the actions that should or, on the contrary, should not be carried out with hair.

These recommendations included both haircuts and removal of vegetation from the skin (95% of human skin is covered with hair), destruction of cut hair, indicated conspiracies, herbal decoctions, lapping and ointment, magical actions that helped attract good luck and strengthen vitality.

When scheduling haircuts according to the lunar calendar, astrologers take into account several factors: the phase of the moon, the days of the lunar cycle, the position of the heavenly satellite relative to the zodiac constellations. It makes no sense to do this work yourself - you have to use a huge array of specific information. It is better to entrust the preparation of such a schedule to professionals - astrologers.

6 rules of hair cutting + calendar "favorable" days

Long and thick hair is considered a magnificent gift of nature. Their careful care is not necessary to trust everyone.

It is said that the hair is given not only for the woman to be beautiful. They give the necessary female power. It is necessary to prepare well for cutting hair, it is impossible to approach this thoughtlessly. The lunar calendar contains the correct dates to choose. Just need to find the right person.

Once our mothers loved to talk, hair will grow by leaps and bounds if they are cut by someone with a “light hand”. And if it is unsuccessful to go to the hairdresser, then life can fail.

From this article you will learn:

  • 1 There is an interesting legend:
  • 2 Hair is the source of our cosmic power.
  • 3 Rule one: You can not trust your hair to anyone.
  • 4 Rule two: It is better not to cut your own hair.
  • 5 Rule three: It is believed that it is better if you are cutting or, for example, a hair mask in the salon is a person of the same sex as you.
  • 6 Rule Four: If you want your hair to grow faster after haircuts, you should do your hair with a full moon.
  • 7 Rule Five: Hair can not be cut on certain lunar days (9, 15, 23 and 29 days according to the lunar calendar), as well as on days of solar and lunar eclipses.
  • 8 Rule Six: Before you sign up at the hairdresser, determine how you want to change your life:

Hair is the source of our cosmic power.

Magic asserts that if something happens to the hair, it changes the course of the invisible river that washes us with its bioenergetic waves. Therefore, any impact on the hair can change in one direction or another not only our appearance, but also our whole life.

To avoid baldness ahead of time and not to lose your heavenly half in the form of a Guardian Angel, observe safety measures when cutting hair. You should clearly know when, why you are changing your hair.

Rule one: You can not trust your hair to anyone

The person who mows you, changes your biofield. When you come to the hairdresser, choose not only fashionable hairstyles, but also an energetic and cheerful wizard, then your life after the haircut will change for the better.

The older a hairdresser, the stronger his influence on your life. If you are an independent person, you are used to solving your own problems and you don’t like it when something prevents you from carrying it out, choose a master of your age or younger.

When you are chronically unlucky for some strange reason, it makes sense to choose a very old and famous wizard, even if the hairstyle made by him will cost you dearly. But after visiting a hairdresser your life will change dramatically. And if you still correctly calculate the time of the visit, it will not just change, but improve drastically.

Rule three: It is believed that it is better if you are cutting or, for example, a hair mask in the salon is a person of the same sex as you

During the haircut, you change the etheric, astral and mental biofields, and as a result of this we easily succumb to someone else's influence.

Therefore, if you like the master of a different gender with you, it can lead to troubles in your personal life. In the biblical tales of Samson ruined a woman who cut off his hair.

Rule Four: If you want your hair to grow faster after shearing, you should do your hair with a full moon

If you want your hair to change its properties a bit - for example, you are not satisfied that they are confused, disobedient - you should go to the hairdresser on a waning moon. But after such a haircut, the hair will grow back very long. On a waning moon, it is also good to have a haircut if you want to delay hair loss, strengthen the hair roots.

Council of the ancient Slavic Magi. If you have a cold, slightly trim the hair so that the negative energy of the disease disappears with trimmed tips and the body can be cleared more easily.

Rule Six: Before signing up for a hairdresser, determine how you want to change your life:

Haircut on monday

Auspicious day. At this time, you can get rid of a large number of negative emotions and unresolved problems that have accumulated in life. The day is favorable for coloring hair.

Haircut on Tuesday

it is better to go to the hairdresser if you lack physical strength or the will to solve some important problem, if you lack activity or torture the monotony of life.

Wednesday haircut

get a good haircut to learn something new or interesting, to meet new friends or to attract old ones, to increase the number of trips, movements and communication in life.

Thursday haircut

promotes changes in relationships with others, contributes to the popularity of a person, increase his good luck and well-being.

Haircut on Friday (the day of female beauty)

When you visit a hairdresser on this day of the week, you do not just change your hair style, you change your appearance. Therefore, if you are satisfied with how you look on this day of the week, it is better not to get a haircut.

If you want to prettier - visit the hairdresser on Friday, when the Sun goes to Capricorn (December 24 - January 22) or Taurus (April 22 - May 21).

Haircut on saturday

Good day for a haircut.
Hair is healthy this day. Removed part of the karmic debts and sins of your kind.

Haircut on Sunday

It is better not to cut the hair - you can kill your own fate or good luck. This day is good only for chronic losers - maybe fate will have mercy and after such a procedure will change for the better.

Favorable lunar days for haircuts

Girls love to change their image. As a result, the hairstyle is constantly changing. Before you go to the master of the beauty salon, the girls do not always think about which day is ideal for a haircut. Many want to improve hair growth. That is why people believe in the lunar days, favorable for visiting hairdressers.

But there are other days that are suitable for changing hairstyles.

Hair and energy

First, let us tell you about some interesting facts about human hair, before you know about the favorable days for haircuts.
Thus, it will help to determine the correct lunar day or day of the week.

    Scientists have recognized hair performers of certain functions. For example:

  • Curls are antennas connecting us with the information space.
  • Hair tubular structure, so they resemble waveguides, transmitting an energy radiant flux.
  • Human hair is daily carried out and radiates the energy of the cosmos and makes it part of the universe.
  • A lot of energy accumulates in the hair.
  • People's hair is unique.
  • The tone of a person depends on the length of his hair. They contribute to the preservation of energy balance and human health.
  • How to cut hair

      For health and normal hair growth follow these rules:

  • The master cutting you must be very good. Do not trust your hair to an aggressive person who is angry and unhappy. Even if you choose the right day, the haircut will not look the way you expected. Energetically the hair will also change. Hairdresser effects on the biofield.
  • The hairdresser, carrying out his work, is able to change your destiny. If you need to change your life for the better, go to an older hairdresser. If you live now, you like, sign up to a hairdresser who is your age.
  • Do not cut your hair yourself.
  • To make the haircut successful, choose the correct day depending on the lunar day, the day you were born, the sign of the zodiac and many other features.
    • Choose the right lunar day depending on what you need from this haircut.

  • If you need to grow hair so that the roots are strong, cut the hair during the growing Moon. When the moon is growing, you can go and do it any day of the week. These days it is also good to make masks for strengthening hair.
  • To strengthen the roots of hair, if you do not care about their length, you should cut your hair in a decreasing Moon. It must be remembered that the hair in such cases grow more slowly.
  • You shouldn’t do anything with hair on New Moon on his ninth day.The numbers 15, 23 and 29 are also very unfortunate. If you cut your hair these days, you will cut luck, health and mind.
  • Usually the best day for a haircut is the full moon. This is the very day when the human body is saturated with the energy of the cosmos. The excess of this energy usually affects human health negatively. At this time it is good to trim the ends of the hair. The negative that has accumulated all month will disappear. The most successful days are the coincidence of the full moon with the lunar days of the Virgin and Leo.
  • Zodiac sign and haircut

    In addition to lunar days, if you want to get a haircut, you can focus on your sign. Pick a day on the calendar: The days of finding the Moon in Aries are very unfortunate for cutting hair. Hair after this haircut grows quickly, but the quality is brittle. If you cut your hair on that day, you may lower your immunity.

    Finding the moon in the signs Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo involves changing haircuts, coloring and other procedures with hair. If there is an impact on the hair, their structure and appearance will become better. If you want to make a lush hairstyle, for this fit the days in which the moon is located in the sign Gemini or Libra.

    Most of all for the creation of creative hairstyles are suitable days when the moon is in Aquarius. But these days it is better not to do a classic haircut.

    When crossing the Moon in Pisces or Cancer, do not wash your hair.

    If the moon is in Leo, do a lush hairstyle. But these days do not perm or dye. In case you need to lift you up the career ladder, you should cut your hair on the day of the crossing of the Moon in Sagittarius.

    With the passage of the moon on the sign of Sagittarius, do not do anything with hair, so as not to spoil your personal life.

    Days of the week and haircuts

    In the case of the need to update the hairstyle, to compete the ends, but not enough time to wait for the zodiacal or lunar day, go the other way. Choose a trip to the hairdresser by the day of the week.

    During the whole week the ends of the hair are filled with negative energy. Getting rid of this energy is best done on Monday. If possible, go to the salon before going to work.

    Monday is a good day for perm, lamination, hair coloring. If there are constant failures in life, monotony, or if you are just bored, you should cut the ends on Tuesday.

    Immediately in business there will be luck, you will find a solution to the accumulated problems.

    If you are very active, you are suitable for cutting medium. On such a day, new acquaintances are attracted, loved ones return, old ties are renewed.

    The fifth day of the week, Friday, is suitable for a cardinal change of image. If you cut your hair on this day, you will manage to create the image that you wanted to create a long time ago.
    Saturday is suitable for getting rid of negative energy in the hair.

    On the last day of the week, Sunday, there is no need to do anything with the hair.

    The day you were born and haircut

    Many astrologers say with confidence that the day of choosing a haircut is chosen taking into account the birthday. For example, you were born in the last days of the week. Then you should cut your hair on Thursday or Tuesday.

    People who were born on a Friday must visit a hairdresser on Thursday, Monday, Sunday or Saturday. But you can not cut your hair on Tuesday.

    Those born on Thursday should have a haircut on Monday, Thursday, Tuesday, Sunday, but not on Wednesday. This is a bad day.

    Those who were born on Wednesday should not go to the hairdresser on Thursday, it would be better to go on Sunday. Birthday on Tuesday, go to the beauty salon on the weekend (at the end of the week) or Thursday. You can not get a haircut on Friday.

    Those who were born on Friday, Thursday or Saturday should perform all procedures with hair on Monday. But they do not recommend cutting hair on Sunday.

    Now you know that the lunar day, the signs of the zodiac, the days of the week and many other characteristics constantly affect a person's hair and his life. That is why people need to choose the days for a haircut specifically. If you do this, you will have a beautiful hairstyle, good fortune and energy.

    Lunar calendar haircuts

    New hairstyle, fresh haircut, hair care - your favorite women's care. It’s not so easy to decide on a change of hairstyle, therefore both men and women plan a visit to the beauty salon in advance: they look at stylish magazines, they are interested in current trends.

    And, of course, the most competent, do not forget to look into lunar calendar haircutsBecause the position of the celestial body predicts how successful the haircut will be and how it will affect the condition of your hair.

    If you are planning a trip to the stylist, it will be useful for you to know when it is better to have a haircut, make up your face, change an image, based on the table of lunar phases.

    Depending on the location of the moon in the calendar, haircut can have both beneficial and unfavorable effects on fate.

    Favorable days for a weekly haircut:

    • This is a day quite suitable for haircuts. At this time, you can remove a huge amount of negative emotions and unresolved problems that have accumulated in life. Monday is also favorable for hair coloring.
    • the lunar calendar advises to go to the hairdresser if you lack physical strength or the will to solve some important dilemma, or if you are tortured by the monotony of life.
    • This is a good day for hair cutting. Now is the time to get a haircut, to learn something new or exciting, to meet new or old friends, to increase the number of trips and events in life.
    • haircut and hair coloring will contribute to changes in relations with others, will help increase your popularity, increase luck and well-being.
    • This is the day of Venus and the day of beauty. When you visit the hairdresser on Friday, you change not only the hairstyle, you change your appearance.

    Therefore, if you are satisfied with what you look like, on such a day of the week it is better not to cut your hair.

    Well, if there is a desire to prettier - visit the beauty salon on Friday, especially during the period when the Sun moves along the sign of Libra (September 24 - October 23) or Taurus (April 22 - May 21).

    • This is a good day to work with hair, care for them. Hair on such a day is healed, and at the same time a part of the generic karmic debts and sins are taken away from you.
    • Today it is better not to cut hair - you can cut the wings of your fortune. This day is not bad only for unfortunate unlucky people - maybe fate will have mercy and, after bringing the hair in order, luck will smile. But to guarantee this, alas, no one can.

    Among other things, it is believed that the phases of the moon affect hair growth. If you cut your hair during the growing Moon, your hair will grow an order of magnitude faster than after cutting with a waning Moon. On the new moon, astrologers do not advise visiting beauty salons and makeup artists.

    On such days, a haircut can even shorten a person’s life by taking energy and health. To confirm their theory, they claim that the main reason for male pattern baldness is that the baby’s 1st haircut was done on a waning moon.

    With the same rule associated women who have sparse and weak hair.

    Lunar calendar for July haircut favorable days

    In the summer, hair needs special care, as the scorching sun and salty sea water cause severe damage to it. To curls always looked the most attractive way, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules - in particular to cut and dye hair according to the lunar calendar.

    In this article, we open for you the lunar calendar of haircuts for July 2018 with an overview of favorable days. Lunar calendar haircuts will allow you almost always to be aware of when you can cut your hair according to Oraklu.

    The lunar haircut calendar for July 2018 will be able to assist you in planning a visit to the hairdresser and will be able to help you determine the favorable and unfavorable days of the month for haircuts.

    What is the lunar haircut calendar for July and why?

    The calendar was created taking into account the centuries-old observations of the influence of the moon on the hair, their health and growth.

    Since the curls are a significant component of the image of a person, they require regular care. Silky and well-groomed, they attract attention, make the exterior more tidy.

    The lunar haircut calendar July 2018 will help you choose a favorable time for creating a new hairstyle and coloring your strands.

    Lunar calendar tips for July 2018 will tell you when it is best to cut your hair, make a new hairstyle, and when you should refrain from visiting a hairdresser.

    Legends and rules

    If you believe one of the ancient legends, then in ancient times, even before the events of the Old Testament, people on Earth did not have hair, in the usual presentation for us. It is believed that among our distant ancestors, the “hairstyles” looked more like a gentle down, which we now see only in newborns.

    However, this very down had a fantastic ability to accumulate biological energy, the presence of which was determined by the luminous halo overhead. Approximately such a miracle is the Divine Nimbus, we can now see on the icons.

    But, according to the legend, after the fall, the ephemeral, airy hairs, with the help of which a person was charged with cosmic energy, grew heavy and coarsened. Actually, this is how hair appeared.

    However, there is a version that through the strands and curls and to this day, is a secret connection between man and heaven.

    This link will exist until people again rise to the highest level of development.

    Therefore, the hair should be treated carefully, realizing that these are tricky antennas, with the help of which our body draws life-giving forces in space. In the old days they knew for sure that cutting hair could drastically change a person’s fate. Therefore, up to now, knowledge of secret rituals associated with cutting strands has been preserved. There are secrets that suggest when to cut your hair.

    How hair growth depends on the state of the moon

    The moon, as we know, has a great influence on all aspects of our life. From the lunar day and the position of the moon in the signs of the zodiac also depends on how beautiful and successful will your haircut after a visit to a beauty salon.

    The separate days of the lunar calendar force the hair to grow faster, then slow down growth, then strengthen, then weaken. Anyone who cares about slow hair growth should get a haircut on the growing moon. If you make a haircut on a waning moon, the growth will slow down, but the process of strengthening the roots and healing the hair will be launched.

    What else is important to consider before cutting hair

    Choose the right hairdresser. A hairdresser, just like you, is a person with his own biofield, which may suit you personally or not, you can determine this based on your own feelings.

    It is desirable that the master working with you be sympathetic and has a positive thinking, then it will positively affect the state of your hair.

    In addition, when you make a haircut at one of the fateful moments of your life, the most successful, if the hairdresser is younger or same age with you. And to attract good luck, visit an experienced master who has reached professional maturity.

    And finally, last: it is advisable to use the services of hairdressers of the same sex as you. If a master of the opposite sex works with you, his sympathy for you can “cut off” your personal life almost at the root.

    First of all, these are religious holidays - Trinity, Baptism, Christmas. It is impossible not only to have a haircut, but also to braid your hair, because in this way a woman can incur illnesses.

    Do not cut your hair yourself. In relation to work with the biofield - the man himself is not a doctor. Impact on one's own energy channels is more likely to lead to deterioration than to an improvement in the general condition of a person.

    How does the day of the week to haircut

    Monday - day favorable for a hairstyle. At this time, you can get rid of a large number of negative emotions and unresolved problems that have accumulated in life. The day is favorable for coloring hair.

    Tuesday - in addition to the variety and new impressions of life colors, haircut will bring the right solution to problems, add physical strength or the will to solve some important problem, add activity and eliminate the monotony of life.

    Wednesday - turning to the salon in the middle of the week, select the master of the same sex. Otherwise, you risk to soon collapse in love affairs. This omen is based on the story of the biblical hero Samson, who was killed by a girl who cut off his hair on Wednesday. And a haircut on Wednesday promises new acquaintances and unplanned trips.

    Thursday - On this day, you can safely go get a haircut. Shorn hair on Thursday will help get rid of malaise, disease and the evil eye. With neatly trimmed tips, all the negative energy will leave you. When you cut your hair on Thursday, you attract good luck and well-being.

    Friday - beauty day. When you visit a hairdresser on this day of the week, you do not just change your hairstyle, you change your appearance. Therefore, if you are satisfied with how you look on this day of the week, it is better not to cut your hair. If you want to prettier - visit the hairdresser on Friday.

    Saturday - a good day for a haircut. Hair on this day heals, and at the same time you are removed from the karmic debts and sins of your kind.

    AT Sunday better not to cut the hair - you can kill your own fate or good luck. This day is good only for chronic losers - maybe fate will have mercy and after such a procedure will change for the better. But no one can give guarantees.

    Favorable days for haircuts in January. Plan a visit to the hairdresser on a good day!

    Good days for a haircut in January will give you the opportunity to look after hair, transform or change the image. Use the recommendations of astrologers, and your curls will always shine health.

    In January, a new hairstyle will help you to get involved in work after a long winter vacation, to attract the luck and attention of the opposite sex. Use the energy of the night luminary, so that your every day will be filled with joy, and the curls shine with beauty and strength.

    History and customs associated with cutting hair

    Hair absorbs and memorizes the negative information that a person encounters every minute in everyday life. Therefore, after a visit to a barber shop, your well-being, as a rule, improves. If you do not periodically cut your hair, the person will get sick. The rite of cutting hair is known for a long time. It is used not only by ordinary people, but also by esotericists, clairvoyants, servants of temples.

    According to Church writing, before becoming sinful, a man had no hair. The head was lit with a halo, resembling a glowing ball. With its help, communication was maintained between the earth and the cosmic origin. After the fall, the rays of energy transformed into hair. Now they are a connection with the Universe, through which the cosmos gives people strength.

    Many say that after shearing, the state and sensations are different, the mood changes. It feels as if cutting off hair, lightness appeared in the whole body, a feeling of liberation, increase in vitality. Sometimes hair gets tangled, badly combed, fall out. There is fatigue, heaviness on the soul. Such phenomena are easy to explain. The hairstyle modifies a biofield.

    With a feeling of indisposition, the sages corrected the situation. They cut their hair ends to correct the energy balance, get rid of negative information.It is believed that such actions will help restore the body faster.

    How to choose a hairdresser to get energetically healthy haircut?

    The selected master directly affects the client's biofield. If the hairdresser is in a benevolent mood, with the desire to be ready to get down to business, then there will be no problems with a haircut. If the master is worried about something, excited, upset or tired, then his hair will absorb this attitude. After the haircut will begin to split, will look lifeless.

    It is recommended to pay attention to the age and fate of the master. It is advisable to give preference to a young specialist or peer. If a person is sure that he is unlucky, a haircut for an experienced, proven hairdresser of respectable age will help to enter the white stripe of life. Successful and correct from the point of view of the Universe is considered to be a haircut on specific auspicious days, which will be mentioned below.

    Choosing a hairdresser of the same sex with a client is the key to a successful haircut. Why? We are influenced by the master.

    Since the hair reads information from others, and the hairdresser of the opposite sex, for example, imbued with sympathy for the client (that), the latter will begin problems in his personal life.

    Proof of this is an example from the Bible Scripture: Samson died at the hands of a woman who cut off his hair.

    The use of the lunar calendar in planning haircuts

    1. Trimming during the growing moon: the perfect time for those who wish to speed up hair growth.
    2. Haircut on a decreasing moon: a period when hair is slowly grown after cutting. Time is suitable for those who want to keep the haircut shape as long as possible. It is interesting that the haircut during this period helps to change the quality of the hair. It is about getting rid of problems such as entanglement, excessive waviness, loss.
    3. By the unfavorable days for cutting on the lunar calendar, the numbers 9,15,23,29 are considered. On these days satanic forces are activated.
    4. Do not go to the hairdresser during the lunar and solar eclipses, because the flow of positive cosmic energy to the human body is reduced. Do not experiment with a hairstyle while the Moon is in the constellation Pisces and Cancer.

    Zodiac sign

    Good for any hairstyle changes days when the moon is in the sign of Taurus. Also experiments can be allowed and when the moon is in Virgo. Haircut in the period when the moon in Capricorn will improve hair. Phases of Leo and Sagittarius are suitable for changing hairstyles.

    But in the phases of Cancer, Scorpio, Aquarius, Aries and Pisces it is better not to manipulate the hair.

    The phase of Libra and Gemini is a neutral period.

    Believe it or not, everyone will decide for himself. Many of these beliefs are outdated because they used to have some kind of everyday basis, others are based on mysticism. Perhaps you should not cancel the trip to the hairdresser if it falls on an “unfavorable” day. But if there is a possibility of a haircut in a favorable period, then why not believe in the opportunity to change your life for the better?

    Haircut calendar

    With the help of a haircut, you can improve a person’s well-being, free him from negative energy, or vice versa, provoke a disease. For several centuries, the ritual of cutting hair has been performed both in church ceremonies and in sorcery.

    If you believe the church traditions, before the fall of man, a spherical nimbus glowed over his head, which connected the human biofield with the cosmos, and instead of hair there was only a soft down like in infants. After the person became a sinner, the energy rays on the head were replaced by hair. Now our hair is a connecting thread between man and the cosmos, through which we receive vital energy.

    Perhaps not many of us believe in legends, but in real life everyone probably noticed that after cutting hair at their favorite hairdresser, the mood immediately changes, and lightness appears, as if a stone had fallen from the shoulders. And sometimes it happens the other way around: after the haircut, the hair begins to get confused, fall out, the mood drops, fatigue appears. The whole secret is that when you cut your hair changes your biofield.

    According to the advice of the ancient sages, if you feel unwell, try to trim your hair a little. Together with the tips of your hair, you cut off from yourself the negative energy of the disease and your body will recover faster.

    1. How to choose a hairdresser. Hairdresser haircut affects your biofield. If you get to the master, who is always benevolent, in high spirits, then your business after the haircut will go uphill. If the hairdresser is nervous, complains about the terrible condition of your hair, after cutting your hair will become dull and lifeless.

    The age and life experience of a hairdresser can also influence your destiny. In order not to feel interference while making important decisions, choose a hairdresser younger than you or of the same age.

    If you consider yourself to be a chronic loser, a haircut for an old, experienced, well-known hairdresser can direct your life to success. The most positive impact on you will have a hairdresser on favorable days for hair cutting.

    The next secret to a successful haircut - choose a hairdresser of the same sex with you. Remember that when manipulating hair, you are easily influenced by your master. And if a hairdresser of the opposite sex has any sympathy for you, you may have troubles in your personal life. Remember the story from the Bible when Samson was killed by a woman who cut off his hair.

    2. Do not cut your own hair. The meaning of this omen lies in the fact that a person cannot correct his biofield himself, that is, it is impossible to heal himself. If your biofield is disturbed, and in some area of ​​life you have problems, then you will only aggravate the situation.

    Lunar haircut

    Haircut on the growing moon. Cut the hair with a growing moon, if you want to accelerate their growth.

    Haircut on a waning moon. On the waning moon, it is useful to have a haircut for those who want to keep their hair style longer, as the hair will grow more slowly. Also, the waning moon will help to change the properties of hair, to prevent their entanglement, smooth out the wavy structure, reduce hair loss, strengthen their roots.

    Dangerous days for cutting hair. 9, 15, 23, 29 days according to the lunar calendar are popularly considered satanic. To undesirable days of cutting hair, you can add days of solar and lunar eclipses. After a visit to the hairdresser on such days, you risk getting sick or disrupting the flow of positive cosmic energy to your body. Also, do not touch the hair in the days when the moon is in the constellation of Cancer and Pisces.

    Good days for haircut on days of the week.

    Monday - auspicious day for any manipulations with hair. You can safely change the haircut or hair color. Thanks to such changes, you can throw off all the negativity, leaving unresolved problems behind.

    Haircut Tuesday will give you fresh strength in making important decisions, relieve from monotony in life.

    Change your hairstyle Wednesday if you want to experience something new and interesting in life, make new friends or remember old ones, go on a trip.

    AT Thursday You can get a haircut if you want to become a popular person, change relationships with friends and acquaintances, as well as increase your chance for luck and well-being.

    Friday - neutral day for haircuts. To get a positive result from the visit to the hairdresser, you need to look at the lunar calendar.

    Saturday - A great day for haircuts. If you believe the ancient legends, on this day, along with your cropped hair, you cleanse yourself of the negative influence of certain sins, your aura is restored, your hair becomes stronger and healthier.

    Sunday - not the best day for cutting hair. Together with your hair, you can cut off good luck and well-being from yourself. For Christian believers, cutting hair on a Sunday is considered a sin.

    Lunar calendar for haircuts

    Practicing haircut on the lunar calendar for several centuries. Buddhist monks believed that the position of a celestial body can predict in advance how successful a hairstyle will be and how it will further affect the state of strands. For example, if you trim the tips with the growing Moon in June and July, the hair will grow faster than after visiting the master in a decreasing phase.

    Astrologers at the new moon do not recommend going to the hairdresser. It is believed that the master in such a period takes a person's health. The most favorable day for a haircut is when the satellite of our planet is in the phase of fullness or growth. It is better to have a haircut on the 5th, 8th, 11th, 13th, 14th, 19th, 21st, from the 26th to the 28th day of the lunar calendar. It should be remembered that you only need to trust your head to a professional.

    What moon is better to cut hair

    Moon haircut is of great importance. After all, based on the fact that when the hairstyle changed, the state and health of the strands will depend. Lunar month includes 4 phases (new moon, full moon, rising and falling). The duration of a separate phase averages about a week. Periods of the earth’s celestial satellite have different effects on hair:

    • the full moon in June is the ideal time to create a new hairstyle, then the strands will quickly grow,
    • the growing moon (July) will help to find long curls, but they can lose a lot of moisture and become dull,
    • It is not recommended to get a haircut when the heavenly body is in a decreasing stage, since during this period, the phrase hair follicle growth is closed.

    Safe days for haircuts according to the lunar calendar

    Consider auspicious days by date, by day of the week, by finding the moon in certain signs of the zodiac.

    Favorable days for haircuts are considered lunar days on the 5th, 8th, 11th, 13-14th, 19th, 21-23rd, 26th, 27-28th days on the calendar. The 26th day is considered one of the most successful.

    In the period when the moon is in the zodiac signs of Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo and Leo, you can confidently go to the hairdresser. Haircut will be successful.

    The success of the visit to the master also depends on the day of the week.

    • Monday: experimenting with hair and image favorably. You can safely change the image, which will allow you to forget about problems forever and to remove negative information from the energy field.
    • Tuesday: It is recommended to get a haircut for those who would like to freshen up, increase the rhythm of life and get strength to make a serious decision.
    • Haircut on Wednesday will open before the person new acquaintances, the acquisition of real friends, travel.
    • Thursday will bring fame, prosperity and good luck.
    • The fifth day of the week is considered neutral. If there is free time for a haircut on Friday, it is better to additionally consult the lunar calendar.
    • Saturday is the perfect day. If you believe the esoteric, the haircut on Saturday helps to get rid of sins, and the hair will become thicker and healthier.
    • The last day of the week is considered unfavorable. You can lose luck and prosperity. According to Christian customs, hair cutting on Sunday is considered a sin.

    Let the recommendations on hair cutting help you to remain not only beautiful, but also successful in all spheres of life!

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