A simple test that will let you know if you are going to be a blonde

Blond is a hair color that does not go out of fashion. Only its shades change, which becomes more and more every year. Every woman can be from platinum to golden or ashy blonde.

Blond hair color

Many examples of blond celebrities include: Gwen Stefani, Anna Sophia Robb, Jeniffer Lawrence, Christina Aguilera, Paris Hilton and the unforgettable Madonna.

Shades of hair-dye blond: beige, ashen, platinum, dark, pearl, golden, caramel, cold, natural, light brown, Scandinavian, sandy, brown, pink, chocolate, copper, red, mother-of-pearl, light, silver, honey, wheat, light blond

Light-colored hair from nature is a rarity. Therefore, most women choose their shade from numerous colors. There are many types of them. Each line of colors calls them differently: light blond, medium blond, white gold, platinum, golden blond, etc. There are even quite unusual colors: “strawberry” or “beach”. If for the first time you change your hair color to a blond one, then it is better if it is done by a specialist who correctly selects the appropriate tone of paint for you and correctly conducts the coloring.

Stylists distribute all blonds into two types:

Each of them is characterized by its shades, which allow you to choose exactly your hair color.

Lunar blond includes cold (ashen, platinum, linen, light pink or blue) tone.

Lunar blond includes cool tones

Sunny blondes are warm (golden, wheat and even with beige or apricot shades) shades.

Each of them is suitable for a particular type, due to which the desired color is chosen.

Choosing the right color is a guarantee of a good result.

To choose the right tone, you must adhere to certain rules for choosing a shade. Stylists, picking paint, repel from such components:

  1. girl's natural hair color
  2. skin tone
  3. eye color.

All this helps to divide the girls into light types. According to them, a palette of suitable paints is selected to lighten the curls.

There are 4 light types

4 light types: photo

Stylists distinguish 4 light types:

  • "Winter light type". Its representatives have dark hair. These are brown-haired women, brunettes with brown, green with brown sheen or light blue eyes and very fair skin. For these girls, stylists are not advised to use light colors.
  • "Spring light type". Girls are characterized by peach-colored skin, bleached hair (naturally blond blond or wheat-colored by nature), bright eyes (blue, gray, green). For representatives of this type of stylists consider all warm shades ideal: from light to medium blond, golden, copper or wheat.
  • "Summer sveotyoty". Its representatives differ in light brown curls, fair skin and eyes ...

Summer light type girls

  • Stylists for such girls do not recommend using shades lighter than 2 tones from the natural. That is, for girls with natural ash curls suitable shades from ashy to pearl. Dark blond on the nature of the locks brighten up to medium blonde.
  • "Autumn light type". Girls with slightly dark skin, brown or green eyes and red curls refer to this type of light type. For representatives of this type the best option is hair color is golden blond. Radically dark or cold bright shades are not recommended. Golden blond will emphasize the sunshine of such girls.

Hair color blond looks spectacular, if you follow a certain technique of coloring. So, to give the curls a thick look, they are all painted in one tone, then the strands stand out light.

This blonde look looks natural

Famous star blondes

If you look at celebrities, then among them it will not be difficult to find many representatives of blondes. Some of them appeared in different images. Christina Aguilera from ashen turned into gold, and stopped at platinum.

Madonna is a trendsetter among all blondes

In her fashionable arsenal of many shades of gold and copper. Gwen Stefani, Rita Ora prefer cold light colors, but Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence tend to soft tones: with strawberry shimmer, sandy and honey tones.

This blond gives the hair a glow of gold with hints of pink tint. Cold blonde prefer Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss, Kirsten Dunst.

Choosing the right color is a guarantee of a good result.

To choose the right tone, you must adhere to certain rules for choosing a shade. Stylists, picking paint, repel from such components:

All this helps to divide the girls into light types. According to them, a palette of suitable paints is selected to lighten the curls.

Item number 1. Appearance type

If you are by nature the owner of blond hair, whitish skin and blue or green eyes - your type of "girl spring". You radiate warmth and tenderness. Therefore, you need to dye your hair in natural warm shades: honey, golden, sandalwood. Brightening of individual strands, highlighting, dyeing using shatush technique will look great. The main thing is not to overdo it with the contrast - you are a romantic nature!

Noble features, light blush, cool look and ashy hair color - do you think this is a snow queen? No, this is a typical representative of the summer color type. Hair, most often straight, may split, fade in the sun. Therefore, we do not advise you to try the bright shades of blond. Look at the wheat or ash-brown shade - they will give a lively shine to your hair.

Autumn, as it is not paradoxical, is also a warm girl: the skin is golden, often with freckles, it does not tan well in the sun. Hair red, or with a red tint, curly. Eyes brown or green. In general, if you are like Julia Roberts, then shades of sandalwood are the best option. Although, for a start, remember Roberts as a blonde in the movie "Captain Hook" ... You have not changed your mind about painting yourself?

Girl winter is easy to confuse with summer and autumn. You have milky skin, hair is usually dark, eyes of deep cold shades. Becoming "blondie" in this case is quite difficult, but possible. True, get ready for the fact that the result may surprise you unpleasantly.

Pros: If the color type allows, the stylist will definitely approve the new image.

Minuses: the probability of looking vulgar and stupid still remains

Item number 2. Age

Often, changing the hairstyle, we change ourselves. A well-known fact: a new hair color may be beneficial to “write off” for several years. Stylists assure that the older we get, the brighter should be hair dye. We are not saying that at the age of 40 you should drastically change your face from a natural brunette to a blonde. But it is still worth lightening the shade.

If you want to become a blonde in order to "rejuvenate" - note a few valuable tips. Use the soft undertone of the blond - this will give the color depth. Do not choose too light shades, otherwise the skin will look pale and unhealthy. Prefer natural colors.

Pros: Blond and light-brown hair, the owners of natural hair, will perfectly suit blond hair as an “elixir of youth”.

Minuses: many nuances, will not help to hide gray hair to burning brunettes.

Item number 3. Issue price

To be honest, high-quality blond is quite expensive. If you have never painted in light shades, then for the first time we do not recommend doing it at home - it is likely to get “cheap” yellow color and not dyed strands. Tint the roots will have at least once every 1-1.5 months. Plus care, which we will talk about below. Sheepskin is worth the candle - men will not miss such a stunning fair-haired beauty.

Pros: healthy shiny hair, the attention of men and the envy of women.

Minuses: decent spending, a lot of trouble.

Item number 4. Hair condition

Hair care is important, of course, not only for blondes, but for all women without exception. However, blond divas have to spend much more money and free time on it. Otherwise, they threaten dried brittle tips, regrown roots and, even worse, hair loss.

With a blond base to lighten the curls will be easier and painless, but the chestnut and dark lady will have to severely damage the hair structure.

It takes a lot of work to make blonde hair look well-groomed and healthy. And the case is often not limited to domestic procedures. Damaged hair is not able to hold the pigment for a long time - you need to be prepared for the fact that you will be just a couple of weeks as a model blonde (just after dyeing). Use special tools necessary from the first days after dyeing. Pay attention to healthy, hypoallergenic beauty products that contain natural ingredients: for example, jojoba, avocado or chamomile oils. These components penetrate into the hair, restoring their structure.

Pros: beautiful blond looks advantageous and spectacular.

Minuses: care for him must be very carefully.

Item number 5. Stereotypes

Ever since the Middle Ages, blondes were considered true beauties, ladies of noble blood, the personification of integrity. These girls refused to make-up and get rid of eyebrows, so that nothing spoils the cleanliness of their body and face. (Brunettes and redheads were much more often burned at the stake.) In the literature, blond divas always radiated confidence, evoking thoughts of purity and nobility. Most princesses, good wizards, angels, fairies - gold-haired. In the 20th century, the image of a blonde has endured serious changes - they turned into fools and fools, whom everyone loves, but no one takes it seriously. On the screens they often appear in the image of an insensible, charming person, with no pretensions to a thoughtful attitude to life or intellectual ambitions. Judging a woman only by hair color is a sign of limitation. What is proven by powerful blonde women: let's say political leaders like Margaret Thatcher or Hillary Clinton. However, stereotypes in society often turn out to be much stronger.

Pros: others will see in you a subtle, romantic, immaculate nature.

Minuses: may be considered naive, accessible.

How to determine the color type?

"Summer" - light skin, hair fair and ashy, eyes - green, gray, light blue or light brown. Recommended colors and shades of hair: light blond, medium blond, light, medium and dark blonde, ashen and pearl. Girls color type "summer", experts do not recommend changing the shade of hair by more than two tones.

"Spring" - skin is light translucent with a peach or milky shade, hair is blond with a golden, amber or wheat shade, eyes are light green, blue or gray. Recommended colors and shades of hair: light and medium blond, light and medium blond, blond, golden, wheat or copper.

"Autumn" - skin is dark, beige, with freckles, hair is red, eyes are brown or green. Recommended colors and shades of hair: light, medium and dark blonde, all shades of brown, golden, red, and copper tone. The girls of the “autumn” color type, experts do not recommend dyeing the hair in blond hair of blond, light blond and black color.

"Winter" - these are brown-haired women or brunettes, eyes are dark-brown, green-brown, light-blue, skin is very light or with olive-gray tint. Recommended colors and shades of hair: black, blue-black, red, purple, brown, medium or dark blonde. Girls color model "winter", experts do not recommend lightening hair.

The main types of shades of blond

  • Natural blonde

Blond shade with the mark “natural” looks the most natural and organic. It is the purest blonde shade. Natural tone is not striking and provides a natural gradation from darker roots to bright ends. Best of all, it will suit girls whose natural hair color is close to light shades.

  • Cool blond

Cold blond - the ultimate dream of many girls, but to achieve this color is not easy. This shade looks like a pure blond without a hint of yellowness. In life, this shade gives the impression of coldness, so it is often called ice. It is chosen by women whose color type is also cold. We are talking about such color types as winter and summer.

  • Ash Blonde

Ash blond belongs to the light shades of blond. Its distinguishing feature is a grayish ash haze, which easily and gently casts on dyed hair. It looks quite stylish and natural. Best of all, the ashen color looks on girls with a cold color type, but it is considered to be fairly universal.

  • Platinum blond

One of the most popular shades of blond, platinum always looks expensive and stylish. No wonder it is preferred by Hollywood stars. But do not forget that this is also the most capricious tone. It is difficult to achieve even the most talented hairdressers. In addition, it provides for the presence of a certain stylish hairstyle (the best is a bob, or a bob bob), since it looks ugly on unclean hair. Platinum color belongs to cold colors, so it looks best on women with delicate pinkish skin with gray or blue eyes. Dark-skinned girls such color is contraindicated.

  • Strawberry Blonde

This shade is quite picky and is not suitable for everyone, although in recent years it has been very popular. He looks like a blond with a slight touch of peach-pink haze. Best of all this color will look on girls with light, porcelain skin. A good pair of strawberry shade will also make green eyes. Properly selected strawberry blond looks really luxurious and attracts everyone's attention.

  • Pearl Blonde

Pearl blonde surprisingly beautiful and stylish shade of blond. Its feature is a light pearl reflux that appears on the hair after dyeing. As a result, they look shiny and alive. Pure pearl blond belongs to cold shades, so it is best suited for women with color type summer and winter.

  • Wheat Blonde

This shade looks gentle and natural. It has a light brown undertone, which, however, gives the impression of lightness and airiness. Wheat blond belongs to warm colors, so it suits the owner of a golden or dark skin. He fits well with light blond or medium blond hair, but for owners of dark hair, this shade should be approached with caution.

  • Caramel Blonde

Caramel blonde looks like a subtle blend of yellow and brown and has a tinge of burned sugar. A distinctive feature is also its slightly reddish undertone. Caramel blond can be golden or reddish, but in no case will it have similarity with cold tones. This shade is preferred by girls with yellowish undertone of skin, brown or hazel eyes. If the hair is colored in caramel blond, then in this case a certain type of makeup is recommended with a natural lip color and an emphasis on the eyes.

  • Beige blond

Natural beige hair is a rarity, so it is really possible to achieve such a shade of blond only due to good dye. Beige blond suggests a soft light, slightly muted color. It has some similarities with light-blond, although the latter is darker. Beige color goes well with different types of appearance. It looks especially beautiful on Slavic girls. It also goes well with the cold color type, helps to make the face more young and fresh. This shade is especially recommended for those who have natural hair color dark brown or reddish. In combination with beige blond paint, such hair will shine beautifully and shine.

  • Honey Blonde

Those who prefer warm colors will definitely like honey blonde. In recent years, it is very popular among women all over the world. It is a rich yellowish-golden color, which really looks like freshly picked honey. Honey-colored hair looks very natural and beautiful, but it’s not for everyone. Best of all honey blonde will look in combination with peach or beige skin, brown, dark blue or green eyes. But girls with a cold color type of appearance, it is absolutely contraindicated. Also, honey shade is not recommended if there is a strong blush on the cheeks. This shade can emphasize it even more.

  • Golden Blonde

Golden blond - one of the most sophisticated light shades. He is always very noticeable and attracts attention. Golden blond belongs to warm tones. It shines very beautifully and shimmers in the sun. By itself, it is very bright, so it does not tolerate frivolous decorations, eye-catching makeup, or over-decorated clothes. The golden shade is suitable for women of a warm color type, namely - autumn and spring. It goes well with yellowish or dark skin, brown or green eyes.

How to choose a suitable color

There are several rules regarding how to achieve the optimal effect:

  1. Pale female representatives of the fair sex should avoid reddish tint - it will give the face unnecessary redness. These girls are better to prefer the cold range.
  2. If the hair by nature is not too thick, the following technique will help give it volume: paint the curls in a medium-toned blond, and then select individual strands with a lighter color.
  3. On women with an average skin tone, a palette of caramel and honey shades would be best to look at, but a cold ash and platinum blond will not decorate such ladies.
  4. Tawny beauties fit curls with a gold or copper shimmer.

In order to create your ideal image, it is best to contact a professional stylist. He will not only pick up the shade that is most harmoniously combined with your natural data, but also perform coloring with the use of good and high-quality cosmetics.

Every woman is beautiful and unique, but the image of a sexy blonde does not leave indifferent men or women themselves. Bright and spectacular blond beauties of nature, this is quite a rarity, therefore modern technologies in the beauty industry came to help women - these are hair dyes. To decide, to drastically change your image from a burning brunette to a platinum blonde, you must have a certain courage and of course contact the beauty salon. Here you will be helped to choose the appropriate shade of the blond, professionally lighten and color your hair in the appropriate color.

How to determine the color of hair?

"Summer" - light skin, light brown and ashen hair, eyes - green, gray, light blue or light brown. Recommended colors and shades of hair: light blond, medium blond, light, medium and dark blonde, ashen and pearl. Girls color type "summer", experts do not recommend changing the shade of hair by more than two tones.

"Spring" - light translucent skin with a peach or milky shade, blond hair with a golden, amber or wheat shade, eyes - light green, blue or gray. Recommended colors and shades of hair: light and medium blond, light and medium blond, blond, golden, wheat or copper.

"Autumn" - skin is dark, beige, with freckles, hair - red, eyes - brown or green. Recommended colors and shades of hair: light, medium and dark blonde, all shades of brown, golden, red, and copper tone. The girls of the “autumn” color type, experts do not recommend dyeing the hair in blond hair of blond, light blond and black color.

“Winter” is a brown-haired woman or brunette, her eyes are dark brown, hazel-green, light blue, the skin is very light or with an olive-gray tint. Recommended colors and shades of hair: black, blue-black, red, purple, brown, medium or dark blonde. Girls color model "winter", experts do not recommend lightening hair.

How to choose your blond shade?

Determine your skin tone. Most people have either cold or warm skin tone. The choice of blond color depends on the tone of your skin.

  • The owners of warm tones have golden, olive or dark brown skin color, as well as dark-colored eyes. Their hair is black, brown, blond, red or strawberry blond.
  • Such people quickly tan. If you have a warm skin tone, your hair reflects gold, and gold jewelry looks great on your body.
  • Holders of cold tone skin color is light, and the eyes are blue or green. They have blond, black or brown hair. These people burn rather than sunbathe. If you have a cold skin tone, your hair is more reflective of silver. Silver jewelry looks good on your skin.
  • Turn over your hand. Look at the veins on your wrist and forearm. If they are green, you have a warm skin tone. If they are blue, you have a cold skin tone.
  • Another way to determine skin tone is to bring a piece of white paper to your face. If you have a cold skin tone, then your face will look bluish in color against a sheet of white paper. If you have a warm tone, your face will look yellow or golden against a white paper background.

Decide what shades of blonde you are considering. Regardless of whether you buy paint in a box or dye your hair at the salon, the names of shades sound like the name of food in a candy store. Warm shades contain words such as warm, honey, gold, butter, caramel or copper. Cold shades can be called ashen, beige or ice.

If you dye your hair at home, choose natural shades of blond. Regardless of the tone of your skin, if you want to achieve a natural look of hair, take the paint 2-3 tones lighter than your natural hair color. Also consider the color of the eyebrows when dyeing hair blond.

  • You can lighten your hair by several tones at home. To achieve this, you can use the purchase of paint in the box.
  • Give preference to the ash shades of blond, if you are going to lighten already dyed hair, but your natural hair color is dark.
  • If you dye your hair at home, give preference to cold or neutral shades of blond. Warm shades, the names of which contain the words gold or honey, can give your hair an orange tint.

Choose cool blond shades if you have a pinkish skin tone.If you use warm shades of blond, it will further emphasize the redness of the face. Stop your choice on cool blond shades such as sand, ashen or beige

If you have dark skin, then you like shade honey blond.Anyone can dye their hair blond, but you should choose the most appropriate shade for you. For dark or olive skin does not suit too bright blond. Instead try a honey blonde shade. Alternatively, you can leave the dark roots and make the hair golden or beige strands. If you leave the hair roots dark, your face will not look faded. Caramel is another blond shade that will accentuate your skin tone.

  • You can also try shades of strawberry blond or butter.
  • If you have chestnut hair, be careful with lightening so that your face does not become faded. Avoid platinum, light blond or orange. Better to do a light highlights instead.

Add hair more color if you have a neutral skin tone. You can try a golden blond, beige blond or even a light blond. Let your hair be a warm shade, like the tone of your skin. To make an ombre, the main hair color must remain light brown, then you need to add different shades of honey in the middle and a lighter color at the tips of the hair.

  • If you have a warm skin tone, avoid the color of copper blonde, because it can eventually give your hair an orange tint. Ashy tint will make your face faded.

Prefer a shade of golden blond, if you have fair skin. If you have fair skin, you'd better dye your hair golden, strawberry or light blond, rather than ashen and reddish. The brighter your skin, the brighter the blonde shade you can choose and still look natural.

  • Try to choose as the main color butter, and paint the strands in caramel. To be a multifaceted, natural blonde, mix shades of butter, honey and gold.
  • Painting in blond will be better if you have blond hair from childhood or they are burned out in the sun.

If you want a radical change, consult a specialist. For daredevils who want to lighten the hair more than 2-3 tones, we advise you to seek help from a professional stylist. To get a rich shade of blond, you need a few procedures in the cabin. If you are trying to do this at home, then your hair color may turn yellow, like a banana peel or canary feathers, or even copper or orange.

  • Everyone can achieve a platinum blond shade, but it will take several months. White paint is much easier to take on blonde hair. Dyed or natural dark hair is much more difficult to dye in blond, as it will take a lot of time. For safe hair dyeing, you need to lighten them gradually. If your hair is dark, then you will not be able to become a platinum blonde in one salon visit. It will take several months. For most, it will take at least 3 salon visits to fully become blonde.
  • Choose the color of ice blond to get a light shade of blond, if you are the owner of hair of warm colors. Platinum blonde looks better on hair of cold shades. Remember, there is no white hair color. Consult with a specialist to understand the difference between shades of blond.

Be careful when bleaching hair. At home everything can go wrong. If you are first lightening hair, contact a professional. When brightening at home, try to follow the instructions on the package literally. Do not leave dye on hair for more than 45 minutes.

  • After lightening your hair will be a pale yellow color. If the color turns orange, which sometimes happens when dyeing dark hair, wait a week and lighten again. During this week, apply conditioner to your hair.
  • If you dye your hair in platinum blond at home, you will need to use purple toner. This is a must for those who dye their hair in a rich white color, as the toner removes the yellow pigment. Stop your toner selection with a level of 30 or 40. Wash off toner with vinegar to keep its color longer.
  • Do not try to leave the brightener on the hair for a shorter amount of time to achieve a darker shade of the blond and vice versa; do not leave the brightener longer to get a lighter tone. This method does not work with clarifiers. He lightens hair if they have pigment.

Proper care for blond hair

Be prepared to spend your time and money on care for blond hair. Blond hair requires a lot of care for them. It will take you a long time to take care of your hair so that it looks healthy, and you also have to spend time and money on every three weeks to tint the roots and strengthen the hair. If you are not ready to care for blond hair, lighten up with just a couple of shades, instead of a cardinal change of hair color.

Prepare your hair for dyeing. Before painting, the hair must be prepared. Wash your hair with shampoo the day before painting to keep it clean. Do not wash your hair with shampoo on the day of painting. Natural oils on your hair will protect them from the harmful effects of dye.

  • If you are a platinum blonde, use shampoos that contain blue pigment to keep the color. Choose shampoos that do not sulfate to keep the color.
  • Try applying coconut oil to your hair once a week. Melt it, apply to hair, wrap with plastic wrap, wrap with a towel and leave for 1 hour.

Cut hair after dyeing. Brightening hair can damage them, so to keep them healthy, cut the tips immediately after painting. This way you cut the split ends, which can damage the hair.

Avoid heating appliances. Hot styling after dyeing blond hair should be avoided. Refrain from drying your hair with a hair dryer, as this may damage your hair. Be careful when using curling irons and irons.

  • Stay away from alcohol-based hair styling products.
  • Alcohol dries the hair, which is a problem for bleached hair.
  • Hair spray, gels and mousses contain alcohol.
  • Pay attention to the label when choosing hair styling products.

Tint regrown hair roots. You probably want to tint the hair roots regularly only if of course you don’t mind growing back roots. Tint the roots every 4-6 weeks.

Be on the crest of a fashionable wave - choose a beautiful blond hair color (38 photos)

"Gentlemen prefer blondes" - a statement that caused a lot of controversy at all times. Numerous polls indicate that attractiveness, sexuality, softness, tenderness and femininity are associated with a light shade of hair. And this, you see, is a weighty argument in order to try on a bright image on yourself.

The very first mythical blonde is Aphrodite - the goddess of love.

Ash Blonde

Hair color ashen blond Schwarzkopf Palette C9

This tone can rightly be called the embodiment of coldness and severity. Due to the lack of warm yellowish notes, he gives his possessor aristocracy and nobility.

To some extent, it is versatile and perfectly combined with light skin with a cold blush, and with tanned. He magically emphasizes the expressiveness of blue and gray eyes.

Platinum blond

Choosing shades of blonde hair color, pay attention to the Color Mask series “Brilliant Blonds”, for example, on the tone 1010 “Pearl Blond” (price - from 250 rubles)

Another member of the cold range, suitable for the fair sex with slightly tanned and pale peach skin. It is worth replacing that platinum blonde wins the fight with ashy in the question of brightness and catchiness and goes well with graphic short haircuts.

Tip! Platinum color gives excellent results in a duet with Scandinavian coloring. To implement this method, the entire mass of hair is dyed in a light tone, leaving white thin strands, then the curls are tinted in the desired color.

Scandinavian dyeing is a rather complicated process that can hardly be realized with your own hands.

For brown-haired women and blondes it is better to refuse the idea of ​​repainting curls into platinum and ashy tint, opting for a golden, beige and coffee blond.

Honey Blonde

Hair color blond golden or honey blond - Wellaton, 10/0 "Sugar"

Blonde hair color with soft and warm tints will suit those who consider themselves to be spring or autumn color type, have brown, amber and blue eyes, light, dark or olive skin color.

A solution that combines several tones from dark to light honey will be very attractive and unusual. Such staining will certainly appeal to those who are trying to achieve volume, liveliness and naturalness.

Honey-brown tone has a dark pigment and is suitable for girls with light skin, blue or gray eyes. A duet of honey and chestnut produces a natural chocolate color, suitable for conservative individuals who prefer the classics. But the honey-red tone on the contrary make the image more seductive and bright.

Sweet caramel

Hair color is dark blond in symbiosis with a light copper subtone called the sweet word "caramel"

Caramel tone is an intermediate shade between yellow and brown. Thanks to the light, slightly noticeable notes of red, he removes fatigue from a woman's face as if by a wave of a magic wand.

It acquires a special attraction in combination with brown eyes and dark skin, and if the shade has a little more red pigment, light-skinned girls can try it on.

Caramel honey is often confused with wheat, its main difference is hidden in a more pronounced ginger tone. Dark caramel color will suit women with wheat and light-brown tone.

Hair color chocolate blond SCHWARZKOPF IGORA ROYAL 9.5-67 (cost - from 300 rubles.)

When dyeing natural blond hair in light caramel, a natural red and golden brown tone is formed. Black and caramel we used to call dark chestnut, along with golden caramel gives the skin a glow.

Skin color as selection criteria

Light-skinned ladies are suitable colors that can be called "luminous." The category of those includes platinum and ash blond.

If a light copper hue is added to the resulting color, the natural tone will be maximally natural. In addition, light skin goes well with soft muted reddish hues.

Blonde's hair color is largely determined by skin tone and belonging to one or another color type.

To neutral skin tone is better to choose a harmonious "company" among the ash and caramel. By adding gold, you will get the tone, like in General Jones, the classic “silver” - the image of Cara Delevingne, the stylish lady - Uma Thurman and Scarlett Johansson.

Hair color blond with a brown tint suitable for owners of dark skin

Light blond and honey shades will suit owners of tanned skin. If you prefer to keep abreast of new products and follow the fashion, try experimenting with the ombre effect.

Be in trend

Fashion dictates its own rules, its volatility is not over, and it would seem that the eternal shade of the blond. Beautiful hair colors for blondes also tend to change and become a fairly versatile tool in the hands of stylists.

We offer you several solutions that will help you to be on the crest of a fashionable wave.

  1. Vanilla blond - a shade that in recent seasons has been at the peak of popularity. If you are dreaming about the image of Michelle Williams, prepare for frequent visits to the hairdresser, this color like no other requires constant correction at least 1 time in 3 weeks.

Vanilla Blonde Schwarzkopf Color Mask 1060

  1. Wheat blond became popular due to Reese Witherspoon. The secret of shade is in his ability to make his face radiant from the inside. If you do not want to drastically change the color of hair and completely dye it, choose a golden highlighting on the basis of a strawberry blonde.

Hair color natural blond with wheat notes Schwarzkopf SYOSS Mixing Color 9-52

  1. Balayazh brunettes fit, eager to experiment with blonde. The most attractive option - coloring in several shades, executed by a firm hand of the professional.

In order not to think about how to return blond hair color from a blonde, choose balayazh, standing on the same level with ombre

  1. Creamy blond is suitable for those who, like Carey Underwood, have bright brown eyes.. Look at the color of the blotches on the retina; it is this tone that will become the base diluted with honey or caramel strands.

Creamy blond can rightly be called the most versatile color for a warm and cold color type.

  1. Brond in the eyes of a layman looks like the darkest tone of a blond, which is often called a "nut", but for the sake of justice it is worth noting that this is far from true. Brond is created on a dark ash base with the help of the lightest highlighting of the upper part and tips.

The photo booked, which became so popular that it was tried on by Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Aniston and Gisele Bündchen

  1. Grown blond get staining of the root zone in a darker color. This hairstyle will not only allow you to be at the peak of fashionable Olympus, but also will tell you how to get your hair color out of the blonde or grow highlights.
  2. Sand Blonde chose Taylor Momsen for her image, a symbiosis of cold and warm strands allows you to gain color depth without losing brightness.
  3. "Rose gold" is produced by highlighting in several tones: honey, gold and apricot. This solution is in harmony with the representatives of the warm color type in the best way.

Instructions for coloring in pink gold involves the creation of a mix of several shades

Tip! If you have dark skin, but you, by all means, want to try on blonde, make a choice in favor of caramel strands. When coloring color is chosen on 2-3 tones lighter than natural base.

Blond is the embodiment of brightness and tenderness, sexuality and restraint, and everyone decides for himself what he wants to achieve from a new shade of hair. If you are ready to change and change the image, feel free to take up the implementation of the idea, and the video in this article will help you with this (see also the article “Blonding the hair - all about lightening the strands”).

Bought out of despair, and was pleasantly surprised. Only 2 OTENKA, but I still got the Perlam Blond. TECHNOLOGY of coloring, a photo BEFORE and AFTER, structure

Good day to all! Today (for once, eh?) About pleasant things - about tinted hair dye that has managed to please me (well, almost). This is Italian brand paint. Lakme series K.blonde toner.

Immediately make a reservation - despite the fact that the paint is called "toner", in its essence it is rather a demi-permanent.

I have already written several times in detail about the differences between them, but the flow of questions on this topic does not stop. Therefore, let me remind you once again - in spite of the fact that it is possible to impart a shade to hair with any kind of dye (at least resistant), they affect the hair structure differently. And toning even on low oxide with permanent (not to be confused with ammonia) paint is not at all the same as using a toning dye.

1) Resistant paint

They contain ammonia either him substitutes (ethanolamine, monoethanolamine) and are able to paint over gray hair and also lighten natural hair up to 4-5 levels depending on the oxide used (3%, 6%, 9%, or 12%).

By creating an alkaline environment during dyeing, such dyes are aggressive to the skin and hair. regardless on whether there is in them ammoniaor used his substitute under the loud slogans "our paint is ammonia-free!"

2) Demi- (seven) permanent colors

As a rule, do not contain ammonia, but contain its derivatives - ethanolamine, monoethanolamine.

They can work with oxides from 1.5% to 6%, cover gray hair better than tint dyes, and harm hair less than resistant paints (due to lower content of ammonia or its derivatives).

However, they also create an alkaline reaction, which is why it is usually undesirable to use them on fragile and damaged hair. May slightly lighten the natural pigment.

3) Tinting paints

They contain neither ammonia nor its derivatives, the soft "loosening" of the cuticular layer of hair occurs due to the presence of sulfates and add. compounds.

Oxide to them, as a rule, is of only one type - with a percentage of peroxide of about 2% or less. This amount is only necessary in order to develop the artificial color pigments in the paint.

Due to the low percentage of oxide and the absence of an alkaline component (ammonia or its substitutes), tint dyes are able to paint only a small gray hair and completely incapable lighten hair

They are most careful to hair and therefore the shade of once-colored (bleached) hair is recommended to be supported by them.

Lakme series K.blonde toner, despite the positioning (exclusively for blonde), the composition is an option number 2:

Oxide to it is offered 2 types - 1.9 and 2.7% (the appointment of the second is completely unclear to me), it’s convenient that they sell the oxide in small bottles, you don’t need to grab a liter at once, and then think where to put it: The paint itself is packaged as standard, the tube opening is sealed. There are only two shades in the palette - Silver and Pearl, they do not have a license plate, which is extremely inconvenient (I needed violet to neutralize the yellowness, and it can be found out only by numbers, not by name). The saleswoman has convinced that the “pearl” in this brand is just violet, and the second shade, silver, gives clear ashes. In the end, took the Pearl.

Together with the oxide, the paint cost me 883 rubles, half of my thin thin hair a little longer than my shoulders went away (90 ml. Of the mixture).

Promises manufacturer sounded nice:

I haven’t been led to beautiful promises in a long time, especially with a small portion of “capillary fibers” stuffed with it. Blood does not circulate in hair, what other capillaries are there?

About the absence of ammonia, of course, did not forget to mention, but its derivative was ignored. However, the reason for this is clearer.

Paint instructions are quite detailed, including in Russian:

And a little life hacking - have everyone seen how master hairdressers paint? Cautiously, with a brush, first on the roots, then on the length?

So, when using demi-permanent or tinting, all this heresy is not needed at all. This is just a theater for the client, which allows explaining why instead of 500 rubles for coloring you will give 1500-2000 rubles.

I have, like a hair maniac, of course, all sorts of priblud for dyeing, of course, full, but my mom, with whom I am walking, has no. Actually, I was both without all of my devices, and without my favorite toning - Colorance Goldwell, in honor of which I had to urgently look for something on the spot for a replacement.

So, for mixing and applying paint, nothing special is needed.

No special "hairdresser" bowls? It does not matter, an ordinary glass will completely replace it.

No measuring cup? Take an ordinary syringe.

Nothing to stir the paint? Instead of a brush, you can take any plastic rod (I used the back of the brush).

And then everything is simple. Measure the paint by tick marks on the tube, oxide - with a syringe. We interfere with what is necessary, the main thing is that this “something” should not be metallic.

The paint has a perfumery "male" fragrance, does not carry ammonia from it, mixes easily with oxide. And then it follows what the masters put on as a scary movie "are you, so what’s the mixture on the head and flopping?" Yes, I’m flopping like this, for many years now. And the result is much better than you, dear masters.

The mixture is applied to wet hair and gently distributed (hair should be completely covered with paint, you can not save):

In the last photo, the hair after washing off, at first the shade frightened me a little (held for 5 minutes).

But in the dry form everything turned out to be more decent.

Source up - length. Yellowish. And dry, thanks to the last chaotic experiments with care.

And the most problematic part that had to be leveled is a whitish piece, this is the sad result of 2 clarifications with an updated version of resistant paint Paul Mitchell XG, the roots and the rest of the length are from the much softer “classics” Paul Mitchell The color (but also the result from much warmer, especially for the first time in the root zone).

With alignment task LakmeK.blonde toner I did it perfectly, the roots turned out to have a natural darkening, the hairs in length, although they differ in intensity of shade, but this is if you really look closely and arrange your hair the way I did. Not a very typical scenario in everyday life.

The length of the color came out very interesting, really "pearl", not quite uniform (but it is rather even a plus). In the last photo I feel a little green, but in life it is not visible.

After the application of Alterna Kendi Oil. As regards the declared maintenance properties of the paint. They did not notice that, however, it is not surprising, it is the paint, and not "treatment."

While washing the paint with water, the hair was smooth, but shampooing put everything in its place. Even after the balsam, the hair fell into tangles and showed dryness as it dried out:



- the paint is well pigmented, comparable to Color Touch Wella (shading gives about a tone), and the result corresponds to the stated one (“shortage” on pigmentation gives many tints, for example, Paul Mitchell Shines),

- well aligns color transitions (my favorite Colorance Goldwell copes worse),

- it looks natural, there are no unexpected purple / blue / pink strands (I had it with Redken EQ paint),

- has a comfortable cream-gel texture, does not flow from the hair,

- does not sink noticeably darker / intense color on the most porous areas,

- exposure time only 2-5 minutes

- can be found on sale off-line.


- the presence of ethanolamine and as a result, the effect on the hair structure,

- only 2 shades and both cold.

Final opinion

If your goal is to give a cold shade to a yellowed blond, and I recommend to do it quickly and independently.

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Glad if my review was helpful to you.

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