Brondirovaniye: trend of 2015, which conquered all

Hair is the calling card of any girl. Most women give their locks a lot of time to always have a beautiful haircut. Haircuts for girls are different, and hair length is also different. A huge number of women paint their curls in various shades. But you want to look fashionable, but for this it is enough to know the trends of this year.

Natural colors

A huge number of women dyed their hair for a long time. Its natural color is almost forgotten. But this season it becomes actual natural shades of curls. Stylists advise ladies from the palette of colors to choose the color that will look natural. This also applies to those who dyed hair in a blond color. They are also encouraged to choose a more natural tone. For those who do not use colors, you can lean towards the tonic, which will give freshness to hair color, but will not spoil the natural beauty.

This trend of this season will allow you to enjoy natural curls, while the girl will look fashionable.

By the way, another fashion trend contradicts this. This season are considered silver shades. They do not look natural, but you should be careful with them. Not all women will go this color. And some because of inexperience paint their hair in a gray tone, from which they add age to themselves. If you want to get a beautiful silver tone, it's best to go to a stylist who will help you to dye your hair correctly.

Over the years, ombre staining has become relevant.

But this season introduces some adjustments. It is recommended to make such staining not so bright. The transition should be smooth, not so contrasting. In 2015, stylists advise that the two colors differ from each other by just a few tones. It can be argued that, nevertheless, this season is dominated by the naturalness of flowers.

A girl with ombre coloring will look elegant, individually and fashionably. Many stars can now be seen with just such shades of curls. This year, you can safely choose this color, as Ombre occupies a leading position among all the trends of the season.

Often confused with each other ombre and balayazh. Indeed, these stains have similarities among themselves. But here balayazh looks more natural, it looks harmonious, even on dark curls.

In this coloring there is no sharp color change, here they dye their hair with brush strokes, so the locks turn into another shade gradually. Make balayaz can ladies with a natural shade or with dyed hair. This type of painting is advantageous to choose, as it does not require frequent trips to beauty salons, which is not the case with ombre. Even if the hair grow back, it does not affect the hairstyle. The curls, as before, look fresh and beautiful.

It creates competition ombre not only balayazh. There is another coloring technique, which I call shatush. She also gained momentum and is on the list of trends for this season. It resembles the previous staining. It is a harmonious transition of colors. After that, you do not need to tint the hair.

The result is dark roots and light-colored hair ends, which smoothly connected with each other. This coloring also adds volume to the hair. This is perhaps the main trend of 2015.

California curls

Californian highlighting gained popularity. It looks great, but it’s difficult to achieve such a result. This technique requires professional coloring skills. Owners of light and dark curls can make such highlighting. After this dyeing, the hair takes the form of a slight burning out in the sun. It seems that the girl just came from the rest, and her curls have become a little lighter from the rays of the sun. To achieve this effect, you need to paint over the strands in different shades. As a result, these colors will be intertwined with each other, giving the desired effect. Again, it looks natural, which is especially appreciated this season.

Gisele Bundchen

How is performed booking? This is, first of all, the jeweler's work of the colourist, which should choose dark and light shades that are perfectly in harmony with your type of appearance. With the right blending of blond and brunet shades and their intermediate tones on the hair, this is a stunning and, at the same time, quite natural effect.

Amber Heard

Jennifer Aniston is considered to be the ancestor of the Brond trend, who has long since resorted to this coloring technique. Among star fans of booking: Jessica Beal, Jessica Alba, Olivia Palermo, Nicole Richie, Blake Lively, Lily Aldridge, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker and many other Hollywood trendsetters.

Popular types of hair brondirovaniya

Bronding hair can be done in several ways. For example, you can achieve the effect of burnt hair, the effect of glare, a smooth deepening of the color from the ends of the hair to their roots, the play of color shades, a soft transition to a lighter shade, framing the contour of a haircut, or facial strands. For brondirovaniya used mainly paint chocolate, brown, coffee, light brown and golden beige. Fashionable brondirovanie suitable for hair of any color.

Very fashionable classic coloring in chocolate and coffee colors. Its distinctive feature is the use of paints of natural and natural shades. Very stylish look hair painted in coffee, copper-chestnut or natural-light colors with a hint of honey or peanut blond.

For the classic brondirovanie hair in the light scale are used at the same time coloring and tinting shades. The combination of light tones creates the effect of voluminous hairstyle with glare strands. To create a sun glare effect, light chestnut, amber, walnut, beige, honey, coffee, wheat and pearl colors are used in the hair. To get as close as possible to the natural shade, several booking procedures will be required.

For introducing a fashionable original nuance into the hairstyle, the zone bronding technique is used. In this case, the upper zone is painted with lighter shades; for the lower zone, a darker paint of the same color is used, as a rule, brown, naturally blond or chocolate brown. Sometimes, in addition to such coloring, they deepen the color at the hair roots to match the lower zone of the hairstyle.

Ombre Hair effect bronding - fashion trend of 2013

Very fashionable in 2013 is the coloring, which has the effect of Ombre Hair. In this embodiment, zonal brondirovaniya using special techniques to achieve a smooth stretching of color along the length of the hair. It turns out the effect of "grown-up bronda" with a smooth transition of hair color from the dark shade at the roots, to a lighter shade at the ends. Exquisitely looks hairstyle, if the ends of the hairstyle used several shades that are close in tone. Thin strands, painted in an “artistic mess,” create a play of colors.

To dye hair at the roots, they use chestnut, chocolate, natural-brown and coffee shades; for dyeing the strands, you can choose colors with shades from light wheat to honey brown.

What is booking?

All types of hair are amenable to this procedure: black, white, blond and red, which makes this beauty session extremely popular. Coloring curls made using a suitable palette, which is selected individually.

The procedure is quite simple, so you can do it at home or use the services of a professional.


  • choose a palette of colors (no more than 3 shades),
  • cut off the split ends (to make the curls look shiny and alive),
  • divide the curls into areas (nape, bangs, crown and sides),
  • retreat 1-2 cm from the roots and 3-4 cm from the tips, apply dark, dark colors in a free order, alternating all the colors used,
  • apply the lightest shade on the tips,
  • use foil (winding colored strands),
  • leave a few strands of natural, without dye,
  • keep the product on the curls no more than 40 minutes,
  • wash off with warm water,
  • apply a regenerating mask.

The effect of such staining is staggering. Hair becomes shiny, as if reflecting the glare of the sun, while the hair looks completely natural. This coloring technique perfectly masks the gray hair, sets off the skin, making it fresh and young, the color transition can give volume to the curls, does not require tinting of the roots.

The difference between brondirovaniya balayazha, shatush, ombre and mili

Quite a lot of fashionable dyeing techniques use a mix of tones to achieve the most natural effect, but do not confuse brondirovanie with highlighting, ombre, shatush and balayazh.

Highlighting is the discoloration of individual strands rather abrasive substances, and the transition is not soft and smooth, but rather sharp, unlike brond.

For an ombre, only the tips are brightened, which noticeably divides the hairstyle horizontally into dark and light colors, which does not look very holistic, and certainly not natural.

Shatush represents a smooth transition from light tips to dark roots, adds volume to the root zone, and chaotic strands are subjected to staining. It is performed without foil, in the open air, which differs in technology from bronding.

Balayazh staining is carried out according to the following technology: in a contrast (in most cases, light) tint is painted 2/3 hair length and tips, the roots remain intact. Due to the smooth transition of color and chaotically located clarified curls, balazhij visually adds volume to hair. When brondirovanii same paint is supposed to separate strands, rather than the surface of a continuous painting.

By hair type

On curly curls Organizing will look like brondirovanie with the effect of shatush, that is, a smooth transition from the rich color of the roots (dark blonde or chocolate) to bright tips (wheat, gold).

On gray hair a breeze of copacabana is more suitable (almost natural highlighting), in which thin strands in the upper part of the head are lightened, affecting the root zone.

By hair length

For courageous owners of a hairstyle caret zonal armoring is perfect (dividing strands into sections, in which you can be both a brunette and a blonde at the same time. Hair is painted separately with areas in light colors and separately in dark ones.

California hairstyle open cascade It can look advantageous, because due to transitions in the length of the strands, the effect of sun glare is created, at which the mane looks lush and healthy. The main thing is not to overdo it with the choice of the number of shades to avoid the riot of colors. Technique performance standard, but without the use of foil.

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