Types of faces for men: we select accessories, hairstyle and beard shape

Modern men's haircuts are so diverse that sometimes men speculate on what image to choose for everyday life. Requirements for haircuts, as a rule, are simple: it must be neat, not waste time on styling and fit the shape of the face. That is why today we decided to talk about which haircuts are suitable for men with round face shapes.

It is believed that men with a round face should avoid volumetric haircuts. However, in practice, this rule does not apply. Professionals note that the trends of modern fashion revolve around multi-level volumetric haircuts, which not only form a stylish image, but also correct the shape of the face.
Men's haircuts for a round face: fashion trends
Trends in the world of men's fashion change as quickly as in the world of women. Let's discuss the most current asymmetrical haircuts of the season, which are suitable for a round face shape.

Asymmetrical haircuts offer a variety of styling options, making them suitable for most men.

Asymmetry elements allow you to even out the proportions of the face, and also provide almost 100% result. Asymmetrical haircuts are based on strands of hair of various lengths. In general, these are haircuts that are layered. Stylist chooses hair, based on the personal data of the client. So, for a round face, haircuts with elongated strands will be the ideal solution. This can be a Canadian hairstyle with a slanting elongated bang, which should be laid on its side. In addition, stylists recommend to pay attention to the cascading haircuts, which can adjust the shape of the face. For example, a double square, which in the male version is a full-fledged sports haircut.

Boxing and semi boxing

Haircuts boxing and semi-boxes - a classic option for a round face. It is believed that neat haircuts allow you to fully open your face. Today, many men prefer to do a hair cut of polubox, as it looks stylish and original. At the same time, the hairstyle of semi-boxes forms a bright image. Modern trends suggest the addition of haircuts with various elements: shaved temples, stripes, patterns, etc.
Haircut Boxing and semi-boxing is almost the same haircut. The difference between them is not significant. And so another haircut involves short hair at the temples and elongated at the crown. Such a haircut can be styled as a high hair styling, as a result, this hairstyle will be the perfect solution for owners of a round face shape.

Haircut bob is quite popular among men and it looks very stylish. Haircut bob is incredibly beautiful and easy to style. For men with a round oval face, stylists recommend choosing a bob haircut with elongated bangs. Such a decision will make the image more harmonious and beautiful.

Haircuts with side bangs

Haircuts with side bangs allow you to visually adjust the shape of the face. Round face bangs are ideal for men with round side bangs, which create asymmetry. In addition, you should look at torn haircuts with side bangs. Today, many men prefer to wear short haircuts with long side bangs. Stylists also note that men with round face shapes are suitable for haircuts with one shaved temple and oblique side bangs.

What haircuts should be avoided?
There are also hairstyles that should be avoided for holders of a round face. We are talking about haircuts such as curls. Curly hair creates an effect of volume, thereby emphasizing the oval of the face. Also, owners of a round face should refrain from too long hair and subsequent styling in the tail, etc.
Men's hairstyles for a round face: styling options
If we talk about fashionable hair styling for a round face, then grunge-style hairstyles are very popular. And they are laid, as a rule, in a chaotic manner, using wax or hair gel. This hairstyle looks unusual, as if you just got out of bed.

But haircut bob stylists recommend styling in a neat hairstyle. Here, an excellent option would be a hair foam with a straightening effect. One application and hair become obedient and beautiful. This simple way to help create a beautiful and neat hair styling.

Stylists recommend cascading and layered hairstyles to be styled with a shifted cent and not to make hair too voluminous. For a round face fit neat sports styling. Speaking of this, owners of a sports haircut, for example, boxing or double square, should always maintain neutrality.

These are the haircuts that should be laid in simple hairstyles. And as the stylists say, the simpler the haircut, the more convenient it is to lay it.

Determine the shape of the face

In the instructions for women, Layfhaker already wrote about how to determine the shape of a face with the help of a mirror and a marker. In short: you need to take a few measurements. Determine the length of the hairline to the chin and three widths: forehead, cheekbones and jaw. Now compare the measurement results.

  • If the face is proportional, the length is slightly larger than the widest part, with pronounced cheekbones - you have oval type faces.
  • If the length of the face is significantly greater than the width, the chin is wide and angular, and the forehead and jaw are about the same width - you rectangular type faces.
  • If the length and width are approximately equal, the cheekbones and forehead are the same width with a weakly pronounced chin - you round type faces.
  • If the length and width of the face are almost the same, but the forehead is angular and the chin is pronounced - you square type faces.
  • If the jaw line is the widest, with clear cheekbones and narrowed forehead - you triangular type faces.
  • If the length of your face is not much larger than the width, but at the same time the cheekbones are widest and your chin has rounded outlines - you have diamond type faces.
  • If the length of the face is not much larger than the width, the forehead or cheekbones are the widest, and your chin is pointed to the bottom - your face type "Inverted triangle".

Choosing the right hairstyle

Determine what shape your face is and find a suitable haircut from the image. All of them aim to balance the drawbacks and emphasize the merits of each type of face: visually narrow too wide parts or shorten long ones.


For oval face shape

The oval face is the ideal by default; it is this form that we will try to impart to other types with the help of visual tricks. In principle, any model of glasses and facial hair will suit you. But we will give a couple of recommendations.

  • Avoid things that upset the balance of the face: round large glasses, thick bangs, completely covering the forehead, narrow sideburns, pulling the face.
  • The symmetry of the face is emphasized geometrically regular forms. And the classic model of rectangular glasses with rounded edges.

Rectangular face shape

Since your face itself is full of straight lines (cheekbones, chin line, elongated in length), our task is to soften it a bit.

  • Ideal wide glasses with rounded lenses. For example, aviators.
  • Avoid narrow rectangular models: they will further narrow the shape of the face.
  • We do not recommend experimenting with goatee-type goats, goats, and others that visually stretch the face.
  • Harmony will give a short or medium length of the beard, framing the chin. They will hide a long chin and make facial features smoother.
The right shape of the beard drastically changes the image.

Round face shape

To balance a round face, it is necessary to visually lengthen the line "forehead - nose - chin" and add a little structure.

  • Avoid round or oblong rectangular glasses. Instead, pay attention to more square models like these:
  • You will look good on the stubble from temple to temple, trapezoid beard, or the already mentioned goatee and goat beard.
  • Look no worse than a mustache with tips down.

Square face shape

Holders of a volitional square should add softness to the image and stretch the vertical of the face.

  • Rectangular glasses with right angles visually weight the forehead. Prefer rounded models, tapering down: aviators and their various variations will do.
  • To stretch the face, focus on the chin. Combine the mustache and beard combinations, and you will find your ideal option.
  • Soften a strong chin smoothly trimmed skipper or Amish beard, walking along the chin line. Be warned: with the length of such vegetation you should not overdo it.

Triangular face shape

The “triangles” have an obvious advantage in the side of the jaw, but it is easy to neutralize it with the help of several simple techniques.

  • Wear glasses with a massive upper handle: they will visually increase the horizontal of the forehead with their width. Choose rounded models, they soften volitional chin.
  • Cut the beard so that it conceals the chin. To do this, vegetation should cover the lower part of the face, as in the picture:
  • Even a short stubble, like Brad Pitt, will smooth the jaw line.

Diamond face shape

The face-rhombus is the widest in the cheekbone area. We will visually lengthen and balance it by adding volume to the forehead and chin.

  • Choose glasses with large, downward lenses. Massive wide arches should be avoided - do not place an extra emphasis on the cheekbones.
  • The beard is a great helper for visually enlarging the mandible. You can grow massive (from temple to temple) or leave the volume directly on the chin.
  • The right shape of the beard will not only make your face more symmetrical, but also give you masculinity and brutality.
Do it! Just do it!

Face shape "inverted triangle"

In men with a similar type of face, a prominent forehead, which, although it speaks of the remarkable mind of the owner, still violates the harmony of perception. To look perfect, distract attention from him and widen the pointed chin.

  • Look for glasses with thin arms, especially for models with rounded corners.
  • Weight the jaw with an impressive beard: walking along the chin line, from temple to temple, with an additional accent under the cheekbones.
  • By the way, it is for you to fit the majestic sideburns, like Lincoln. And to make the face longer, shave the chin area.

What hairstyles will be the best choice?

According to hairdressers, it would be better not to have a haircut with short temples and a magnificent top. If you leave the locks on the temples elongated, you can achieve the effect of narrowing the cheeks. Young people with a round face are advised to go for a hairstyle a la creative mess - leave their hair disheveled.

A round face will look good on a bob hairstyle and cascade, box and half box, long oblique bangs. Thus, the round face is lengthened.

Many representatives of the strong half choose boxing or half boxes.

The master leaves the maximum length at the crown, and shortens the whiskey as much as possible. We get the desired elongated shape of the face, instead of round.

Retro haircut is obtained with the help of an elongated and raised bangs, combed back.

Fashionable men's haircuts for round face 2016

In the trend - the asymmetry.

Chubby mods choose an asymmetrical haircut and a fringe falling over one eye. This model is more often seen on the podium than in everyday life.

1. Style from Madame Pompadour. With the help of long hair we achieve volume - the maximum is needed from above, and on the sides it is difficult to comb. It can not do without styling products. Such a male haircut-styling brave choose and fans of luxury, aristocrats in the blood. Pompadour will help not only to keep up with the fashion, but also to get what we need - an oval effect instead of a round face.

2. Another variation of the Pompadour hairstyle, when the hair is cut from the sides to several mm. The so-called undercut. Long hair combed back on the nape in the shape of a track. It turns out a more clearly defined border between the length of the hair from the side and in the center. This hairstyle is not so high and more restrained.

3. Another find of stylists is a male bunch. Hair should be long enough. They are pulled from behind by a rubber band. Often this hairstyle is chosen in combination with a beard.

4. Mixing styles is in fashion. Bundle and haircut number two, which we called the undercut. The beam is fixed on the head, because the side of the hair is trimmed.

What a haircut will do is up to every man. Any of them should transform the head in a good way and help you choose your unique and trendy style.

Men's haircuts for an oval face

The oval face shape is considered the benchmark.but because its happy owners can afford to wear different hairstyles.

Oval-faced men classic short haircuts are shown, especially those that are characterized by the presence of short on the sides and longer on top strands. Hair should be removed back, because if the strands fall on the forehead, then the visually perfect oval face will become completely unnecessary roundness. Excellent look "ovalnitsy" men with long hair, as well as with hair "bun".

The representatives of the stronger sex with an oval face should prefer the following types of haircuts:

  • "Anterkatu" or "British",
  • "Canadian" with the back of the bangs back, if the strands in it are long,
  • “Boxing” and “halfbox”,
  • haircuts with bangs.

Hairstyles for oval face shape

The main methods of masking "Socrates" forehead

There are a number of tricks to help hide the high and wide forehead:

  1. You need to choose the right men's haircuts on a high forehead, with elongated bangs. Bangs can have a very different form, and therefore the owners of the "Socratic" foreheads will have the opportunity to experiment with their appearance.
  2. Direct parting should not “plow” the hairstyles of such men. There may be side parting, slightly opening the face when it comes to cascading haircuts.
  3. Prefer asymmetrical hairstyles with a short occipital and elongated front.
  4. Fit haircuts with protruding strands.

Tall men should stop combing back their hair, because these hairstyles are even more focused

Hairstyles for eared guys

The life of people with high and broad foreheads can be considered a paradise in comparison with the trials that fall to the lot of those who are not lucky enough to be born with bulging ears. They have been inherited since childhood, so it is not surprising that men with such a peculiarity are puzzled by the problem of how to disguise them.

Haircut for lop-eared men

Any haircuts are suitable for men with bulged ears. Another question is whether they are ready to proudly demonstrate their “wrong” ears or not. What are they haircuts for lop-eared men?

The ideal choice in such a situation is medium-length hair styles that are really able to hide bulging ears from prying eyes. So for men who have such a problem, first you need to grow hair to a length that will allow covering ears.After that, you should make a haircut, for example, a “graduated bob” or an elongated “bob”.

For men with bulged ears, it makes sense to grow a beard that will shift the focus from ears to yourself


Properly chosen hairstyle is capable of real miracles, giving the image of man originality and uniqueness. A man with well-groomed healthy hair will always be at the center of female attention, and therefore we advise you to approach the choice of hairstyle with full responsibility, because in our time “image is everything”!

Features round face

Determining the shape of the face is not so difficult, just look in the mirror and remove all hair from the face. To do this, measure:

  1. The length of the forehead,
  2. Face length
  3. Chin,
  4. Cheekbones

After measurements, the length of the face and cheekbones should be the same. The same applies to the forehead and chin. Jaws are not pronounced.

The peculiarity of this form is that the face is equal in length and width. It makes a man sweet and gentle. Given this, the stronger sex needs to create an image of a courageous and determined person.

Men's hairstyles for a round face pursue one goal - to visually extend the chin, and make the face clear. To achieve this goal, in addition to properly selected haircuts, you need to wear a beard with a mustache. Some adorn their image with short bristles.

Men's haircuts for a round face

In addition to the shape of the face you need to decide on your shortcomings, it will depend on this, what hairstyle you choose. Almost any hairstyle is suitable for guys with an oval face shape, on a round face you need to choose an image.

As already mentioned, the round face needs to be pulled out, this will help not only the right haircuts. For example, wear square-shaped glasses, avoid round and rectangular glasses. Also, if you have a mustache, their ends should look down.

Thanks to the ingenuity and creativity of stylists, now there are a huge number of options for men's hairstyles. Now we will see which hairstyles are suitable for a round face.

Bob is a hairstyle for round-faced men with thick but straight hair. It can be said that this is the perfect combination of hair shape and structure. The haircut has long temporal locks that visually lengthen the face.

Sometimes Bob is worn with a slanting bang, it perfectly corrects the face. You can not do direct bangs, it is even more rounded appearance of a man. The haircut is not short, for it you need to grow hair of medium length. This style can be decorated with different colors and unusual styling - it will change the image of its owner.

The cascade is suitable for those who do not have a thick and luxurious hair. Thanks to the many layers of ladders, the round face is drawn out. Cheeks and chin are not as noticeable as before.

This image is only suitable for long-haired guys with bangs. It looks a bit chaotic, but if you put it right, the appearance immediately changes. Do not forget that the chubby guy needs to lay the tips in the opposite direction from the cheeks. The structure of the hair, in this case, does not matter. The cascade is suitable for both straight and curly hair.

Boxing is a haircut that fits any type of hair. It is not recommended for guys with curly hair. This hairstyle instantly makes a strict and serious look. The characteristics of Boxing are that the hair is cut very short and the head is cut off along with the temples.

Some leave a small bang to lay it up and lengthen the face. Haircut box has a slightly different appearance, so consider this. Boxing is a win-win option, because thanks to the diversity of its styling, you can create different hairstyles under a round face.

Boxing and semi-boxing are similar hairstyles for chubby men. The only difference is the length of the hair. In the first case, the hair is cut very short, and in the second, different lengths can be tolerated. Polubox creates not such a strict appearance as boxing. This version of the haircut has a smooth transition strands.

In a semi-box, the border border runs below the back of the head. With this haircut, you can experiment with the client separately, given the characteristics of his face. Hair styling can also be done in different ways. In everyday life, a little chaos on your head will look stylish and attractive. Do not forget that for long hair you need to watch well, otherwise they will look ugly.

Haircuts with oblique bangs

Fashionable men's haircuts with oblique bangs look very original. For example, retro style makes a man a real macho. Also, a bob hairstyle with a slanting bang creates a similar look.

Some people think that having curly hair doesn’t need to cut a fringe, but it isn’t. There is a hairstyle such as “cold wave”, it is ideal for a strictly and formal style.

With a slanting bang, the parting should not be in the middle, but from the side. Bangs can be settled back and create a new unique image. Oblique bangs can be made in different haircuts, the main thing is to choose the one that suits you personally.

Hairstyles for chubby men: photos

To choose a suitable hairstyle for a plump face, you need to consider different options for images. To do this, take the time and look through the photos of such haircuts.

Hair should hide the flaws in appearance and emphasize the individual characteristics of men. Consult with a specialist and select the appropriate option.

Hair styling

Even if you have chosen the perfect image for you, you need to follow it regularly. Every haircut needs regular adjustment and constant styling. Moreover, if you have a beard, you also need to follow her.

Use high-quality cosmetics for hair care and from time to time make masks for them and nourish them with oils - this will help them look healthy and beautiful.

Determine the shape of your face

How to determine what shape your face? Very simple! Take a centimeter tape and take the following measurements:

  1. forehead - the distance between the highest points of the eyebrows,
  2. cheekbones - the distance between the prominent points of the cheekbones under the outer corners of the eyes,
  3. chin - the distance from the tip of the chin to the earlobe along the jaw line, this distance must be multiplied by two,
  4. face length - the distance from the hairline to the tip of the chin.

After these measurements, you need to find out which of the measurements obtained are more than others, and compare your measurements with the characteristics of different types of face:

  • oval: the length of the face is longer than the distance between the cheekbones, and the forehead is wider than the chin line, the chin is more round than square,
  • square: all measurements are about the same, the chin is square rather than round,
  • rectangle: the length of the face is the greatest measure, the forehead, the cheekbones and the chin line are about the same,
  • Circle: the distance between the cheekbones and the length of the face are about the same, they are larger than the chin line and the width of the forehead, which are also about the same, the chin line is soft and not very pronounced,
  • diamond: face length is the most pronounced measure, then, in descending order: cheekbones, forehead, chin line, the chin itself is well-defined, pronounced,
  • heart: the width of the forehead is greater than the distance between the cheekbones and the chin line, the chin itself is pronounced,
  • triangle: the chin line is larger than the distance between the cheekbones, and the cheekbones are wider than the forehead.

After determining the shape of the face, you can proceed to the selection of the type of hair according to the advice of the best hairdressers in London.

Men's haircuts for a square face

Square face manly. It is proportional, with a strong jaw and pronounced chin. Like the oval, it is an excellent base for any haircut. He is suitable and extremely short, and long hair - from haircuts Boxing to French Crop and bangs. Remember that the shorter your hair, the more it seems that you just called into the army. This will not always benefit you.

“Classic neat haircuts are best suited for a square face. It means simple lines, side partings, short strands, ”says Stevens. Easy unshaven gives a person clarity, without violating its proportions.

Men's haircuts for a rectangular face

A rectangular face is the longest of all shapes. It is somewhere between oval and square and requires a well-designed haircut that does not lengthen it.

Nicolau explains that the rectangular face looks elongated. It is important to avoid too short hair lengths on the sides and increased volume from the top, so as not to focus on the length of the face. It is better to choose a proportional cut with an average length on the sides or top.

Jamie Stevens offers hairstyles in which hair falls on the sides and / or on the forehead. These hairstyles visually add width to the face.

In any case, never combine a haircut with a beard, advises Adam Brady. A full beard only lengthens the face. If you so want to lower the beard, you can try a light unshaven or very short beard. And even then, it is worthwhile to do so only if necessary to hide the imbalances.

Example haircuts for a rectangular face type

Diamond shaped haircuts

Narrow in the area of ​​the chin and eyebrows, wider in the area of ​​the cheekbones, the face in the shape of a diamond is the rarest type of face. It fully corresponds to its name, as it requires proper cutting.

Jamie Stevens says that the best solution for such a face is hairstyles that add width to the forehead and chin. Filirovka, torn strands allow you to add texture in the forehead. Long hairstyles with hair that can be combed behind the ears emphasize the shape of the face. At the same time, you shouldn’t cut the hairs on the sides much - it will draw attention to the cheekbones, also this hairstyle will visually make the ears too big.

Soft lines and strands are best suited for this type of face, softening its natural angles. Try combing the hair on the side, and also add a slight unshaven, if you want to give volume to the face in the area of ​​the chin.

Sample diamond haircut

Haircuts when the face is heart shaped

Wide in the temples and the hairline, tapering to the chin, a rather rare face in the shape of a heart requires a haircut, which visually makes it more proportional.

Stevens advises avoiding too short or smoothly combed hair, as it focuses attention on the narrow chin and wide forehead. Medium hair length and loose styling soften the visual impression of a wide forehead.

Facial hair can also help solve the imbalance problem. It adds the required volume of the lower part of the face. As in the case of a diamond-shaped face, a beard or stubble can make a face more complete.

An example of diamond haircuts

What haircuts to choose in 2017 for a round face

Suitable hairstyles for men with a round face are the classic bob, boxing, halfboxing, cascade, visually lengthening the face. Approaching the oval, adjusting the shape of the hairstyle in retro style with a long bang in the presence of combing back. If you raise, fix the bangs, then the cheekbones will look sharper.

To extend the chin, highlight the cheekbones, you can grow a long braid. In the presence of thick hair, small chaos on the head is suitable, hiding the roundness of the face, as well as the stubble on the chin. Multilevel haircuts are good, visually pulling, do not require much time for laying. Men with a round face always have haircuts with a lush top, shortened temples. Contractile sideburn cheeks, elongated strands on temples.

Young people are always easier to choose a hairstyle. They fit the original haircuts with asymmetry, carelessness.

Master class creating fashionable men's hairstyles

A hairstyle with a centuries-old history belonging to an exceptionally strong sex. Four-sided caret goes well with wavy hair. It is suitable for men of all types, regardless of age, status, type of hair. Separate long, short car, with bangs and without it. Bangs can be:

  • long
  • oblique
  • straight.

The nuances depend on the type and structure. Curls are perfectly combined with raised strands that open the forehead.

Caret needs attention and care. Constant maintenance of cleanliness, use of shampoos, conditioners depending on the type of hair. Such a haircut will require styling with modeling tools.

Canadian can be with a bald spot

Another popular men's haircut for a round face. It is distinguished by short hair at the back of the head, crown and in the temporal zone. The area of ​​the bangs and the parietal zone are slightly elongated. Five-minute haircut that turns any man into an elegant dandy. The simple form allows you to try different styling. Chubby ones are recommended to leave strands for framing the face in order to soften the features.

Canadian, too, requires everyday styling, durability, tidiness. Styled hair dryer with special tools. When drying, it is important to pay attention to the bangs, put mousse on it to fix it. If unruly strands appear, they are returned to the hair with wax. Ready laying fix a varnish. Canadian organically looks in any situation.

Boxing and halfboxing: short and fashionable

Common practical male hairstyle, easy to do on hair of any length, texture. Combined with any type of face. The technology is simple, involves the creation of a magnificent top, shortened temples. These men's hairstyles for a round face create a balance of features.

For “Boxing,” there is a short length of strands, no more than 4 cm. In the parietal zone, the strands are longer than in the temporal region. Permissible bangs of any length, in harmony with the hairstyle.

"Polubox" looks and runs differently. Differs hair length. This haircut requires long hair in the parietal zone, the most shortened temples or shaved completely. In the classic version it assumes a transition in the lower occipital part or in the center, which is located lower than in the “box”.

Asymmetry for a creative person

Trend that transforms a round face. Asymmetry helps to distract from disproportionate facial features and visually corrects them. To enhance the effect, you can complement the hair with oblique bangs, covering a little one eye.

Asymmetrical men's haircuts on a round face should provide short hair on the back of the head with an elongation to the front. The hairstyle looks original with strands framing the face on one side and combed out on the other. Laying is carried out according to the standard scheme. In the end, you can ruffle a little curls, to create a negligent effect. It will look original and fresh.

Topical youth men's haircuts with asymmetry perfectly hide the roundness of the face. Stylish with such styling look young men.

Watch the video: Top 10 Men's Facial Hair Styles 2019 EVERY Man Should Know (December 2019).