Snail hairstyle: your gentle image

Unfortunately, the nature of not all the girls has rewarded with thick and long hair, flowing down to the very loins. If you are one of them and every day you are in search of interesting, fashionable and simple styling, then consider that the problem has been solved. Hair "Snail" - this is exactly what you need. Another name, more elegant, sounds like “French bunch”.

We will understand in detail the subtleties and types of installation.

To suit the hairstyle "Shell"

The undeniable dignity possessed by the hairstyle "Shell" - on medium hair to make it yourself is not difficult. There is one small nuance: if you have curly hair by nature, then for the first experience it is better to pre-align the curls with a flat iron, otherwise it will be problematic to assemble the "Snail".

Naturally, it is necessary to do styling on freshly washed and dried hair. For protection, you can use a heat-resistant mousse. It will protect the hair structure.

For long-haired beauties this option is also suitable. Plus, they have more possibilities for the experiment: curls can be made fluffy, combed at the roots or curled into separate strands that will frame the face. Hairstyle perfectly emphasizes the elegant line of the neck, and the image makes it elegant and feminine. By the way, you can choose any outfit: urban or pleasure, evening or romantic. The only exception is sporty style.

There are several options for how to create hair "snail". How to make a classic and modernized version, consider the example of detailed instructions.

Classic performance

This is a basis, a technique that needs to be mastered perfectly, then it will be easier for you to do the rest of its variations.

How is the hairstyle "Snail"? Step-by-step instructions will help in this matter.

First of all, the hair should be thoroughly washed and blow-dried.

To cope with the disobedient curls will help styling gel or mousse, which you need to put on them in a small amount.

It is better to slightly dry a thick head of hair after applying the styling agent.

On the back of the head we collect the usual tail of medium height.

Now the free edge needs to be rolled up.

Next from the harness you need to make a loop.

The remaining free edge of the hair, even if it is of medium length, needs to be laid inside the formed “shell”.

If there are free curls, out of the hair, they can be fixed stealth or fixed with a styling mousse, you can also tweak them slightly.

The "Shell" itself is fixed with pins.

The result must be fixed by means of laying a strong action.

Hair "Shell" on the average hair is ready.

Romantic version for curly hair

The presented wavy hairstyle “Snail” ideally complements the light and airy image of a young girl and pacifies curly and unruly curls. Unlike the first option, in this case there is no need to align the hair with the iron. The highlight of the styling is that it looks slightly sloppy and disheveled.

The algorithm of actions is identical to the classical method, but in order to fully immerse oneself in ease, one should abandon the use of mousses and styling gels. The hair is more magnificent, the more interesting it looks.

The elegance of the evening image

Undoubtedly, the hair "Snail" is able to give a special charm to the image of a stylish and successful woman at the solemn event. The way of implementing the plan is no different from the previous variations. However, here the main role is played by accessories and fantasy.

If you decide to make the "Snail" in a classic version, then special attention should be paid to individual curls and bangs. The temples can be left beautifully descending spiral. They emphasize the oval of the face and the length of the neck, and the tail, which usually hides inside, can be flexed and laid out near the helix.

Make hair truly luxurious, you can use jewelry. It can be as usual costume jewelry, and unique diamonds.

Hair "Shell" is the choice of real ladies who know how to present themselves in society. Feminine and light, it is appropriate for any event, if you use new accessories every time, the styling will have a completely different look.

Editorial Board

If you want to improve the condition of your hair, special attention should be paid to shampoos that you use.

A frightening figure - in 97% of shampoos of famous brands are substances that poison our body. The main components, due to which all the troubles on the labels are designated as sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, coco sulfate. These chemicals destroy the structure of the hair, the hair becomes brittle, lose elasticity and strength, the color fades. But the worst thing is that this stuff gets into the liver, heart, lungs, accumulates in the organs and can cause cancer.

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Step-by-step instruction

Parting, if you wear a long bang, you can leave it. Tie two flat tails on each half approximately in the middle of the head (the first photo). Divide the resulting tails into two parts and weave flagella.

Tip: so that the flagella are held tightly and not unraveled, spin the strands clockwise between them, and then turn them against and fix them with rubber bands.

To create pomp use a well-known technique: run the fingers along the entire length of the flagella, as if stretching them along the edges. It will look neater without loose hair, so as soon as you notice them - smooth and spray varnish.

Flagella need to twist in a special way. Look at the photo: the girl wraps the right flagellum around the left.

The movement is counterclockwise. The spiral is conceived in such a way that it masks an untidy tail. Pin it up with invisible hairpin / hairpins and fix hairspray.

Not difficult? The next step is also simple: lift the 2nd braid along the center so as to make a snail. If desired, slightly fluff your curled spirals. And try again varnish.

The result, as you can see in the photo, is flawless.

Classic snail

To braid your hair with spirals all over your head, it’s better to get a girlfriend. The whole point of the hairstyle is this: braid a French braid in the center, laying it around, gradually creating a snail all over his head. In the photo the perfect hair snail.

"Heart" hair - a circle of small diameter of the hair on the back of the head. This hair is divided into four strands. Braid them with a French braid: alternately between each other, intercepting only from the outside. Are the locks in the center? Continue to weave, the second coil should be indented, then the "gap" at the top of the head will be closed. And when there is nothing to weave in, complete the creation with a simple pigtail, hide it and secure with an elastic band. The result is an intricate shell.

For what cases is suitable hairstyle?

Make a snail for work or university - why not? You probably will not be overlooked. As we noted, “all snails look very elegant” and gently, the classic hairstyle will add more chic due to its complexity. With it you can go to the theater and on a date, even for a wedding laying would be appropriate if you decorate it with studs with rhinestones or small buds, attach an elegant hairpin or weave ribbons.

Elegant snail hairstyle: its 2 most common varieties

As banal tails and pigtails are tired, sometimes you want to sing as if in the song “to get stuck on something” and build something on your head. But that is not very difficult and at the same time stylish and fashionable. When you take possession of a similar mood, hair snail, or as it is called the French twist, a real find.

Outwardly, it resembles the shell of a well-known mollusk, and owes it its name. Appeared "snail" about a thousand years ago in ancient Greece, has many varieties. Hair can be smoothly laid in a strict bun, slightly disheveled, woven into an elaborate braid, decorated with all sorts of accessories.

Regardless of the type of “snail” chosen, it gives girls an incredibly romantic, feminine and elegant look. The optimal length for creating such beauty is medium.

Slightly below, only a few varieties of this hairstyle are considered, step-by-step instructions for a snail hairstyle are presented in a bundle, which is not difficult to do on your own.

What do you need for styling?

To create this universal evening hairstyle, whose popularity has not fallen down for centuries, you will need:

  • Hair needles or Chinese sticks
  • Mousse,
  • Super Strong Varnish,
  • Transparent gum,
  • Hairpins or stealth.

How to make a snail hairstyle for long and medium hair of a girl: a step by step instruction

After reading the step-by-step instructions, it will be easy to make a snail's hair with your own hands

  1. Treat the strands with hair mousse, dry them with a stream of cold air,
  2. Carefully comb the curls, to add extra volume, you can lightly comb them,
  3. Tie your hair in a loose tail,
  4. With a Chinese wand, grab the curls a little lower than the elastic,
  5. Begin to twist. Straighten the strands a little. A few side specifically leave not seasoned. It will give you a slightly playful and bold look,
  6. Fix the curled locks with stealth and hairspray,
  7. A beautiful hairpin, tiara, fabric flower or any other decoration will help to complement the image.

Girls on a note

Not every girl will be able to shape her hair. This is unlikely to make women with short hair. But from the strands of medium length, this hairstyle is created without any difficulty.

If a girl has perfectly straight strands, she is lucky - it will be very easy to put the hair in the shape of a shell.

The owners of curly hairs one way out - to pre-straighten curls with a special device. This hairstyle is necessarily performed on only washed and dried hair.

Women who are proud of their thick hair, available the largest number of options for "shells".

It can be combined with a pile. Also, several strands can be released from the hair, curl or fluff.

Hair "Shell" comes from France, it visually lengthens the female figure, making her slim. This style completely opens the neck, which brings a maximum of tenderness and femininity to the image.

To put in this hairstyle middle strands, it will take several items.

  • a massage comb, preferably a wooden one, as a comb made from non-natural material can injure the hair structure,
  • a flat comb with a long arm to separate with her strands,
  • comb with frequent teeth, which is designed to smooth hair,
  • invisible and studs for fixing strands, as well as beautiful hairpins,
  • laying tools to secure the result.

Classic in the creation of "snail"

A “shell” of a classic look is the first thing worth learning to do. Having tried the basic version, it will be easier with others.

Even a simple "snail" can be done in different ways. But first you need to make your hair smooth and docile. For this purpose, apply a mousse or a light gel.

Smoothed hair is combed and gathered around the back of the head, tightening it around the tips with a rubber band. The finished tail is twisted into a bundle.

It can be twisted strongly or weakly, depending on the presentation of the final result.

Made a tourniquet fold on the head in half, to get a loop.

This loop is wrapped inside the hairstyle, thereby forming a "shell". There it is necessary to remove the tip of the tail.

To connect the "shells" and other hair use a barrette. Most likely, some hairs will be knocked out of the hair, so they will need to pacify comb with frequent teeth.

If desired, a few thin strands can be released from the shell, to make them curls and just light waves, slightly twisted by a finger.

Made the "shell" must be varnished to keep its shape as long as possible during the day or a festive event.

"Snail" with waves

“Shell” of curls is more suitable for girls whose hair is curled. They do not have to specifically use the iron.

And ladies who like this hairstyle very much, will need a curling. Beautifully laid curls always evoke associations with ease, freedom and romance.

The way to create a wavy "shell" is no different from the previous one. But the look of hair will be completely different.

When forming a "shell" of curls, you need to take into account one feature.

No need to specifically smooth the strands, trying to ensure that they lie flat. This hairstyle welcome light negligence.

Sometimes it even becomes necessary to pull out a few strands of twisted hair. They need to hang around a little and freely fall on his forehead.

You can do otherwise, for example, do not completely hide the tip of the tail.

This style implies a kind of playfulness in the female image. It is suitable for every day or for a special occasion.

Let's embellish a simple "shell"

The classic version of the "Shell" hairstyle can be slightly modified and embellished, if you make a pile on your head.

In order for the "snail" to turn out together with a fleece, you need to perform three steps:

  1. To comb a hair and make a pile of strands at the top of the head, securing it with stealth,
  2. The rest of the hair must be combed from left to right, hook it in the middle of the head with stealth and form a tail of them,
  3. Strands of tail must be twisted with a cord and form a twisted “snail” out of it.

The shape of the "snail" will be ideal if you use a twister (an object with a fixing clip, has the form of a mesh metal tube).

To make a haircut with him, strands are combed and completely grasped by hand. Then, through the hair gathered together to the base of the tail, a twister is passed through.

It gently downward, leaving near the tips of the hair.

After this, the strands are wound like a coil, putting the tips inside. Finished laying is fixed with pins.

Unusual double "shell"

The invention also a non-standard type of "seashell". The secret is that this hairstyle is created from strands twisted in two directions.

To make this “Shell” laying correctly, you need to follow the instructions:

  • The hair is divided into three parts. The first strand is collected from the bangs, the second is from the hair from the top of the head, the third is from the strands at the back of the head,
  • All parts must fit each other in volume, but the partings may not be very smooth,
    strands in the upper part of the head for a while are fixed with hairpins so as not to interfere.And the hair from the back of the head must be twisted upward so that a “banana” is formed. The tips of the hair must be cleaned inside the hairstyle, which is fixed for reliability by the studs,
  • Hair at the top you need to twist in a similar way, only in a different direction, that is, downwards. The ends of the hairs are hiding under the new bundle, which is also fixed by the invisible,
  • With the remaining bangs, you need to do the following: lightly comb it, add volume, twist using a pencil, and form a small graceful loop. The finished wavy bend must be fixed with thin hairpins and fixed with varnish, otherwise the loop will not lie,
  • Finished mirrored "snails" can be decorated with studs with flower buds or rhinestones. Some women used ribbons and fresh flowers. In the selection of jewelery, it is necessary to equate to, along with, what kind of solemn event you are invited to,
  • To prevent the styling from falling apart accidentally, it is better to sprinkle it with a lacquer of medium or strong fixation.

Interesting tail

1. Apply to strands mousse or foam. Evenly distribute the tool throughout the length.

2. Divide the hair into two parts and tie them with a regular knot.

3. Tighten both ends and tie another knot.

4. We pin the knot stealth upwards.

5. Slightly weft the tail in order to give it a volume.

How do you like that?

Very fast and easy hairstyle for every day.

Recently we told how to make a stylish haircut in 5 minutes.

What is a snail hairstyle

Hairstyle snail or, as it is also called, shell - is a classic styling of the hair collected on the back of the head, which is known from the last century. It received its name due to the similarity with the snail shell. The main feature of this hairstyle - neat smooth lines.

Famous actresses have often chosen a snail hairstyle to enter the carpet

Hairstyle snail does not go out of fashion, thanks to its undeniable merits:

  • versatility of occasions - suitable for both everyday wear and evening wear,
  • Convenience - if you let loose hair, and a horse's tail and a bundle seem too simple and not elegant enough, then an elegant and feminine snail is your option,
  • ease of execution - laying is easy to do on your own, you just have to practice,
  • universality of types of hair - suitable for all types of hair: straight, wavy, thick and thin. The only exception is curly hair, but for such a head of hair you can make a snail's hair, if you straighten them beforehand.

This hairstyle fits

Hairstyle snail is suitable for both girls and women of mature age, owners of long curls or hair of medium length (shoulder length). It is better not to do such styling on short hair, since the hairs will fall out of the overall composition. As for the type of person, here are some tips to consider when choosing a styling option:

  • owners of a round face should complement their hair with a thick bang and leave loose curls on the sides,
  • for girls with a square or triangular face, it is better to make a snail of an asymmetrical shape - twist the roller not in the center of the head, but shift it to the side. An excellent addition to the hairstyle will serve oblique asymmetrical fringe.

Double snail

It is very beautiful and feminine to look like a double snail or, as it is also called "shell", consisting of two identical parts - the halves of one "shell".

In order to style your hair, you must:

  1. Comb and distribute hair styling.
  2. Divide hair into two equal parts.
  3. Twist the hair into bundles towards the middle, hide the tips inside the hair.
  4. Secure the installation of studs and fix the varnish.

Snail with weaving

A snail hairstyle with elements of weaving will look very feminine and romantic.

Weave gives the classic hairstyle more originality

To do this, braid one or more braids, and then collect the hair according to the standard scheme. You can make two symmetrical braids on the sides, or you can decorate a haircut on one side only.

Fishtail snail

Hair snail from the fishtail spit - an original and stylish styling that will give your look a highlight. In appearance, this hairstyle resembles the shape of a seashell.

The fishtail braid looks unusual and stylish, collected on the head in the form of a sea shell

In order to make such a styling, you need to master the technique of weaving a fishtail spit:

  1. Comb your hair thoroughly.
  2. Highlight a strand of hair over the right ear and divide it into 2 equal parts.
  3. Now, from the right side, separate the thin strand and transfer it to the inside of the weave, connecting it to the left side.
  4. Similarly, separate the thin strand on the left and flip to the right.
  5. In this case, add curls from the two sides to the strands, taken from loose hair on the left and right, as when weaving the spikelet.
  6. Spit lagging in the direction from the right ear to the left.
  7. When the weaving reaches the center of the upper occipital zone of the head, begin to make pickups just to the right.
  8. On the left do not do pickups, just separate the thin strands for weaving the fish tail.
  9. When all the free curls end, dock the braid, throwing thin strands from the sides inward.
  10. Secure the braid with a rubber band.
  11. Twist the resulting braid in the form of a shell and secure it with pins.

Photo Gallery: styling options based on the hair snail

Hairstyle snail - timeless classics, which is suitable for any occasion. She will add variety to the casual look and make you the queen of the evening. Such a hairstyle will give a touchy, gentle, innocent look to young girls, and a royal aristocracy and elegance to ladies. It turns out to make the evening hair at home under the force of each. The main thing is to turn on the fantasy and have patience, and everything will turn out.

Scythe snail

In order for the process to bring pleasure, and the hairstyle lasted as long as possible, training will be required.

Prepare the necessary accessories

Your reliable assistants will be:

  • comb with end-spoke,
  • terry scrunchy,
  • silicone gum,
  • several clamps.

Start of creation

  1. Separate small strand on the crown. Do not try to make a neat hair parting, this is not necessary. The beauty of such a shell is that the following rows will partially overlap the previous ones, covering a small flaws.
  2. For convenience, intercept the center piece with a terry rubber band, and fasten the hair around.

How to braid a snail from the hair: the separation and securing strands

  1. Dissolve the gum, select a quarter-sized sector in the separated strand and begin to weave by gently grabbing the strands..

Strands must be captured exclusively from the outside.
A regular braid without pallets is woven from the inside.

The beginning of weaving "snails"

Next steps

  1. Separate the strand in a circle so that the braid is going to the center of the hair. In this case, the beginning of weaving will remain imperceptible. Otherwise, it is likely to get an unattractive little “bald spot” in the center.

Go to the second row

  1. "Having understood" with the selected strand, remove the clamp and take the subwoofer, making a small indent from the resulting parting. This will be the second turn of your snail. The smaller the indents, the more coils will be in the hairstyle.

When weaving the second coil, it is better to make a small indent in order to safely hide the center of the weave.

Photos of the correct location of the spit with a concentration in the center

  1. Having finished the second coil, which hides the beginning of the weaving, begin to move the weaving away from the center.. To do this, pull the weaving not to the second coil, but from it to the parting. The index finger of the left hand should slide on the part of the previous coil. Due to this, the pigtail will close the part and will not “go away” far.

The final stage

  1. Moving around, continue to weave in a circle. Be sure to control each new coil if your snail has shifted to the side. This is easy to do by comparing the distance from the ears to the weaving.

To hairstyle was neat and strong, do not take the main strand and braid together.
First, determine the location of the main strand, and then the subtitle.
Carefully smooth it with your fingers and lay over the wide strand.

For unruly hair, you can use a small amount of gel

  1. Finish hairstyle better behind the ears. If you choose the end of the hairstyle left ear, braid bottom, if the right - on top. The most convenient second option, for its implementation on the last turn from the right ear, take away all the remaining hair.
  2. If you have a short bang, you can leave it unused, it is better to weave a long hair.
  3. Tail, which was formed from the remaining hair, until the end of the braid in braid and secure with a small rubber band.

  1. All that's left is to hide the tip.. To do this, stretch it under the first 3 rows. Due to the fact that you took the pegs on one side only, peculiar pockets formed in the hair, which will help to hide the tip.

How to weave a snail from the hair: the final stage and the "work" on the tail

This braid can be decorated with hairpins, decorative pins or "crabs."

Classic shell

Hair snail for long hair can have a slightly different look and is suitable for a classic look, ladies in a strict business suit or a luxurious evening dress.

It is easy to create such a masterpiece with your own hands, the main thing is to stock up with a sufficient number of Invisibles and fixing means.

Instructions for creating seashells

Lightly moisten the curls with water, apply foam or light mousse on the hair. After that, comb and dry the strands. Try to moisturize the hair evenly, but not much. Otherwise you have to spend a lot of time waiting for them to dry.

In the area of ​​the bangs, separate the wide strand and pin it with stealth. Combine the bulk of your hair well, move it to the left and secure it with the help of stealth hair.

Twist the bundle of strands, directing the hair to the right. To secure the shell firmly, fix it with pins. It will be easy to do, because the base is already fixed invisible.

If you have thick hair and a shell that turns out to be “heavy”, endow it with lightness with a small pile on the top of the head.
In addition, voluminous hairstyles are now at the peak of popularity!

Try different options: beauty in diversity.

Only at first glance, shells and snails seem to be complex structures, but in fact you can create such a masterpiece. The price of a beautiful hairstyle is your time and diligence, and the result is the admiring glances of others. Well, it's time to get started, and the video in this article will become a reliable guide to the world of unusual hairstyles.

Fishtail bundle

1. My head with shampoo and apply thermal protection to the strands.

2. Dry hair with hair dryer.

3. Curl strands curling - it will give hair volume.

4. Gently brush the curls with your fingers.

5. Braid fishtail (how to braid, see below!).

6. We loosen weaving along the entire length, giving it an openwork look.

7. Twist the braid in a bundle on the back of his head and fix it with pins.

8. Release some thin and careless strands around the face.

And you can do without twisting, leave the spike spike as it is:

Bohemian style sloppy beam

Going on holiday? Take care of a beautiful outfit complement! Simple hairstyles for long hair will allow you to remain the most beautiful.

  1. We comb, divide the hair into thin strands and curl them with a curling.
  2. On both sides we braid spiral braids.
  3. We reach the back of the head and fix them with stealth.
  4. On the hair from the left side we perform bouffant.
  5. We wrap it with smooth strands from the right side.
  6. The foundation of the future beam is fixed with a pin.
  7. The remaining tail is twisted into a bun, hiding the tip under the hair.
  8. Gently stretch the braid weave to give them thickness and volume.
  9. Spray hair with lacquer.

Casual bunch of three braids

Step 1: Comb and divide hair into three sections. We fix the middle and upper parts with a clip so that they do not interfere with further work.

Step 2: The bottom of the braid.

Step 3: Tie the tip with a transparent rubber band.

Step 4: Braid the same pigtail from the middle section. The tip is tied with a transparent rubber band.

Step 5: Combing back the upper section of the hair. We divide it into three equal parts. Two side twist into tight bundles.

Step 6: We connect the harnesses with the third part and braid another braid. The tip is tied with a transparent rubber band.

Step 7: Fix the upper braid with a hairpin so that it does not interfere. We twist the middle pigtail into a snail and fasten it with pins.

Step 8: Wrap the lower pigtail around the middle one. Fix the studs.

Step 9: The upper braid is laid so that it hides all the flaws of previous turns. Gently fix the stud.

Step 10. Spray the hair with lacquer.

Unusual horse tail

  1. We comb and make two partings in the direction from the temporal lobes to the crown. As a result, you get a triangle. That he is needed for further work, but the rest of the hair is better to tie a rubber band.
  2. Divide the triangle into three equal strands.
  3. We cross them together, gradually adding new strands - weave a French cone. Tie the spit with a transparent elastic band.
  4. The remaining hair is attached to our pigtail and tied at the top of the head.
  5. Wrap the gum thin strand.

Or you can make a ponytail with a small twist:

Hair basket

Simple hairstyles for every day can not do without a variety of weaving. Here is a very beautiful and romantic styling, based on the French braid.

1. Comb the strands with a hairbrush and separate the small strand behind the right ear. We divide it into three sections.

2. We select strands from one side, then from the other side and skip them crosswise under the main part of the braid. It turns out the French spike vice versa.

3. We continue to weave a pigtail in a circle. For convenience, tilt your head forward slightly. Carefully ensure that the strands are not lost and located symmetrically.

4. After reaching the base of the pigtail, braid the remaining hair into a three-row pigtail. Tie the tip with a thin elastic band.

5. Carefully stretch the weaving with your hands so that the wreath is free.

6. Finish the wreath shape and hide the spit tip inside. If length allows, make a couple of turns and fix them with studs.

See also: video selection of light hairstyles for medium and long hair

Two simple hairstyles for every day. Quick hairstyles for school and for work, every day for medium / long hair with your own hands. TAILWAY TAIL / 3 SIMPLE HAIRSTYES FOR EVERY DAY * Hairstyles for 1 SEPTEMBER Bohemian braids

  1. We comb and curl hair curling.
  2. We divide the hair into 2 parts - the parting should be strictly in the middle. We fix one half with a barrette so as not to interfere.
  3. From the second part we make a French braid. Moving from the area above the ear in the direction of the neck and neck. Temporarily fasten the braid with a clip.
  4. Release the first part from the clamp and braid it in the same way. Re-fix the clip.
  5. We connect both braids with an elastic band, we remove clips.
  6. We brush the tail with a fine comb.
  7. Gently stretch the weave to give it a tracery look.
  8. We separate the thin strand from the tail and wrap it around the elastic band.

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About hairstyle

Perfect for evening dresses that require a formal business style. It has remarkable functional qualities, i.e. it can be done with different hair length, the only negative it is not suitable for too short hair.

Suitable for girls with different types of appearance and face shape.

What is needed for self-fulfillment snail hairstyle?

First you need to wash your hair and let it dry completely.
From cosmetic accessories, you need a styling foam or mousse, comb, hairpin, invisible hair, a thin elastic band, and a varnish to fix the result.
For decoration, you can use decorative accessories.

Having collected all the necessary accessories, feel free to proceed with the work.
Follow the step-by-step instructions, and, most importantly, believe that the hairstyle will work out.
This hairstyle Will suit equally both to owners of a rich magnificent head of hair, and that who cannot be pleased by so magnificent hair. The main thing is to come up with an image and combine all its elements with each other.

Haircut "snail" step by step instructions

Those who are interested in how to make a snail hair, you should know that there are two options for its execution. Depending on the style and image, you can choose the right for you.
The classic version of the run. It will be perfectly combined with evening dress:

  1. First moisten the hair with mousse or foam to make it supple to create a hairstyle. It is important not to overdo it with a dose of styling agent.
  2. We collect hair near the bangs and pin them invisible or thin elastic band. In the meantime, we cut the main hair to the left and pin it well with hairpins.
  3. Next, twist, making hair tight bundle. Raise hair up and firmly fix, so that the hair does not fall apart. Well fill with hairspray.

The second version of the hairstyle is gorgeous for both little girls at prom or performances, and for adult women.

For this variation of devices, you only need a rubber band and a comb, and the execution itself will consist of the ability to properly weave a braid all over the head.

Weaving the usual braids start from the middle of the head. And start in a circle, gradually increasing its diameter. Thus, you should make a circular braid before the end of the hair.
Fix hair can weave ordinary braids using stealth.

Having understood the nuances of weaving such an original hairstyle, you will always shine in society.

Characteristics of laying snail

According to the official version, this intricate hairstyle was born a hundred years ago in a country that has long been known as a trendsetter - charming France. True, experts say that even in the past millennium, the inhabitants of ancient Greece turned their curls in a similar way, but the fact remains: it was the French ladies who gave the glory and popularity to the snail.

The popularity of the snail is due to its simplicity and elegance.

Since then, every now and then changing, overgrowing with new variations of styling and names - French bun, twist, shell, banana - hair triumphantly marches around the world, equally often appearing on the heads of ordinary girls, influential politicians and screen stars. But in any circumstances, its inherent feature remains the same bizarre form, and indeed remotely resembling the shell of a mollusk.

Who is the hairstyle?

Almost everyone! The showiness of the cochlea does not depend on the thickness, or on the structure of the hair, or on the age of their owner:

  • she looks good on mature ladies,
  • young ladies gives a feminine and graceful look,
  • complemented by elements of weaving and bright hairpins, it looks interesting even on little girls,
  • smooth curls cost nothing to comb into a classic, aristocratic-refined snail,
  • curls - put in a deliberately careless, "home" version of hair,
  • thin strands gain fluff thanks to the hair.

And also consider the fact that the French beam completely exposes the neck, making it slimmer and thinner and focusing on the posture of a woman.

What cases are suitable for?

Again, absolutely for everyone. It was once, almost 100 years ago, a snail was considered to be the hairstyle of ceremonial receptions and grand receptions, now it can be found anywhere.

  1. Neat, allowing you to keep the curls in perfect order all day, the cockleshell is always in demand among business ladies who ply in presentable offices with their strict dress code.
  2. Decorated with eye-catching hairpins, decorative pins or a comb, it is in place at any official event, be it a school graduation or a catwalk on the red carpet in Cannes.

Fantasy stylists have no boundaries

Speaking shortly, there is no such place or event where the snail would look unnatural, and there is no such dress with which it would not be combined.

Himself a hairdresser: the subtleties of creating a snail with your own hands

Keep in mind, though at the first attempt to roll the hair into a fancy beginner shell it can fail, in fact there is nothing difficult in this hairstyle. That is why the snail and descended from the ballroom to the heads of ordinary Parisians once, that its styling took several minutes on the force! All you need is some practice and some tools.

What tools should stock up on?

  1. Massage brush to properly comb your hair.
  2. Comb with a sharp clove to separate the rows without problems.
  3. Hairpins or stealth.
  4. Several clamps.
  5. Laying agent: mousse or lacquer strong fixation.
  6. Since the easiest way to keep a snail in her hair is smooth hair, it does not hurt (at least at first) to get a flat iron.
  7. If you are making a festive hairstyle, you will need flashy accessories.
  8. It will also be good to stock up on two mirrors or sit down in front of the trellis so that at any moment you can control the “progress of work”

Straight hair styled easier

Needless to say, the hair should be washed, dried, combed well and - if the classic smooth shell is conceived - straightened with an iron. Want to add a hairstyle volume? Divide the order into sectors and stuff. Do you want to make them more obedient and thus ease the task? Apply a little mousse to your hair.

Simple shell

Another variant of the popular hairstyle, which you can’t do for yourself, looks like this ...

  1. Smoothly comb your hair, treat with mousse and collect it in a ponytail.
  2. Without securing it with a rubber band or studs, wrap the tail around your palm. Your task is to create a shape resembling a seashell.
  3. Hide the tip of the tail inside the resulting "bun", fix the beautiful hair clip or pins, and then varnish.

Agree, nothing complicated?

Another option: divide the hair in a direct parting into two parts and roll two rollers instead of one.

Hairstyle turns elegant and festive

Moving the roller out of the hair closer to the top of the head or the back of the head, twisting it as tightly as possible or leaving it free, decorating your hair with hair or bangs, you can create a variety of classic snail variants, each of which will be different from the others. Experiment more boldly!

Video: 2 hairstyles based on a fishtail braid

The saying “The eyes are afraid and the hands are doing” fits the case with the French bun or snail as well as possible. If at first it seems to you that rolling a truly elegant roller out of hair, with which you are not ashamed to go into people, is quite troublesome and requires skill, then with time you will see that this is not true at all. A little practice, and the Snail will surely submit to you, whether it will be with or without weaving.

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