Eyebrow care after microblading

The dream of perfect eyebrows, which will not need to be dyed with henna every two weeks, has finally come true. You come home after microblading, happy, but a little tortured, and you understand: from the fact that the beautician told about leaving, you did not remember anything. We understand that this excitement before a serious procedure, pain and experiences prevented you from remaining focused.

Memo care eyebrows after the procedure

  • Do not apply decorative cosmetics and face care creams to your eyebrow area,
  • do not use peels and scrubs in the eyebrow area,
  • do not use saunas, beaches, swimming pools, gyms, do not take excessively hot showers or baths - anything that can increase humidity or sweating,
  • avoid direct sunlight (charming hat to help you),
  • Do not use hair dye with a high percentage of oxides,
  • in the first ten days do not sleep "face in the pillow"
  • strictly adhere to the advice of the master who made you the procedure,
  • daily care for the skin in the eyebrows for a month,
  • to soften the skin in the area of ​​the eyebrows exclusively designated means
  • avoid sudden changes in temperature. Both frost and heat adversely affect the regeneration of the skin, which significantly slows down the process of its recovery, and can also provoke inflammatory processes.

The process of restoring the skin lasts about a month. The exact period depends on the characteristics of your skin. Next, we will analyze step by step what to do during the healing process.

First few hours

Do not remove the ointment applied after the procedure by the master. It is desirable that it remains on the skin for at least three hours. During this time, a slight swelling and slight redness should go down.

Only after that gently rinse the remnants of the ointment with warm water, using your usual gel or facial wash. Another harmless tool is ordinary baby soap. After washing, blot your eyebrows with a napkin. Do not rub the injured skin with a towel!

Then gently process the eyebrows with a solution of "Chlorhexidine" using cotton pads. Repeat this manipulation every 2-3 hours.

At night, apply a thin layer of "Vaseline".

The first three days after the procedure

During this period it is very important to monitor the cleanliness and dryness of the skin. While washing, try not to wet your eyebrows, and if the water is still on the wound, do not wipe, wait until it dries itself.

In the first three days, the skin can still excrete lymph. On the second day, a slight swelling, swelling, and discomfort may appear. Do not be scared, continue the thorough care, follow all the advice of a cosmetologist.

Skin care scheme in the first days: Chlorhexidine treatment + application of a thin layer of Vaseline 3-4 times a day. If the feeling of tight skin gives you discomfort, apply an extra thin layer of "Vaseline". Do not use other creams, they can disrupt the pigment digestibility process.

Starting from 3 or 4 days, depending on the fat content of the skin, itching, dryness and a feeling of tightened skin appear, small crusts form on the site of micro-cuttings. It can bring discomfort - be patient, beauty, as they say, requires sacrifice. The sensation of itching and the appearance of crusts is a sure sign of the beginning of the recovery process.

At this stage, leave the treatment solution "Chlorhexidine", put "Vaseline" twice a day, morning and evening. Plus, we add treatment with moisturizing agents: “Panthenol”, “Bepantenom” or “Dexpanthenol”.

Choose what you like. Moistening with any of these means will shorten the period of skin peeling, speed up the process of its recovery, prolong the result from the microblending procedure.

You need to make sure that the crusts do not dry out or crack, because this can lead to the appearance of “bald spots” in the perfect shape of your eyebrows. But also with moistening it is also important not to bend the stick.

At this stage, care for damaged skin at the microblading site becomes more and more dependent on the individual characteristics of the body.

We continue to protect the edge from water and keep them clean. We process Chlorhexidine twice a day until all the crusts are gone. The creams or “Vaseline” suggested above are applied as the dryness sensation appears.

Ideally, the last crusts disappear by the end of the second week.

If your eyebrows are soft, and new crusts do not appear, then you are clever. Proper care gave a great result! The use of "Chlorhexidine" reduce to once a day and continue to moderately apply creams. Now it is important to ensure that the eyebrows do not dry out and are constantly in a balanced hydrated state.

By the end of this period, a thin, inconspicuous film should appear at the microblading site. Over time, it will separate, and you will finally see your ideal edges.

During this period, the peeling process stops completely. Someone this will happen at 12, and someone for 18 day. It all depends on the features of the regeneration of your skin. The drawing put by the master, most likely, will seem to you not so bright, as it was expected. Do not worry. If the care was correct, the full color and richness will appear on days 21-28.

At this stage, we remember about the balanced hydration of damaged skin and regularly apply the cream. Treatment with chlorhexidine solution can no longer be done.

20-28 day and further care

Your eyebrow skin has been traumatized by microblading procedure. Take care of her, take care of her, treat this area creams with a high level of SPF-protection when you go out.

To consolidate the effect of ideal eyebrows, cosmetologists recommend a correction. The procedure can be carried out both in 1.5-2 months, and in six months. It all depends on what needs to be fixed.

And if everything suits you, you properly care for your brows and protect them from exposure to sunlight, then the primary procedure can be enough for you even for one or two years!

Care after the correction occurs in the same way as after the main procedure. Follow the step-by-step procedure that you are accustomed to: regular cleansing with Chlorhexidine, protection against water, moisturizing with Vaseline and special creams.

Basic eyebrow care products

"Chlorhexidine" is a universal drug. Clear liquid in a plastic bottle. Used as an antiseptic and disinfectant. They are treated with wounds not only in surgery, but also at home. It does not burn, does not bubble, like "hydrogen peroxide", and the effect of the application is much better.

"Bepanten" - moisturizer, relieves redness, irritation, accelerates the healing of microcracks. Used for burns. It is recommended to use for diaper rash in infants.

“Dexpanthenol” - this cream has a moisturizing effect, heals microcracks and scratches. It is used for burns and treatment of postoperative wounds.

"Panthenol" - cream with many years of positive reputation. It restores damaged tissue at the cellular level, has anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect.

"Vaseline" is a well-known ointment with no taste or smell. Removes skin irritation, softens rough skin, protects it and heals cracks.

The skin of the face, especially the brow, is very delicate and thin. Care for her, even without traumatic procedures, is individual. No wonder that one eye cream is right for you, and the other may cause irritation or even allergy. That is why after the microblading procedure, the masters prescribe the safest and most affordable products that are suitable even for babies.

It is important to follow the order of application and rules of use. "Chlorhexidine" and "Vaseline" you need to buy a must, but the choice of moisturizer - a matter of taste. You can use one tool, but you can take two and apply them in turn.


Proper care of eyebrows and skin is needed not only after microblading, but also before the procedure itself. If you incorrectly prepare for the procedure and do not take into account some facts, then the result will not please you, and the healing process will be more painful and unpredictable.

A couple of days before going to a specialist, you should absolutely not visit the sauna, sunbathe on the beach, go to the solarium. In addition, you should not do facial cleansing or peeling, drink plenty of fluids, take blood thinners, painkillers and alcohol.

These rules are not just invented, and if you want the procedure to go perfectly, and the healing process is short, be sure to take this all into account.

On the day when you go to do microblading, you absolutely cannot drink a lot of liquid, otherwise there will be a lot of blood after the procedure, which will adversely affect the quality of work. Three hours before the procedure, neither eat nor drink anything.

After the procedure is completed and the brows are perfect, an important stage of healing will begin. However, the healing period consists of several stages, during which you need to follow all the rules and use only the recommended care products. We will reveal all detailed recommendations further in our material.

In order to properly care for the eyebrows after a procedure such as microblading, fresh wounds should be treated with special means.

Without fail, you will need such an antiseptic, such as, for example, "Chlorhexidine". Further, we will need tools that help speed up the healing process of injured skin, improve and accelerate the regeneration process.

It is best to choose the ointment, which includes a component such as dexpanthenol. Pharmacies sell a variety of ointments, so be sure to look at their composition to make sure that the necessary component is exactly in this tool. You will also need some kind of tool that has a softening effect. Quite with this task can handle the most common cosmetic petroleum jelly.

All of these tools will help prevent germs from getting into the irritated area of ​​skin and minimize the likelihood of various types of infections. In addition, they contribute to faster healing and improve the survival of the pigment, which is very important.

Healing period

Immediately after the end of the procedure, the master must necessarily treat the eyebrows with a special anti-inflammatory agent. Two hours after the procedure, you will need to gently, with gentle movements using a napkin, remove the remnants of the ointment that the master has applied to you in the cabin.

Next, you will need to follow certain rules and care for their eyebrows on their own.

It doesn’t matter whether you performed the procedure for the first time or underwent a correction course - the right care is still very important.

Since the microblading procedure implies the introduction of pigment under the skin with a thin needle, then small wounds remain on the skin, from which in the first days liquid can flow - ichor. It must be immediately removed, or rather, gently, without pressing on the skin, promakat with a clean cloth. Do not try to remove it completely: if a small part of the ichor remains, then this is normal, as eyebrows will have to be covered with a small, thin crust.

In addition, on the first day it is necessary to treat the eyebrow area with an antiseptic, which we discussed above. Thanks to this remedy, a large amount of blood will not be released, and the healing process will be accelerated.

I would like to mention that if you do not remove the blood in time, and it starts to dry out, then a small crust will form. When the crust falls away, this part of the pigment can take over, and then the eyebrows will no longer be perfect.

If on the first day in the area of ​​the eyebrows there may be only reddening, then on the second day small swelling and swelling may appear. There is also often a slight itch. These feelings are extremely unpleasant, and here it is very important to remember that it is absolutely impossible to touch the “new” eyebrows with your hands, scratch and dab them. During the next week it is very important to keep the area clean and dry in the area where the procedure was performed.

In the event that you wet your eyebrows in the first days, there is a high probability that the pigment may come off a little, and this will affect the overall appearance of the eyebrows. If, however, small drops of water hit the eyebrows, then in no case should you wipe them out - allow the drops to dry on their own.

As for the edema, itching and dryness of the skin, which occur on the first day after the procedure, the problem areas should be smeared with ointments or Vaseline. Fearing and worrying about the itching and flaking of the skin is not worth it - this is a natural process that directly indicates that the healing mechanism is active.

At first, try to apply ointment or vaseline very carefully, do not rub into the skin in any case. Everything should be done with light movements, trying not to hurt the irritated skin. In general, these days try not to touch the irritated areas of the skin with your hands - this can provoke additional irritation and delay the healing process. You also can not touch that part of the skin, which has already begun to peel off.

It’s also categorically impossible to tear off the crusts on your own - everything should gradually fall off on its own.

Try not to apply your regular face cream on these problem areas of the skin these days. Vaseline should not be abused too - it should be applied only if there is severe dryness and pulls the skin.

Literally in five or six days, the next stage of healing will begin. There will be no swelling, no itching - just a peeling. It is very good when by this time the updated eyebrows are covered with a uniform and not very noticeable crust - this suggests that the healing process is going on correctly. These days, you can use the ointments, which we discussed above, and use the tool that your master recommended after the procedure.

If a week after microblading, part of the crusts formed has already been peeled off, and new crusts do not appear and the eyebrows have become soft, it means that everything is good and the healing process is almost complete.

There are a few more rules that must be observed during the healing period. In the first two weeks, you should try to avoid direct sunlight, otherwise the pigment will immediately begin to burn out. In addition, it is strictly not recommended to sunbathe, use a solarium, sauna or swimming pool. It is also worth refusing to play sports, because physical exertion can also lead to unpredictable consequences.

How to care?

Care for the eyebrows after such a cosmetic procedure is necessary correctly, otherwise the result will not please you for a long time. Masters always warn that the result can be saved as long as possible only if you listen to the advice and do everything step by step.

After all the stages of healing are left behind, you need to start properly taking care of your eyebrows. Now they need special moisturizing, otherwise dry skin will provoke the excretion of pigment.

You can only wash very carefully, and then only a week after the procedure. This should be done very delicately and try to prevent the water from reaching the eyebrow zone.In the event that your eyebrows are completely healed, it is quite possible to wash, as before, without fear of damaging the skin. It is best in the first stage to abandon the usual foams or gels, preferring the usual children's soap. Also it is necessary to abandon peels and scrubs for a while, and after a full recovery, they can only be used carefully so as not to hurt the eyebrows in any way.

Typically, this procedure is carried out in the warm season, so cosmetologists recommend hiding eyebrows from sunlight.

But it is also worth mentioning that you need to keep the updated eyebrows from the cold. Any aggressive temperature, be it cold or heat, is very detrimental to the healing process and to the pigmentation itself. Therefore, try to avoid sudden changes in temperature, because it can easily provoke inflammation.

Also, do not go out in bad weather, if it rains heavily or there is a strong wind. In the first weeks, rain and dampness can adversely affect the beauty of the eyebrows, and a strong wind with sand and dust can provoke an infection, since the wounds have not yet fully healed. If in a strong heat even at home you sweat, then sweat drops can also have a detrimental effect on healing.

Even after the entire healing process is left behind, try to avoid the bright sun, as this adversely affects the pigment, and it will quickly fade or change its color.

It is very important to remember that breaking the rules and improper care for the eyebrows can lead to very different and sometimes unpredictable consequences. For example, improper styling of the pigment may occur, as a result, bald patches are formed on the eyebrows, which will differ sharply from the overall color and tone. Also, overdrying or over-wetting of the skin can lead to a result that is spoiled.

In the event that, as a result of improper care, the final result was spoiled, only a professional can correct everything by means of correction.

Useful tips

Finally, we have some practical advice for everyone, who aspires to perfect beauty and quite values ​​the shape of his renewed eyebrows.

  • After the entire dry crust comes off the eyebrows, their color may change slightly. You should not be afraid of this, as this is the norm. Literally in three or four weeks after the procedure, the eyebrows will regain their color, and there will be no fading.
  • It is important to remember that the first time after the procedure, even if the healing process is over, you should not use decorative cosmetics. You can start using it only after three or four weeks.
  • Before the procedure, a professional beautician who does a high-quality job does have to check if you are allergic to the selected dye. Usually the pigment is dripped on a small scratch and wait half an hour. Remember that this is very important for your health.


A good master will surely choose a pigment half the tone darker than the client wants. The fact is that during healing, the skin "eats" from 20 to 50% of the pigment.

It is also worth noting that with time the color is eroded, therefore, the brighter it is in the first weeks, the longer you will last in a pleasant shade. Microblading can hold up to 2 years, but a correction is needed in a month. In general, for a good effect, you need about 2-5 procedures. And not because the masters are inept and inexperienced. Just in the process of healing the skin may slightly disrupt our plans for the perfect look.

After you make microblading, eyebrow care will be especially important at first - it will help maintain the effect for a long time.

❗️THE FIRST, on the first day, don’t even wet the make-up, not to mention the cosmetics, hand touches and exposure to the sun. Week avoid physical exertion, soaking and sunbathing.

❗️ YOU SECOND, in no case do not peel off the crusts! When they disappear, it will seem to you that the pigment is almost completely out of the skin. But in the second week after the procedure, most of the color will recover. It is believed that the ideal shape of the eyebrows is achieved within 14 days after the session.

❓ How to care ж
On the 1st day after the procedure, 1-2 times (as necessary) wipe the eyebrows with a cotton swab dipped in chlorhexidine (in no case can hydrogen peroxide be used, it will "eat the color"). What for? Since micro cuttings are wounds, droplets of white liquid (lymph or ichor) will stand out from them. This is normal!

On the 2nd day, the wounds dry out and a protective crust is formed. During this period, the eyebrows may become brighter, do not worry, the crusts will come off, the color will brighten.

On the 4-6 day eyebrows will begin to peel off. During this period, scratching and helping the crusts to descend is strictly prohibited. You can, as necessary, gently lubricate your eyebrows with petroleum jelly (excess Vaseline promakivyvat cotton swab or cloth).
The process of skin regeneration lasts 28-35 days, during which time complete skin regeneration and fixation of the pigment take place.

After the first procedure, it is considered normal when 50-70% of the original hairs remain. Therefore, a correction is recommended, after which the pigment falls into the skin much better, the hairs remain at 95-100%, the color becomes richer.

Advantages and disadvantages of microblading

If you can not decide on this procedure, you need to weigh the pros and cons. This will help you a list of advantages and disadvantages of microblading eyebrows.

  • Long-lasting effect - from 6 to 18 months (depending on the pigment used and skin type),
  • Minimum side effects - after the procedure on the skin may appear slight redness, but they quickly go. Another important factor is the absence of puffiness,
  • Painlessness Most wonder if it hurts to make a tattoo? Hurry to calm you down - local anesthesia will completely relieve you of any discomfort,
  • The type of natural eyebrows - vegetable paint used in the process of micropigmentation, comes off gradually and, unlike the classic tattoo, does not turn green, pink or blue. The result can be seen in the photo in this article.
  • Safety and rapid healing - shallow scalpel penetration under the skin eliminates scars, scars and other defects. For the same reason, the rehabilitation period is only a few days,
  • Correction of the shape of the eyebrows with the subsequent renewal of the contour - fine drawing of hairs helps to change the width and shape of the arcs and makes the result as natural as possible,
  • A wide selection of colors - you can choose a shade for any tone of hair,
  • Eyebrow reconstruction - drawing from scratch.

As for the flaws, we found only one. This is a fairly high price - from 8 to 15 thousand rubles. Now, knowing all the pros and cons of microblading, you will not be afraid of this wonderful procedure.

Indications for micropigmentation

To understand whether it is worth doing micropigmentation of eyebrows in each specific case, you need to familiarize yourself with the indications for this procedure. These include:

  • Asymmetry of eyebrows,
  • Very light, thin and sparse hairs,
  • The presence of scars or scars interrupting the contour of the eyebrow,
  • The bald patches, which appeared as a result of burns or too “diligent” plucking,
  • Total absence or severe hair loss caused by various diseases.

Microblading variations

There are such types of eyebrow microblading:

  1. Shadow - suggests a slight correction of the shape, giving the eyebrows sufficient thickness, ideal for fair-haired women. The main difference of this technique is a thorough feathering of the color without a clear drawing of hairs.
  2. European or hair - allows you to drastically change the shape of brow arches and completely close the bald spots. The hair technique is performed by clearly drawing each hair.
  3. Combined, oriental or "6D". It is a combination of the two previous options - drawing hair, carefully feathering and dyeing native eyebrows with special paint.

Important! To achieve imitation of real hair growth, the master makes cuts in different directions, varies the thickness of the strokes and paints them with several pigments at once.

Stage 1 - Preparatory

Since incisions are made on the skin during the procedure, you need to worry in advance about the normal healing of the tissues and strengthening of the blood vessels. That is why the preparation for microblading eyebrows must begin 5-7 days before the session. It consists in refusing:

  • smoking and alcoholic beverages,
  • sweet, spicy, fried, fatty and pickled - such food increases sebum secretion, which negatively affects the durability of the pigment,
  • taking antibiotics and blood thinners,
  • visiting the solarium or the beach,
  • plucking eyebrows for 10-14 days - will allow the master to accurately assess their shape and thickness.

It will be necessary to conduct a thorough peeling of the face, which will rid the skin of dead skin cells and improve the result.

Stage 2 - Direct Micropigmentation

Further description of the procedure is as follows:

  • Degrease the skin with a special lotion.
  • Gel-anesthetic treatment and film overlay. The effect of the gel occurs after about 15 minutes. Then its remnants are removed with a cotton sponge.
  • Combing eyebrows with a small brush.
  • Modeling eyebrow scheme with a pencil and tweezers.
  • Drawing hairs or pigment shading (depending on which technique was chosen). The master takes the instrument with a disposable blade (sterile), dips its tip into a container with pigment and makes precise cuts along the lines drawn earlier.
  • Fixing the pigment. At the end of the procedure, eyebrows are rubbed with a special composition, which relieves irritation and reinforces the shade.

Eyebrow micropigmentation lasts from 30 to 90 minutes. During the session, there may be a slight burning or tingling sensation.

Important! Poor quality or disliked microblading can not be removed by hydrogen peroxide, oils and other household products. The only option is laser processing.

In the following video you can get acquainted with the eyebrow microblading procedure:

How to care for eyebrows after microblading?

Deciding to do microbliding, you need to learn more and properly care for the eyebrows. This will increase the durability of the pigment and reduce the risk of side effects. In the care there are several basic rules.

Rule 1. The first 2-3 days after visiting the master do not touch the eyebrow area with your hands and do not wet it with water.

Rule 2. Wipe out the skin of the nugget with a cotton pad dipped in disinfectant solution (chlorhexidine or hydrogen peroxide) every day.

Rule 3. For a while, refuse to exercise - sweat released by the skin as a result of physical exertion, causes a strong burning sensation when it gets into wounds.

Rule 4. Limit sun exposure, use high-quality sunscreens and protect your face with wide-brimmed hats while walking - ultraviolet leads to pigment discoloration and directly affects how much microblading lasts.

Rule 5. In no case do not peel off the crusts (appear on the second day and go to the fifth or seventh), otherwise the skin will appear scars. The skin beneath them becomes pink, and the hairs are slightly paler.

Rule 6. Every day, lubricate the treated area with a regenerating ointment that includes dexpanthenol (Actovegin, Panthenol, or Bepanten). It will enhance the exfoliation and healing of the epidermis.

Rule 7. From 3-4 days and until complete healing, wash your eyebrows with boiled water only.

Rule 8. Next week do not visit the solarium, sauna, natural ponds and pool.

Rule 9. During the month do not use peeling.

Rule 10. Do not apply decorative cosmetics on pigmented eyebrows until full healing of wounds.

Important! It is possible to estimate the final shape and color of eyebrow arches only after 3-4 weeks. Be prepared for the fact that about 30% of the pigment "leaves" after the complete regeneration of wounds.

How long does the effect last?

How much eyebrow microblading holds? As a rule, the result lasts from six months to 18 months. Then the pigment gradually turns pale and completely discolored. The correction of microblading is carried out not earlier than 9-11 months after the session. During her master draws brightened hairs. Repeated procedure is much faster and easier.

Several factors affect micropigmentation resistance:

  • The quality of the material used - expensive professional brands produce better paint,
  • Needle insertion depth,
  • Skin type of client - for owners of oily skin, the color is erased faster than for girls with dry skin,
  • Correctness and regularity of care
  • Lifestyle - the effect of chlorinated water and frequent exposure to the sun accelerate the process of bleaching.

How to extend the time of microblading?

Now you know how much micropigmentation is enough, but believe me, it is in your power to increase this period. To do this, it is necessary to strictly follow all the rules and recommendations of the cosmetologist and in no case use self-selected means for healing wounds. They will not cause much harm to the skin, but they will definitely affect the rate of pigment removal.

To extend the result and give the lines more clarity and expressiveness, repeat the procedure in about 1-1.5 months. This will help the body absorb more of the coloring matter.

What is microblading?

Microblading (from the English. Microblading - “micro-blade”) is a fairly new procedure in cosmetology. It lies in the fact that the eyebrows are drawn by the master with the help of a special pen-handle.

The working part of this tool resembles a blade, but these are thin needles, from 3 to 114 pieces, assembled together. The needles differ from each other by the depth of penetration and the amount of pigment injected.

With the help of a maniple, the beautician draws out each eyebrow hair with jeweler precision, injecting a dye pigment under the skin.. Eyebrows after micropigmentation is almost impossible to distinguish from real ones.

Microblading procedure

The quality of microblading performance largely depends on the master's experience, because he draws each hair, gives it an individual shade and direction, achieving the stunning effect of natural eyebrows.

For information on how eyebrows look after microblading, read the article heading.

Microblading can be a magic wand for those:

  • who has no or very few hairs on the eyebrows, there are bald spots,
  • who has scars in this area
  • who has asymmetrical brows,
  • who is simply dissatisfied with the shape, thickness, length of eyebrows.

How much does the effect of the procedure

The maximum effect of eyebrow microblading lasts up to 2 years, but more often this period is shorter - from one to one and a half. However, in order for the eyebrows to look properly all this time, it is necessary to carry out a correction. The first adjustment is carried out 1 month after the first micropigmentation.

It is necessary, because after the discharge of the crust, the pigment partially disappears or becomes less bright. Subsequently, the adjustment should be carried out every six months. This will help maintain the eyebrows in perfect condition.

Eyebrow care after microblading

The choice of the salon and the choice of the master are very important, but the correct care of the eyebrows after micropigmentation is also important. It is the quality of care that determines the amount of pigment remaining, and, accordingly, the number of adjustments necessary to achieve the desired result.

It is necessary to carefully follow all the recommendations given by the beautician who performed the eyebrow microblading!

Care after the procedure according to his advice may differ from that recommended by another specialist, but it is important to trust your master, who is responsible for the final result of the procedure.

First two hours

In the first hours after microblading, the small wounds left by the instrument may produce lymph (suckling) along with a pigment that is not deeply injected. The released mixture must be very carefully soaked so as not to dry out., as it forms a crust, which will subsequently lead to a coloring pigment.

In the first 2 hours after the microblading procedure, eyebrow care is as follows: eyebrows immediately after the procedure are treated with healing ointmentIt is possible to use for these purposes chlorhexidine or another agent recommended by a cosmetologist.

Processing must be neat but quality

This tool does not need to be washed, it will remain on the eyebrows for several hours. Do not abuse the blotting of ichor on the eyebrows, because ohthin crust formation is a necessary part of the process.

Almost immediately after the procedure, you can go out from the salon on business or to visit, the place of impact should not swell or be very noticeable.

First day

A few hours after microblading, you need to wash using a gel for washing or baby soap. With special care washed injured area, which is carefully removed the remains of a healing agent.

After that you should wipe your face with a towel eyebrows need to gently blot with a cotton towel and apply petroleum jelly. After 2-3 hours and before bedtime, the procedure of washing and applying vaseline should be repeated.

On the first day after eyebrow microblading, care consists precisely in repeating this procedure 2-3 times.

Leaving from the second to the seventh days after microblading

These days, the drawn hairs darken for about a couple of days, the girl has the opportunity to evaluate the result obtained from the manipulations. But already on the 4th - 6th day, scaling appears on the damaged area, itching under the crusts.

Note! At this time, the crust can not be ripped off or otherwise "help" their discharge.

Itching is a sign of wound healing; you just need to endure it.

If there is no possibility of tolerance, you should gently scratch it with a cotton swab or a toothpick near the brow ridges, without in any way touching the healing places, this can help a little.

From the second to the seventh day after the procedure, eyebrow care consists of daily washing (in the morning and in the evening) with gel for washing or with baby soap.

The soap should gently cleanse the skin without causing dryness and irritation.

Eyebrows continue to require a careful attitude in order not to damage the crust formed. If not all of the petroleum jelly is washed off after washing, you should wet the eyebrows with a towel, and again smear them with this tool.

Such daily twice washings should be carried out until the crust completely disappears.It usually takes at least a week to this point. The time for which the crusts will go away is difficult to predict - it depends on the characteristics of the body of the girl who underwent the procedure.

During the healing period of the injured area you should take Vaseline with you everywhere and smear your eyebrows when you experience unpleasant feelings. At this time, dryness and some tightening of the skin may disturb.

This condition is due to the presence of a crust at the site of healing of the injured areas of the superciliary arches. The better the condition of the crust, the greater the chance of a perfect microblading effect.. This is due to the fact that when it is damaged, the pigment disappears in this place.

The proper care of the eyebrows after the microblading procedure in the first days is indicated by the condition of the crusts on the brow ridges, if they are invisible (look like a thin film), then everything is done correctly.

Nice to see beautiful eyebrows

From 3 to 5 day instead of vaseline, you can use Panthenol or Bepanten.

Healing skin under the crusts in this period may slightly swell, therefore, If a girl is prone to allergic reactions, in the first 7 days it is recommended to drink antihistamines..

Care from the 8th to the 14th day after the procedure

At the beginning of the second week after microblading, the crusts leave. Immediately after that, the pigment looks pale, but this phenomenon is normal. Within a day, the brightness of the pigment begins to gradually increase.

As soon as the crusts have disappeared, the treatment of eyebrows can be finished with ointments.. The most crucial stage for a girl who decided on microblading is over. However, this is not a reason to stop caring for your eyebrows. Now you only need to apply the cream twice a day.

First 4 weeks

The complete healing of micro-cells, formed as a result of manipulations by a beautician, will occur in about a month. This period is important for saving the result of the procedure.

Even after the discharge of the crusts, the skin on the superciliary arches is still very thin, it is easy to damage, therefore it should be avoided during this period.:

  • use of various scrubs, peels for the face,
  • exposure to the sun (eyebrows should be shaved, for example, with a hat),
  • visits to saunas, solariums, swimming pools,
  • use of eyebrow cosmetics (for at least 3 weeks).
Eyebrows after microblading require special treatment at first

During this time, the skin will heal, the color of the pigment will be restored completely.. It becomes noticeable if a correction is required. Usually, after the first procedure, from 50 to 70% of the pigment is stored, therefore, after a month a correction is made, after which from 90 to 100% of the pigment is stored.

Care after correction

Adjusting eyebrow microblading requires the same care after the procedure as the initial one. But the recovery period should pass easier, because the area of ​​damaged skin is smaller. Adjusting eyebrow microblading requires the same care after the procedure., as the original. But the recovery period should pass easier, because the area of ​​damaged skin is smaller.

Eyebrow care products

As stated above, after eyebrow microblading procedure, certain care products are required.

These include: Vaseline, Panthenol, Bepanten, chlorhexidine.

  • Vaseline Cosmetology uses cosmetic. It softens the skin surface, promotes healing of damaged tissues, softens crusts. This tool is actively used when applying tattoo and microblading eyebrows.
  • Panthenol, Bepanten - funds that promote wound healing, which have anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect. They can be used on any part of the skin, even on weeping wounds, so they are used during tattoo and microblading procedures.
Both means make it possible to protect and cure damage.
  • Chlorhexidine - antiseptic. After microblading, it can be used to treat the wounds formed precisely because of its antiseptic properties.

So, having made eyebrow microblading, leaving after the procedure is not complicated, but it requires care and due attention to the damaged areas of the skin.

Subject to compliance with all requirements, the result will be perfect eyebrows that do not require effort. Beautiful eyebrows - it's that easy!

How to care for skin after microblading? Specialist video consultation will help:

All about eyebrow microblading: process and result. Details in the video:

What is microblading better than tattooing? See the video:

What not to do after microblading

In order not to be disappointed with the result, do not forget about what should not be done after the microblading procedure.

  1. Wash in the first day.
  2. Refrain from visiting the solarium, baths, saunas and sports sections for two weeks.
  3. Refuse procedures that can damage thin and delicate skin in the eyebrow area.
  4. Experienced experts recommend to refuse in the first month from the use of fat burning components and excessive consumption of food.

ATTENTION! It is not advisable to use any eyebrow cosmetics. Even if the color at this time is not as bright as desired.

After complete healing, no more than 70% saturation is maintained with the most proper and thorough care. In a month, as a rule, the master recommends performing a correction in order to achieve the desired color intensity.

To achieve a good result and a long-lasting effect, careful care of the eyebrows after the microblading procedure is necessary. This will help save the budget. Micropigmentation is a new technology in the beauty industry, so it is not cheap. However, it will help to look attractive and natural every day.


Microblading has the following contraindications:

  • Infectious diseases,
  • Increased tendency of the skin to the appearance of keloid scars,
  • Pregnancy,
  • Hypersensitivity of the epidermis,
  • Breastfeeding period
  • Oncological pathology,
  • Skin diseases
  • Menstrual period
  • Allergy to the dye - in order to avoid a reaction, ask the master to conduct a preliminary allergy test,
  • Problems with blood clotting,
  • The presence in the treatment area of ​​wounds and inflamed areas,
  • Diabetes,
  • Epilepsy.

Possible consequences

Most women tolerate eyebrow microblading procedure. Negative effects occur only in two cases:

  • if there is an inadequate response of the body to selected pigment (redness and itching),
  • if during or after the session an infection has gotten into the wounds, which has led to their suppuration.

And, of course, a lot depends on the skill of the beautician. It is also worth noting that some women have a very rapid leaching of color, or even a complete lack of results.

Tip! Deciding to do microblading, pay special attention to finding a qualified professional. It is extremely important to see the results of his work both immediately after the session, and after 2-3 months, when the color partially “leaves.” Also, do not be lazy to read reviews about the salon in the book of complaints and suggestions or on the Internet. And one more thing - be sure to find out what color the master will use.

See also: What is eyebrow microblading - all about the procedure (video)

In the first hours

Immediately after the introduction of the pigment under the skin, the master will treat the brow area with an anti-inflammatory regenerating ointment. However, due to the impact on the skin with small needles, the ichor will be released from the wounds. So that the liquid does not dry up, forming a crust, it should be soaked with a napkin. If the ichor dried out, then the resulting crust will result in a pigment. In order not to spoil the appearance of the eyebrows, it is important not to neglect the periodic blotting of the blood.

Applying the cream on the eyebrows after the procedure

On the first day

Eyebrow care after microblading in the first days should be thorough. At the end of the selection of ichor, it is necessary to gently wash using baby soap or gel for washing. It is necessary to wash very carefully, removing the remnants of the regenerating ointment. When wiping your face, it is important not to rub the brow brow area. Water should be blotted and then petroleum jelly applied to the microblading area. After a couple of hours, the procedure must be repeated.

Reviews of masters argue that the correct care after eyebrow microblading in the first days should consist in a neat washing, removal of the blood and applying Vaseline. The procedure should be repeated at least two or three times a day.

Soaking the face with a towel

Caring from 2 to 7 days

So, if the care of eyebrows in the first 24 hours is correct, the hair will darken on the second day after microblading, as shown in the photo. At this stage, you can evaluate the wizard. On the 4-5th day, itching will be felt at the site of pigment injection and the formation of crusts will be noted. Remember that according to the rules of care, these crusts can not be ripped off or how to help their detachment. Itching is a normal phenomenon, indicating skin healing.

If itching is strong, you can gently scratch the area above the brow arches using a cotton swab, without in any way touching the arcs themselves. To speed up the process you only need to lubricate your eyebrows with petroleum jelly.

And you can do it often in such situations:

  • When feeling itchy.
  • In the case of tightness of the skin.
  • For any other unpleasant sensations.

To the final result pleased the beauty and durability, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the crusts. The more uniform the crusts, the better the color will remain after microblading. If the crust cracks the pigment will go to the site of the crack, spoiling the appearance of the eyebrows. At the same time, the crusts should be barely noticeable, such a condition suggests proper skin care. To accelerate healing from the third day after the procedure, petroleum jelly is replaced with Bepanten or Panthenol.

Second week care

Subject to the rules of care for eyebrows after microblading already on the eighth day after the procedure, the crusts exfoliate independently. At this stage, brow arcs may appear pale. However, this is a normal reaction. Within a day, the pigment will pick up the desired tone and eyebrows will get the desired shade. After the descent of the crusts, you can no longer handle the arc.

After the final healing of the microblading eyebrows will look beautiful.

However, do not rush, the regeneration process takes at least 4 weeks. In order not to damage the integrity of the thin skin, it is recommended to adhere to the following rules:

  • Do not use scrubs, do not peel the face, especially in the area near the brows.
  • Protect eyebrows from sunlight.
  • Avoid visits to the sauna, swimming pool, solarium.
  • Do not put on your eyebrows any cosmetics.

If all care recommendations are followed a month after the microblading procedure, it will become clear if a correction is needed. During the first weeks, the pigment is 70%, sometimes 50%, as we see in the photo. To give the eyebrows the desired shade, the masters advise after 4-6 weeks after the procedure to make a correction.

Caring after correction

Reviews of masters claim that care after the eyebrows after microblading correction is similar to the care after the primary procedure. Although at this stage the regeneration process is faster and less painless due to the small area of ​​damage. The skin of the eyebrows after correction requires the same attention and care as after the initial pigmentation.

About care products

Going to microblading eyebrows, it is recommended to purchase skin care products in advance. Masters recommend the use of four types of caring drugs:

  • Vaseline cosmetic. It is necessary to soften tissues, accelerate the healing of the skin.
  • Ointment Bepantin and Panthenol is necessary for skin regeneration, reduction of puffiness and inflammation.
  • Chlorhexidine is a well-known antiseptic used to treat any wounds.

These preparations should be on hand in a girl who has undergone microblading procedures.

At the end

So that skin is restored after shallow eyebrow tattooing and pigmentation is successful, it is important to follow the rules of care. About the nuances of processing and selection of appropriate tools should tell the master, making microblading. A beauty salon client who has undergone a microblading procedure is obliged to comply with all the recommendations of the beautician. Only in this case, the result of a shallow tattoo will please a long time.

Description of the procedure

Microblading, also called micropigmentation, is new technology skin care products.

Even with a careful examination of such eyebrows will look natural, and they can not be distinguished from the natural.

An important feature of micropigmentation - the fact that it is carried out manually. The specialist applies a special tool, a handle in the form of a pen.

At its end there is a disposable module in which there is a certain number of needles, differing from each other in size and color.

The advantage of microgiementing in the materials used. Pigments have special formulas that prevent the change of color, its fading, while with a tattoo are possible most unpredictable results. Natural color is selected individually.

The procedure involves high-quality and fine rendering. Eyebrows become volumetric. The skin recovers fairly quickly, no scars remain on it.

Microblading provides a lasting effect. On average, it lasts 6-18 months, depending on the instruments used and the characteristics of the client’s skin. Then there will be enough correction.

In the early days

How to care for eyebrows in the first days after microblading?

Special care eyebrows will be required only in the first few days.

This care implies such principles:

  1. In the first two hours you can rub your eyebrows. antisepticsuch as chlorhexidine. You can purchase it at the pharmacy. However, try not to overdo it.
  2. In the first 24 hours after the procedure it is impossible to get water on the skin. It also eliminates physical exertion and anything that can increase sweating on the face and forehead.
  3. 2-7dne procedures it is important to ensure that the skin was clean and dry. Try not to wet your eyebrows while washing. If the water still got there, do not wipe it, but wait until it dries.
  4. Also try to exclude the types of activity associated with increased sweating. It is undesirable for the brows to act direct rays of the sun.
  5. If you feel a strong tightness of the skin, then the only thing you can lubricate it is Vaseline. Various creams can impair the pigment adaptation process.

But also try not to abuse petroleum jelly. Use it as needed.

Important editorial advice

If you want to improve the condition of your skin, special attention should be paid to the creams that you use. A frightening figure - in 97% of creams of famous brands are substances that poison our body. The main components, due to which all the troubles on the labels are designated as methylparaben, propylparaben, ethylparaben, E214-E219. Parabens have a negative effect on the skin, and can also cause hormonal imbalances. But the worst thing is that this filth enters the liver, heart, lungs, accumulates in organs and can cause cancer. We advise you to abandon the use of funds in which these substances are located. Recently, experts of our editorial staff analyzed natural creams, where the first place was taken by the funds from the company Mulsan Cosmetic, a leader in the production of completely natural cosmetics. All products are manufactured under strict quality control and certification systems. We recommend to visit the official online store mulsan.ru. If you doubt the naturalness of your cosmetics, check the expiration date, it should not exceed one year of storage.

What can smear?

Treat your eyebrows on the first day after microblading. healing ointment.

Wear it on your face for several hours.

After use the cleanser and baby soap. Rinse the affected area with care and quality to eliminate any residual ointment.

After that, you need to blot the eyebrow area with a napkin or cotton towel and apply petroleum jelly. Repeat the same after a couple of hours, and eliminate all residues. The same will be required before bedtime. On the first day of such procedures should be 2-3.

The next day, the care will be much the same. Wash in the morning and evening with a special tool. Eyebrow zone should be given special attention. Wash and wet your face twice a day until the crust disappears.

Much is determined individual features of your body. May you always have petrolatum on hand. If unpleasant phenomena appear, such as dry skin or its contraction, immediately apply petroleum jelly again.

Watch also stands for so that the resulting crust does not crack and does not become dry. Otherwise, the pigment can be destroyed.

If a no crusts after the procedureThis means that you care for your eyebrows correctly.

Ideally, there should be only a small film that cannot be seen with the naked eye. It separates with time, and you get the perfect look of the eyebrows.

Then you can stop using petroleum jelly. All the hardest is over.

Now it is enough to apply the cream on the skin areas damaged by the procedure. With time the color will become more saturated.

At first, try to avoid aggressive means, namely, various scrubs and peels.

The skin after the procedure will increase the sensitivity, respectively, you can easily damage it pigment may become weaker.

Can I do a tattoo of eyebrows during pregnancy? Find out the answer right now.

What should not be done after the procedure?

In the first two weeks after the procedure, you will not be able to access to the solarium, sauna, swimming pool, and gym. It is important to avoid skin contact with high temperatures, avoid excessively hot showers and baths.

At first, you should avoid procedures that are aimed at sudden changes in temperature and fat burning. Also, do not overeat.

In the first three weeks after microblading can not use cosmetics for eyebrows.

If you use hair dye, pay attention to the percentage of oxides in it - it should not be too high.

The main difference between eyebrow tattoo and microblading.

The most important feature of permanent makeup is micropigmentation, which is done by hand. Specialist working with special tools, handle-handle.

At the end of such a tool, a sterile disposable module is installed, which places in itself from 3 to more than hundreds of needles, which differ from each other in size and their ability to affect the patient's skin.

Another important advantage of this method is the materials used. Pigment formulas designed for microblading prevent eyebrows from fading into unnatural colors, such as green, blue, orange, and purple, unlike regular tattooing.

Natural colors of various shades are selected for each client.

A few more important differences:

  • Thin and high-quality drawing,
  • Eyebrows become voluminous,
  • The trauma of the skin is much less compared to other similar types of procedures,
  • The skin recovers quickly,
  • There is no scar,
  • Needles penetrate shallowly under the skin,
  • Individual form of drawing,
  • Long lasting effect.

Microblading is carried out in stages:

  1. Master sets the shape of the eyebrows, pulling out excess hair,
  2. Draws the outline of future artificial eyebrows with a pencil, coordinating the form with the client,
  3. Anesthesia procedure and skin treatment with antiseptic,
  4. The procedure itself, during which the master several times consults with the client, showing her a preliminary result,
  5. Fixing hair color with special products, applying cream.

Duration of eyebrow microblading effect.

The effect after this procedure is maintained for a long time and always in different ways. It all depends on the quality of devices in the cosmetology office and on the type of skin of the client. On average, it ranges from six months to 18 months.

The most important factors influencing the long-term effect after the procedure:

  • Skin cut depth
  • Type of paint used
  • The correctness of the subsequent care of the face,
  • Nutrition and lifestyle,
  • The density and color of your own brows,
  • Age (in women after 40 years of age, the effect is longer).

The main contraindications microblading eyebrows.

  • Diabetes,
  • Diseases associated with poor blood clotting
  • Inflammatory diseases,
  • Tendency to scarring on the skin.

Proper care of the eyebrows after the microblading procedure.

Facial treatment after the microblading procedure is no less important than choosing the right salon and experienced master. Half the success depends on how well you will care for your eyebrows.

It is extremely important to trust your master and clearly follow all his advice and recommendations for the care of eyebrows during healing after microblading. A professional cosmetologist is greatly responsible for the health of his patient, and he tries his best to make his client satisfied, speeding up the wound healing process.

Each master in stock has his own methods and practices to eliminate the unpleasant consequences associated with the care of eyebrows. Do not worry if another beautician appointed a slightly different care. There are several proven methods that are guaranteed to help quickly and without consequences get rid of wounds. They will retain the skin pigment around the eyes.

On the first day, immediately after the procedure, eyebrows should be treated with a healing ointment, bringing it on the face for several hours. Then you need to wash the gel for washing or baby soap. Rinse the damaged area thoroughly and gently, washing away any residual ointment until the end.

Then wet the eyebrows with a cotton towel or paper towel, and apply a thin layer of vaseline. After two, three hours, repeat the procedure and thoroughly wash everything clean. Before going to bed again, be sure to repeat the procedure done earlier. In total, on the first day you should do 2–3 such restorative procedures.

The next day after eyebrow microblading, the treatment is done in the following order: as usual, washing in the mornings and evenings with the means. Go to the eyebrows more carefully. At your fingertips may be part of not washed away Vaseline. In this case, wet the damaged area of ​​the face with a wet towel, and reapply a layer of vaseline.

It is therefore necessary to wash 2 times a day, until a crust comes off. By the time it will be about a week or a little more. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the girl's body. For proper care, do not forget to carry petroleum jelly in your purse to work or on a trip to visit friends. In case of unpleasant phenomena, such as tightening of the skin or dryness, immediately apply an additional layer of Vaseline.

It is very important, for proper care after the procedure, to make sure that the crust, during the healing of wounds, does not dry or crack, otherwise it will throw the pigment out from under the skin.

The sign that you are properly caring for the edges is the visual absence of crusts after the microblading procedure. Instead, there should be a small film, invisible to the naked eye. After a while, it will begin to separate. At this point, eyebrows become the most vivid and expressive.

Only then smearing eyebrows with petroleum jelly can be stopped. The most difficult part of the nursing procedure is complete. Now periodically apply face cream on skin areas that have been damaged after microblading. You can observe how the color of hairs is gaining maximum color saturation, it becomes darker.

After 7-10 days after eyebrow care after microblading, do not rush to apply aggressive facial care products such as scrubs and peels. The skin is still very thin, sensitive. There is a danger of damaging it. In this case, there is a chance that the pigment will come out of the skin, and the whole result after the procedure will go down the drain.

Healing of the skin after proper skin care occurs completely in a month. This is a feature of our body for the regeneration of the skin of the face and is in no way connected with the harmfulness of this method of tattooing.

In the first half of the month, during the care of eyebrows after microblading, there is a ban on visiting such establishments as the swimming pool, sauna, gyms and solarium. Do not expose your face to high temperatures, do not take too hot shower and bath.

Beauticians do not advise applying any procedures, such as those associated with a sharp temperature drop and active burning of calories, and also categorically prohibit over-eating at the table.

Eyebrow cosmetics can only be used 3 weeks after the procedure. As part of the eyebrow hair dye should be no more than 3% oxide. After a month, a paint based on 6% oxide can be used with caution.

In our country, such a procedure as microblading appeared not so long ago, but has already gained quite high popularity among the female sex. Such a way to imitate eyebrows is leading among competitors, because only he is able to create the desired shape of eyebrows without the appearance of exposure to permanent makeup.

Thin hairs look natural and spectacular, they are successfully combined with light makeup, imitating light gun eyebrows. Beauty salons suggest doing microblading procedure using Japanese and 6D technologies. Which way to choose is up to you!

Full restoration of the eyebrows after a microblading cosmetic procedure takes about 4 weeks. And if you want to achieve the best result, which ideally can last up to 2 years, during the first month it is advisable to follow the simple, but important, rules of care.

The main ways to care for the eyebrow area after manual tattooing

Use of Vaseline

  1. Before leaving the permanent makeup studio, do not rush to remove the healing ointment applied by the master from the eyebrows. It should be on the skin for about 3 hours, after which you can gently rinse the product with warm water and gel, foam, or baby soap. Instead of wiping your eyebrows with a towel, lightly blot them with a napkin.
  2. One of the most common methods of eyebrow care after microblading is the use of petroleum jelly. To relieve swelling and eliminate pain on the first day, apply a thin layer of vaseline on the skin, leave it for 3 hours and then gently wash it off. Such actions should be repeated three times, and daily practice at least one application of Vaseline with washing until the characteristic crust does not come off on its own. It may take you about 9 days. Applying petroleum jelly will not be superfluous in the future if you feel dryness or tightness in the eyebrows.
  3. An indicator that you are doing everything correctly is the almost complete absence of a crust, and only the formation of a thin film in the area of ​​microblading. After some time, it peels off, and the color of the eyebrows becomes lighter. When this happens, you can switch to Vaseline to use the usual face cream.

Use of drugs Bepanten or Panthenol

In order to avoid inflammation in the first few days after microblading, eyebrow wounds are recommended to be treated with chlorhexidine solution. If this is not done, the crust formed at the wound site may pull the pigment into it, which is why the hair color will not be sufficiently saturated and bright.

Any of these effective products can be used to moisturize the scaly eyebrows. Let some of them be at your fingertips in a handbag, wherever you go.

At home, masks based on decoctions of chamomile or mint with linseed oil are also useful.These herbs have a soothing effect on the skin and contribute to its speedy recovery, during which the skin turns pink and the pigment fades first, eventually acquiring the desired brightness.

After the subsequent correction?

After correction, the principles are the same. If the skin is dry, petroleum jelly can be used. Important regular cleansing. In the first days after the correction it is also important to try not to use aggressive means.

Do not use the sauna, swimming pool and solarium and do not use decorative cosmetics.

You were not mistaken if you decided on microblading.

This procedure has several advantagesWell, the right skin care will help to preserve its remarkable result for a long time.

You can learn about the microblading procedure and how to care for the eyebrows after it, from this video:

The essence of the procedure

Eyebrow reconstruction 6D is a procedure for eyebrow correction, during which hairs are drawn in with fine blades and dye on the skin. Since each hair is drawn separately, you can change their characteristics (length, thickness, color, direction of growth), thus achieving the most natural look. Eyebrows seem very natural and natural.

Often, the reconstruction technique is also called microblading and the method of manual tattooing of eyebrows.

  • Asymmetrical brow shape.
  • Rare eyebrows, including spoiled by frequent plucking.
  • Scars, partial or complete absence of eyebrows (due to illness, chemotherapy).
  • Dissatisfaction with the shape or color of the eyebrows.


  • the procedure has many contraindications, because not everyone is suitable,
  • without local anesthesia, the process is painful,
  • the procedure takes a long time, and the result requires correction after a while,
  • the first time after the procedure, eyebrows must be carefully monitored and looked after, while limiting their behavior (you should not wet eyebrows, visit the swimming pool, solarium, etc.)
  • bad result is not easy to fix,
  • The procedure is expensive.

Preparation for the procedure

  • Minimum 10 days Do not clean the face before the procedure.
  • Minimum a week before the procedure:
    • Do not paint or pull out eyebrows so that the master can see them in a natural way,
    • do not take blood thinners to prevent bleeding,
    • Do not go to the solarium
    • eliminate from the diet fatty, sweet, spicy and salty foods to cleanse the skin.
  • Behind day Do not drink alcohol, antibiotics, coffee, cigarettes before the procedure.
  • In the case when the procedure is carried out for the first time, tests should be made for the absence of allergies.

Technique, steps and duration of the procedure

  1. The master studies the work space: shape, brow thickness, features of the client's appearance, type and shape of the face. It is discussed what result the client wants to achieve, possible models and options are explored.
  2. The wizard applies cleansing agents and anesthetic to the skin around the eyebrows, waiting for 15 minutes until it works.
  3. The contours of future eyebrows are drawn with the help of a cosmetic pencil, all excess hairs are removed with tweezers.
  4. The master mixes paints of various shades to receive that which is necessary for a concrete case.
  5. Using the handpiece, the master applies thin cuts to the skin that imitate the hairs and fills them with paint. In this case, the contour is first drawn, and then the hairs are drawn inside it.
  6. At the end of the procedure, the master treats the eyebrows with chlorhexidine and applies moisturizing agents, such as petroleum jelly, and also instructs the client about the subsequent care of the eyebrows.

The video shows the process of reconstruction of eyebrows 6D, combined with the recall of the client, who passed this procedure.

How is the healing process?

  1. After the procedure, the eyebrows look slightly swollen, there is redness.

  • The next day, the surface is tightened with a thin film. Sugar can be distinguished, which should be carefully cleaned with a cotton disc or wand.
  • After 3-4 days, small crusts form. At this time, the hairs may not appear too distinct.
  • After a week, the crusts begin to gradually disappear.

  • The final healing of the eyebrows occurs about a month after the procedure.
  • How to care for eyebrows after the procedure?

    • First day can not:
      • wet eyebrows
      • touch your eyebrows, rub them,
      • put on eyebrows cosmetics or other means, except those recommended by the master (cosmetic oils, petroleum jelly, panthenol).
    • During of the week can not:
      • undergo physical exertion
      • sweat,
      • go to the solarium
      • be in places with high humidity.
    • During two months you can not do peeling.

    The first days after the procedure can appear drift. It should be regularly promakivat, and eyebrows handle chlorhexidine.

    It should be regularly (up to 7-10 times a day) to apply on the eyebrows moisturizers, such as cosmetic oils or petroleum jelly.

    The crusts formed on the eyebrows cannot be peeled off; they must descend on their own.

    Without fear, eyebrows can be wetted in 2-3 weeks.

    How long will the effect last and when will a correction be needed?

    Eyebrow reconstruction 6D provides an effect that lasts for 1.5-2 years, and in some cases up to 3 years. This period depends on the characteristics of the skin and paint, as well as on how exactly the eyebrows were cared for and what effects they were subjected to.

    Over time, the picture begins to fade. However, it does not change color, it just becomes less and less intense, until it disappears completely.

    The first correction is mandatory and is necessary a month after the procedure. The need for subsequent corrections depends on each individual case.

    You can repeat the procedure, as a rule, after 6-12 months, if there is such a need. In this case, wait until the color disappears completely, not necessarily.

    Where better to do: in the cabin, at the private master or at home?

    In the process of eyebrow reconstruction, the skin is injured minimally, but it is still recommended to do the procedure under sterile conditions. Therefore, the salon fits much better. The conditions created in it allow you to worry less about your own health.

    But, of course, the private master, especially if he has been doing this for a long time, is also able to create all the necessary conditions to ensure the safety of clients. However, the procedure at home is better to refuse.

    How to get rid of unsuccessful results?

    1. With the help of correction - this way you can align the contour, remove the “loss” of the pigment.
    2. Deduce the pigment with special means - this procedure is carried out in the salons, you need several expensive sessions.
    3. Withdraw the pigment with the help of a laser - this option is faster, but it also costs more.
    4. Just wait - with time the pigment fades and disappears. Also, problem areas can be corrected with a pencil.

    Thus, the reconstruction of the eyebrows 6D is an opportunity to give your eyebrows a natural and beautiful look for a long time. The procedure is expensive and not everyone can use it, but the result is quite attractive and of high quality.

    Watch the video: MICROBLADING HEALING PROCESS . THE FIRST 5 DAYS! (December 2019).