Bold experiments with hair, colored strands and tips

Every girl wants to look beautiful, attract the views of others and admire their appearance. In a woman everything should be perfect, starting from the hair and ending with the feet. Very often now you can meet girls who have multi-colored hair. It is considered stylish, sexy and unusual. Some thus attract attention, others emphasize their character.

Multi-colored hair is definitely in fashion. Previously, artists depicted beauties with extraordinary hairstyles, the time came when all this came to life. Blue, red, purple, pink or green in your hair - absolutely does not matter. It is romantic and beautiful. Many stars paint their hair in bright colors, trying to stand out and conquer their fans.

Girls with multi-colored hair are not new now, but it is necessary to choose the right shade and the color itself, because, by choosing an inappropriate one, a cute creature can turn itself and its appearance into a nightmare. Professionals recommend that you strictly monitor your image and style and select the color of the strands for each event or meeting. In order to change outwardly, it is not necessary to go to the hairdresser, it is very easy to do at home.

Here are some tips for beginners. Pay attention to the accent, it should not strongly contrast with your hair color. In order for everything to look professional and high quality, dye the strands inside the hair. If there is a bang, then it will be very interesting to look if the girl allocates a fine strand on her. It should be understood that the multi-colored hair is not for everyone. For example, whatever the color of the blonde would choose - she will be fine, but choose a brown-haired light green or bright purple color - the effect will not be the same.

The choice of bright colors is not easy. Someone to face will be blue, but with red hair this person will look ridiculous. Therefore, it is worthwhile to carefully consider this nuance before making multi-colored hair. Photos of models with extreme curls will come to your aid, and by comparing their color type with your own, you can make a more or less correct choice.

So, in order to change the hair color, we need to select one strand, twist it into a tight flagellum, paint it with chalk and shake off all that is superfluous (this is done simply using a comb). Why use crayons? They will very beautifully emphasize the image created by you, they will not stand out too much, as they have a slightly muffled, delicate shade and will give a smoky beauty. Multi-colored hair, resulting from the chalk, you can easily wash off, and everything will fall into place. Therefore, professionals recommend that you first try this method, and if the result does not please the girl, it is easy for the girl to avoid a serious mistake and an unsuccessful experiment with her appearance.

There is the option of using multiple colors on a single strand of hair. This is very unusual and interesting. But you should not constantly use crayons, as they, with frequent use, can harm your hair.

Fashionable challenge to society

As a protest to traditions and power predictability, color hair coloring first appeared at the origins of stiffness and conservatism - in London in the second middle of the XX century. Hippies have turned the notion of modernity that the beautiful does not always correspond to naturalness: their hairstyles, defiantly long, unmarked head of hair with colored strands, became a symbol of freedom from prejudice.

To date, some divergence from the norms with the help of monochrome creative coloring is no longer striking, although it does not respond to the dress code of most organizations. In such situations, girls who have not too short hair, resort to hidden tactics - make themselves colored hair ends, or, alternatively, emit 1-2 colored locks.

A bright note of multi-color highlighting or balayazha, emitting strands of hair, dilutes the everyday mood and attracts attention even to a modest hairstyle. With very strict rules for controlling appearance at work, hair tonic comes to the rescue, washing off after 1-2 shampoos.

The multi-colored palette on the curls is also an interesting option for a photo shoot, and a call to support your favorite football team (the tricolor tricolor symbolism on the curls is a well-known attribute of female cheerleaders). The multicolor palette of powder, crayons and tonics allows you to plunge into the desired bold image without harm to the curls, and this technique looks great on both long and short hair.

How to achieve a successful image change with the help of multi-colored dyeing or bring a temporary note of beautiful originality into your hair?

Types of hair dye

Coloring in different colors can be, as in resolute monochrome, that is continuous coloring, and in impudent versions of the gradient or double solution. The most delicate way to shine a new hairstyle and declare its originality will be colored hair ends. There are such types of staining:

  • Individuals who are not apprehensive from the outside and are ready for increased attention who will turn on bright curls resort to continuous coloring. The classic versions of the monochrome will be pastel shades of pink, purple, burgundy. For monochrome on light strands, various tonics are often used,
  • gradient solution, it is balayazh, ombre or shatush - this is an exclusive coloring with multi-colored, or colors taken from the same color palette. You can create a beautiful play of color to color, highlight individual strands, or create an original degradation with a rich color that brightens to the ends of the hair. Very effective method on a dark background, as well as on light brown hair,
  • dyeing double-strand strands is a multi-colored option for lovers of bold experiments, since the division of hair into two contrasting shades makes up an unusual-colored hairstyle that causes the attention of everyone around. The technique looks perfect on blond hair,
  • accentuating the tips - this is probably the most optimal way to update the hairstyle without attracting outside views. Coloring can be made both by the strip method, strictly delimiting the colored ends, and by careful interspersing of the colored strands. Often, such coloring is limited to one tips, which are then cut off when the hairstyle is tired. Unfortunately, this type of coloring is not suitable for short hair, or emphasis on the ends deviates from symmetry.

Of course, choosing a color that will take the hair, you need to take into account the expected durability of paint and how well it will fall on a natural shade. The hardest thing to predict the result, when a girl has natural red hair.

Blue paint

Gamma blue color is suitable only for girls with pale transparent skin without visible defects, but the native color of the hair affects only the intensity of the shade:

  • On light brown hair, if they are not very dark, saturated blue or bright blue dye will fall well. Light brown will not tolerate pastel, airy colors - the paint will immediately get a dirty, stale shade. If the combination of a delicate blue color with light brown hair is the ultimate dream, then you will have to make your curls lighter by a few tones,
  • any colors of blue will fall well on light curls, but too dark shades will create an aggressive look,
  • girls with dark hair, on the contrary, fit strong, decisive shades of blue.

Coloring the blue palette will be out of place on red hair and does not look in a monochrome shading on short hair - only in the form of balacer or highlighting.

Pink paint

The lighter the girl's natural hair color, the more airy and "zephyr" you can choose a shade in pink. Any color of curls, except for very light blond and blond, will have to be rendered impersonal before dyeing, otherwise the paint will lie unpredictable. Pink color in monochrome gives the owner of a short haircut a somewhat “doll-like” appearance, which should be taken into account. For short hair, it is desirable to apply the technique of pink streaking.

As in the previous version, any pink tone is applicable only to representatives of the perfect porcelain skin. Romantic girls better to focus on the delicate pastel shades, and bold and bright ladies can prefer acidic, active colors.

Pink dye on dark hair (applied to bleached strands) looks like flames.

Purple paint

The violet gamma is a godsend for women with a dark complexion and small skin defects: enlarged pores, etc. However, in this case, monochrome staining will have to be replaced by drawing individual strands in any of the styles you like, with a special emphasis on the ends of the curls.

Purple tone on dark hair - this is a great option ombra or balayazha. Dark chestnut or other shades of natural brunette curls give spectacular play of natural color to a beautiful, cool purple color.

Tricolor on the curls

Three-color highlighting is another novelty that allows you to create a 3D effect similar to fiery highlights. As the name suggests, the effect is created when playing with only three carefully selected shades: from slightly golden to dark honey. As a rule, the three-color palette highlights the red color with one of the three tones.

Highlighting looks great on short hair, and in the presence of long curls the master's imagination is almost unlimited. Soft transitions from dark to light make the three-color technique almost impossible to do at home. To achieve this effect with the help of tonic is very difficult, and for a temporary result it is better to use mascara.

Exceptional dark hair color is applied to the primary inflorescence - tricolor play, affecting only the tips of the curls.

Hair with colored strands

Probably the best reason for changing the image are various celebrations, where you can also surprise your friends and colleagues, as well as attract the attention of others. Simply put, if you want to impress others, then you need to create an original festive image. Your stunning outfit complement the elegant evening makeup and, of course, hair. It is she who plays the main role in the image.

But do not forget that the color strands - this is just the accent of the main hairstyle. Also try to avoid strong contrast with the main hair color.

Stylists recommend forming colored strands inside the hair, rather than on the top of the head, otherwise the hairstyle will look too vulgar. You can also focus on bangs, decorating it with one contrasting strand to emphasize its shape or give it a visual volume.

Colored strands for hair

However, in any case, remember that the shade of the strands should be in harmony with the main color of your hair and dress, and should be combined with the image. So, for example, if you have brown hair, and you are making golden strands, then try to avoid screaming details in the image. Best in this case, you will suit natural and pastel shades. Bright clothes or accessories will not look advantageous.

Blondes in this regard are more fortunate. They can afford a wider range of colors regarding contrasting strands. Owners of blond hair can choose both shades of warm and cold tones, and neutral shades. In this case, it is necessary to remember one firm rule - hair with colored strands will only be advantageous if they have a beautiful, healthy look.

Strands of contrasting colors will allow you to radically change the image, while you do not need to change the haircut. If you like it, you only need to “revive” it by making colored strands.

The benefits of colored strands for hair

Modern women of fashion have already managed to try on themselves such hairstyles and appreciated their undeniable advantages.

  • First of all, it should be said that hair with colored strands to match the color of the attire has become one of the main trends of the new season.
  • Secondly, the hairstyle is simple in execution. Currently, there are quite a few products for coloring hair with colored strands, and these are not permanent dyes. One of the most interesting of these tools are pastel crayons. Coloring with their help is fairly easy to carry out, and a wide range of colors will allow you to apply all your imagination when painting. If you want, you can even turn your hair into a fountain of multicolored strands.

general information

If you are in doubt whether it is necessary to do such coloring, we recommend to take a look at celebrities, because stars are the indisputable trendsetters.

So, at different times, such hairstyles were worn:

  • Christina Aguilera,
  • Lady Gaga,
  • Katy Perry,
  • Drew Barrymore and other singers, actresses.

And if such people, who are under the scrutiny of millions of people, have decided to perform color highlighting of the ends of their hair, then why shouldn’t you make such a fashionable hairstyle?

The bright tips of curls loved and celebrities

Gorgeous palette

It is noteworthy that virtually any color can be chosen for coloring - the palette is striking in its diversity.

In particular, the following are among the popular shades:

  • blue,
  • ultramarine,
  • rich orange
  • red,
  • lime and others.

Note. When choosing a particular tone, it is extremely important to consider how the shade will be combined with your natural hair color, skin color and eyes. If you take this into account, you can choose a paint that suits you and makes the image not only bright, but also harmonious.

You can perform the dyeing procedure in any salon, but why pay money, especially if the price of the wizard’s services is quite high, and you can do it yourself?

A variety of colors allows you to create amazing combinations

Benefits of self-staining

Applying the coloring composition at home has several advantages in comparison with the salon:

  • minimum costs - only for the purchase of a coloring mixture:
  • saving time on going to the salon and back,
  • the possibility of staining at any time when you have half an hour free.

Note. Changing the color of the tips is only possible if you have long or medium hair. With short strands, it is better not to conduct such an experiment - it will not look very attractive.

Features of color combinations

You don't have to make bright tips, you can use dark shades.

Most of all, this method of changing hairstyles is suitable for blondes or fair-haired girls, as they can even make black hair ends. Anyway, virtually any color is suitable for fair-haired women of the beautiful half of humanity.

Brunettes, especially burning ones, will have to make much more effort and not the fact that they can do, for example, blue hair ends. Since in this case, most likely, you will need to perform a preliminary straightening of the strands.

When choosing a shade, consider the natural tone of the curls

If we talk about specific colors for brunettes, then if you want to get black hair with blue tips, it is better to focus on a more saturated shade, close to the purple tone.

Also goes well with dark hair:

But in any case, as already mentioned, it is imperative to pay attention to the skin and eyes - only this way it will be possible to choose the optimal combination and create a truly unusual and original image.

What is color hair coloring

This is a process carried out by hairdressers, as a result of which the color of the customer's strands changes. The technology consists of bleaching (pigment remover) and subsequent hair dyeing in one or several colors.. Natural beauty has always been and will be in fashion, but if your hair is dull or you just want to change, then color dyeing in different techniques is what you need.

This season popular methods of color painting, such as shatush, balayazh, ombre, sombre, Colombre, beybilayts. To select certain shades for the procedure is necessary in accordance with its color type. For example, fair-haired young ladies are suitable for such tones: ashen, light brown, wheat, golden, olive, white, honey. Brown-haired girls should be painted in caramel, white, chocolate, chestnut shades. Owners of dark strands fit both light colors and bright, for example, cherry, copper red, Marsala.

Wishing to look even more original stylists recommend to stand out by staining in bright colors: fuchsia, purple, pink, blue, blue, yellow, or combine two or more shades. If you are not ready to become so unusual, choose one of the fashionable colors of the season 2018-2019: dark cinnamon, platinum, golden coffee, black, chocolate-purple, all kinds of blond, red, cherry, burgund and milk chocolate.

To suit

Brunettes, blondes, brown-haired women, redheads, owners of artificial and natural shades can make multi-colored hair coloring. The length of the hair, their ability to curl or straighten it does not matter. The colored strands of different lengths look very advantageous. As for age, mature women should be more careful with painting in red, bright purple shades, which will make their image vulgar.

Ladies who have the first gray hair, it is better to be painted in the soft, pastel shades, masking this "lack". Do not make pregnant, lactating women. Hormonal changes occur in their bodies, which may worsen pigment absorption. In addition, you need to pay attention to the condition of the hairline: damaged, weakened strands, with split tips will look very ugly.

They must be treated before the procedure. With the help of unusual color toning, you can create a chic holiday image for parties, discos and other events. If you do not plan to walk with such strands for a long time, give preference to methods that provide a temporary effect - colored chalk, tint balsam, tonic.

Advantages and disadvantages

Dyeing hair in different colors (3 or more) looks very cool, impressive, but has its own advantages and disadvantages. Consider all these points before visiting a hair stylist:

  • large selection of various shades (from pastel to bright),
  • no risk of damage to the hair shafts, because bright dyes have short durability and contain caring ingredients,
  • the ability to choose one bright color or create the perfect combination of several favorite tones,
  • a huge number of techniques, allowing to dye all the hair, individual strands, only the roots or tips, bangs, etc.,
  • the opportunity to realize their fantasies, create an unusual image, stand out from the crowd
  • some techniques require bleaching (washing), and often not one that damages the hair rods, disrupts their structure, increases the cost of the procedure,
  • long duration of the procedure, if medium, long strands are colored or several tones are used,
  • unstable result: pastel shades can begin to wash out after 7 shampoos, and bright ones - after 2-3,
  • the difficulty is to make a single color after the color,
  • a small selection of tones for brunettes, brown-haired, provided that there will not be a wash,
  • high cost of the procedure with a short-term effect

What is the color

Coloring strands in bright colors can be done by different means. Their choice depends on how long the effect you want to get. Cosmetics manufacturers are not far behind fashion trends and offer such coloring tools:

  1. Dyes - the most resistant drugs, designed to fully dye hair of any length, paint the roots, tips, etc. Many manufacturers create formulations without ammonia, with the addition of nutrients. Thanks to a huge palette of colors, you can choose absolutely any shade - from bright to pastel.
  2. Tint tonic, balms. Used on light curls, provide the ability to change color without any special effort. Almost harmless, but less resistant than paints.
  3. Colored crayons. Suitable for girls and young girls who want to make the image of the original, but without changing it dramatically. Crayons give the effect to the first shampooing, do not require discoloration of the strands, can be used as blondes, so brunettes and brown-haired women.
  4. Mascara - gives a temporary result, does not harm the hair rods, does not provoke allergic reactions. Used for tips, roots, the selection of individual strands.

Types of colored hair dye

Recently, color coloring has become more popular, and girls and girls, inspired by the ideas of stylists in the photo and in life, are decided on the most unusual experiments. Today in the trend such technology:

  • degrade
  • pixel,
  • two-color,
  • Stretching colors (shatush, balayazh, ombre, etc.),
  • creating colored strands on dark, blond hair,
  • painting only the tips or only the roots, etc.

Bi-colored hair

Any woman to look unusual and original hair color change will help. One of the extraordinary methods is the painting of strands in two shades:

  1. Double staining. Hair is divided into two vertical parts, each of which is painted in a different shade.
  2. Dip-dye It looks as if the lower part of the hair is lowered into a container with paint (one or several in turn). The horizontal transition between natural and artificial color is clear.
  3. Zonal - a single tone of bangs, strands, curls, etc.

Colored strands on dark hair

To pick up means for dark locks without washing is difficult. If you decide on such a procedure, use one of the following techniques:

  1. Oil slick. Fashionable multicolor coloring, creating on imitation of dark hair imitation of overflow of spilled gasoline. The effect is created by combining blue, green, purple hues.. The technique is more suitable for brown-haired women, brunettes, often carried out even without prior bleaching of the strands.
  2. Denim effect. Created by combining blue and gray colors.
  3. Shatush - creating a smooth transition from dark roots to brighter tips.
  4. Brondirovanie - the transition of color from the dark root zone to the bright tips. It is carried out with the help of several shades, the main of which is light brown.

Colored strands on blond hair

It is possible to dye hair of light shades in almost any tones, the color falls on them well and turns out to be very bright. Blonde girls fit such techniques:

  1. Pastel - painting the strands in pale pink, purple, lavender, peach shades.
  2. Opal. The smooth transition of salmon, pearl, pale blue and other shades into each other imitates the pattern of a stone.
  3. Rose gold - soft color coloring. More suitable for blondes who want to change, but not dramatic.
  4. A natural phenomenon. After the procedure, the strands acquire shades of sunset, sea wave, northern lights, etc.
  5. Smoke and ashes. This technique is more suitable for owners of ashy shade and cold blond hair. The effect of a light haze is created by adding lavender, pale pink flowers.
  6. Neon coloring. Hair dyed in bright juicy colors in the style of nightclubs, discos, etc. Often carried on the tips.
  7. Rainbow. It involves the use of several bright colors: from purple to red. Obligatory condition - a clear boundary between the colors, creating a transition from light to dark or vice versa.

Tip coloration

Over the past few seasons, color-dyed hair has become very fashionable. Using one of these color changing techniques, you can make your image original and even unusual:

  1. Colombre - painting the lower part of the strands in beautiful bright colors.
  2. Fiery strands. The technique resembles the flames that engulf the tips of the hair.
  3. Ombre. It is carried out on the hair of any shade, gives the head of hair a volume due to the soft transition from dark roots to light ends.

Root dyeing

One of the most unusual hair dyeing techniques is changing the color of the root zone and the roots themselves. During the procedure, one or more colors are used:

  1. Bright roots. This technology is the exact opposite of the painted tips. The stylist colors only the roots with one color, without affecting the rest of the hair shafts.
  2. Hidden rainbow coloring. It involves coloring the roots with several bright shades, the rest of the hair shafts are painted in a cold blond.

Temporary staining

This method is characterized by the use of a special coloring powder or even ordinary food coloring.

Note. The amount of dye used depends on what kind of result you want to get in the end. The more you use the powder, the brighter, richer the color will be.

With the help of special powders you can give your hair a temporary color.

The sequence of actions for creating a bright image will be as follows:

  • dissolve the powder in warm water,
  • bring the solution to a boil,
  • pour it into a basin or other container
  • dip the curls in the liquid
  • wait a few minutes.

This method is ideal for girls who are not sure that they will go, for example, blue hair tips. After all, these dyes are quickly washed away, there is no trace of them, they do not harm the structure and health of the curls. In fact, the ideal method for those who love frequent experiments.

However, he has one major drawback - it will suit only fair-haired girls. Dye may simply not be applied to dark curls.

Radical method

On dark hair, the tips will not look so bright - this is your charm!

But those who have dark hair, recommended a radical method that provides a long-lasting result.

So, if you are a brunette and want to get, for example, pink hair tips, prepare the following ingredients and objects:

  • clarifier,
  • paint like colors
  • rubber bands
  • gloves,
  • foil.

Note. On the clothes on top you need to throw some kind of cape. Or wear a T-shirt, which is not a pity to get dirty.

With the radical dyeing method, especially if you use several colors, it is recommended to use foil to separate the strands from each other.

If you want to achieve brighter, more saturated colors, then you should bleach the tips before starting the procedure, but this is not necessary.

Coloring is as follows:

  • dilute the paint
  • separate a small strand,
  • Using a brush, apply paint,
  • wrap the strand in foil
  • do so with all the hair.

Wait until the time specified in the paint instructions has passed, remove the foil and wash your head.

So you can dye curls of any color, guaranteed to achieve the desired result - for example, red hair with black tips is made in the same way.

Colored chalk

In a separate section, we decided to take out descriptions of colored crayons for the head of hair, which are an ideal alternative to the above methods.

The advantages of such crayons:

  • ease of procedure
  • cheapness
  • palette variety
  • easy flushing.

Colored crayons are a great way to make multicolored tips.

Dyeing process

In order to make bright tips you need:

  • highlight a small strand
  • roll it into a tight harness
  • spend on it several times shallow,
  • shake off the remnants of colored dust from crayon - To do this, use a brush with soft, natural bristles.

Depending on the source color

Owners of bright hair should not wet the strands before using the crayon. Since in this case, the coloring pigment will enter into the curls and it will be extremely difficult to wash it off.

But the brunette curls better wetted, so that the pigment stands out better. Moreover, the paint from crayons is not so much eats into dark hair, as in blond.

Red-haired girls can try both methods to determine which one fits better and provides a brighter color.

In the photo - the process of coloring the tips with crayons

Additional tips

To ensure that the result is guaranteed to suit you, we recommend to pay special attention to the tips below.

  1. You need to use only dry pastel chalks, but in any case not oily or normal.
  2. Before using crayons, you must wear old clothes or a bathrobe, and lay a newspaper or cellophane on the floor to protect the coating from colored dust.
  3. After using crayons, it is not recommended to wear light-colored clothing, as it may be colored by hair.
  4. When choosing a particular shade of crayons, be sure to consider both the color of your hair and the color of the clothes you are going to wear.
  5. Try the coloring option, which involves the use of crayons of different colors on one strand - the contrast will give your hair a special charm.

Use crayons of different tones to achieve a contrasting color.

How to wash off the chalk

Getting rid of the color acquired with crayons is quite simple:

  • comb the curls with a comb-brush
  • wash your hair with regular moisturizing shampoo,
  • apply conditioner.

Of course, girls with colored tips of hair stand out from the crowd, attract the attention of others, but do not get involved in crayons, because they overdry curls.

In conclusion

If our hearts require change - feel free to go to their embodiment!

As you can see, even making turquoise hair ends is quite simple. It is necessary only to gain courage and choose the method of coloring most suitable for you (see also the article “Multi-colored hair - the rainbow mood is always with you”).

The additional video in this article will help you to better understand the basic principles of creating bright and unusual hairstyles.

Watch the video: How to : Color Hair wo Bleaching or Permanently Coloring your Hair! (December 2019).