Is it possible to increase the hair itself at home: how to do it quickly?

Homemade hair extensions - one of those procedures that allow you to achieve a spectacular image change in a short time and at no extra cost. It’s not for everyone to grow long curls, it’s very long in time, but I’d like to flaunt chic long strands today. Donor strands come to the rescue, which can be extended not only in the salon of the master for decent money, but also at home on their own. On what types of home extensions exist, what tools and tools are needed, what are the prohibitions and how the procedure itself is carried out, read further in the article.

Types of hair extensions

Of all existing types of capacity you need to choose the least laborious and complex and the safest hair and scalp health. Home building is different from professional, so you need to be aware of their lack of professionalism, and even with experience, act on the instructions.

Methods used at home

  1. Tress - wide ribbons in which donor hairs of specific length are sewn. Stripes are cut from them and swept up by threads to their own strands. This The method is simple, can be performed independently or with someone's help.It allows you to quickly and effortlessly increase the thickness and length of hair. You will have to spend only on the tresses themselves. But there is one The disadvantage of the method is the fragility. Term socks very modest - about one month.
  2. Tape building- the most benign and harmless practically does not injure its locks. Donor strands attached with thin adhesive tape. Used glue does not harm natural strands, does not affect the structure of hairs, you can remove the build-up at any time, as well as remove glue. Correction depends on how quickly your own hair grows, but usually it is about two months. To accomplish this build house do not need any special tools and skills, professional tools and knowledge of complex technology. The best option to improve the appearance of rare and fine hair.
  3. Hot capsular extension - a rather complicated technique, artificial strands are fixed on their own by melting keratin capsules. Need a special iron. When it is time to correct (once every 3 months), they are dragged closer to the roots of their strands.

Which is better to refuse

  1. Japanese technologynot recommended not only for home use, but in general: silicone rings on which the straps are attached clamp specials. forceps. During the removal procedure, own Curls are very affected.
  2. Building a special professional glue cold methodrequires very high skill, and you can remove the strands only at the hairdresser. The technology of connecting the strands and pulling the glue into a thin capsule is very difficult for home execution.
  3. Building various resins and adhesivesnot intended for this, or of dubious origin is not strongly recommended. The consequences can be the most sad.

What is necessary

Anyway to the build process is necessary carefully prepare to purchase at least typical set of tools, plus suitable for the selected type of items and equipment.

  • donor strands. Whatever method is chosen on artificial hair, it’s not worth saving, otherwise the whole point of the time-consuming procedure is lost,
  • a set of tools: tongs, dividers, scissors, clips, etc.,
  • special glue and mortar remover (capsular),
  • thread special needle (for tress).

Council Get curls of European quality, with a natural look and shine, universal and suitable for almost all natural hair types. More information about choosing natural hair extensions can be found on our website.


At home buildinglike any other procedure There are a number of limitations:

  • up to 18 years of age (weak hair follicles do not withstand the severity of artificial strands, their own hair suffers, may lead to loss),
  • short own curls (up to 10–12 cm),
  • if at the moment goes antibiotic treatment there are catarrhal diseases, chemotherapy is carried out, it is better to postpone building up,
  • in the presence of various allergies,
  • skin diseases or damage in the hair growth zone,
  • fungus, seborrhea.

Before the procedure, it is necessary to have at least elementary knowledge about it, it is better to observe a specialist several times, to learn, consult, to do everything for the first time under the supervision of a master. Otherwise, with any doubts, it is better to entrust the head to a professional. Hair health is more expensive than uncertain experiments.

As with any business, quality build-up is impossible without good preparation of both tools and artificial strands, as well as its hair. It is necessary to cut the split ends of the hair, wash well and dry the head.

  1. With a hot build method you need to divide your strands into sectors with the expectation that the majority of donor curls are fixed in the occipital region. They are attached at some distance from the roots so that the hairstyle is not bristled. At the end of the procedure you need to trim the tips of the hair, forming a complete hairstyle.
  2. Tape methodand easier and safer in the first place due to the non-use of high temperatures in the process. First, you need to divide the hair in a circle along the head, separating the upper part, and the upper hairs at the crown of the pick-ups. Then distribute donor hair on the selected circle, sticking them at a centimeter distance from each other. It will take about 35–65 ribbons.
  3. Tress accumulation is carried out on the partitionslocated along the head, without affecting the area around the face so that the attachment area was not visible. First, the top curls are stabbed at the crown. Then a thin braid is tied around the head, and a ribbon is sewn on it. It is important that the strands are matched very closely to match.
  4. Capsule technology the most difficult and requires skill and skill. About 110–150 tapes are required for the whole head. Using molten glue, fine strands are attached to their own hair, divided into partings. The capsule is melted by compressing a special hot iron. There is a small flat drop on the hair. Move from frontal lobe to occipital. From the roots recede about a centimeter.

Hair care

Care for hair extensions is necessaryregardless of whether they served you in the salon or you did the task at home. The beauty and the spectacular appearance of the new curls, the frequency and the need for correction will depend on the care.

  1. It is better to purchase a special comb or comb with rare teeth, they can be found in beauty salons, boutiques.
  2. It is also recommended to use detergents designed specifically for hair extensions. If desired, you can replace the usual lightweight shampoo, and wash your hair without rubbing it in the hair roots.
  3. Be sure to use a good conditioner: it makes combing easier and guarantees shine and beauty of curls. Combing strands will not be removed when combing, and your curls are injured.
  4. Depending on the type of capacity you need avoid hot styling.
  5. It is better to wash your hair under the shower with warm, not hot water.
  6. It is better not to use products containing alcohol for the care and creation of hairstyles.
  7. You can't go to bed with wet hair, you need to dry them out to the end.

Hair extensions at home - this is a difficult and painstaking procedure, but quite affordable and doable. A little patience, careful careful work and you will become the owner of a beautiful thick hair of the right length.

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Self build: what to choose?

Most often, women are referred to the salon for a build-up of strands. Masters own several of the most popular technologies, the choice of one or another option depends on the type of hair, hairstyle that you want to get in the end, the financial capabilities of the client.

If you are not satisfied with any of the options, then from our article you will learn how to build hair at home. Some options for attaching to yourselfyou can spend at home.

Women who do not have experience in fixing hair, it is better not to try to do hot build. It requires great skill, besides fixing the hair with heated capsules without an assistant is very difficult.

Which type of hair extensions at home can be done by yourself? It is quite possible to make a cold build-up on hairpins or ribbons. If you are interested in building on thin hair, come here.

Among the advantages of cold buildup:

  • securitya minimum of contraindications
  • the volume of the hairstyle can be adjusted as desired, at any time you can add a few more curls to it,
  • if necessary, the strands can be removed and then strengthened again,
  • excellent effect, correctly fixed curls are difficult to distinguish from real ones,
  • to care for a new hairstyle does not need special cosmetics,
  • hair extensions can be styled with a hairdryer, ironing or curling, pulling, curling, braiding,
  • own strands are not damaged, do not require restoration between procedures,
  • extension accessories available, they can be bought in the store for hairdressers or order in the online salon.

The final price of hair depends on the number and length of hair used. Also, women are interested in hair extensions for as long as possible.
For example, for tape building at home you need from 5 to 40 blanks. If you choose to build on barrettes, you will need a ready-made set of 7 strands of different lengths. The price of such an increase ranges from 3 to 7 thousand rubles.

How to make your own hair extensions at home, you can see on the proposed video.

Required materials and tools

How to increase hair at home itself and what is needed for this? What strands for hair extensions is better to choose? For home building need to purchase:

  1. Individual strands on hairpins or ribbons. Sold by packaging, reusable. High-quality natural curls serve at least 3 years, they can be washed, combed, dyed, curled.
  2. Comfortable comb rare sparse teeth and a thin handle for dividing the hair.
  3. A large mirror that allows you to view the hair behind.

Glue, electrical appliances and other devices are not needed. All necessary fasteners are included in the kit. Strands will be held on polymer tapes or invisible hairpins.

When buying it is important to choose the thickness, texture and shade of hair. Strands can be artificial or natural, the latter look especially impressive, but they are more expensive. Keratin-based artificial hair also has an advantage - it is much less susceptible to mechanical damage.

For thin and rare hair fit microlents - very narrow and almost imperceptible in the hair. They hold well, look very natural and do not weigh down hair. Now we learn how to build hair itself. And not only straight strands, but also curly hair extensions.

Step-by-step instruction

The choice of the method and how to increase the hair itself, depends on what effect is needed. Tape buildup is done longer, but the effect lasts at least 2-3 months.

Strands look very natural, do not hurt your own hair. You should start with 4-5 tapes, if desired, their number increases.

For an instant build-up of the house, curls on inconspicuous hair clips-clips are suitable. These blanks are ideal for creating spectacular holiday hairstyles, in the end for them you can remove and remove until the next time. For round-the-clock wear, the straps on barrettes are not intended, it is better to take them off at night.

If you are interested in the method of tape extension, then our video will be useful to you.

Build up fast: pomp in 1 day

Is it possible to increase hair at home for 1 day? Yes, and start with fastening strands on hairpins. Own hair is washed with soft shampoo, dried by a hair dryer and slightly combed.

This technique will help to fix the patch curls better, the place of attachment will not be noticeable. Very thin strands can be treated with a mild varnish.

The bulk of the hair rises up and is fastened with a clip. The longest and widest strands of the set are mounted one above the other in the area. Curls are fixed hairpins as close as possible to the roots.

Thinner strands are attached at the temples. Then the bulk of the hair is released from the clamps, dissolved and gently combed. The hair should be evenly lush, overhead strands lost in the thick of their own curls.

It is very well seen from the video, how to quickly grow hair at home, as well as learn in more detail here.

For the week: an option for advanced users

Hair should be washed with a mild shampoo and carefully combed. Balsams and conditioners are not used.they will make the strands too smooth and slippery. And so, how to increase hair at home for a week is described in detail below.

Split ends of hair trimmed. The length of your own strands should not be less than 10 cm, otherwise the false hair will not be able to be carefully fixed.

A row of hair on the back of the head is separated and slightly combed at the roots. The hair on the tape attached as close as possible to the roots and lightly pressed with your fingers. Thin polymer quickly fixed.

After attaching the feather strip, a row of stripes is lowered, the remaining strands are cracked. The second tape is fixed. Thus, all artificial strands are gradually fastened, the latter are fixed on the crown. If desired, separate strands on ribbons or hairpins can be attached closer to the temples.

When fastening tapes can't be in a hurry otherwise the joint line will be too noticeable. It is better to start with 4 ribbons, and in a day or two add a hairstyle of pomp. You can adjust the styling during the week, achieving complete perfection.

If the tape is attached unsuccessfully, it is sprayed with an alcohol-based spray, peeled off, and then fixed in a new way.

How to care for hair after?

Natural or artificial hair requires careful care so that the effect of lush hairstyle is preserved as long as possible.

For the treatment of curls can not use masks, mousses, lotions and shampoos with the addition of alcohol. You can wash your hair no earlier than 3-4 days after the build-up.

Before washing, natural and extended strands need carefully comb, paying special attention to the root zone. Water should not be too hot.

Tapes do not like too long contact with water, so the procedure is carried out quickly. After washing the strands, rinse thoroughly and wrap with a towel that will absorb excess moisture. Rub and pull the hair can not.

It is important to dry the tapes on which the strands are attached as soon as possible. It is most convenient to use a hairdryer with warm air mode. After that, comb the hair gently, starting from the tips and gradually moving to the middle.

Particularly tangled areas better to carefully disassemble with your fingers, and only then take up the comb. When laying, you can use curlers, tongs, irons or other power tools.

It is important not to touch the polymeric tapes with hot tongs so that they do not melt. To create a hairstyle, use only alcohol-free sprays.

At night, it is better to collect the hair in a stray tail or braid. Coloring or toning is best done before fixing the strands.In case of need after building it is recommended to use sparing tinting agents, diluting them with water in a separate container.

Visiting a bathhouse or a solarium, the head should be covered with a towel, a rubber cap is obligatory in the pool. After the procedures, natural and extended strands are gently combed, avoiding entanglement in the root zone. It is better to remove the curls on the hairpins before visiting the bath or pool.

Building at home require accuracy and gradualism. For new strands you need to carefully care for, the reward will be lush long curls that are almost impossible to distinguish from the real ones. All the pros and cons of hair extensions will find out by clicking on the link.

How to build hair at home, look at the video below.

Cold: no heat treatment

"Afro" view is considered the safest, because there is no exposure to chemicals or heat treatment. Separate strands are attached to the braided pigtails on the head. The effect does not last very long, and as soon as the curls begin to grow, you need to make a correction. The average price for hair extensions of this type 9000 - 11000 rubles. according to the length of the order.

Boast chic long curls

Hollywood: hair band

The principle of extension using tape is reduced to attaching long or shortened strands to one's own locks. At the same time, these strands are pinched inside the tape. This way is loved by women because of the speed and lack of additional processing. The term of wearing hair is about three months. At the same time you need to know how to properly behave with them. For example, you can not pull or pull hair, collect it in the tail. When washing, you need to tilt your head back, and at night to braid a weak braid. But these difficulties are the beauty of your hair. The average price for tape hair extensions is 12,000 - 40,000 rubles. This difference is caused by different lengths (40 - 70 cm) and the number of strands (40 - 80 pieces).

Many colors are available in specialty stores.

Hot capsular: with the most expensive price

Capsule capacity is quite an expensive way, but the result exceeds expectations. For a short period of time, about three hours, the master will make you a gorgeous mane 70 cm long! The meaning of the process is that individual strands are attached to these curls with the help of capsules. The method refers to hot procedures, because after the primary fixation of the capsule, it is heated to securely attach the strand. Heat treatment of hair is the only minus of this method. But at the same time they can be used without restrictions. The use of masks, shampoos, trips to the pool or solarium - it does not hurt the appearance. Such hair extensions cost 17,000 - 35,000 rubles. The price also depends on the length and number of capsules (100 - 200 pieces).

Correctly fixed strands are difficult to distinguish from natural.

Inexpensive: hair with beads

Inexpensive cold working procedure with beads. Small strands are attached to the natural curl with a metal bead. Hair extensions cost 12,000 - 15,000 rubles. matching length. But there is a drawback: there is a risk of combing out a large amount of hair, as well as rubbing against the beads, it injures and breaks the structure.

What you need to know about technology and consequences

In order for the extensions to be worn for a long time and always look beautiful, you need to know some facts:

Example of proper elongation

  1. For the procedure of extension they mostly use not Asian hair, but Slavic hair. They have an elastic structure and are considered to be hardy. Before you begin the procedure, ask what strands you are going to apply.
  2. If you want to get the most comfortable option, we advise you to choose luxury hair with doubledron treatment. This is a particularly careful selection, combing and sorting hair according to density and length. In order to build up such curls, you need to pre-order them, making a prepayment. How much this procedure will cost depends on the weight (50 - 120 grams). The price varies from 10,000 to 35,000 rubles.

The so-called wig with snaps

  • In the process of use, it is necessary to go on time to the correction to the master, while this service will cost you 4000 - 9000 rubles. according to the look of your hair.
  • If you run the state of hair, and she was very confused, do not rush to get rid of her. The disentangling service is also provided in the salons, and costs 1000-2000 rubles.
  • In addition to building, there is a chance to make your hair more beautiful by ordering a hairpiece or cap. They are selected for your structure and color using the same Slavic hair. The set of overlays includes seven pieces. The cost ranges from 17,000 rubles. (80 grams) up to 30,000 rubles. (130 grams).
  • As you can see today it is not difficult to have long styling. The main thing to remember is that you should choose the method of building based on the individual characteristics of your hair and skin, while being realistic, and do not load your head with too much weight.

    Types of hair used for extension

    In total there are three types of hair extensions: Asian, European and Slavic. The latter are currently considered the best.

    Asian hair extensions usually come to us from China or Korea. They are the cheapest, but at the same time they are considered the most poor quality ones, although at first glance they look attractive. The manufacturing techniques of this hair consist in clarification from the top scaly layer, polishing, coloring and processing by silicone.

    In order to understand the quality of hair, they should be washed. After washing, the presentation is lost and it becomes clear that "not all is gold that glitters." Such hair tangles, can not withstand painting or styling, "stand up".

    European hair extensionsdespite the name, it does not necessarily come from Europe. They can also be from Latin America, India and other parts of the world. European-type hairs are more expensive than Asian ones, but they still have almost the same low quality. Strands of this type are first amenable to acid treatment, then painted, after which they are coated with silicone, while the upper scaly layer can be removed completely or partially or not removed at all. If it is not removed, then the direction of the scales may be confused, and this will lead to tangling of hair. Such hair can be suitable for those who have thick, porous, hard and voluminous hair. And who has soft and thin hair, they will not look particularly attractive. You should also make a quality check by washing without air conditioning.

    Slavic hair for extension, as already mentioned, are considered the highest quality, but they are the most expensive. The cuticle of such hair is smooth, and they look great without any treatments. Similar strands, in addition, are very different: curly, curly, straight. Slavic hair is produced with preservation of the upper scaly layer and respect for the location of scales. This type is perfect for Russian girls. However, this is not surprising, because Slavic hair hails from Russia, Ukraine or Belarus. This type is easy to style, leveling, ironing, blow-drying and other pleasures that women love so much.

    Italian method SO.CAP. or capsular hair extensions

    Capsular hair extensions: photos

    This technology of hair extensions keratin capsules refers to the hot methods and is recognized as the most safe, practical and reliable. Its essence lies in the fact that "alien" strands are already covered with keratin resin at the plant. From the hairdresser it is only necessary to attach extended hairs to the native hair and with the help of thermal tongs to heat the bonding site to the required temperature of 150-180 degrees. Thus, a transparent keratin capsule is formed. It is almost impossible to notice with the naked eye, because it has an amazing ability to adapt to hair color. Italian hot hair extensions - one of the most used technologies.

    It is important to note that this capsule is strong enough, it can withstand various loads. Such as bathing in the sea, bath procedures, perm, hair dye and others. The term "life" of such a safe hair extension is from three to six months. Artificial strands are removed using a special gel that soaks the capsule. Reviews capsular hair extensions in general receives positive.

    The advantages of the Italian method are clear, but there are few cons:

    • Duration of the procedure (up to four hours)

    • The possibility of discomfort during sleep.

    • Correction uses an agent similar to acetone. This is bad for the subsequent state of the strands. In addition, the adjustment is also often quite painful.

    • If the capsule is plate-shaped, it may cause inconvenience during regrowth.

    Italian hair extensions cost an average of 7 to 20 thousand rubles, depending on the length and type of hair. On average, the entire head goes from 100 to 150 strands.

    Hair for building on capsules

    European and Asian hair:

    45 cm - 50-70 rubles per strand
    50 cm - 60-90 rubles per strand
    60 cm - 80-110 rubles per strand
    70 cm - 110-160 rubles per strand

    45 cm - 80-100 rubles per strand
    50 cm - 100-160 rubles per strand
    60 cm - 140-180 rubles per strand
    70 cm - 170-250 rubles per strand

    Microcapsule hair extensions - This is a kind of hot capsular hair extensions. Its feature is the use of forceps of a smaller size for clamping capsules of about 3 mm, rather than 6 mm, as in the case of the classical Italian method. In addition, capsules are made not only from keratin, but also from wax. Positive reviews of microcapsule hair extensions, compared with the usual capsular, gets more. Due to the less visible capsules and convenience during sleep.

    Analogous to hair extensions using Italian technology is also considered ultrasound hair extensions. During this procedure, the capsules melt when exposed to ultrasonic waves. The cost of such an extension is slightly more expensive than the Italian method due to the use of an ultrasound device. Ultrasound hair extensions are a more modern technology.

    English technique

    Representative of the hot technology is also considered the English method. This technique requires the extrusion of a refractory organic resin from a special gun. In order to avoid various damage to the hair, the master must monitor the temperature of the capsule. The English hair extensions are similar to the Italian ones also in the methods of removing the strands, but in comparison with it, the English technique is less practical and has a shorter duration. Capsules are two to three times larger than the capsules used in the technology of Italian specialists. Therefore, the fact that the hair is not his, becomes more noticeable. In addition, keep strands, accrued by the English method a maximum of 2-3 months, which is almost two times less than with Italian technology. The cost of hair extension of this method is from 10 thousand rubles.

    The advantages of the procedure include the possibility of combining hair of different shades, even in one strand, and this is fairly safe hair extensions. According to the clients who have tried this technology, the English technique has enough minuses. Here they are:

    • Glow capsules with neon room lighting
    • The impossibility of visiting the sauna or bath (it is possible if the temperature does not exceed the melting temperature of the capsules - 80 degrees)
    • Visibility of capsules
    • You can not increase bangs
    • The length of native hair should be at least 6 cm. In addition, natural strands should be more or less healthy.
    • You can not wash your hair with shampoo for the first two days after building
    • Capsules can stick together
    • Hair loss, which is about 20-30 percent per month
    • The inability to use masks or balms, as well as a hair dryer, due to the subsequent loss of keratin strength

    Hair extensions using the stove

    This technology differs from hot methods in that keratin melting does not occur on your hair, but in a special stove. The donor strand is lowered into heated keratin and then attached to the hair. The disadvantage of this method is that keratin with a low melting point is used, due to which the capsules become sticky and can stick together. Split hair partially combed out. You can not go to the bath and sauna. When correction capsules are difficult to remove.

    German hair extension technology (Bellargo)

    German technology Bellargo also applies to hot methods. When using it, the master uses the strands of factory production. The hair is fixed with sleeves, which are sealed when subjected to an electrical device with two thermal clamps at a temperature of 120 degrees. Heating is local, only the heat-shrinkable sleeves themselves. The correction is carried out every three to four months. Removal of hair extensions occurs when the sleeves are weakened with the help of the same appliance and moving them closer to the hair roots.

    The disadvantages of the German technology are considered excessive softening of the sleeves during the usual washing of hair (which leads to partial loss of the hair) and their excessive visibility. Moreover, it is noted that not all care products can be used and not all hairstyles to do. For the use of the German technique the master will have to pay 15 thousand rubles.

    Microbellargo technique

    It is worth noting that this technology is not similar to the previous one, although it is a “daughter” of Bellargo. The bottom line is that the used micro-strands, tresses and linings are attached with special micro-sleeves 3-4 mm in size using a special Micro Bellaro device (temperature 120 degrees).

    With microcellargo technology, you can easily hide the problems of the parietal area with a semi-wig, called the Oberkopf. It is fastened with the help of tiny sleeves that are completely invisible. This method can be carried out partial hair extensions.

    The indications for conducting Microbellargo is alopecia (alopecia) or partial loss of hair, which is an absolute contraindication for other methods.

    There are enough advantages to this technology, here they are:

    • The possibility of visiting the bath, sauna, swimming pool
    • Lack of allergic reactions in clients
    • The skin is not exposed to chemicals, glue is not used at all
    • Naturalness
    • Painless procedure
    • Can wear artificial hair up to three years
    • Technology does not require shaving hair
    • Small sleeve sizes
    • Ability to thicken the parietal area
    • Removal of hair extensions is painless and takes 10 to 20 minutes
    • It is possible to combine the treatment of damaged hair and the sock of artificial strands

    Not a lot of disadvantages, one of them: high cost. Often the procedure for hair extensions costs from 20 000 rubles. Another "minus": the need to tighten Oberkopf once a month, and the correction - once every three months. Such hair is worn for 6 months.

    French technology

    This method is referred to as cold hair extension methods. Such a capsule is formed due to the use of a special glue called Rueber. The main components of its composition is considered to be the adhesive itself, the dye and the activator. Depending on the shade of hair extensions, use a mixture of different colors: white or black. Correction of the procedure is done after two to three months of wearing “foreign” strands. Hair is usually removed with a special solvent. The term of the alleged socks hair extensions 3-4 months.

    French hair extensions on average cost 3-4 thousand rubles for the installation and for Slavic hair: from 3000 to 6000 rubles in length up to 40 cm and 5500 - 15000 rubles more than 45 cm.

    The advantage of the French technology can be attributed stealth invisibility.

    There are a lot of disadvantages, in turn:
    • morbidity correction
    • Strong hair combing
    • Emergency withdrawal is possible only after one or two weeks.
    • Often there are fakes under the composition for removal, which entails the impossibility of a safe adjustment
    • When removing hair extensions, matted mass of hair sometimes has to be cut off.
    • extension to short hair is impossible (from 20 cm)
    • You can not visit the baths and saunas, swim in the pool and the sea.

    Japanese technology

    This technology also applies to cold methods. She is significantly different from her fellows. In this case, no glue or resin is used. According to this method, artificial hair is fastened near the roots of your own with the help of clips, beads and clips. Pliers are also used to strengthen the hold. Into the holes of the clips are inserted as their own, and extension hair. It is almost impossible to notice the junction of the strands, as the hairdresser must pick up clips and beads, which are the most similar in color to natural hair. Clips or beads of 2-3 mm in size are attached at a distance of 5 mm from the scalp.

    It is possible to show off the hair extended in such a way approximately one and a half-two months.

    Adjustment is quick and completely painless. The advantage of Japanese technology is the possibility of hair extensions for short hair, as well as the ability to increase bangs. The disadvantages of Japanese technology are the subsequent fragility of hair and contraindications for people suffering from vegetative-vascular dystonia or migraines. In addition, the colors of the beads are quite scarce, which limits the flight of the client and the master's imagination. 150-200 strands are used for the whole head. Japanese hair extensions on average cost from 13 to 20 thousand rubles.

    South Korean Ring Star hair extension technology on rings

    This technology refers to the cold methods of hair extensions. Small metal rings are used, which are covered with a very thick layer of paint that does not allow to rub hair, and in the middle there is a silicone layer. The ring is compressed to a flat state. Correction of hair extensions on the rings is carried out in 3-4 months and includes the release of the ring, pulling the strands to the hair roots and clamping the same capsule (no more than 2 times).

    The extension process takes 3-6 hours depending on the desired volume.

    Advantages of the technique:
    - very simple removal of hair extensions (by pressing the edge of the ring)
    - lack of chemicals
    - look natural
    - You can visit saunas, baths, lighten and dye your hair, do chemical perm.

    The technology of hair extensions on Ring Star rings can be used to build artificial colored strands that will look very natural. Slavic hair up to 50 cm (100 strands) will cost approximately 12-18 thousand rubles. Longer strands will cost in the region of 20-35 thousand.

    Brazilian hair extensions or pigtail hair extensions

    Brazilian hair extensions are advertised as the newest and safest way to date. The advantages of this method in the absence of hot hair treatment, for the procedure does not require any chemicals or devices. The essence of the method of interweaving overhead strands in your hair. Weave small braids of 3 strands, one of which is a strand of its own hair, and the other two are overhead. Pigtail weave up to a distance of 1/8 from the entire length of the hair. Correction is carried out in 3-4 months. The cost of Brazilian hair extensions in an average of 7000-10000 rubles.

    Tape hair extensions

    Technology Hair Talk hair extensions refers to the cold adhesive methods.
    Tape hair extensions Hair Talk is to attach extensions with adhesive tape. The technique consists in interconnecting the two ribbons that hold the hair and strands into a “lock”. This technique has many advantages over others: a uniform load on all strands, softness and pleasantness of ribbons to the touch, speed of the procedure, use of hair, very similar to natural.

    In addition, remove hair extensions on tapes can only spraying a special tool. Therefore, the correction of tape hair extensions is very simple. Hair can be used for the procedure several times, you just need to change the tape.

    The cost of tape extension is from 7 thousand rubles for hair 40-50 cm long and from 9 thousand rubles for a length of 55-70 cm. One or two sets of hair may be needed for the whole head, depending on the volume of your own hair. Tape hair extensions reviews from clients receive different, the main plus is the speed of the procedure and ease of removal.

    Cons tape hair extensions

    • Too short term compared with other methods: only one or two months
    • Light gloss of ribbons, making them noticeable
    • The impossibility of laying, as the tapes are placed in a special way
    • Need special care for hair extensions on ribbons
    • The quality of European hair that is commonly used is not always perfect.

    The leading hair manufacturers for tape extensions are: Hair Talk, Angelo Hair and One Touch.

    Nano-building Le Cristal de Paris

    Technology Le Cristal de Paris is cold without a hardware. Le Cristal de Paris is nano-built using a special hypoallergenic gel. The size of the resulting capsules does not exceed the size of the rice grain. The hair grown by this method can be subjected to various loads: masks, dyeing, tinting, bath procedures and so on. The process of the procedure can take from two to twelve hours, which is an unpleasant disadvantage. As a plus, you can even call the possibility of building up even on hair from three cm long.

    The cost of nano-building is from 15 thousand rubles for a hair length of 50 cm.

    Micro-hair Extend Magic

    Micro-growth is perfect for women with weak hair, as this technique is absolutely harmless. During the procedure, very thin strands are used for hair extensions, which are attached using barely noticeable capsules. They are very light and invisible, since the amount of wax is not taken manually, but using the Extend Magic at a temperature of 90 degrees. Mikronarashivanie also allows you to purchase bangs or increase strands in the area of ​​the temporal zone. Capsules are made from clear wax without adding keratin.

    The undoubted advantage of the technique is the naturalness of the hair and the invisibility of the capsules. The period of correction is from three to four months. The disadvantage of this technique is the combing of hair extensions and the impossibility of visiting the sauna and bath.

    True, this "pleasure" is quite expensive: from 13 thousand rubles for 50 cm strands.

    Technology hair extension method tress or afrosha

    African hair extensions in some salons are offered under the name "Hollywood hair extensions", this is absolutely the same technology that involves the use of stitched tress.

    The technology of hair extensions on tressa refers to cold methods. "Tress" - this hair, stitched in a special way. The master weaves an African braid, to which he sews hair woven into tresses with ordinary threads. African braids trail on the back of the head. Correction of hair extensions by sewing tress is carried out in 1-2 months. It passes quite easily: the tress is removed, the braid braids again and the same tress is attached to it again. The cost of the entire procedure starts from 10,000 rubles, depending on the quality and length of the hair. On all head it is required 100-120 locks. Work for tress hair extensions will cost 40-80 rubles per strand.

    Price Slavic hair for 100 strands, approximately:

    45 cm - from 5000 rubles
    50 cm - from 6000 rubles
    60 cm - from 7,000 rubles
    70 cm - from 8000 rubles

    CRE CAP technology

    This technology has recently become increasingly in demand among hairdresser’s clients. The course of the procedure consists of “dressing” your own strands into special sleeves, where artificial strands are inserted. After that, the junction should only be “soldered” with thermal tongs.

    Many masters claim that there are no “minuses” for CRE CAP at all.
    There are many advantages to technology, which undoubtedly attracts:

    • No chemical or physical effects on native hair.
    • The master can calmly increase often painted or even too weak strands.
    • There are no contraindications for age
    • Tiny mounts
    • The possibility of constant wear
    • Do not need much time to build
    • Extensive hair does not require special care.
    • Painless procedure
    • Removal of strands takes only 10 minutes, without any chemicals.
    • There are no restrictions in visiting baths, saunas, swimming pools, use of hair dryers, etc.
    • Non-toxic materials

    The cost of the procedure ranges from 20,000 rubles (100 strands of Slavic hair 40 cm long) to 30,000 rubles (100 strands of the same hair, but only 60 cm). The correction will cost 85 rubles per strand, you need to do it every three to four months. Of course, it all depends on the cabin.

    Hair extensions on hairpins

    Everything is simple here, the hair on the hairpins is a false strand of artificial or natural hair, which are attached to the hairpins in the form of crabs or invisible. With the help of such hairpieces, you can carry out hair extensions at home on your own, as they are very easily attached and removed. The drawback of hair extensions on hairpins is that they cannot be worn for a long time, but only as a haircut for one evening. But plus in the huge choice of color, length, quality and cost.

    Hair Care

    Requirements for the care of artificial hair vary greatly depending on the method chosen by the client. But there is a list of "laws" that must be followed regardless of technology:

    1. For nourishing and moisturizing hair extensions, use only products with a neutral Ph.

    2. Avoid contact between curlers, ironing and curling with capsules (in case the installation data is allowed).

    3. Shampoo should be diluted with water. It is necessary to wash the head only according to the growth of hair, it is forbidden to tilt the hair forward while washing, just like sleeping with dry hair. It is better to buy a special shampoo for hair extensions.

    4. Combing is best done with brushes with sparse teeth, on which there are no balls at the ends. The perfect comb for hair extensions is wood.

    5. Long hair is best for the night to braid in a tight braid.

    6. In the event that you are allowed bath procedures, take with you to the bath or sauna a special hat for hair. This will somehow protect them from exposure to high temperatures.

    7. It is best to refuse masks and balms. Give your preference to natural infusions, for example, from a camomile.

    8. It is best to use products designed specifically for hair extensions. Such drugs can be found in specialized stores. The cost of buying one drug can range from 400 to 800 rubles.

    Extension hair correction

    After one to six months, hair socks will have to be corrected. Extended hair is removed according to the method, then again the same hair (according to some technologies) is expanded back. Depending on the quality of the artificial strands, they can be used up to four times. As you already understood, not all methods allow you to reuse the same "alien" hair. Then, of course, in the case of their use will have to spend money every time to buy hair.

    I would like to note that the hair must be given rest, as they are subjected to a heavy load for 2-3 months.

    Many trichologists believe that hair extensions using any technology lead to their weakening, shrinking and thinning. After any buildup, it is necessary to conduct a course of restorative procedures (masks, wrappings, mesotherapy).
    The cost of hair correction after the extension is a little more than the cost of their installation, and simple removal is less. (Correction of about 4,000 rubles, when installed for 3,000, and the removal is less than 3,000 rubles).

    Possible complications after hair extensions

    Recently, the list of possible complications after this cosmetic procedure has been quickly reduced. Hairdressers from all over the world come up with new, safe ways to make strands long and beautiful.

    First of all, you need to carefully approach the choice of a stylist who will work and the quality of the hair. Doctors-trichologists increasingly see patients who are victims of "specialists".

    1. headaches
    2. inconvenience during sleep
    3. loss of own hair with hair extensions
    4. allergy
    5. weak, dull, brittle hair after the procedure.

    Therefore, before going to the hairdresser is worth a hundred times to think. It is best to expand hair in exceptional cases (for a wedding, anniversary or anniversary of the best friend). In addition, hair extensions reviews have different, both positive and negative. There are customers who have successfully transferred hair extensions, and there are those who have long restored hair.

    How to restore hair after extension

    Be sure to require procedures aimed at restoring hair after hair extensions. They are best carried out in the cabin, and at home you can use oil. Salon regenerating procedures include: hair masks, mesotherapy for hair, scalp peeling, darsonval for hair, hair cauterization and hot hair scissors cutting.

    Today, hair extensions are a fairly simple and familiar procedure for the master. Find a good specialist who cheaply does exactly what you want is easy. True, you first need to decide whether it is really necessary, because this pleasure is not cheap, and it requires special care, for which many ladies simply do not have enough time.

    Hair extensions: video

    Tape or capsular hair extensions

    Capsular hair extensions: video

    How to remove hair extensions: video

    Tape hair extensions: video

    Hair extension: video lesson

    Bellargo loop hair extensions

    Hairstyle with hair extensions

    How much is hair extensions

    The price when choosing any method is calculated based on the work of the master from 30 to 80 rubles per strand, on average, 100-150 strands will be needed on the whole head. Therefore, the work itself will cost from 3,000 to 12,000 rubles. You also need to add the price of the hair itself, which can be of different quality, color, production. It should be noted that high-quality Slavic hair can not cost less than 100 rubles per strand of 50 cm.

    Latest forum topics on our site

    • Alena | 2016-02-28 13:59:37

    I was building up almost all the technologies described here. The capsules are all unique, and belargo and not belargo, spoil very hair. Micro tape quickly twisted after 2 weeks and stick out from under their hair. Microcapsule flies like autumn leaves, because the strand of their hair is very small. But the capsular capacity really liked. Here it is not described, but they are kept well, they are not visible, and in the tail they are easily removed with their own. Super.

    Lika | 2015-07-12 22:53:34

    Of course, I agree that it only makes sense to increase hair for special events. For a wedding, prom, birthday, for example, or if you are a media person, and long hair is an integral part of the image. Moreover, after hair extensions, the scalp and its own hair need rest and even rest. Otherwise, the owner of such hair will pursue headaches, discomfort during sleep, as well as the likelihood of losing your hair with hair extensions. And be sure to know and remember that you can remove your hair yourself, you cannot pull them. Thus, you can seriously damage your natural hair. Therefore, before agreeing to such a procedure, it is necessary to think carefully and only then make a decision.

    Vera Petrovna | 2015-06-17 06:07:27

    Having long hair from nature is good, of course, but if you can’t let it go to the desired length. In this case, professional hair extension masters come to the rescue. I do this procedure regularly and I am very pleased.It is only necessary to remember that this procedure is not cheap, requires frequent correction and special care. If money allows - why not make yourself a beautiful long hair, girls?

    Diana | 2015-05-22 10:13:11

    Yes, of course, the results of hair extensions are obvious, but how many minuses and problems there are! This and the inconvenience during sleep, the use of only special means for hair care, the inability to use the iron or hairdryer. In general, some restrictions. Therefore, before deciding on the procedure for building it is still worth weighing the pros and cons.

    Asa | 2015-04-26 22:36:48

    Read the article, it turns out, there are so many methods of hair extensions! And on that only beauty will not go to increase the length of hair, change the hairstyle and the whole image as a whole. I am Saami from such ladies))) Often I experiment with my appearance)) The main thing is to find a good master and entrust him with your head, follow the tips on caring for such hair.

    Svetlana, 22 years old. | 2015-01-15 08:26:30

    But after all, it’s still good that in order to create a new image or increase the volume of hair, you can simply expand the hair, because it will look like a natural length. And before that, wigs were worn for the same purpose, it was very noticeable and unnatural.

    Anastasia | 2014-12-17 22:15:07

    I did hair extensions at home, the master got good, she told me how to care for my hair and I had no problems in principle. Her hair was a little fluffy, I straightened it with an iron. Wore 4 months, then removed. The hair in principle is what it was before the extension, although I still do masks. And I had capsular hair extensions.

    Galina | 2014-10-26 11:58:50

    I had a micro tape hair extension, could not walk for a long time, took it off, because I felt the presence of something foreign.

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    • Lyudmila | 2017-01-10 08:31:29

    The article is very useful, but now I’m negative about hair extensions, in my opinion it’s better to have your hair and look after them, and then everything will be fine and beautiful. Well, everyone's business of course

    Anastasia | 2016-11-14 15:44:54

    How to contact you? At the expense of training. I want to learn the Brazilian mind

    Svetlana | 2016-03-02 20:27:31

    part 2. just the message should not exceed 2000 characters)))
    I was in the hands of many masters, I was looking for a wizard, only I found this wonderworker, how terrible a war happened. all moved wherever they could and I had to look for a new master. 1 year of searching did not give anything good, but having moved to Istanbul, I accidentally stumbled across the Internet on the work of a Russian-speaking master. 2-in-1 and the language means Russian and excellent work with him. This master is so good that I can not convey. all those who found out that my hair did not believe, they themselves began to look through my hair and could hardly believe in a miracle, all the girls who saw this miracle on my head - the beautiful chevillier had already changed their masters for a long time in my master. so the most important is the search. but of course no one has canceled the right care. what they say, we need only special means for such hair is a myth. Yes, I have shampoo for hair extensions, but I only wash my tips for them, that’s not suitable for my oily scalp. masks, oils I have luxury cosmetics. and those who say that hair extensions spoil their own and the hot method hurts, then I will answer — 2 seconds of hot hair affects less than a hair dryer and a hair dryer every day. and if someone says that keratin capsules slip from the hair, it happens. rather, it was 1.5g for me. This means that the master uses bad material. now for the year I have never dropped a single strand. For 1 year I made 3 corrections. wore hair even for 5 months. and all in shock that nebylo seen. so girls if you want long hair, then do not be afraid and most importantly do not save on its beauty. look for a qualified wizard. and then you will be delighted.

    Svetlana | 2016-03-02 20:25:51

    read a few comments. such nonsense. probably write about the cons of those who have not seen up close and hair extensions. I will share my personal experience. more than 3 years I am building up hairs. I started with artificial silicone rings, 2 months brought them in and switched to capsules and straight hair. sleep did not stop anything ever. hair dryer and iron and curling do not affect at all. although I do not use a hair dryer. but curling iron and iron are obligatory for me. I am a blonde, that is the millirovka, toning, and everything that ends in —who is not alien to me. The only thing that needs to be taken into account when growing hair is a quality material and an excellent master.

    Anya, 25 years old | 2015-04-01 03:26:48

    I never thought that before the hair extension procedure you still need to get ready, to drink special vitamins. How difficult it all turns out! Once again I understand that beauty requires sacrifice! By the way, I plan to increase the hair by the New Year, while saving up money for the procedure.

    Victoria | 2015-03-06 08:10:27

    Now it’s clear why ads are everywhere: buy hair is expensive! After all, Slavic hair is the most expensive and of the highest quality. I am glad that the Slavs also have such advantages. Indeed, as the hair can be said about human health! And the Chinese and Korean, although they look brilliant at first glance, and after washing, they still get very worse.

    Emmi, 19 years old | 2015-02-08 13:31:56

    Very interesting and useful article. It turns out that hair for extensions come to us from Korea and China, although they are painted in different colors, and their origin is Asian. It’s good, of course, that they are cheaper, but it’s bad, because it’s of very poor quality and after the first washing of the head it will lose color, shine, and they will also get confused. And what kind of hairstyle such a result ...

    Administration | 2014-12-19 21:42:43

    Any type of hair extensions is a load on your own hair, besides, you should take care of hair extensions on a daily basis, otherwise they will be confused and spoil your hairstyle. It is impossible to say unequivocally which of the hair extension methods is better, each of them has its own pros and cons. Try the hair on the hairpins first.

    Olesya | 2014-12-17 22:25:18

    Hello. I want to grow hair. Interested in questions: is hair extension harmful? And which hair extensions are better? Thanks for the answer.

    Administration | 2014-08-07 22:19:25

    You can buy natural hair for extension in specialized stores, including online stores. To be sure of the quality of the goods, ask the seller for a certificate of hair. And also check them for quality. The methods are described in the article.

    Larisa | 2014-08-06 21:59:28

    Where can I buy hair for extensions to be sure of their quality?

    Olga | 2013-09-29 13:28:32

    Wonderful article. Only there is a significant fix.
    Bellargo technology - there is no loosening of the sleeves due to washing. Yes, the sleeve itself is made of a heat-sensitive polymer. But the heating temperature that can soften the liner is much higher than the temperature of the water for washing the hair. Also mount easily maintains the temperature in the steam room.

    Watch the video: Blow Dry Hair Faster With This Time Saving Technique (December 2019).