Tape hair extensions: reviews, features of the procedure and consequences

Thanks to modern technology, it does not take years to grow a chic head of hair, because the length and volume can be increased. Tape hair extensions are known for their ease of use and quality of results. Despite all the pros and cons, this is the safest of the existing technologies of cold lengthening curls. In less than an hour, you can get your dream hair without the risk of damaging your own strands.

Types of tape extensions curls

Tape hair extensions can be performed by the German and Italian methods, including using micro-tape extensions:

  1. German technology or Hair Talk build-up - this technique is ideal for lengthening the hair for a short time, besides it allows you to increase the strands on the temples and bangs. Hair Talk hair strands are used only natural handmade hair, which is fixed by sticky polymer to very thin translucent ribbons, which makes it possible to lengthen a short and rare hairstyle.
  2. Italian technology or Angelo Hair extension - this technique involves the use of donor curls from high-quality raw materials on keratin basis, which increases their durability and simplifies care. Artificial strands are fixed to the native hair with an acrylic composition. Angelo Hair strands are less noticeable than with the German method, since they are narrower, but because of this, the lengthening procedure lasts a little longer, and corrections are needed more often.
  3. Micro-tape elongation is based on the use of strands twice or three times narrower than in the German and Italian methods. As a result, due to the small attachment area, the load on the native curls is minimized, which allows you to increase the strands even on weakened and thinned hair. The mount of these strands is transparent and very thin, so the donor curls look very natural.

However, keep in mind that any type of building was done qualitatively and served as long as possible, you need to contact a highly qualified master, who uses only high-quality raw materials in his work.

Technique of hair extension tapes

The technology of band elongation of the head of hair consists in combining natural and donor hair with a special adhesive tape of small thickness (1 mm). Tape hair extensions as follows:

The master prepares a head of hair, after washing his head and drying it. Then the hairstyle is divided into zones, and the attachment of the strands from bottom to top begins. To do this, a thin strand of natural hair is separated and two donor curls are glued to it: from the bottom - with the adhesive side up, and from the top - with the adhesive side of the tape down. The width of the tape is 3-4 cm, and length - up to 60 cm.

All strands are evenly distributed on the head and fasten symmetrically. Temporal zones and bangs are filled at the very end. Increasing the bottom row at the back of the head, the master must slightly retreat from the edge of the hairline so that the client can collect the curls and make a high horse's tail. Donor curls are not placed on the very top of the head, as the gluing places will be visible.

To ensure minimal stress on the hair, donor strands are fixed at a distance of 1 cm from the roots. For thick hair, you will need 35-40 strands, for a more rare head of hair 20-25 tapes are enough. The extension procedure is very simple and takes no more than 40-45 minutes. With a cold extension, native hair is not exposed to high temperatures and chemical agents, therefore this type of hair extension is absolutely harmless.

Thanks to the use of natural materials and soft mounts, tape hair extensions are almost imperceptible.

How often do you need to make a correction?

First of all, it should be said that the procedure for correcting the extension of the hair with ribbons should be carried out by the same master as he glued the donor strands to the natural ones, If, of course, his work suited you. This procedure is absolutely painless and harmless. Over time, the hair grows, and the places of their connection with donor curls fall down, so after 1.5-2.5 months the hairstyle needs updating. Spinning needs to be transplanted closer to the roots of native hair.

Donor curls are removed using a special alcohol-containing spray. Getting on the mounting tape, this solution instantly dissolves the glue, and glued strand painlessly removed. The tapes themselves are not destroyed, they can be used up to 6 times. To re-grow curls, simply change the adhesive polymer. This procedure generally also assumes speed. The removal of an experienced master will take no more than 20-30 minutes.

Pros and cons of tape building

Many women choose exactly tape hair extensions, and this is quite natural, because this technique has many undeniable advantages:

  1. The speed and efficiency of the procedure. With a high qualification of the master, the extension of tapes takes about 30 minutes.
  2. Safety for health and harmless to hair. No special devices and chemicals to build and remove curls are not used.
  3. Duration of wearing. With a properly performed lengthening procedure, timely correction and proper care, donor strands can last for about 1 year.
  4. Versatility. Build-up ribbons suitable for all types of hair of different volume, texture, color and length.
  5. Efficiency. Compared with other types of capacity, this technology is much cheaper - both work and raw materials for the procedure.
  6. Strands do not exert pressure on the roots of natural hair.
  7. Tapes imitate the growth of native hair, and it is almost impossible to notice or feel them when touched.
  8. When done correctly, you can make high tails and some types of hairstyles.
  9. When styling hair, you can use curlers, tongs, and hair dryer.
  10. Hypoallergenic. This type of elongation of the hair is ideal for pregnant and lactating women, as well as allergies.

Like any other type of extension, this technique has important contraindications and some disadvantages:

  1. The main disadvantage is the inability to wear certain types of high hairstyles.
  2. The need for frequent correction is about 6 times a year.
  3. When you visit a tanning salon or sauna you need to wear a special cap.
  4. While socks can not tint the roots of native hair.
  5. With improper care, the tape can peel off and fall off.
  6. Do not use alcohol-based care products.

These are, perhaps, all the available cons of tape elongation of the hair. However, it is necessary to note important contraindications. So, it is not recommended to do this procedure in the period of exacerbation of serious skin diseases, with chemotherapeutic treatment, as well as while taking strong antibiotics or hormonal drugs.

The result of improper care

How to care for hair extensions?

Hair care with a tape extension is not so complicated. For the result to last as long as possible, you should:

  • To wash your hair no more than twice a week, but rather limited to one procedure.
  • Use special shampoos or natural products for washing without additives.
  • It is better to wash your hair in the shower, not tilting it forward.
  • Use special means to care for hair extensions with wax, silicone, oils. In this case, these funds are applied only to the ends, and in any case should not fall on the tape.
  • Use a special comb with natural bristles, sparse teeth.
  • Comb the hair no more than three times a day and make sure that the hair is not tangled.
  • Comb your hair from the ends, collecting them in a ponytail. The roots must be carefully combed, otherwise "mats" are formed.
  • Do not twist the curls to dry after washing.
  • Do not go to bed with a wet head.
  • To use the hair dryer as little as possible and not to overdry the hair with straighteners and curlers.
  • Do not sleep with loose hair. They need to be collected in a special hat or braid free braid to prevent entanglement.

If you follow all these rules, the tape hair extensions will last you long enough for you to enjoy the length of the new hairstyle. The main thing is to choose a qualified master, who make the procedure qualitatively.

Hair extensions ribbons

Tape hair lengthening is a process that helps a huge number of women quickly acquire a smart shock. What is she like? This procedure is also called cold ribbon hair extensions (reviews about it can be found different), because the process does not use hot tools that harm their own hair. With cold lengthening applied overhead strands on the adhesive tape, which you can then easily remove.

Features of the procedure tape hair extensions

The lengthening process consists of the following steps:

  1. Shampooing, drying and straightening hair.
  2. Separate the lower part of the hair with special clips.
  3. Prepare strands about three centimeters wide and apply artificial hair with a sticky base. The width of the tape can reach 4 cm, and the maximum length is 60 cm.
  4. Gluing strands. To reduce the load on natural hair, the tape is glued at a distance of about 1 cm from the roots. If the hair is liquid, then 20 strands will suffice; about 40 pieces are required for thick hair.
  5. Work with the rest of the hair on the same principle.

Judging by the reviews, tape hair extensions are the most common of all available types, but in any case, before you go to a beauty studio, it is recommended to explore all the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

Positive and negative points

Among the advantages of band hair extension, the following can be emphasized:

  1. Safety procedure. This technology does not involve the use of aggressive chemicals and exposure to high temperature conditions.
  2. Speed. The build-up takes approximately one hour.
  3. With timely correction hairstyle will always look luxurious.
  4. Universality of the method. Judging by the reviews, tape hair extensions, suitable for each structure of curls.
  5. Low price compared to other types of hair extensions.
  6. Hypoallergenic method. The procedure is suitable for women who are predisposed to allergic reactions, and it can also be done during pregnancy and lactation.
  7. Uncomplicated care.

In addition to a large number of advantages, the ribbon hair extensions also have negative feedback about the consequences, and to be more precise, those who have tried the procedure on themselves have the following disadvantages:

  1. The need for frequent correction.
  2. The inability to collect hair in a high tail, because the attachment points will be noticeable. For the same reason, it is impossible to do some types of styling yourself.
  3. Avoid places with high moisture or high temperature (bath, steam room, solarium) or at least hide the hair under the cap.
  4. The lack of proper care will cause flaking of the ribbons and the appearance of tangles.
  5. The procedure is contraindicated in diseases of the scalp and apothecia.

So, after you have studied the reviews about the pros and cons of tape hair extensions, you should proceed to the choice of method, and for this you need to have information about them.

Hair Talk Extension Technology

This is a modern development, which, according to the masters, is ideal for short-term tape hair extensions (reviews confirm this), for example, at a solemn event. Tapes for this technique are made by hand, and only natural hair is used as a material. Strands are fixed on almost transparent tape about 1 mm thick using adhesive polymer. This method makes it possible not only to lengthen the hair, but also to add volume to the hairstyle.

If necessary, you can achieve the effect of staining, just enough to take locks of different shades. The number of ribbons is selected individually, it all depends on the thickness of the hair and the desired result.

Cold build-up by Angelohair technique

This technology comes from Italy, it is performed on a different principle. For building are used strands of Slavic and European origin on keratin basis. This makes it possible to extend the period of socks. To extend on your own hair, thin narrow strands are fixed, by the way, the attachment points in this technology are less noticeable than in the previous method. Work here is more laborious and time consuming, respectively, and more time is required. This method of tape hair extensions (feedback on the consequences can be found in the article) is suitable for girls who want to make the extension for a long time.

Micro-tape hair extension

This technology uses even narrower strands than in Angelohair, so the load on their own hair is reduced. After a microliber extension, the probability of discomfort from the weight of new hair is minimized. And due to the fact that the mount takes up very little space on the head, this technology will suit even girls with weakened thin hair. As a result of the micro-tape extension, a large number of almost imperceptible transparent fasteners are formed.

If you are looking for reviews on whether tape hair extensions are harmful, then you will not find a definite answer in them, there are a lot of opinions, but it can be said that, compared to the two methods described above, lengthening with this technology is considered the most gentle and successful.

Tape lengthening of short hair

Extension of hair to a too short length by the ribbon method is not performed, the classic four of 20 cm or more is considered an ideal haircut for this procedure. This hairstyle will allow you to hide the places where the tapes are fixed, the result will look very natural.

With a length of less than 20 cm, it is desirable to refuse elongation, because even if the master manages to mask the attachment points with the upper layer of hair, they will still appear when moving or winding.

The duration of the socks tape building

Of course, everyone is interested in the question of how long it can be done with lengthening in this way, but it is impossible to unequivocally answer it, since everything is individual. It depends on the hair itself, that is, how quickly it grows, and on the chosen technology, and, of course, proper care plays a huge role. To maintain a neat and well-groomed appearance of hairstyles, experts strongly recommend making a correction once every 2 months. False hair can be used about 6 times, the correction does not harm the hair and is relatively inexpensive. With proper care of the strands, you can wear them throughout the year.

What is a correction and how is it performed

Any build-up will lose an attractive appearance in a few months if you do not make a correction in a timely manner, because as the hair grows, any hairstyle needs updating. This procedure consists of carefully removing the strands with an alcohol-based solution, and their subsequent gluing. Tapes are not damaged.

Hair care for tape elongation

With this technology of extension to the issue of home and salon hair care should be approached very responsibly. Correct actions will help not only prolong the life of donor hair, but also save your own.

Rules that must be followed when wearing hair extensions:

  1. You can use only shampoo with a neutral level of PH, without additional additives. Fat masks and oils for this time will have to be abandoned.
  2. You should wash your hair upright in order not to give your hair an extra load. This will prevent the loss.
  3. It is possible to comb hair only after complete drying, moving from the tips to the roots and holding the tail with your hand; this should be done at least three times a day. Comb recommended to use with rare teeth and natural bristles.
  4. The use of a hair dryer and other devices with heating for this period is recommended to be abandoned, especially if your hair is short.

How to remove accreted strands

Some time after performing the tape elongation, there will be a desire to say goodbye to the strands. How to do it? Removal of hair extensions is recommended in a beauty studio, where a specialist will do everything neatly and quickly. The cost of such a procedure is usually low.

If you can not go to a beauty salon, you can remove your hair on your own at home, it only requires a hair dryer and alcohol. Comb your hair and warm it up until the strands start to separate themselves. Gently pull them off, and clean the attachment area with alcohol to remove any glue residue.

Tape elongation or capsular - which is better?

Not sure which hair extension is better? Before you give preference to one of the types of hair extensions, you should carefully examine all the advantages and disadvantages of each. With capsule technology, the possibility of the formation of tangles and hair tangling is much lower than with tape elongation. In addition, the capsules look much more natural, they are almost imperceptible, and most importantly - there is no restriction in hairstyles, you can make a high tail and a variety of styling. Capsules more reliably keep on hair, and are removed easier and faster. But this technique certainly has some drawbacks - when building it, hot equipment is used, which, one way or another, harms natural hair, the roots overheat and become brittle. The process of lengthening capsules is much longer, respectively, and the cost of the work also increases.

We talked about the advantages and disadvantages of tape building right at the beginning. Before making a decision, read the reviews, girls often choose tape or capsular hair extensions. As a rule, they are written by those who have already experienced the effect on themselves.


Doctors say that for a healthy woman there are no contraindications for a buildup, and, accordingly, there will be no consequences. If the procedure was performed by a professional and the technology was observed, then no discomfort will be felt. Negative consequences appear only when the work was performed by an unqualified master, the period of correction was violated or poor-quality hair was used.

The opinions of girls about the tape elongation of hair diverge, someone highlights only the advantages of this method, which primarily consist in the duration of the procedure and an acceptable cost, but there are also those who are dissatisfied with the ability to make a high tail and independently style their hair. To do or not to do such procedures, it’s up to you to decide, of course, but it’s impossible not to admire photos of girls with tape extensions before and after. Reviews that seem doubtful to you can always be discussed with the master, it is quite possible that after talking with him all doubts will disappear.

Tape building technology

There are many technologies with which you can grow yourself strands: Italian, English, French, Japanese, German technology, hot, cold methods, but you should stop at one of the fastest ways.

Tape extension is a technology, the essence of which is that the extensible strands are placed on special tapes that are closed around the client's hair, at some distance from the roots - about 1-2 centimeters.

The composition of the so-called "inventory", which I use for tape building, includes: glue, strands on the tapes, which we have already described, a special solvent for removing the strands.

In more detail, everything happens as follows: prior to building, hair is dyed, styled, refined the colors of the necessary extensible strands and selected hair that they want to grow. The ribbons themselves are hair strands glued onto a sticky base on both sides. The width of such tapes is about 3-4 centimeters. Usually, the craftsmen even cut the ribbons to make them smaller and make the build-up as seamless as possible. On average, they increase from 30 to 50 such tapes, depending on the thickness and length of natural hair. You can grow hair from 30 centimeters to 70, it all depends on your desire and whether the donor's strands will hold on the tape, and whether it will fall off under its own weight.

Hair extension tape method - features of the procedure

This method of creating long strands is easy to perform. The result is a reliable fastening of the “donor” bundles and a durable result. Literally in 60 minutes spent in the salon, you will become the owner of long beautiful strands that look very natural, as if this is your native hair. For this procedure, apply high-quality materials. Another distinctive feature is the low cost of the procedure, which makes it available even with a limited budget.

Tape hair extensions - the pros and cons

Among the advantages of this technique should be highlighted:

  • Safety for a head of hair. This technique does not involve exposure to high temperatures and does not require the use of aggressive chemical components.
  • The process takes little time.
  • If time to make a correction, the hairstyle will look neat and well-groomed up to 1 year.
  • The technique is universal because it is suitable for hair of any structure.
  • Relatively low cost.
  • The technology is hypoallergenic. Therefore, it is suitable for people prone to allergic reactions during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.
  • Ease of care for hair after the procedure.

It is also worth learning about the disadvantages that are peculiar to this technique. The disadvantages include:

  • The need to make corrections often.
  • The inability to make high tails, as the attachment points will be noticeable.
  • To protect the tapes from moisture and heat in a sauna or in a solarium, be sure to wear a hat.
  • If you do not provide proper care to the locks, the ribbons may be peeled off.

If there is any skin disease of the scalp or alopecia, this procedure will not work for you.

Tape hair extensions - technology

This technique does not involve exposure to high temperatures. The strands are attached using a special adhesive polymer. First, a thin bundle of native curls is separated. Then two strands are glued to it: one on top, the other on the bottom. Such “tapes” can be up to 4 cm wide. And the maximum length is 60 cm.

To reduce the load on the hair, the ribbons are fixed, retreating from the beginning of hair growth about 1 cm. If you have liquid hair, you will need only 20 donor strands. For thicker they will need about 40.

Tape hair extensions: technology features

Technology tape hair extensions is the most balanced on a complex of the following factors:

Photo: Tape hair extensions

  • time spent on the procedure,
  • the period during which hair extensions will last for its owner,
  • cost of materials and work,
  • safety for hair health.

A feature of tape building is the method of attachment. This is a cold technique, which involves fixing artificial strands with an adhesive flat tape in the area of ​​the roots of their own natural hair. The procedure of extension does not provide for the application of heat in the place of gluing, therefore it is quite safe and does not cause damage to the structure of natural hair.

Pre-prepared donor strands are evenly distributed on the tape, on one side of which an odorless, colorless, hypoallergenic adhesive is applied. The adhesive side is covered with a protective film, which is carefully removed before use, without touching the adhesive layer. Place gluing should be carefully prepared for the procedure.

Own hair should be washed, and the skin should be thoroughly degreased. The glue used has high bonding properties, but the presence of fatty secretions on the scalp can lead to weakening of the attachment, complete loss of contact and falling off of artificial curls.

Variety techniques tape building

Now on the market there are several technologies of tape hair extensions. In our country, two of them are widely used: the German technology under the trade name Hair Talk and the Italian Angelohair. Both technologies have their uses, pros and cons, their followers and fans.

Photo: Hair Talk Technology

Hair Talk technology. German development involves attaching hair to the head with a tape that has a unique medical polymer applied on it. Its composition was developed by the company’s experts for 14 years, the open polymer was patented and received world recognition. According to the company's marketers, the technology was developed in such a way as not to adversely affect the natural hair and not interfere with their further growth.

The undoubted advantage of the technology is the speed of the procedure: hair extension takes only 30 minutes. Another advantage is ease of use and ease of correction. During the extension, no special tools, heating and chemicals are used and in the future it is possible to instantly remove and re-fasten the strands without harm to the bulk of the hair.

Hair Talk technology allows you to use your hair for continuous wear for years. The strands are securely fastened and, if all recommendations are followed, the risk that they will disappear is excluded. To remove the artificial curls used a special solution that is included in the kit for building. The reliability of mounting is such that the client with tape hair extensions there is no need to change an active lifestyle, cancel sports, swimming in the sea, swimming pool, sauna or bath. Optionally, you can dye your hair extensions in any color, or make a highlighting procedure, as a result of which the hair will look more voluminous and will play with bright highlights.

Adjustment method

As your hair grows, you need to do correction of tape hair extensions Hair Talk technology every 2-3 months. To do this, remove the attached strands and rearrange them closer to the hair roots. The strand is removed quickly, without pain, without discomfort and without harm to living hair. The removed strands can immediately be fixed again, which saves the master's time and the client's money.

A significant advantage of the technology is that the particles of the polymer layer do not remain on the head and hair. Hairdressers who have worked with other technologies are aware of such unpleasant features as remnants of the sticky mass remaining on the hair after the correction procedure. In order to remove this mass, sometimes it took several hours. Hair Talk technology is free from this drawback.

Strands attached using Hair Talk technology do not require getting used to yourself. After the extension procedure, the client has no feeling of tightness of the hair. All strands are soft, pleasant to the touch, no different from natural hair, and attachment points are completely invisible. You can stroke the head with your hand and not notice the attachment. You need to try hard to detect the joints between the artificial and own hair. You can comb the donor strands along with live straight through the attachment points.

Photo: Angelohair Technology

Angelohair technology. The Italian technique has several features that distinguish it from the above-described German extension technology. However, it is also inherent resistance to water and high temperature environment (in the sauna, at the spa, in the gym).

For attachment of hair using its own technology developed by Angelohair. On the polyurethane base are attached strands of hair and a polyester film, which is applied to the acrylic base. This technology is designed to make the attachment points durable, flexible and transparent.

Acrylic adhesive allows you to get a strong connection with a width of a strand of only 3 centimeters and a height of gluing point of 8 millimeters. This figure is almost two times higher than that of the closest competitors, which allows you to expand the area of ​​hair application.

Adjustment method fixed strands in this case is to use a special set of correction tapes.

Today, manufacturing companies offer their clients different sets of hair: European, South Russian and Slavic. From this wide range you can always find the best option, ideally suited to the natural strands in hue, structure and type of hair. The choice of a professional stylist will help, who will perform the procedure extension.

Rules care for hair extensions

Despite the fact that modern technologies allow you to get a strong, durable and inconspicuous hair attachment, it is not out of place to follow a few simple but important rules when wearing hair, applied using a tape extension procedure.

Make sure that hair after tape extension did not mess with each other. In order to comb your hair, use a special comb with rare teeth. The procedure of combing start from the ends of the hair to the roots. Do not brush the strands too often, quite enough three times a day.

The adhesive composition of fastening tapes is resistant to water, but not to chemical compounds, especially on the basis of alcohols. In no case do not allow contact with hair of such liquids. Use shampoos with a simple composition without additional chemical components. After applying the shampoo carefully rinse it off with plenty of water. Try to choose shampoos with a neutral level of acidity. Use balms and masks on the basis of fat can be. Just make sure that the composition of the cosmetic product does not fall on the attachment of hair.

Do not go to bed with wet hair, and do not walk with loose wet hair. The additional load from the heavy hair adversely affects the strength of the connection. For the same reason, do not brush your wet hair. Allow them to dry naturally, and only then comb, gradually collecting tails. At night, it is recommended to braid long strands in a braid. Sleeping with her hair is not recommended.

Experts do not advise to dry wet hair with a hairdryer. However, you can use a hair dryer, tongs and curlers during laying. Ensure that there is no direct contact between the hot surfaces of the forceps or the hot air jet at the junction points of the strands. You'll have to get used to washing your hair by tilting it back or upright, under a shower. Otherwise, when the head is tilted forward, wet strands under the influence of their own gravity can detach.

Advantages of tape extension

A rare woman will deny herself the opportunity to wear long hair. Among the male population there is a strong opinion about the high sexual attractiveness of the owners of lush and long hair. Therefore, the procedure of hair extensions is particularly popular with the beautiful half of humanity.Despite the rather impressive amount of restrictions The advantages of tape hair extensions are obvious.:

  • Preparation of the head for hair extensions and the procedure itself takes 30-40 minutes, which, taking into account the modern rhythm of life, is a very important factor.
  • During the fastening of the strands, the client's head is not exposed to aggressive chemical environments and high temperatures.
  • With proper and timely adjustment, the service life of the accreted strands is several years.
  • The variety of hair types offered by manufacturers allows hair to be picked up by any woman who wishes to perform a tape extension procedure.
  • The cost of materials is relatively low and affordable.
  • The complete invisibility of adhesive bonding, resulting in hair look natural.
  • Donor hair, if necessary, is easily and quickly removed.
  • Strands are designed for repeated use.
  • Live hair is not injured. Subject to the rules of adjustment, they are not adversely affected, which contributes to their growth and the ability to have their own long hair.
  • Modern adhesive materials are hypoallergenic, colorless, odorless and unpleasant to the touch structure.

The technology of tape hair extensions developed by the experts of the companies producing the sets, to perfection. Their sites contain detailed instructions, training seminars and webinars are held. A huge number of hairdressers, beauty salons and individual stylists offer their services in tape hair extensions.

Disadvantages of tape technology

The technology of tape building has not only pluses, but also minuses:

  • At the first time after building up, many clients complain about the feeling of tightening in places of attachment of artificial strands. Sometimes a sensation of foreign material on the head can provoke headaches and high blood pressure. But if the procedure is carried out according to the rules, then after a few days the discomfort disappears.
  • The high cost of the procedure - this is probably the only significant minus tape capacity. The price of the procedure can reach several tens of thousands of rubles. This price includes the services of a master, the price of a set of artificial strands and the cost of consumables.
  • After extension, some types of hairstyles cannot be made (for example, to collect hair in a ponytail or to comb it back, as ribbons become visible at the attachment points of strands).


There are some limitations for the tape extension procedure. So, it is not recommended to do it in the following situations:

  • With a strong loss of your own hair,
  • For some diseases of the scalp (fungal infections, seborrhea),
  • When taking certain drugs (antibiotics, hormones),
  • During the course of chemotherapy.

In addition, there are restrictions on age, according to which hair extensions do not make underage clients.

Procedure cost

Job prices vary in a fairly large range. Therefore, each client can choose for themselves the best option. And although the cost of work begins with a mark of 1000 rubles, you should not strive for frank cheapness. There is a general rule for the service sector: too low a price may indicate a master’s lack of qualifications and his desire to attract customers in this way, or savings on consumables, which negatively affect the quality of the service. In this case, the cost of hair sets, as a rule, is purchased and paid for separately. Average price tape hair extensions in a large industrial city of central Russia is from 2-3 thousand rubles (for 50 strands), up to 7-10 thousand (for 150-200 strands of donor hair).

The cost of sets for tape hair extensions also varies in a wide range. Here factors such as hair length, color, and donor’s nationality play a role. For example, the already mentioned above natural Slavic hair of the German manufacturer Hair Talk with a length of 70 centimeters can be purchased for 12 thousand rubles. The package contains 40 strands of hair on adhesive tapes 4 centimeters long.

The same packaging, but with a hair length of 55 centimeters will cost 9,500 rubles, 45 centimeters - 8 500 rubles. The manufacturer guarantees the possibility of repeated use of adhesive tape. If for some reason the adhesive layer will be destroyed, you can additionally purchase the tape for the procedure of correcting the strands. The cost of the set - only 500 rubles.

Some recommendations

The popularity of cold tape technology has led to the saturation of the hairdressing services market with special hair extension kits. Buy hair for tape building the necessary length, color and structure will not be difficult either for residents of a large metropolis or for beauties from the Russian hinterland.

A large selection of hair is available in hairdressing salons, on counters of specialized stores and, of course, on websites on the Internet, where you can get all the information you are interested in. It is necessary to approach to buying hair no less responsibly and thoughtfully, than to the selection of a shade of artificial strands and extension technology.

If you are thinking about tape hair extensions for the first time, consult with a specialist in this area, preferably an employee of a certified center. In this case, you can count on the fact that your expectations will coincide with the end result and you will not have to regret wasted time and money. In order to inept or illiterate use of modern technologies in the field of beauty did not close the door to the world of joy from wearing long hair, contact only experienced professionals and choose hairdressing salons with a good reputation.

Reviews on the procedure of tape hair extensions

Recently I tried a new type of tape hair extensions using the Hair talk technology. Of course, this is the best and safest way. The procedure takes quite a bit of time; after the buildup, there were no unpleasant sensations (tightening, severity). Of the minuses may note the inconvenience when washing the head and the need to buy special products for the care of accrued strands. But in general, the result is quite satisfied, now I have a whole mound of long, golden curls.

Tape extension - very cool and advanced technology! Tapes are very light, barely perceptible on the head and therefore comfortable to wear. The joints are completely invisible. Strands look like living, you can not tell from natural hair. There are, of course, special nuances in the care, but they are quite doable. So do not be afraid to experiment, you will love the result!

Last year I tried to do a tape extension, but I ran into some problems. I could not get used to the feeling of tightness on my head, I constantly found myself wanting to remove these foreign adhesive tapes. In the end, she stood for 2 months, and when it was time for correction, she asked to remove everything. After removing the donor strands, for some reason, their own hair began to crumble, so then they had to be treated with various masks and balms.

Pros and cons of the procedure

In contrast to the hot technologies, neither pliers, nor temperature effects are used here at all: only clever hands of a hairdresser and a comb are needed. The tapes are simply clamped around natural hair, and the correction tape is clamped. All ribbons are enlarged in this way and fixed, mainly on the temples and on the nape, forming a layered structure. The build-up takes about 30-45 minutes, which makes it very beneficial for those who are not overly patient.

Let's try to give a comparative description of the method of tape building:

Advantages of the tape extension method, or the Hair-talk method:

  1. A very fast extension method, lasting from 30 to 40 minutes,
  2. The only method, after which you do not need to get used to sleep with the sensation of capsules, or beads on your head, tapes do not pull the head,
  3. The tapes are very easily removed, thanks to the sprays that dissolve the adhesive tape, and there is the possibility of re-building the same hair, only with the replacement of the adhesive polymer coating.
  4. Hair does not spoil, nothing harms the structure: neither their removal, nor build-up, nor wearing.

No less important disadvantages of this method:

  1. The cost of the tape method is equal to the capsular, more capacious in technical terms,
  2. You only need to wash your head upright and very carefully.

In total, this method is good when it is necessary to build hair very urgently in connection with an important event in life and take it off after a while. This method of extension is not very suitable for long-term wearing, because you can not stack the hair, use skins, mousses, and in any way change their shape and hairstyle, and you need to adhere to the ancient principle that the French have brought fashion hairstyle". If you want to show off the shade that accrued strands will give - then they have a uniform shade that does not deteriorate. For impatient and not very tidy young ladies or young moms in everyday life, who can be pulled by their hair, or those who lead an active lifestyle, this method is not suitable, because the ribbons are torn off, and can not completely rip and ridiculously stick out from below, giving the hairstyle a untidy look.

Tape extension is a good way to expand hair for up to 2 weeks, because only the capsular extension is designed for a longer period of time, and it spoils the hair and exposes it to various deformations.

It requires specific care, for example, in order for the build-up to last, it is necessary to use a comb only with occasional teeth and not to comb the hair more than 2-3 times a day, since the hairs can tear out from the attachment points and should be combed carefully from the tips. tailing and combing them carefully, while ensuring that the places where the strands are attached to your hair are not tangled with each other, otherwise the hairstyle will jerk up in some place, but also not to pull too hard and comb the roots so as not to ovyvalis matted clumps. For the same reason, you can not go to bed with wet hair, but only with dried and combed. Shampoos with which you can wash your hair without harm to hairstyles with hair extensions should have a neutral pH (about 7), and after shampooing your head should be rinsed well. Balms are not recommended.

Tape hair extensions Hair Talk

This innovative technology is ideal for lengthening strands for a short time. For such a technique, tapes are made by hand. The material used is natural hair. Strands attached with adhesive polymer on almost transparent tape, the thickness of which does not exceed 1 mm. Due to this, it is possible not only to lengthen the curls, but also to make the hair longer.

### endnote ### Tape extension does not require the use of forceps, rings and other special devices. ### endnote ###

If you select strands of different shades, you can get a beautiful coloring effect. The number of ribbons depends on the density of the hair and the result that you want to get.

Tape cold hair extensions Angelohair

This is Italian technology, which is done differently. Apply strands on keratin base. For lengthening use hair of Slavic or European type. Due to this, it is possible to obtain a durable result. To hair attached thin narrow strands. Mounts as a result are less visible than with Hair Talk. But the process itself is more laborious and laborious. Therefore, the procedure takes more time. This option is suitable for girls who want to make long strands for a long time.

Micro tape hair extensions

Unlike the previous technique, even narrower strands are used for the micro tape. This minimizes the load on your own natural hair. After this procedure, you will not feel discomfort due to the weighting of curls weight. Due to the small area, which occupy the place of attachment, this technique will suit even the owners of thin weakened hair. As a result, a large number of transparent invisible fasteners are formed. This technique gives the best result compared to the two above.

Tape extension for short hair

On too short haircuts, the extension by the tape technique is not performed. An ideal option for lengthening the ribbons is a bobbin hairstyle with a length of strands of 20 cm or more. On such a hairstyle, attachment points are hidden under the top strands. As a result, the hair looks natural. If the length of the curls is less than 20 cm, it is better to refuse such a procedure. Even if it is possible to hide the attachment areas under the upper hair, they will still be visible (for example, when the wind is blowing).

How long does tape hair extension?

The duration of the effect largely depends on the specific type of technology, as well as on the proper care of hair. To make the hairstyle look neat and well-groomed, experts recommend making a correction about 1 time in 2 months. The same strands can be used repeatedly (up to 6 times). The correction does not harm the curls and is relatively inexpensive. Observing the rules of care for such a hair, you can wear strands throughout the year.

How is the correction made?

Without this procedure, your hairstyle will lose an attractive appearance 2 months after the extension. As the hair grows back, the hair needs to be updated. With the help of a special preparation containing alcohol, the strands are carefully removed. Tapes remain intact. To re-build using a new sticky polymer.

What is better - capsular or tape hair extensions?

This question interests many women who find it difficult to make a choice in favor of a particular technique. With the capsule method, the risk of tangling of strands and the formation of tangles is much lower than when using tapes. Unlike tapes, capsules are more reliable. They are also easier and faster to remove than tapes.

In turn, the tape technique is cheaper. This technology is recommended to choose in case you need to increase the length of the strands for any solemn event.

Tape hair extensions - reviews

Still not sure, is it worth it to lengthen the strands? The impressions of women who have already done this procedure will help you make the right decision.

Maria, 26 years old

I did build HAIR TALK from ARCOS. I chose a length of 45 cm, and the manufacturer provides an additional 5 cm for free for adjustments thereafter. It was pleasant, that in a set there were strands with imitation of growth of ringlets. Thanks to them, the resulting long hair looks natural.

Evgenia, 35 years old

The impression of tape building rather negative. It was impossible to make masks, strands difficult to stack. It is necessary to make adjustments too often. If neither these nuances, in general, I was pleased with the result. But the cons of this procedure, as for me, more.

Diana, 34 years old

I was fastened with ribbons 3-4 cm wide. The fastening zones are very visible if you make a tail. Therefore, those who decide to make this build, you need to know that you have to walk with her hair loose. Loose hair looks neat. I liked that additional volume and pomp appeared.

Advantages and disadvantages of tape hair extensions

Despite the variety of ways to build, more and more women are leaning in favor of tape. And that's why:

  • The procedure will take on average a little over half an hour,
  • The technology is absolutely safe for your hair, as there is no need for temperature and chemical exposure,
  • Tapes are not felt when touched and do not give a load on the roots,
  • Perhaps hair extensions for short hair, literally two centimeters,
  • With proper care and the necessary periodic corrections, the strands will serve you for about a year,
  • Hair removal is extremely fast and easy.
  • Micro-tape extension is ideal for thin and weak hair,
  • The materials needed for extension are relatively inexpensive, so the cost of the procedure compared to other methods of hair lengthening is much lower.

Disadvantages of ribbing hair

Like any other technology, tape building has a number of disadvantages, namely:

  • hair extensions do not allow you to do some hairstyles, for example, everyone's favorite horse's tail,
  • necessary care is quite expensive, the usual mass market tools will not work,
  • lengthening with ribbons will please you about two months, which is less than the “lifespan” of capsular extension, for example.

And yet - remember that absolutely all technologies are contraindicated during the course of chemotherapy, taking antibiotics, diseases of the scalp, increased hair loss, as well as persons under 18 years of age.

Rules care for hair extensions

If you want chic curls to delight you as long as possible and do not turn into ugly tow in a couple of weeks, you need to carefully care for the strands:

  • Use a special comb with sparse teeth, in order not to damage the attachment points,
  • Do not wash hair extensions in the first day after the procedure, otherwise the attachments will soften and the hair will fall out,
  • Gently comb your hair about three times a day, in which case there will be no tangling at the roots,
  • Comb the curls, hand collecting them in the tail and starting from the ends, slowly rising to the roots,
  • Do not go to bed with wet hair, only with dried and combed,
  • When washing, use shampoo with neutral pH, without additives and impurities,
  • At each wash, apply a mask or a large amount of balm, because the accrued strands need nutrition and hydration much more than their own,
  • It is better to forget about drying hair with high temperatures; temperature exposure can dissolve glue,
  • Check with the master if you can visit the baths and saunas. Be sure to protect the accrued strands with a hat or towel
  • When laying, use curlers, tongs and ironers can be, but touch the attachment is strictly prohibited, be careful!
  • Do not do tight hairstyles, it causes pressure on the roots,
  • Natural hair extensions should not be combed against their growth, because the strands may be tangled,
  • Wash your hair at least twice a week so that the sebum does not destroy the adhesive layer,
  • Use a shower, as it is not recommended to throw your head down when washing,
  • Do not use cosmetics containing oils and alcohol,
  • Before going to bed, braid the curls.

Answers to common questions

What hair extension is better tape or capsular?

To answer this question, it is necessary to figure out what the essence of the above methods is. Tape extension is called a cold method of attachment and, accordingly, less harmful to their own hair due to the lack of thermal exposure.

The procedure itself does not last long, it is not that expensive, and later it will not be difficult to remove the artificial strands. However, there are a number of significant "but" - the effect of high temperatures, oil-based care products, as well as any alcohol-containing products that can dissolve glue in an instant, and frequent correction is necessary. The method of capsular extension consists of fastening donor strands with the help of hot keratin capsules.

Such hair can be braided, dyed, curled, in a word, to create any creative hairstyle. Correction is required much less frequently and fastenings are almost invisible. However, the procedure is quite time-consuming, complex and costly. Here, perhaps, all the fundamental moments. The choice is yours!

How is the correction of hair extensions?

As you know, as your own hair grows, donor strands descend lower and lower, the hairstyle loses its shape, the attachments become noticeable. In order to return the old gorgeous look, and a correction is needed. First, the master will apply a special composition to your curls that will dissolve the glue or capsule, remove them, rinse, dry and cut the ends on the side where the attachment was located.

The second stage is the repetition of the process itself. During the correction, you can use the strands that you have already worn, therefore, due to the lack of material costs, the procedure will be much cheaper.

How long does tape build up?

With the tape technology of hair extensions, the result will delight you for one and a half to two months (and for capsules, for comparison, about three months). After the specified time, a correction will be required.

It should be said that the duration of the “life” of the extended hair depends largely on the master, the quality of the materials, the chosen method, so it is necessary to approach the procedure with all care and attention.

Is it possible to do tape extensions on thin hair?

Tape extension is ideal for thin hair. Tapes do not weaken the hair follicles and do not change the structure of the strands, and the sparing fastening mechanism does not provoke loss.

Does hair spoil extension?

The question is very relevant and quite controversial. There are many negative reviews of girls, with arguments about how the build-up hurt their hair. Masters, for their part, say that only poor-quality build-up by the master or improper care by the client can spoil the hair.

It should be remembered that the procedure is contraindicated for people with severely damaged and falling hair - accrued strands will aggravate these negative processes. Carefully choose the wizard and salon, listen to the recommendations of friends, read reviews on the Internet. And most importantly - do not wear strands longer than the due time and regularly make corrections. Neglect of these rules is fraught with tangling at the roots, breaks and breaking hair.

Can I dye your hair extensions?

It is possible to paint only the natural increased strands, and the sparing paint with the low content of an oxidizer. It is forbidden to paint on the places where the donor curls are attached to their own, but it is quite difficult to do. If there is an urgent need for staining, it is recommended to contact the salon, as there are a number of nuances that you need to know and take into account.

Now you know how to quickly and safely grow hair and how to care for them. As it turned out, tape extension is ideal for those who lack patience or simply cannot grow a braid to the waist. Master, as if by a wave of a magic wand, turns thin and weakened strands into a chic flowing waterfall - dreams come true!

How to care for hair after a tape extension

Highlight the basic rules for hair care, ribbons extended.

  • Shampooing should be limited to 2 times a week, using high-quality special shampoos without harmful additives. At the same time, wash your hair, throwing it back.
  • Use a comb with sparse teeth and make sure your hair is not tangled.
  • When styling, apply special products to the lower part of the hair, without ever touching the tapes.
  • To eliminate tangling, before going to bed, your hair must be tidied up either in a hat, or to braid a not tight braid.
  • Do not go to bed with wet or wet hair.
  • If possible, limit the use of hair dryers and other heating devices that can dry out curls.

Photos before and after hair extension

Remember, gentle and careful care is a guarantee of beauty and long life of the accrued strands.

At the end of the topic, see the video tape hair extensions.

History of creation

Tape buildup in its modern form appeared in the middle of the 80s and was used exclusively by Hollywood film stars. To play the role of a long-haired heroine, the actress increased her hair, instead of wearing a wig.

The build-up looked more natural in the frame and did not hinder movements, unlike the wig, which always strived to move to the side.

Indications and contraindications to the procedure

Tape extension is used for the following problems:

  • slow hair growth
  • lack of volume
  • the need to change the image in a short time,
  • rarely growing hair.

But, it is necessary to refuse him, if:

  • the scalp is prone to allergic reactions,
  • you are allergic to components of medical glue,
  • there are open wounds, ulcers or inflammations on the scalp.

Result, photo BEFORE and AFTER

Long, aesthetic, natural and flowing curls - this is the result, after which the girls from time to time increase their hair using the ribbon method. If the procedure is performed correctly, and you will not save the rules of care - the hair will look like new until the moment of correction.

Types of tape hair extensions

This hair fastening technology was developed in Germany and is famous for a special polymer in the composition of the adhesive. It took more than 14 years to develop it and the result met all expectations - the glue does not exert pressure on the follicles and does not prevent their natural growth.

Building up absolutely does not interfere in everyday life - you can continue to play sports, swim in the pool and do your hair without fear that the strands will disappear.


The Italian technique, in the development of which all the features of the rhythm of life of an average modern girl were taken into account: it does not interfere with active sports in any way, it easily takes out the humid air of the sauna and the chlorinated pool water.

Strands are mounted on a polyurethane base with a polyester film. The area of ​​attachment is only 3 mm in height and 8 cm in length.

How and what is done tape building, how much time does the procedure take?

The following list of tools is used to implement the tape extension:

  • Forceps - to hold and remove small strands.
  • Ribbons with strands of hair - The hair structure is selected as close as possible to the client's type of hair.
  • Adhesive tapes - for correction and re-stretching strands.

The salon procedure itself takes place in 3 stages:

  1. Washing head - the master washes the client's head with shampoo for deep cleaning.
  2. Drying and styling - the hair is dried by a hairdryer in the cold air mode, and then straightened with a curling iron.
  3. Building up - the hairdresser separates the lowermost strand on the back of the head and puts a ribbon with donor hair under it and fixes it. This action is repeated until the desired hairstyle is achieved.

By time The procedure takes from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on the number of extensible strands.

Price in the cabin

The price depends on the length of the order and the number of tapes. For example:

  • 40 cm (up to the shoulder blades) - from 12,000 to 24,000 rubles.
  • 50 cm (up to the waist) - from 16,000 to 32,000 rubles.
  • 60 cm (from the tailbone - from 19,000 to 38,000 rubles.

The price for correction varies depending on the number of tapes:

  • 40 tapes - from 4 500 rubles.
  • 60 tapes - from 7,000 rubles.
  • 80 tapes - from 9,000 rubles.

The price tag for the withdrawal also depends on the number of accrued strands:

  • 40 tapes - from 1 500 rubles.
  • 60 tapes –from 2 000 rubles.
  • 80 tapes - from 2 500 rubles.

How to make tape capacity at home

To make a high-quality build-up at home, you need to have at least a minimal experience with hair and an understanding of the specifics, so let's look at each of the stages in more detail:

  1. Training. Wash your hair with shampoo for deep cleaning, blow-dry and pull it out with a curling iron. Divide the hair in two parts by a parting from ear to ear. Gather the hair on the back of the head with a rubber band so that it does not get in the way.
  2. Fixing. Begin to fasten the strands in a circle - on the edge line. Native strand should be enclosed in a lock between two donor ones.
  3. Go to the next row - each new row should be higher than the previous one. Go bottom-up. From the neck to the crown.
  4. Completion. After all the strands are secured, remove the gum from the back of the head and do the styling. Make sure that the tape does not protrude from under the hair and do not spoil the appearance of hair.

Several reviews from popular resources http://otzovik.com and http://irecommend.ru

Care after the procedure

The main recommendations for the care of hair that has been extended by the tape method are the following:

  • Comb your hair with a rare tooth - It minimizes the trauma of natural hair and the tearing of donor strands.
  • Do not tilt your head forward or backward while washing. - so you heavily load hair follicles. Try to stand under the water jets straight or wash your head vertically - in a special sink (in the beauty salon).
  • Do not comb wet hair - this will lead to deformation and stretching of donor strands, especially if they are synthetic
  • Do not go to bed with a wet head - the longer the hair remains wet, the sooner they lose their original neat shape.

Ribbon Correction

After 1 - 2.5 months (depending on the growth rate of the hair), the extension needs to be removed completely or corrected. This is necessary so that the ribbons are not visible to others at the slightest whiff of the wind or turning the head.

To do this, the hairdresser removes strands, removes traces of old glue and secures the hair closer to the head with new tapes. If necessary, pre-staining of the roots.

On average, strands withstand up to 6 correction, but some may become unusable by the first correction and will have to be replaced with new ones.

Tips for washing hair with shampoo for tape extension

The main rule when choosing a shampoo for washing hair with extensions is to pay attention to the PH level. It must be neutral. Also, there should be no alcohol in the composition, since it adversely affects the adhesion of the glue to natural strands.

As for conditioners, masks and indelible oils, they should be applied below the roots by 10-15 cm.

If a correction is being made, then it is important to ensure that there is no glue on the hair. It is removed using oil or alcohol-containing products. If this is not done, tangles are formed in the root zone, which in the future will be very difficult to unravel.

How can I remove the tape?

To remove the tape yourself, you will have to be patient and, more importantly, a quality remover. Remuver is a solvent of glue which breaks up particles of sticky substance, at the same time without influencing structure of a hair. In the store of professory cosmetics, you can often find 2 types of remuver:

  • Gel it is convenient to apply and does not spread. Operates for 5-30 minutes completely dissolving the adhesive.
  • Liquid - consumed less economically than gel. It spreads and therefore is applied to the tape with a sponge. If used improperly, it can dry out your hair, so it is very important to strictly follow the instructions.

Watch the video: How to Apply Hair Tracks for a Weave. Black Hairstyles (December 2019).