How to cut a bang

Any sensible girl knows that the question "how to cut yourself on your own?" Is the correct answer - "No!" But situations are different, sometimes there is simply no time to go to the salon or to the master (young mothers, you have the floor), or money (yes, this also often happens), or neither one nor the other.

And it also happens that for miles around there is no salon, no master, and the reflection in the mirror is seriously annoying. Well, or okay, everything is there, but the clock is two nights and you are struck in the head, and you want to have a haircut right now. Familiar?

Stylist, blogger and owner of the salon Amy Batlowski last week published a post about "self-haircut", which immediately spread the virus on the English-language blogosphere (even scary how many women are willing to cut themselves). Amy wrote a long introduction in which she recalled that a bad haircut can not always be fixed later, and that before taking up the scissors it is worth thinking 50 times and weighing all the risks. Well, if you are still ready for an experiment, then first read the rules of "self-cutting":

  • keep it simple - do not try to make fancy model haircuts for yourself, you will fail, stay within the framework of reasonable simplicity
  • hair always shave dry (!)
  • use special hairdressing scissors (or in extreme cases - sharp straight nail scissors), do not disfigure yourself with stationery or kitchen
  • never cut off more than one centimeter from the strand
  • do not relax until everything is finished - there is nothing more foolish than to spoil an almost finished result with a careless or not verified movement of a hand with scissors

haircut "one length"

Dry hair as it should be combed, divided into two parts with the tip of a comb or knitting needles (you should have a smooth parting and dividing line on the back of the head), and lay them on the sides of the face (strands should naturally fall on the shoulders in front).

Start from the right side of the hair: pinch the strand between your index and middle finger on the border that you want to cut. Scissor tips pointing up start cutting the ends of the strands, moving from the chin to the neck (do not hold the scissors perpendicular to the strand, you need to make a lot of cuts at an angle, not just one straight cut, so that the border is softer and your hair is well laid).

Repeat the procedure on the second part of the hair. Once again comb and lay strands, check that the length was the same. Cut off the sticking tips (all the same micro-scissors at an angle).

At the exit you should have hair of the same length, which lies along the back in a small arc

Choosing bangs for any kind of face

It is said? Made by And now the extra hair is lying on the floor, and the result in the mirror is terrifying. You can ask yourself for a long time why this happened - the answer is obvious: the bang must be selected according to the shape of the face. Consider the current forms:

The shape of the face, which does not bring problems to its owners, either in hairstyle or makeup. With this form you can afford any bang. A special charm will add a straight elongated version regarding the tips of the eyelashes. It will be interesting to look bangs, made in the form of an arc.


Take a closer look at the arched bangs. In addition, a beveled shape will be a good option. The bevel angle is not important and can be selected depending on individual preferences.

Extend your face with asymmetrical and skewed options. Be sure to mill them.

These are basic guidelines needed in order to know how to cut a bang at home. Do not forget to take into account the condition of the hair: their density, state of health can significantly affect the choice of the element of hair. You can pre-select bangs in our virtual salon: upload photos online and enjoy a pleasant choice at home.

How to make a straight bang at home

The easiest type of bang, which will require you to the minimum concentration. All manipulations with a haircut must be performed on dry hair. Do not be amiss to wash the hair.

Consider step by step, How to cut straight bangs at home:

  1. Before you begin the basic procedure - prepare the tool. Hairdressers are advised to use steel scissors with short and thin blades. Find the brightest room in the house and cut it in front of a large mirror. Nothing should block the view.
  2. Determine the thickness and width of the bangs and pin the selected mass of hair back. The width, as a rule, does not exceed the width of the forehead. Models with wider bangs that extend beyond its borders are recommended to be done at the hairdresser.
  3. Start cutting hair cascades, in 2-3 steps, depending on the thickness of the hair. Separate the first part - between it and the remaining hair should be a horizontal parting. Shear hair to the required length. Repeat the procedure until the bang hair runs out.
  4. Comb the result. Knock out the overall composition of the hairs trim. If desired, and the technical possibility of filing make.

This procedure changes the appearance of finished. Do not forget that any haircut is carried out by the inclined position of the scissors.

Cutting option - semicircle

This element of hair is recommended to perform at the hairdresser. However, if you want to save money or time, you can handle it yourself. It is better if you will not only have a theoretical idea about hair cutting: this option implies the exact observance of symmetry and shape. Consider the technology:

  1. Spray the hair on the front of the head with water from a spray bottle. Separate the necessary mass of hair and create a separation parting in the form of the letter P.
  2. Start your haircut from the middle of the forehead. Cut the strand of the selected length and move alternately to the sides: for each cut off indent increase bang length by 1 mm. It should be a smooth and symmetrical semicircle.
  3. Profile - it will remove excess density. Dry and lay. You can use the iron.

Ripped strands

This option can be made perfect even if you hold scissors in your hands for the first time in your life. In the pursuit of excellence, consider: the selection of torn bangs is possible only on a certain type of haircuts. This cascade, bob, square. The more uneven lines in a haircut, the better it will get along with a torn element of hair.

Consider the step by step instructions at home:

  1. The first steps are standard and do not require clarification. The discrepancy lies in the fact that you do not stab the selected mass of hair, but divide it into small strands, folding each into a bundle.
  2. Cut them off using a conventional blade with a difference of 1-2 mm from each other, alternating length.
  3. Check the result: it is easy to eliminate any defects with a blade.

Torn form is best to lay sideways - so it will look more interesting, giving the hair extra volume.

As you can see, self-cutting bangs is easy. The first time you have to spend a little more time, however, over time, you will be able to devote 10-15 minutes to this procedure. Remember - all manipulations with cutting hair should be performed on a dry, clean head. Otherwise, you may have an unpleasant surprise. Now one riddle has become less: you know how to cut a bang at home and make it flawless.

How to cut a bang: basic rules

Rule number 1- pre-stock the necessary tools. You may need sharpened scissors, a comb with rare teeth, as well as invisible haircuts or hair clips for cutting or adjusting the length of the bangs.

Rule number 2- cut bangs on clean and damp hair. Well wet the bangs, because if you cut your hair dry, you can forget about the evenness of your bangs once and for all.

Rule number 3 - each strand is cut separately. Well comb your wet hair, do not cut all the bangs at once - do it gradually - strand by strand. Bang area should be allocated depending on the part where you wear your hair. If you don’t have any parting, you highlight the bangs, dividing the hair strictly in the center into two identical strands.

Rule number 4 - pre-determine the shape and type of bangs. It is worth noting that the bangs can be thick or with separate trimmed strands, short or long. Pick up bangs according to your type of face.

Rule number 5- Lateral and temporal zones are cut out only if you wear a stepped haircut or a little ladder.

Rule number 6 - never press the hair to the face and do not try to cut off the brow that has been pulled out - the bang in this case will simply rise and stand on end, and all your efforts will only lead to negative consequences.

Rule number 7 - separate the strand from the edge, hold the honey with your index and middle fingers, place the other fingers on the level where the cut is supposed to go. Carefully shear this strand.

Rule number 8 - if you want your bangs to be fluffy and light, profile it with special milled scissors. For filing, as a rule, from the edge of the bangs, retreat from one to three centimeters.

How to cut a bang on the type of person

    For chubby ladies thick glamorous bangs are not suitable. She will round even more. Here you need to choose torn ends and an oblique shape, then the face visually narrowed.

For a classic oval-shaped face, just a thick, even glamor bang will fit, below the eyebrow line.

If you are the owner of a square face, you can use a rare, uneven bangs above the eyebrows, so that the chin will not look heavy.

  • Curly representatives of the fair sex should think about the need for glamorous thick bangs. Bangs will be naughty if you do not grow the desired length for combing with strands of hair or do not straighten it in a beauty salon.
  • How to choose a bang by face type: expert tells

    Before you cut your bangs at home, evaluate the condition of your hair. Are they healthy enough? Look shiny, dense? After all, exactly trimmed bangs "with the head" will give the condition of your hair. You should not save on the care of your hair, if you want to skillfully focus on the grooming of your hair.

    Often use balms and nourishing masks to improve the structure of your hair - in this case, you will guarantee yourself not only a fashionable, but also a neat image.

    How to trim a torn bang at home by yourself

    Today, many Hollywood stars "wear torn bangs" and are not ready to part with it, even to change the image, the need for which dictates show business. An example of this is the stars of the first magnitude: Jessica Alba, Patricia Kaas. Or our celebrities: Natalia Varley, Irina Slutskaya, Laima Vaikule.

    First of all, torn bangs can give spontaneity - just enter a slight asymmetry in the haircut and the image acquires coquetry and charges with a playful mood.

    Long bangs that go down to the eyebrows, give the girls a characteristic efficiency, seriousness, emphasizing their unique style. The choice of torn bangs is independent of the length of the hair, their directness or curvature.

    The main thing is to come up with an image and start to match it, cut the torn fringe.

    Remember that a rough, torn fringe visually makes you younger, refreshes and gives a new look to your image.

    Before you cut a bang, keep in mind that this should be an acceptable option for you, you should be able to style it and do it in 5 minutes, not 1.5 hours. By the way, the torn bang "covering the eyes" is not so popular anymore.

    Torn bangs may have a different shape, "torn ends", be smooth or heavy - mounted. The length of fashionable bangs varies from the line of the eyebrows and above.

    How to choose a bang by face type: expert tells

    Stylists offer us several options for fashionable hairstyles with torn bangs: haircut “in layers” or “steps” in combination with smooth straight bangs, torn ends or a scythe depending on what will be best combined with your face shape.

    Also popular haircuts "bob" and square. The latter can be refreshed with shaped bangs of different lengths and torn strands. When your hair is ready and a certain form of bangs is selected, you need to take time to make up.

    Ragged bangs dictate the requirements for lips. Do not leave the lips pale, in case the fringe closes the forehead. Otherwise, you will lose brightness and become invisible in the crowd.

    How to cut straight bangs at home by yourself

    Those women who want to look younger choose a straight bang - the bang is beneficial to hide the wrinkles that appear on the forehead, and distracts attention from the flaws of the face, emphasizing favorably on its merits.

    Haircuts with straight bangs are universal and suitable for any type of person. Both chubby virgins and women with a slightly square face make the right choice in favor of straight bangs, which not only hides the flaws of your appearance, but also balances the proportions of the face when necessary.

    Any rule implies the existence of an exception. The choice of straight bangs in most cases is universal, however, there is also an exception here - such bangs certainly will not work for girls who have a slightly retracted chin. But an elongated face, as well as a face with a high forehead, will benefit from the choice of a haircut with straight bangs.

    The choice of the length of straight bangs is not particularly difficult - if you have poor eyesight or wear lenses, you should abandon too long straight bangs, despite the fact that this particular form is today considered the most popular and fashionable

    A hairstyle with a bangs look also looks always interesting and recognizable, however, such a haircut does not suit chubby girls, as well as divas with lush cheeks.

    Now you know how to cut your bangs at home on your own in any form, and you can use our tips to get an unsurpassed result.

    What are they like?

    Before you cut the bang itself, you need to decide on its appearance. We all know that they can be rare, thick, even, slanting, etc. However, they can be divided into two types:

    • Independent element hairstyles. Most often they attract attention and do not depend on the length of the hair.

    • Part of the hairstyle. They depend on the type of haircut and are worked out at the end of the hairstyle. Usually she combed out in a given direction. Edging is also carried out after completion of the main work.

    What is the edging?

    First, let's define what the edging is.

    Edging - the necessary final element. It is both a contour line and a separate way to adjust it. Edging can make smooth, rounded, or vice versa sharp and torn.

    How can I cut bangs using different types of edging? The most common is:

    • triangular,
    • two-level (with a thick or sparse upper layer),
    • straight,

    • wavy,
    • stepped,
    • torn (one or different length),
    • slanting

    If the question of how to properly cut the bangs is a problem for you, it is recommended to contact a hairdresser or a stylist as a consultation. He will tell or even show the best option, suitable for density, width. An alternative is also the selection of haircuts using a computer program.

    Choosing a parting

    Options for separating bangs from the bulk of the hair, there are several:

    1. triangular parting
    2. U-shaped parting,
    3. parallel branch

    The width is most often determined by the right and left frontal protuberances. Sometimes, when haircuts require it, bangs can capture temporal locks.

    What tools are needed?

    • First is the scissors. It is recommended to use only professional scissors, as the result will depend on their quality. However, if there are none, you need to take the sharpest.

    Please note that if you plan to continue to cut your hair yourself, be sure to purchase a professional tool. It is also recommended to additionally purchase thinning shears, which, if desired, can learn to make remarkable effects.

    • Secondly, it is a comb. Keep in mind that this should not be a tangle teezer massage comb, but a comb. Commonly used are double scallops, on the one hand of which are rare cloves, and on the other - frequent. You may also need a variety of “crabs” or elastic bands to fix the hair.

    Technique haircut: wet or dry hair?

    So, all the tools are ready, the type is selected, it now remains to figure out how to cut the bangs nicely, avoiding technical errors. Opinions about whether to moisturize hair before cutting differ. Everyone can defend their opinions for a long time, giving their own arguments.

    But if you are still undecided, you need to keep in mind that with dry curls, a haircut may not turn out to be quite even, as the styling that is currently available can have a big impact (especially for wavy and curly hair).

    If you decide to moisturize your hair before cutting, keep in mind that in the final result they can “jump” by 0.5-1 cm. In this case, you need to be careful with the issue of length and shape.

    Technique haircut oblique bangs

    First, separate the bangs from the rest of the hair. If you wish, you can use a spray gun to smooth curls. Next, you need to comb bangs and cut it at the desired angle. Thus, we get an even cut. But many are interested in the question: how to cut a slanting bang with more interesting edges? Alternatively, you can walk small teeth vertically on the tips. If you have very thick hair, you can make a thinning.

    Technique haircut torn bangs

    This version of the haircut is quite complicated and without preparation it will not be easy to implement it. To begin to separate the parting bangs, comb it. Then, at the desired level, cut the hair with teeth, which can be both large and small. For thick hair fit large teeth, for rare - small. Then it is recommended to carry out filing, but this is at your discretion.

    Based on the foregoing, you can see that in order to bring hair in order, it is not necessary to go to the hairdresser: it can be cut at home. If you are still worried about how to cut your fringe yourself, videos and various tutorials will always come to the rescue.

    And if you still do not decide to cut the bang, then there are quite a few ways how to stab a bang of different lengths.

    Types of bangs

    All types of bangs among stylists, hairdressers are conventionally divided into two groups:

    • as an addition to a haircut - in this case, the bang together with the rest of the hair will form a whole, the bang will be trimmed at the very end of the hairstyle and will serve as its logical conclusion,
    • as a separate element - the shape of such bangs does not depend on the general appearance of the hairstyle, while the main haircut can be rare and thick, long and short.

    What is edging?

    The final appearance of the bang depends on the shape of the edging. This is the name of the final contour line and at the same time the correction method. The most common forms of edging:

    • straight,
    • oval and reverse oval,
    • torn
    • slanting
    • L-shaped,
    • triangular,
    • stepped,
    • wavy.

    If you find it difficult to decide on the shape and shape, it is better to consult a professional stylist or hairdresser for advice. He will give the necessary recommendations and select the right option, which will be perfect for you in shape and density.

    Width and thickness are important characteristics.

    According to the rules, the width of the bangs is usually chosen to be equal to the distance between the right and left protuberances of the forehead. Borders should not go beyond the temples, but there may be exceptions in this case.

    Do you need thick or rare bangs? In this matter, you have almost complete freedom of action. However, when choosing thickness, one should take into account such factors as the density of your hair.

    The fatter you want to make bangs, the further you should move the line of parting from the face. Its shape may be different:

    • U-shaped parting,
    • triangular,
    • parallel.

    Hair cutting tools

    Before proceeding directly to cutting the bang, be sure to prepare all the necessary tools. Something may be in your home in stock, some tools may have to be bought.

    To cut your bangs you need:

    • comb with fine teeth,
    • sharp scissors (better professional),
    • clamps
    • special scissors for filing (if you need to make a thick bang, they will not be needed).

    Haircut instructions

    How to cut the bangs so that the result does not bring you disappointment? For beginners, tips and tricks from professionals.

    1. It should be borne in mind that if you carry out the procedure on wet hair, then after drying, they will rise, and your bangs will become noticeably shorter. The difference can be 0.5-1 cm. Alternatively, you can perform the procedure on dry strands.
    2. Curly curls also tend to rise after shearing, so you need to leave a small margin of length.
    3. The procedure is best done in the daytime and in good light.

    And now consider how to cut the fringe, depending on its shape.

    Cut it straight

    1. Separate the hair, which will make the future bang, the rest of the hair combed back and fixed by means of clips.
    2. Clamp one between your fingers and pull it down.
    3. Cut the required length, holding the scissors at a 45 degree angle.
    4. Focusing on this strand, cut the rest of the hair in the same way.
    5. Carefully comb the curls and remove all kinks, ensuring that the line is smooth.
    6. Hand press the hair to the face and check the evenness of the edging.
    7. If necessary, we use scissors to adjust the cut.
    8. We style the hair with a hair dryer and a round brush.

    As a result, your bangs will turn out flat and straight.

    Trimmed with a scythe

    1. Separate curls for future bangs from the rest of the hair.
    2. Mark the length of the bangs and determine on which side you will be combing it.
    3. Holding the scissors at a 45 degree angle, we cut the hair from top to bottom.
    4. We comb hair, check their length.
    5. If necessary, make adjustments.

    An oblique edging allows you to refresh the image and give it a bit of mystery.

    How to perform filing correctly?

    Filirovka will give your head of hair the effect of airiness. However, if you have curly curls or too thin, it is better to refuse this procedure. For filing required special scissors, their feature are small teeth on the blades. It is at their expense that the hair is cut off not in a straight line, but in part.

    You can do your own filing by following these instructions:

    1. We remove the excess hair back and fasten the hair with clips,
    2. Curls are divided into several separate strands,
    3. We take one strand and twist it in the form of a light tow,
    4. Taking thinning shears, make a cut at a distance of 2-3 mm from the tips,
    5. We do the same with the rest of the hair.

    Filming is possible to perform in various ways. For example, you can process the ends of your hair by guiding scissors along a horizontal line. Another option is to make incisions diagonally, holding the thinning shears in an upright position. In this case, you can get an extravagant ragged edging.

    Making a bang yourself is not so difficult, it is important to follow the recommendations of hairdressers and perform the procedure consistently. To begin with, try to cut it in a straight line, and then, having a little “stuffed hand”, you can already safely experiment. Do not be afraid to change your image and amaze others!

    Watch the video: Twist Cutting Technique: Fringe (December 2019).