A variety of fashionable shades of light brown hair color

The choice of hair color is not an easy task. To create an organic appearance you have to take into account many nuances. The appearance of a variety of dyes gives plenty of choice. Today is blonde, tomorrow is brunette. Over time, the process tires, there is a desire to return the native light or dark blond hair color. With him, the image is natural, harmonious. Natural tone, contrary to conventional judgments, looks noble. Moreover, it can be artificially saturate, give depth, charm.

Color features

Fashion for everything natural has not bypassed and looks. Soft features, bends of the body, natural variations of hair color are firmly established trends. Light brown color of curls is considered to be the recognized leader among the preferred color options. Someone tends to go from brunet (brown-haired) to a lighter tone, others saturate, ennoble natural coloring.

Blonde girls often attract the attention of men. This becomes the main reason for choosing an option close to Blond. In this case, staining in a beautiful light brown tone often costs the least loss to the health of hair. Although care for bleached hair will still need more thorough.

The choice of the natural option is an excellent solution if you need a smooth transition from dark to light and vice versa. Having painted in the gamma tones, it will turn out to “try on” the uncharacteristic color scheme, to decide on the further choice.

Light brown range is surprisingly natural, practical. It does not emphasize the shortcomings of appearance (like chocolate brown), often shading the “narrow places”. For some, the same circumstance can be a significant disadvantage. Appearance will lose brightness, will become faceless. It's all about the correct selection of colors.

How to choose a shade

Russification is universal. By nature, it is in this palette range that most Slavs are located. Natural hair color is not monotonous - the range of options. There is a warm and cold hues border. Choose get light and dark options. Golden, ashen or close to a brown-haired - a matter of taste.

Appearance appearance when choosing also has an important value. If the eyes and skin are of a warm temperature (it does not matter whether it is dark or light undertone), then it is worth trying light versions of light brown with golden notes. Shimmering glitter will incredibly revive the look. The choice of medium blond is a universal option. He stands on the border of dark and light, warm and cold tones. Pale skin, steel notes in his eyes - a reason to try the frosty, platinum options. Dark ash suitable dark skin, deep color of the iris.

Age and sex when choosing blond as a hair color does not matter. A wide range of colors allows you to decide absolutely everything. Blonde in most cases refreshes, makes the appearance softer, has to pay attention to the person. Dark options are ideal for a rigorous, business-like image. Very light shades will create a soft, feminine look. Golden play will add the appearance of enthusiasm.

Note! Light brown hair color is universal for choosing haircuts. It turns out to pick up any shape, length of hair. Light shades look equally good on short and long strands; straight and wavy styling is suitable. Ash is best combined with an average length of a haircut. Reddish golden colors are perfect in the form of curls.

Popular shades

The variety of shades of light brown palette is great. To choose the character of appearance will turn out, guided by the names. Natural options have confidence. Natural colors of dark or light colors are recommended to choose for a practical everyday business look.

To create a delicate, feminine charm suitable wheat, golden, nude blond. The image will be soft, light, attracting male attention. Beige, natural, medium hue will become a transition from frivolous to business image.

Bright tones (copper, red, honey) are good for energetic persons. Life-affirming colors will create a special aura of heat and light. Such natures attract attention, charge positive.

Fashionable cold scale (silver, platinum, pearl gray, mother of pearl) is suitable for dreamy persons. Appearance with such a light brown color becomes a bit detached. The owners turn into "aliens from other planets."

Coloring at home

The method of obtaining a suitable shade at home depends on the source color, the state of the curls. For owners of natural blonde blond to saturate the color, changing the existing color by 1-2 tones, it is enough to use light agents (tinted shampoo, balsam, tonic). The variants differ in a gentle composition, they act gently, but the result is short-lived. It is enough to use the tool according to the instructions to get the coveted color for 1-4 weeks.

Toning compositions also equalize the color obtained using durable paint (remove unwanted redhead, saturate the shade, mask gray hair). As unstable dyes are often chosen:

  • Estel (Love Ton),
  • Schwarzkopf (Bonacure color save),
  • L'OREAL (Gloss color),
  • Indola (Color Silver),
  • Rokolor (Tonika).

For persistent staining in the selected tone will need to use a permanent tool. The result will last up to 4-8 weeks. Hair will please with a saturated, bright shade. As the roots grow and color is washed out, a correction of the hairstyle will be needed. As persistent dyes are popular:

  • L'OREAL (Excellence Creme, Preference, Casting gloss creme),
  • SCHWARZKOPF (Color expert, Perfect mousse),
  • Garnier (Color naturals, Color Sensation),
  • Syoss (Professional performance, Pro Nature).

To get a light brown color on the original dark curls you will need to "wash off" the existing pigment. The procedure of repainting from black involves bleaching (sometimes multistage).

The pigments devoid of pigment are given a suitable shade with a paint or tonic. The process is complex, requires professionalism, the subsequent careful care of the hair.

The possibility of obtaining a natural color with the help of folk remedies depends on the initial shade of the curls. Natural faded tones will get a little brighten or give a golden color. For lightening without harm to hair, use masks with kefir, honey, lemon juice.

Mix the ingredients (3 tbsp. Each). For uniformity, it is permissible to add a little hair conditioner. The composition is applied to the hair, aged 30–60 minutes, washed off. Painting in the desired tone will take a sufficient amount of time.

To obtain golden caramel notes, cinnamon decoctions (infusions) are used to rinse the curls after cleansing. It turns out slightly to paint strands. Masks based on cinnamon powder will help to slightly brighten the naturally dark curls. Henna, contrary to popular opinion, will not give the desired effect.

Important! Achieve light shades of light brown natural brunettes (brown hair), using folk affinity, will not succeed. We'll have to repaint the hair with chemical dyes.

Partial staining

Refresh the hair on the basis of a natural light brown color by using partial coloring of curls. Perform complex processing strands (shatush, balayazh), using 1 or more dyes. The procedure is recommended to perform an experienced master. Requires a good knowledge of color, artistic taste. Master, assessing the appearance, randomly distributes strokes, creates a real masterpiece. The result is the beauty of the game of glare.

On light brown hair, an ombra can be performed (partial dyeing technique). Processed exclusively zone at the roots or tips. Smooth color transition gives an interesting effect. The technique refers to the options for gentle staining. Ombre will perform on naturally dark and light curls.

Coloring cost

Coloring is permissible to produce both in the cabin and at home. Independent execution of the procedure involves a risk to the exterior. Lack of professionalism often sadly affects the appearance, health of hair. The more complex the process, the more likely the receipt of negative consequences. At home, the cost of staining will be the cost of acquiring the necessary tools and materials. The salon will have to additionally pay for the work of the master.

The cost of a simple procedure is usually 1-3 thousand rubles. The price of complex manipulations is rarely lower than 4–5 thousand rubles.

Care instructions

The complexity of caring for blond hair depends on the color change procedure performed. Simple staining does not leave a serious imprint on the method of care. It is enough to use products for colored hair. They will provide care, help to keep the color longer.

When performing clarification in the process of obtaining a light brown color will require more intense action. Bleached curls with a broken structure need to be carefully treated, regularly moistened, and nourished. It is desirable to perform professional salon procedures to restore the state of hair.

Light brown color is multifaceted and desired by many. To pick up a suitable shade of a rich palette it will turn out to any type of appearance. To make coloring, to maintain an attractive appearance of hair in most cases is easy.

Useful videos

Blonde hair coloring in medium brown color.

From black hair to light brown.

Who is suitable blond color hair

Understand who is light brown hair color, simple enough. Its cold or warm shade fits almost everyone, besides the palette is different variety. All shades of light brown hair color have their own name, perfectly combined with highlighting, shatush, toning. Natural gray color many girls consider murine, but among Western stars, this tone is considered popular, very stylish.

The natural light brown color has a wide range of shades, starting with a light gray blond and ending with an ash-blond color.

Which tone to choose when coloring depends on the color type of appearance:

  • Women with a warm color type should choose darker options, complementing the natural overflow with bright highlights.
  • Girls with a cold color type of appearance should choose ashy, mouse color.
  • If the skin is light, and the pupils are green or blue, you can safely paint the strands in any shades of blond blonde.

The most fashionable among celebrities is considered to be a light ashen and dark bronze tone. This color is combined with any outfits, evening and day makeup. In addition, the palette has many different modulations, allows you to choose shades that are close to natural. The beautiful shine of the strands in combination with highlighting allowed the light brown color to become one of the significant trends of the season.

Stars such as Natalia Vodianova, Jennifer Lopez or Charlize Theron appreciated the beauty of natural radiance.

Their reviews testify to the convenience of coloring, a wide variety of light brown tones. Hair even under the light of spotlights and cameras look natural, do not lose their luster. Especially beautiful bronze or light ash curls look in combination with Californian highlighting.

A diverse palette of light brown hair color

The palette of light brown color includes a number of various shades. Consider each of them to choose for themselves the most suitable.

The brightest of shades and, perhaps, the most glamorous! Light blond hair color can be easily combined with the color type “spring” - “summer”. In a compartment with a light iris of the eye (gray or blue) and the same fair skin, it looks perfect. Girls with dark hair can easily be lightened with lemon juice, saffron, sun and chamomile.

In this tone are intertwined golden highlights of honey and caramel. In recent seasons, it has become incredibly popular! Golden brown color fits all skin tones and any eye color. This shade will enliven the light-brown tones and visibly revive darker colors. As a result, we get a beautiful soft overflow.

This color can be attributed to the light brown cold palette. It does not have glitter, but it looks very stylish. With the ash-light shade should be careful - it is not all. It can look at the girl with fair skin with a pale pink subtone. Freckles will be appropriate, which will give the image a special charm.

The number of "contraindications" can be easily attributed to the dark, bronze skin and the presence of rashes - ash-blond emphasize and make them more noticeable. Not too nice is the fact that this color is very cunning - it is extremely difficult to achieve and maintain itself. If you are not ready to frequent the beauty salon, give up the color in the ash-light shade.

Ice and flames collided here! It would seem that the cold blonde can not be combined with a warm rich-red. And here and there - copper-blonde looks just great! It is ideal for owners of green or blue eyes and light transparent skin. These features copper-blond gives aristocracy. In nature, this shade is extremely rare, but with the help of a special paint you can achieve it on your own hair.

Natural light brown color with a light wheat tint is considered to be very rare and incredibly stylish. The advantage of this tone is its dual nature - the lighting of different types will have a completely different effect. Wheat Brown can be copper, bronze, coffee!

Not blonde and not brunette - this is how you can say about this particular color. The natural medium brown tone has its own analogue, which is called the bronde. Girls with such a touch are truly lucky - they already have what many only dream of getting in fashionable salons for a lot of money.

For those who love darker, this is just what you need! Dark shades of light brown hair belong to a cold color palette, so they are not suitable for overly dark skin. But in other cases, it works fine. Are you afraid that this shade will be too boring? Do not be afraid of this - with the help of makeup your image will be harmonious, natural and very bright.

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Coloring hair in fashionable light brown tones

Choosing blond hair color, trust the professionals. Only in the beauty salon you will be able to achieve stunning shades. Those who want to risk and color the strands at home will give some tips:

  • Blonde should be chosen according to the texture and skin tone,
  • Before the procedure, cut ends should be cut,
  • To make the paint better, do not wash your hair for three days before starting the procedure,
  • Do not overdo the paint, expecting to get a deeper tone,
  • Take off the paint from the hair, use a good mask,
  • Dark on the nature of the color must be clarified a few days before the main staining,
  • Color the strands below, moving to the roots,
  • On the copper and chestnut strands the light-brown hair tone will be completely invisible - choose a different shade,
  • To avoid mistakes, carefully read the photo on the package with paint and read on the Internet reviews of other girls with similar color of hair.

You will be interested in:

Makeup for fair-haired ladies

Women with light brown color strands are a very gentle image with a sensual and puffy mouth and huge eyes. Another important factor is light brown eyebrows.But on the eyes can recoup! For daytime makeup, you can use eyeliner, dark shadows and mascara. But on the lips go light lipstick or gloss. Want to get a bold and very bold image? Use bright lipstick, while removing the accent from the eyes. Evening make-up allows you to simultaneously highlight both lips and eyes.

And how do you like such a day makeup for the fair-haired?

Color cosmetics for light brown varies from golden to soft ash tones. For the summer color type, lipstick in burgundy, pink and purple colors are perfect. For the "spring" is better to choose a scarlet, peach, coral or pink color. As for the shadows, then for the green eyes are suitable - eggplant, brown, purple and green. For blue, pick up shades of turquoise, beige, peach or gold. But for karich shades of gray, lilac and blue shades are ideal.

Dark blond

Dark blond shade is becoming popular again. This is one of the most expensive and aristocratic shades. When coloring it is rather difficult to get such color. It is necessary to consider not only the quality of dyes, but also the natural tone of the hair.

Properly selected shade perfectly emphasizes the skin color of the face, the color of eyes and lips. Hue should not seem dull, otherwise all the advantages of the person will not be presented in the best possible way.

Dark blond hair is suitable for all girls and women with light complexion. He is not old, besides it is easy to pick up any set of clothes. Hair with a shade look more well-groomed, as split ends are less noticeable.

Medium blond

This hair color is suitable for girls who have both warm and cold type of appearance.. It can be considered a universal color. It gives in well to lightening and it is enough for it to simply add copper-brown or caramel shades.

The warm shade of medium-light brown smooths facial features, making them softer and more pretty. This color will well emphasize the eyes of all shades of green and blue.

Cold shades of medium-blond hair with slightly greyish strands are more common. They are recommended to paint over more intense and saturated colors. In combination with tan this color looks very stylish and spectacular.

Ash brown

This color is suitable for women of any age, emphasizing the beauty of the exterior. Young girls, choosing ashen-light shade, will give their appearance lightness and airiness. For women of more mature age, this color will help to hide the gray hair, and the image will be brighter.

The chosen color goes well with the light skin of the face, which has an unobtrusive blush, and bright eyes - blue and gray. And if there are freckles on the face, then in combination with such a shade, the appearance will become even more attractive.


Classic light brown palette is considered a color with an admixture of copper hue. He creates a unique bright and bold image. Having chosen copper hair color, it is recommended to match it in everything: in clothes, in character.

Copper-blond hair can give a dark or light shade, bright red or light wheat, they can be rich and pale.

Because of all this variety of shades, the coppery color also belongs to the universal one, since pick one of the existing shades of copper-brown color to any image will not be difficult:

  1. Light copper shade It has some similarities with a wheat tone, but with the addition of a copper reflux. Suitable for girls with brown eyes, as well as those with saturated blue, green and gray colors.
  2. Bright color It goes well with green, blue and brown eyes, and gray eyes against the background of bright hair color will not seem faded.
  3. Dark shades suitable for both pale and swarthy girls. This shade allows you to create a complex image. It is well combined with saturated color of eyes: various shades of dark blue and brown.
  4. Copperyshade hair perfectly harmonizes with fair skin and green, blue and dark gray eyes. The image is not very bright, but with a twist, and is suitable for modest girls.
  5. Copper-golden shade the hair is for fair-skinned girls with brown eyes and brown-eyed dark eyes. It will add an image of mystery, lightness and romance.

Golden blonde

This is a special tone of light brown hair, noble and warm. The sun shimmers shades of color of caramel and honey. It can also be attributed to the universal colors. It is well suited to almost all types, combines with any eye color, creates a natural and attractive image.

For girls with a round or square face, this hair color is best suited. Any hairstyle on the golden-brown hair will look more voluminous and give the image lightness, emphasizing the dignity of appearance.

This hair color is well suited for girls with warm tones of light skin: peach, beige, with an implicit pinkish blush.

Golden-brown hair color can be light, rich-bright or dark tones.

Light tones of a golden-brown color are suitable for fair-skinned girls with brown eyes. In the evening light, your hair will look darker, and in the sun shimmer with honey shades.

The image of a girl with blue eyes will seem angelic. And if you make a slightly noticeable, delicate makeup and add a light blush, then the hair will look luminous.

Rich golden color will suit brown-eyed girls with any type and skin color. The image will be more fresh and feminine in girls with light shades of lips.

All the colors of light brown hair with a golden hue of a dark shade resemble chestnut hair, but with golden reflections. Very harmoniously, this hair color is combined with dark or tanned skin and brown eyes. The image is deep and unusual.

Light blond

This color can be attributed to warm shades. It is great for girls with blue or gray eyes. Perfectly hides the imperfections of the skin of the face, rejuvenating it, so most of the girls prefer this shade.

Hair of this shade looks natural, so it is suitable for many women and girls with naturally blond hair.

Light-brown shades can be various tones: warm golden, cold and even ashy.

Cold shades are also called platinum. These shades do not contain sunny notes, and therefore suitable for women with light and even slightly pale skin of the face and gray eyes.

The warm tones of light-brown shades include: golden, copper, wheat. Golden shades of light-brown color create a sunny and soft image of its owner. The winning data tones look in combination with light beige or pink complexion, blue or emerald eyes.

Beige tones are almost impossible to find in nature, but they look very natural. They are suitable for fair-skinned women with light eyes. This tone differs from the warm tones listed above in an extraordinary glow. Looks good if you have freckles on your face, and your eyes are amber or gray.

Trendy shades of light brown color

The most fashionable are natural shades. It is recommended to choose colors as close as possible to the natural range. Wheat shades are very popular. They emphasize all the advantages of appearance. Ashy shades are no less popular.

Here is a list of the most fashionable shades of light brown hair color:

  • the color of ripened wheat ears,
  • honey colors
  • all shades of ashen color
  • all sorts of shades of light blond,
  • sand or gold.

How to dye your hair in light brown color

To achieve the desired result, it is recommended to dye your hair with specialists in the field of the hairdressing industry. In addition, it is important to be able to choose shades depending on skin type and eye color.

When buying hair dye, be sure to examine the packaging. It always indicates information about shades that can be obtained depending on the original color. Be sure to read the instructions for staining.

It is important to follow certain rules for staining:

  1. If the hair is clean, you need to wait a couple of days and only then proceed to coloring.
  2. If the hair has not been cut long, then you need to cut at least the tips. They can delaminate during dyeing.
  3. The paint should be left on the hair for exactly as much time as indicated in the instructions, not more.
  4. If the original hair color is darker, then it needs to be slightly muffled by the clarifier. It is necessary to start the application of the oxidizer from the ends.
  5. After lightening the paint should not be applied immediately, it is necessary to give your hair a break.
  6. If the original hair color is light, then you can immediately apply the paint, additional brightening is not required.
  7. After dyeing, it is important to provide additional hair care: use restorative balms and masks.

Who to choose cool shades of light brown

All colors of light brown hair color of a cold range are fashionable. These are low-key colors that indicate good taste. Hair painted in such shades, always look stylish and impeccable. Cold shades with silver strands make the image spectacular, and the hairstyle looks more voluminous.

Cold shades are suitable for girls and women of any age. If the natural hair color is light brown, a cold tone can be obtained by dyeing individual strands in a platinum shade.

If you combine cold shades with light, slightly pinkish skin of the face, then you can achieve a harmonious look. Eye color for these shades does not matter.

Who to choose warm blond shades

To warm shades include shades of light brown hair color, like wheat, gold, copper, i.e. all shades of light brown with honey, caramel and sunny modulations. These shades refresh the skin.

Warm colors will suit girls with light, healthy skin, with clear contours of the facial oval. Eye color can be brown, dark green, gray. Girls with white or pale skin of the face, bright blush and radiant eyes of sky-blue color are better to choose cold shades.

Highlights on blond hair

Highlighting especially in demand for girls with blond hair. The technique is a discoloration of individual curls.

Paint for highlighting must be selected based on the original hair color:

  1. For dark-blond hair, dyeing strands in wheat, copper, cognac, amber, honey and other brown and golden shades is suitable.
  2. Various shades of warm and cold tones are well combined with light-brown hair: white, beige, creamy, milky and platinum, silvery, ashy, etc.

Ombre for blond hair

Ombre is a universal way to brighten the tips of any hair color. The advantage of this technique is that the result of staining will look good even after the roots grow, as this type of staining does not affect the latter.

Effectively and naturally the light ombra looks on the hair of light brown color, but the dark ombre is not often used.

Color ombre advise fans of custom solutions and those who love dramatic changes. This type of coloring enlivens the image and makes it bright.

In connection with the latest fashion trends ombre ash shades is especially important. The combination of light brown hair and pink ombre looks unusual. This variant of dyeing looks good on dark blond and blond hair. Depending on the saturation level of pink, you can achieve a different result.

Popular ways of coloring in light brown color

Traditional methods are environmentally friendly and safe, but unstable. With the help of such methods you can paint over gray strands of hair, and give the desired shade to the natural light brown hair color.

Coloring persists for several weeks, but it depends on the structure of the hair.

Thin hair is easier to dye, and keep the color longer

To dye your hair at home, you will need a soft sponge or brush for applying paint. It is recommended to wash hair with shampoo before dyeing hair.

It is important to consider that staining with natural dyes should not be done immediately after staining with chemical means.

Natural dyes with which you can give the desired shade include:

  • henna and basma,
  • chamomile,
  • onion peel,
  • rhubarb root and others

Henna and Basma

Henna is a natural powder obtained from the leaves of alkanes and lawsonias. This powder contains tannins that have firming and restorative properties. It is used to obtain golden shades on dark brown and brown hair.

If you apply the powder to light blond hair, then the shade will turn out with a reddish-orange shimmer.

To get a chestnut color, you need to take 1 part henna and 1 part basma. And for a bronze shade of henna it is necessary to take two times more than the Basma.

Dark hair will not be lighter than its natural color. Therefore, clarification is possible only on the hair of a natural light or light brown color.

Another natural ingredient is chamomile. With its help you can give a natural shade a lighter shade, and a dark one a warm dark golden color.

Light brown hair color: a wealth of shades

How would you explain to a foreigner what a blond hair color is, without a photo? It is believed that this is a light brown hair color, more or less mixed with gray. Shades of light brown hair are numerous, but you can conditionally divide them into 5 groups: light brown, dark blond, medium blond, cold and golden (warm).

This division is rather conditional, since many shades of light brown are difficult to describe. Moreover, each shade has not one, but two characteristics: the depth of color (light, medium or dark blonde), and the division into warm or cold.

Brown hair has many shades.

Natural light blond hair color and shades

Light-blond hair color is closest to a blonde, and many light-brown girls do not miss the opportunity to switch to a blonde using highlighting. Or turn to fashionable techniques of coloring - for example, stretching the color, when only individual strands are highlighted.

You may want to add a touch of depth to the shade using color stretching.

With natural light brown hair and blue eyes, you can try to become darker — dark brown, brown-haired or brunette. Dark color is able to emphasize light skin, blue eyes, make you a little more refined.

Perhaps you are bold, and from light-blond you want to repaint in the dark.

Light brown hair color: the rules of care

If you dye your hair for the first time, you need to know that colored strands require special care so that the new pigment does not wash out too quickly. The simplest and most obvious solution is to try changing your regular shampoo and conditioner to the line of means for colored hair.

Editor's Board: Try Dove's Shine of Color shampoo and conditioner with Vibrant Color Lock technology, which helps fix the brightness of the color and enhance the shine of the hair. Do not forget to use the balm every time after washing the hair with shampoo, it helps to seal and smooth the cuticle scales, which means it gives even more shine and color to the strands.

Coloring blond hair: how to keep them healthy

Dyed hair needs some extra care. For example, if you have not done a hair mask before, after dyeing you should definitely start. Hair mask at least once a week can improve their condition.Perfect fit the bright shine color phyto mask of the Pure Line brand.

Editor's Tip: Try this trick. Apply the mask to the hair after shampooing and before applying the conditioner. Her formula for decoction of herbs, with vitamins, clover extract and polysaccharides was created specifically to restore dyed hair and to prolong their color brightness. If the strands are badly damaged after dyeing, there is another option - to apply this mask every time instead of balm.

Dark blond hair: coloring options

Dark blond hair color, as in the photo, can sometimes border on a chestnut or light brunette. These are rich deep shades of light brown hair. To go from dark blonde to blonde, you will need discoloration followed by toning. Becoming a brunette will be much easier. You can choose cold or warm color. Choose a non-boring shades will help our article.

Stretching colors on dark blond hair.

Warm shades of light brown hair color: palette

And since we started talking from warm and cold shades! Warm shades of light brown hair have the richest palette. Natural colors are naturally more golden in color than silver or platinum. Therefore, if your shade of light brown hair color, as in the photo, glows red in the sun, it makes it harder and richer.

When brown hair looks golden in the sun.

Warm hair colors reflect more light, which means that they shine brighter in the sun, it’s easier to look fresh and young with them than with cool shades of hair. From golden brown hair, if you want to dye, - a direct path to various copper and red shades, golden blond and warm brown colors.

Light brown hair with a touch of honey.

If you want to go to a colder shade, it will require more effort to neutralize the yellowness. And also think about whether cold hair color will match the color of your skin and eyes. But if you really want, then everything is possible!

Cold blond hair color and shades

Cold blond hair color, as in the photo, found in nature is not so often. Ash Brown is commonly found in fair-skinned girls with light blue eyes. If this is your natural color, all the cool shades will be advantageous for you - from light platinum to cold brunette with a bluish shade. Enhance the cold shade can be tinted with ashen or using shampoo. If you want to go to a warmer color, try to determine your color type.

Cold shades are not as shiny as gold, and tend to absorb light.

How to paint in light brown color

Having quenched the craving for experimentation, many girls want to return their blond hair color. This is a fad for natural, complex and rich shades of light brown. I must admit that achieving fashionable naturalness is much more difficult than dyeing your hair in a rich color.

Light brown hair is a tribute to naturalness.

From blond to blond hair color

If from the blonde you want to return to your home shade, get ready, it will not be easy. We recommend that you contact a professional. Focus on the reviews, and even better if the wizard has a blog with examples of work.

Perhaps staining in the desired shade of light brown hair will take place in several stages. For example, some masters prefer a gradual transition with a few tints. To achieve a natural light brown hair color, you need to paint the roots in a darker shade, and then tint the hair.

So the shade will turn out non-uniform, so, more natural. The tips of light brown hair are usually stained separately in a lighter color. High-quality dyeing in light brown color will take a lot of time and will be expensive.

Transition from dark to blond hair color

Dyeing from dark to light brown hair color is a complex process that is best carried out by an experienced master. The technique of transition from dark to light brown hair color involves decapsing (dyeing) and gradual dyeing into the chosen shade.

Decapitation is usually done with a lightening paste or cream mixed with an oxidizing agent. This is a rather traumatic procedure for the hair, so it’s good if the master immediately evaluates the intermediate result and applies additional restorative care. After that, for the light brown hair color, the dye mixes and the dyeing process begins.

It will look more natural if the color is darker at the roots and lighter at the ends. Complex staining takes more time, but it pleases you longer due to the fact that the regrown roots look natural and they do not need to be tinted often. Well, if the light brown color of your own, you can always start to grow it!

By the way, tips on growing hair can be found in our article:

A variety of palette colors

Light brown hair color has a wide range of shades ranging from bright blond tones and ending with dark copper, with a bright bronze tint. The palette differs smooth transitions, a variety of tint tools and resistant paints. If desired, you can give the strands a cold or warm shine by mixing different compositions. On the paint boxes, it is usually written who gets what tone, indicates the necessary initial color.

The palette has the following variations:

  1. Light blond shade. It is in perfect harmony with the light color of the eyes, suitable for fair-skinned women of typical Slavic appearance. Many girls prefer to lighten their natural tone, achieving a transition to a bright blond, but frequent staining spoils the curls, making them tough, overdried. It is better to shade a few strands of highlighting, so that your hair will play with new colors.
  2. Ash cold tone. It is distinguished by the absence of pronounced brilliance, but it looks spectacular, beautiful, stylish. To understand who is this color, it is enough to remember Sienna Miller, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift. Best of all, an ashy, cold tone is suitable for light-skinned women with a peach skin tint, pink blush on their cheeks. Those who have a dark golden or bronze tan should not experiment with such coloring. Ash color can be with a graphite, silver or blonde shimmer. Blond is usually chosen by young girls, and silver by women with gray hair.
  3. Copper light brown hair color. Girls with such an unusual tide hairstyles look great. It can only be done with staining. The paint palette must contain the word copper in the title. Reviews of clients indicate that copper-brown hair color gives the appearance of refinement and aristocracy.
  4. Medium blond hair color. Such a specific natural ebb cannot be attributed either to blondes or brunettes. It is common, looks spectacular and stylish. Many girls are trying to achieve a light gray effect by blonding, because this beautiful tone is popular among movie stars, pop.
  5. Dark blond hair color. Juicy palette of this tone has cold notes, suitable for almost all women. Only such dark-eyed ladies with a smooth bronze tan do not get this paint. It is necessary to supplement a bright image with the corresponding dresses, a natural make-up.
  6. Golden with various ebbs. Caramel, nutty, amber or bronze glare gives the hair a beautiful shine, uniform natural radiance. Reviews of those who used such fashionable coloring, differ in the enthusiastic description of color, fine coloring of a gray hair.

Strand coloring rules

To get a light brown hair color at home is quite difficult. Numerous reviews on the Internet indicate that it is very difficult to achieve the right tide. It is better to contact an experienced master in the salon. Specialists have a special palette for choosing a suitable color, professional paint and high-quality products. It is recommended to combine a light-brown tone with toning, and a dark color - with highlighting of individual strands.

Recommendations specialists in staining:

  • The palette of tones is selected in accordance with the texture of the curls, the type of face and skin. In any salon, masters should offer a variety of colors to choose from, give advice on choosing paint.
  • Before the staining procedure, cut the split ends, make a suitable haircut. The paint will lay down better on hair if you do not wash your hair with shampoo for 2-3 days before the procedure.
  • Sometimes girls are asked to hold a light ashy or golden composition on the head a little longer, hoping to get a more saturated tone. It is absolutely impossible to do this. After the time specified in the instructions, the composition should be washed off with warm water with a balm or shampoo.
  • If the natural color of the hair is dark, you should first lighten the curls. It is recommended to do this procedure in advance, a few days before staining.
  • It is necessary to dye the strands from the tips, moving up to the roots. On the brown or copper hair light brown shade will be imperceptible, it is better in this case to choose a darker color.
  • It is advisable to compare the original and the final result after dyeing, having studied the photo on the paint box, after reading reviews from other girls with similar hair color. This will help to avoid mistakes when carrying out the procedure at home, save you from disappointment.

Many girls say that the blond color does not go to those who have bumps or inflammations on the skin. In this case, all the flaws of the face become more visible. In this case, it is better to shade strands by highlighting, focusing on bangs or long tips. The color palette allows you to choose the tone, taking into account the tan, pupil color, so every woman can find the best option for staining.

For light and gray hair

To obtain a dye mixture for natural brown hair color, it is necessary to make a decoction of chamomile flowers in the pharmacy (for 80 g of chamomile, take half a liter of boiling water). Broth must be filtered and mixed with 3 tbsp. l glycerol. The resulting composition is applied to the hair and incubated for one hour.

In this way, you can give a golden tint even gray hair.

For dark hair

But for dark hair, you need a tincture of chamomile flowers on vodka (150 g of chamomile will require 1 liter of vodka) and 50 ml of hydrogen peroxide. You must first prepare the tincture.

Chamomile poured vodka and insist two weeks. The tincture is filtered, mixed with hydrogen peroxide and applied to the hair for half an hour. After being washed off with regular shampoo.

Onion Husk

Onion peel will give your hair a golden color. For the preparation of a coloring mixture of 0.5 Art. chopped onion peel pour hot water, boil for about 20 minutes. Then the broth is filtered and allowed to infuse for half an hour.

Glycerin (2 tsp) is added to the broth. This mixture can be used daily, it should be applied to dry hair. After each application, the hair gets a golden hue.

Another option for natural dyes is rhubarb, or rather its roots. Rhubarb leaves can also be used to lighten hair, but the effect of their use will be less noticeable.

A decoction of rhubarb roots gives an ashen and light blond shade to blond hair. If the hair is dark, then to give them a wheat tone, you must first lighten them.

To prepare the bleaching mixture you need 2 tbsp. root the plants with one glass of water and boil for twenty minutes, then mixed with 50 ml of apple cider vinegar and re-boiled until half of the mixture has evaporated. This broth is necessary to rinse the hair after shampooing.

Who does not suitable blond hair color

All the colors of light brown hair color to some extent suitable for women. But when choosing a color it is better to focus on individual qualities. When coloring it is necessary to achieve a harmonious combination of skin color, face shape, style in clothes with hair color.

Despite the fact that the previous fashion for bright and saturated colors has changed and now natural and close to nature shades are welcomed, experts in some cases do not recommend dyeing hair in bright colors:

  1. Dyeing in light brown shades will not work for girls who have brightened their dark hair, a natural light brown color will not work, and their hair will become greenish.
  2. After a perm, there is also no need to dye the hair. They need to be given time to recover.
  3. Dark-skinned girls with dark eyes are advised to stay with their natural hair color. Any dyeing in lighter colors will require the use of an oxidizing agent, which does not have the best effect on the quality of the hair.
  4. It is not recommended to dye hair in a copper-brown color for girls and women with pale skin and bright eyes, as harmony in the image can be broken. Bright hair will drown out an already pale face.
  5. A light copper shade with care should be selected for girls with dark complexion, as there is a possibility that the light copper shade of hair will not be able to emphasize the dignity of the appearance.

All colors of light brown hair color, if properly selected, visually rejuvenate, and hair looks well-groomed and attractive

The shades of hair close to that given by nature are best suited to a specific type of appearance, and the main task is to keep the hair healthy, strong and shiny.

Blonde is what hair color?

Not everyone knows which tones are considered light brown. If you scoop information from online spaces, then light brown is all shades between white and black. More from the list of light brown tones should be excluded bright red color palettes.

A number of different colors are considered to be light brown. The main groups of this color are divided into three subcategories:

  • Dark shades of light brown (brown, mocha, chocolate, dark blond, chestnut).
  • Blond hair colors. These include the following colors: beige, light blond, platinum blond, etc.
  • Middle tone strands. In particular, it is: light brown, brown-haired and others.

Shades of light brown hair - photo

Golden brown strand tone

Beige shade strands

Dark brown tone strands (color - brown)

Light brown, brown tone curls

Platinum hair tone

Light brown hair color - photo. The palette of shades of colors

Hazelnut - light shade of strands

Sand tint strands

Caramel blond tone curls

Beautiful light brown hair color - photo

To get a beautiful light brown color, it is better to visit an experienced stylist. It is difficult to choose the right color paint by yourself. In addition, he lays differently on different shades of strands. Yes, and a technician for hair coloring, there are many. Among them are popular:

  1. Ombre - when the hair roots are darker and closer to the tips, they gradually become almost white.
  2. Shatush - represents the effect of slightly burnt strands. The image turns out natural, natural.
  3. Balayazh - an interlacing of various shades on curls.
  4. Blonding - a combination of medium, dark, light brown tones.
  5. Highlighting - clarification of individual strands.
  6. Marble coloring curls - used on long hair strands. It is done in several stages, it turns out the effect of curling transfusions. This is due to the powdery clarifier.

If you decide to change your image, paint your hair in light brown color, then act boldly. Now you know which one is better for you to choose a light brown shade. Just consider the advice of stylists:

  • Do not paint bright red hair in light brown color without washing, bleaching by professional means.
  • If you decide to paint the black strands in light brown, light blond, then do not do it at once. In chocolate tones can be recoloured after a single wash. A light shade is done in several stages and the hair will then become damaged.
  • Do not overdo the paint on the head of hair, thinking that you will get a deeper tone. You risk to dry hair.
  • Before the procedure of painting the curls, be sure to cut the split ends.
  • After washing off the dye from the head do not forget to use a mask.
  • The paint will paint the strands better if you do not wash your hair for three days the day before.

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