Useful tips on choosing children's hairstyles for boys: photos of fashionable images and stylish haircuts for hair of different lengths

Most mothers can not cut the boy at home, as they are afraid that the child will spin and hurt. But in fact, everything is much simpler than it seems at first glance. Having tried to cut the child several times, since you both get used to it, besides at home everything ends much faster and you don’t have to pay for it.

You can trim the child at home

Neat children's haircut one nozzle machines, step by step

To trim the child at home is quite realistic, and many mothers were convinced of this by their own experience. For work you will need:

  1. Machine and nozzle.
  2. Scissors to fix the error.
  3. Stool on high legs.
  4. Sheet or piece of cloth to wrap the child. This will protect against bristly hairs that fall on clothing.
  5. Comb with fine teeth.
  6. Distracting video or cartoon.
  • To trim the boy with a typewriter, set him on a chair and cover him with a sheet or cloth so that it covers the body as much as possible from hairs,
  • Install on the machine that nozzle that is suitable for a specific length of hair,

Install the fitting that fits on the machine.

In each device for a hairstyle there is an instruction with which you can familiarize, and understand what's what,

  • Turn on the cartoon and explain to the boy that for some time he needs to sit exactly and not turn around,
  • Comb your hair down, and from the top of your head to the bang,
  • Turn on the machine and can cut your hair. It should start with the neck, and when you proceed to the front, then from the bangs to the crown,
  • After completion, cut the bangs and correct the irregularities near the ears with scissors,
  • Wash your head and show your child what you did.

To cut the boy at home with scissors, add a spray bottle with water to the list of necessary items, with which you lightly wet your hair before cutting and level them for a perfect hairstyle. The principle of operation is the same.

Detailed scheme of the boy's haircut in the photo

Scissors - a sharp object, so carefully watch that the child does not reach out to them, and not hurt.

Leaving the room do not leave them in sight, but rather take it with you, so you will avoid traumatic situations.

Trendy haircuts for boys 1, 2 and 3 years of age

Children aged 2-3 years rarely sit on a mete for a long time, so the haircut should last from 3 to 5 minutes, during which time the original haircut is unlikely to turn out. To cut a child in 2 years, choose the easiest, but beautiful option:

  • Highlight one side of the hair with the help of a comb and comb it in either direction, cut off the place that was not combed to the desired length, do the same on half from the side where you combed the hair.

The top can be left long or slightly cut and make a thinning

Advice: if a child has a whirlwind from some side, comb the hair in that direction and hide it. For stamina, you can fix the hair with the lightest gel.

  • You can also trim the boy with a beautiful machine in three lengths. To do this, cut the hair from the bottom with one nozzle, and in two steps, remove only 2 and 4 cm depending on the length and the desired result.

This hairstyle can be worn in different ways.

Tip: if you were able to cut the boy yourself, wash your hair and brush your hair with a comb and a light gel.

To cut a year old boy it is enough to remove all the hairs “under no” using the smallest machine head.

So begin to grow new hair, which with each haircut will become thicker and stronger.

Always stylish classic haircuts

In order to cut a little boy, always use the current classic version that fits any hair structure, head shape and hairstyle.

For this you need:

  1. Slightly wet your hair with a spray bottle and comb it,
  2. Cut the bottom shortly and leave a length equal to the width of your finger with the help of scissors from above.
  3. Make turning at the vises and on the back of the head,
  4. If the child is diligent, you can make a drawing, depending on the skills they come in various difficulties.

If the child is assiduous you can make a drawing Haircuts for boys machine

It will require a special nozzle.

Such a pattern will not be too complicated and will take from 10 to 15 minutes of time.


Hairstyle for a little boy for long hair

Some parents like to have the child’s haircut at home not only quickly and efficiently, but also stylishly and modernly.

If a child’s hair is long, it is necessary to take care of it twice as long, and accordingly the haircut should be such that it is easy to cope with. Make a short edging, and cut the hair closer to the back of the head with a machine head that is not too short, leave the top, but profile and lay on one side or lift up.

Stylish hairstyle for a boy

To properly cut a boy, appreciate his style, perhaps wishes or character, because all people are individual.

So as not to remove the entire length, simply profile the entire length and cut 1-2 cm.

Filirovka for hair

Modern hairstyles for children with long hair do so to wear them in different ways. The process requires the above listed list of accessories. Before the start of the haircut, you can watch a video instruction or a photo from the Internet to determine the hairstyle.

Comb your hair and put most of it on its side, remove a small part from the smaller side and profile the tips.

We hope the article has become useful for you and you can easily cut your son with scissors or a typewriter. Let the process of work brings you and your baby only pleasure!

Useful tips

Barber fashion does not stand still. Once boys hairstyles were of the same type. Images of "blueprint" erased the face of individuality. Now, even small children, thanks to the efforts of parents and stylists, wear fashionable hair.

Parents should learn the nuances before cutting the child on their own or go to a beauty salon with a young fashionist:

  • consider the state of the hair. Preschoolers often have thin, weak hairs: long strands will look sloppy,
  • think how active the son is. A child who visits the sports section, will suit "hedgehog." Short strands do not require constant styling, dry quickly, always look neat,
  • consider the nature of the warehouse. A modest, shy child is unlikely to appreciate the original, daring "Mohawk", which attracts attention. Pick a more relaxed haircut,
  • think whether it is easy to keep fit Is the son accustomed to using a comb or is it better to leave strands of minimal length,
  • discard haircuts that require regular styling, use of gel, other styling products. Leave these cosmetics to men: the hair of a preschooler or teenager does not need styling compositions,
  • explain to the boy the rules for the care of hair. Preschooler should know that you need to regularly get a haircut, not to be capricious during a visit to the hairdresser,
  • look through a fashion magazine with your child, look at the photos of original hairstyles on the Internet. Surely together you will find an interesting image
  • consider the shape of the face and head, the thickness of the hair, ask the guy if he likes the proposed option. Often the inattention of parents to children's needs becomes the cause of isolation, low self-esteem. Hairstyle - one of the elements of the image, remember this.

Haircuts for short hair

A great option for a boy of any age. Stylists offer some interesting hairstyles. Please note that you will have to update the length at least once a month. Short strands sometimes require more attention than medium-length hair.

If the son asks for permission for fashionable Mohawk styling or a haircut with shaved temples, consider whether the original image will fit the boy. Stencil drawing looks stylish on dark strands. Leave the minimum length on blond hair: so styling will look impressive and not boring.

Popular haircut is suitable for boys of any age. Simple, neat styling is easy to maintain. If desired, the mother easily trim the regrown strands.

For a children's matinee, it is easy to turn the hedgehog from a calm, everyday image into a creative style. Use cosmetic oil, tangle strands, lift hairs up. Emphasis on protruding "spines" will give the image of the dynamics. With a suit or elegant shirt, the hedgehog looks stylish and spectacular.

Before you choose a nice, neat "hedgehog", think about whether this option is suitable for your child. With a non-ideal head shape, discard the image with longer strands that correct the shape of the skull.

Take a look at the photo. "Hedgehog" for boys is provocative and strict, sweet and bold.

A hedgehog with a lengthening on the back of the head is suitable for preschoolers and teenagers. On the one hand, short strands are convenient for everyday activities, on the other hand, a fashionable length is added in the back of the head, which many guys dream of.

Some more stylish images.

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Features and types of perm hair described in this article.

Fashionable, stylish haircut is suitable for preschoolers and teenagers. Minimalism is one of the advantages of a spectacular look. Young fashionistas will be comfortable on the football field, in the classroom or on a walk with friends.

Fashion box has many variations. For adult men fit strands with a minimum length. Boys leave a small bangs, temples and nape trimmed.

Up to 12–13 years old, it is advisable to shorten the strands with a pair of scissors, not with a machine, in order not to injure the structure of delicate children's hairs. At solemn moments, lay the strands beautifully, apply a little cosmetic oil: this is how a spectacular relief will appear. Do not use gel, wax, especially on the strands of small boys: styling compositions easily dry out hairs.

Universal styling for straight and curly hair. In the area of ​​the crown, elongated strands are preserved, the hair is cut off at the back of the head: a kind of “cap” is obtained. The transition can be sharp and soft.

The image is often preferred by mothers of preschoolers. Obedient children's hairs fit beautifully, keep their shape well. "Cap" is suitable for dark and light strands.

See how cute young fashionistas look. Neat cap requires regular updates. If a clear cut was performed by a professional, there will be no difficulty with leaving.

Trendy haircuts for medium length hair

It is more difficult to pack such hairstyles, but for the sake of a spectacular look, boys are ready to endure some inconveniences. If the hobbies of his son are not associated with active pursuits, feel free to leave strands of medium length.

Bob and bob are popular images not only for girls. Hairstyles with this name will interest parents and boys of different ages.

A lot of variations. Depending on the quality of hair, character warehouse, select the appropriate image. At will the teenager will add a bandana to her hairstyle, pick up strands upstairs with glasses or a fashionable bandage.

Fashionable image will make the boy more confident, emphasize individuality. Look at the photo: everyday and holiday options are presented.

A prerequisite is a regular visit to the hairdresser’s, otherwise the grown-up bob will turn into a sloppy hair. When performing a high-quality haircut, the locks gently lie down, quickly take on the desired shape after washing.

A stylish bean with short temples suits even boys of 5–6 years old.

Original styling easily turns everyday hairstyle into a solemn one. During the children's party with a stylish hairstyle, a little dandy will create a sensation.

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Look for nuances and photo of hairy rhapsody for short hair in this article.

Follow the link to read about the features of highlighting black hair at home.

Hairstyles for long strands

Often, adolescents and younger students wear shoulder-length hair. Fashion trends allow such a length.

Parents and teachers do not always like this haircut, but if a child cares for hair, complaints will gradually cease. Complement the trendy look with stylish clothes.

Note that long strands require sufficient thickness of hair. Tell the boy that his shoulder-length hair needs constant care. Liquid, greasy strands look repulsive: explain this truth to your son.

Hairstyles for curly hair

Some boys are shy of curls, others consider bright detail to be a highlight, in every possible way they emphasize this circumstance. On slightly wavy hairs, it is easy to create an original “design” of lush strands.

Soft waves - a suitable basis for a bold short haircut, a spectacular hair style for medium hair. Chestnut, light blond, red hair - color does not matter.

Fashionable images for boys

A lot of interesting options for strands of different lengths can be found in the photo gallery. Each set is interesting in its own way.

For several seasons short hairstyles with lengthening at the back of the head, manly half-boxes, all variations of the bean are popular. Always trendy stylish, spectacular "hedgehog." Adolescents often choose the length of the shoulders.

Check with the child, specify which image he likes. Do not give in to the whims, soberly assess whether the child with the chosen hairstyle will be comfortable.

Video. Option fashionable hairstyles for the boy:

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Features of the choice of hairstyles for boys

Hairstyles for boys of different ages must necessarily be comfortable, extremely easy to care for (especially if you often travel with your child or send him to camps) and are functional. Their length can vary from ultrashort boxing to multilayer squares.

When choosing just such hairstyles should consider such features:

  • the smaller the child, the easier it will be to cut and style this hair,
  • children of preschool and younger school age long hairstyles and hairstyles with asymmetry are undesirable,
  • It is not allowed to color the strands even with balsams and colored chalk for hair,
  • hairstyle should take into account the tastes of the child,
  • It is desirable that the child’s master do the haircut - this will reduce the level of stress that a child usually has when visiting such masters, and teach him to take care of himself from an early age.

As in the case of an adult, haircuts for children should be matched to the shape of the face, as well as the type of hair. Universal hairstyles can be used to read boys as a halfbox, which is good for almost all types of faces, for younger children - a cap, and for teenagers - a Canadian.

When choosing a haircut for a child, always consult with a master hairdresser, find out which hairstyles are the most fashionable, as well as how troublesome your choice will be in the care. So you can certainly determine the best haircut for your child.

Haircuts for the smallest

Young children are notable for their restlessness; moreover, they are often simply afraid of hairdressers, so choosing complex multi-layered hairstyles for them is simply impractical. For many moms, the best way out in this situation is the shortest haircuts almost to zero. This hairstyle will allow you for a long time not to visit the salon and will be extremely convenient if the child is mobile enough and not very neat.

For those kids who do not like to get a haircut and have a bad attitude to changes in their own appearance, the best haircuts are traditionally considered to be a hairstyle, as well as a bob. These hairstyles are good, however, only for preschool children. Already in the lower grades they should be revised, adding at least some creative elements. And, of course, in these hairstyles any elements that require specific styling should be avoided, since at this age almost all styling products are contraindicated in children.

If your child doesn’t like to have a haircut at all, but you still want to create a good hairstyle for him, you can choose a shape that will grow well and require minimal correction with the children's hairdresser. Asking for help, of course, you need only to the children's master.

Creative children's hairstyles

Children from 4 years old can already do more interesting hairstyles than the smallest. The most relevant for them in the current season will be:

  • Gavrosh with his long strands at the crown (considered the most touching and beautiful hairstyle for kids from 4 years old and may well be considered as a universal hairstyle for older children),

  • long haircuts with asymmetrical strands and side parting lines,
  • half boxes with various types of cutting out the side zones,
  • curly hairstyles with side lines parting.

Such haircuts can already be laid in different ways, but it is still convenient to work with them without specialized styling products. The only disadvantage of such hairstyles is that they already require more frequent visits to the hairdresser, otherwise you simply cannot maintain the desired shape.

When choosing a haircut you should already consult with the child. Offer him to look through a magazine with you and choose a hairstyle. This can be not only a catalog of children's haircuts, but also a magazine with older models, because almost any installation option can be adapted to the age characteristics of your child.

We select a haircut for a teenage boy

Haircut for a teenager can be chosen in different categories depending on what kind of lifestyle a boy leads and what he enjoys. The most popular options for children of this age are as follows:

Types of hairstyles for medium hair: stylish and modern options

More details about the causes of hair loss in children, see here.

  • sports short haircuts: boxing, boxing. Ideal for children who are actively involved in sports, travel a lot, often go to camps or to sports camps. Such haircuts do not require special styling and care. However, they also have their disadvantage - they are suitable only for boys with an ideal head shape, since they give out any shortcomings in the form of large moles, an uneven line of the forehead, chin, bulging ears,

  • Popular men's hairstyles are short and medium length: Canadian, hairstyles with torn strands. They will suit the greatest number of teenagers, since on the one hand they are fashionable, and on the other - practical. Depending on the styling, they can be turned into a classic hairstyle or vice versa - to adapt to a sporty or street style. Such hairstyles, by the way, can be complemented by various methods of hair dyeing, as well as figured cutting out the side parts of the hairstyle,
  • layered hairstyles. These are most suitable artistic people, children with a penchant for music, drawing. Such hairstyles for teenage boys are created on the basis of classic haircuts on the square or bob,

  • hairstyles with dreadlocks and pigtails. As a rule, such styling is chosen by young men who are fond of a rap culture.

When choosing a hairstyle for a teenager, it is very important to negotiate with him not only the features of the haircut that can be made for him, but also the care for her. The boy should know how to properly stack complex asymmetrical strands, so that later he can wear a beautiful haircut all the time.

Pay attention to this detail: often teenagers choose for themselves options haircuts, as well as styling, which seem shocking to parents. No need to conflict with them about this. It is far better to discuss with him the reasons for choosing such a hairstyle, and then try to find a compromise and choose a type of haircut and styling that your child will like, and in the school or sports section will also be acceptable.

If your son is a very creative person, and the vision of his hair is non-standard, do not be lazy to find a really good stylist for him. A teenager would rather listen to such a specialist rather than your arguments. You can pre-negotiate your wishes with the master in order to quickly achieve a compromise in the choice of haircut.

More options for stylish hairstyles for boys, see the video below.


As we see, there are a lot of beautiful and rather practical haircuts for boys today. Mom, in order to choose the best for her child, it is enough to get acquainted with the main fashion trends and choose the hairstyle that is ideal for her son in face shape, age and style. That such a child will certainly be with pleasure.

Variants for every day

When making a boy or teenager a beautiful haircut, consider the length of his hair.

Short hair is a great option for active guys. Parents in vain think that short haircuts are of the same type. They will suit all ages. Very tiny kids, a schoolboy at 7 years old or a teenager at 13 years old.

  1. Iroquois. Laying can be done on almost all haircuts with shaved temples and elongated crown. On the sides, you can perform a stencil pattern, which looks especially impressive on dark strands.
  2. Hedgehog. Universal haircut, with which you can create a creative hairstyle for a tomboy of 5 years, or an elegant styling for a boy of 8 years to 1 September. Hedgehog can be perky, cocky, cute or strict.
    Preschoolers, teenagers, it is better to choose the option with a lengthening on the back of the head. On the one hand, short strands do not interfere with daily activities, on the other hand, a fashionable volume, which many boys dream of, is created at the back. For the youngest kids, choose the shortest possible length.
  3. Halfbox Ideal for schoolchildren and teenagers. With this haircut, a 12-year-old child will be comfortable in the classroom at his desk or on the football field. Halfbox has many variations.
    For older boys, select straps with a minimum length. Younger children leave a small bang, and the back of the head and temples are cut short. Boys under 12 are advised to cut their hair not with a machine, but with scissors in order not to injure the hair structure.
  4. Little cap Universal haircut for straight strands. At the crown and frontal part of the strands are left elongated, clipped at the nape. It turns out such a "hat", which is especially to face the kids 2-4 years old.

Hair of medium length is more preferred by teenagers. Hair styling, of course, more difficult. But unless for the sake of an effective type you should not suffer some inconveniences?

Bob and bob are not only popular with girls. At the request of the teenager can complement the image of a bandana, pick up strands up with a bandage or sunglasses.

Important: these children's hairstyles for boys need to be updated regularly, otherwise they will quickly turn into a sloppy look. If a boy is 5-6 years old, thick hair will ideally suit him a stylish bean.

Today most schoolchildren prefer shoulder-length hair. Indeed, styling for long hair is much larger, which allows you to always look stylish, regularly changing images.

For a long head of hair haircut cascade is perfect. It instantly transforms facial features, provides a huge number of styling options. The cascade is suitable for young men who are accustomed to carefully monitor their appearance, as it requires special care.

Creative styling

Modern children's hairstyles for young fashionistas are so diverse that it is simply impossible to list them all. Let's see a few basic ones.

  1. Haircut football player. An option for a boy who is keen on sports and who wants to be like the characters of his favorite cartoons. The hairstyle is done on short hair, combines shaved temples and elongated strands on the back of the head, forming a small tail.
  2. Hairstyles with patterns. Incredibly popular today among boys and teenagers. Children's haircut is convenient, practical, provides every kid the opportunity to express themselves.
  3. Stacked with sharp strands. It is one of the favorite among the boys, as perky protruding strands allow you to look creative. Haircut is performed on short and medium hair.
  4. Hairstyle with offset center. Very dynamic, equipped with a small beveled bang, is popular among teenagers. The stylish combination of short-cropped temples and an elongated parietal part, combed to the side, gives the guy an ultramodern, stylish look.
  5. Hair tomb. The basic basis of this children's styling for boys is a short bob haircut with torn, smooth or asymmetrical strands on the crown up to 7 cm long.
  6. Shaggy haircut The extended version is characterized by the presence of textured strands near the face. A short hairstyle can turn a child’s head into a shock of spines with elongated and pointed temples.

Hairstyles for little girls: the transformation of the tail

Familiar tails from Soviet times, complemented by lush bows for the sake of a festive atmosphere - one of the most famous then children's hairstyles. Today they have not lost their relevance, incorporating both modern accessories and a new reading. And try on themselves such tails can and crumb, and the pupil of the older group.
And so, inspired, you begin to comprehend a whole science: after all, hairstyles for little girls sometimes make adults sweat. Do not be scared! Here are collected simple, but no less beautiful ready-made solutions. And you need to start, as you know, with the simplest hairstyle, - with the usual tail.

The "highlight" here is only that it is shifted a little to one side, but is decorated with a modern bright accessory. It is necessary to go down from the crown to the side of the neck, without returning to the familiar middle, to take the free ends and turn them down with the help of a hair loop (or just with your fingers, carefully spreading the strands above the elastic band). Tail around it is ready!

Now this skill is useful for the next hairstyle. Make a side parting and collect from the side where there is more hair left, the front strands in the tail. By analogy turn it out. A great option for easy hairstyles for long, short and medium hair for a little girl.

Hairstyles - bunches for girls for long hair

Now it's time to reach a new level and turn the tail into a bun. The help will be a step by step photo.

At first, everything is familiar: a low tail, located, however, already in the middle, turns into inverted. Further, the free tips gently zakalyuvysh stealth, forming a cushion. Crowned hair hairstyle matched the color of clothes flower.

Beautiful hairstyles for little girls do not require special skills and seven spans in the forehead. If the previous results did not convince you of this, the next option is next, which is also perfect for the ceremonial release of the kindergarten pupil. To do this, you need to divide all the hair into about three equal parts and fix them in the same number of low tails. Only one feature: do not pull the free end on the last turn of the gum, leaving it similar to a bagel. Repeat this action on the other two elements. Now it is important to turn them alternately into air bunches, distributing the folded strands with your fingers around the elastic band. The result is fixed invisible. Step by step photos will not let you get confused.

Skill to form bunches is useful in another festive hairstyle. The principle is similar: to divide all hair into several transverse sectors and tie a tail in the middle of each. Without pulling it to the end, turn each “bagel” into a bun and fix it. Simple and unusual! And the girl will appreciate this hairstyle.

Hairstyles for little girls: unusual pigtails

It seems that it may be unusual in the usual Russian spit. They are still our mothers with more time had time to braid us. But weaving today took a new height, and it's time to make sure of it! By analogy with the previous stage, it is worth starting with the simplest. That is why it is enough to remove the front upper strands from the forehead and form a simple braid of them, decorating it with a charming bow for the last, and the tiny one is ready to go to kindergarten!

Now it's time to remember the secrets of weaving the French braid: let it take the direction is not quite classic - diagonally. Catching strands, do not give room "roosters."

Since tails have the opportunity to turn around, then why not allow the same thing and a spit? Collecting all the hair, she decorates the head of the crumbs with openwork patterns.

Hairstyles for little girls combine loose hair, tails, and pigtails with harnesses. From this they do not become too difficult and will not take a lot of time mom. Remove the curls of the little lady from the face, while leaving her hair loose, weaving will help. Put two pigtails upside down on the sides, grabbing them on the top of the head with a beautiful hairpin, or one in the form of a rim, adding a flower?

And, maybe, having left it over a temple and having girded an elastic band, to continue weaving?

A pigtail can absorb only extreme curls and then descend in the usual classical form, creating an accent among loose hair.

If you managed to cope with this hairstyle, it means that the next one will be able to cope with it. Going all the shock in the high tail. Take strands from the sides and intertwined with the middle. Having reached half of the tail, the decoration in the form of a pigtail is fixed with an elastic band and, if desired, is wrapped additionally with a part of the free tip. Gently extreme links slightly stretched, creating the effect of volume and airiness.

The bundle also looks cute on a child's head. And if it is supplemented with a French braid, leading not from the forehead, but from the neck?

To do this, the young lady will also need to participate a little, with her head tilted down. Hairstyles for little girls can often take the form of a unicorn from a fairy tale or hypertrophied cupcakes. But we will leave them for thematic events, introducing originality that is adequate for everyday life in the form of the next hairstyle.

You already have all the skills you need to perform it, and step-by-step photos will help you not to stray from a given order. First, a small area of ​​circumferential hair is separated at the crown. This part will go to the tail. Next, weave one of the braids on the right edge of the head with a uniform capture of the strands from the central part of the hairstyle. After this, similar manipulations are carried out on the left side. It ends with the merging of two braids into one. Simple, but interesting!

Hairstyles with the help of elastic bands: neat and original

Thin and almost imperceptible elastic bands - they create a beautiful texture, collecting even thin hairs of very young girls.And this means that having embellished the baby in the morning and sending it to kindergarten, one can hope for a more lasting effect from the efforts made.

It is easy to master hairstyles for little fashionistas with the help of rubber bands: you have already learned how to make tails for this stage, it remains to work on the eyepiece, breaking the hair into sectors, and success is guaranteed!

Beautiful tails can easily be built from a cascade of their own kind. To do this, the hair sector is separated over the forehead, leaving an even wedge in the direction of the crown, and fixed with an elastic band. Next, a smooth parting is outlined, dividing the hair in half. The left half is fixed clip. The right one, starting from the top, is divided by parallel lines into sectors. Now the first tail, located in the wedge-shaped zone, is divided into two parts. The right half is directed towards the primary sector, where it is formed in the tail. Further, the result is transferred to the next sector, where it is fixed in the same way with an elastic. The last area ends with a normal tail.

By analogy, the left half of the head is formed. The result is well-defined sectors, connected by “bridges” - tails. A great option for hairstyles for every day for a little girl who has thin hair and crumbles.

Having mastered the previous technique, it is easy to perform a series of rolling tails on the lateral upper part of the head. The "highlight" of this hairstyle is part of the ends, freely falling in the temple. It is easy to perform for long, short and medium hair.

By the way, the usual braid acquires a new form for those who have mastered the technique of working with rubber bands. Suppose, just from the side it is necessary to start a braid. The first sector is collected in the tail, the second, not connecting with the first, - too. Next, the first formed strand is divided into two parts and grasp the base of the next tail. Tie the tip with a rubber band. The tail, located in the middle, we divide by analogy with the first into two parts and bow the next one. Loose tips upon completion of the hair will flow through the rest of the hair.

Thus, to master beautiful hairstyles for little girls any mother can do. The options mentioned in this article do not require much time, but they will allow the baby to go to the kindergarten prepared.

Stylish haircuts for girls for long hair

Small girls with long hair also need to do haircuts regularly. Due to this, the hair will be easy to comb, look well-groomed and the tips will not split. Usually, the hairdresser carefully cuts the hair along the entire length, with the result that the hair will be easier to comb and make hair styling much easier.

If your girl's hair is curled, then a curly haircut or a ladder is best for curly hair, resulting in beautiful light curls that will frame the baby's face. Such a haircut can be decorated with a rim or ribbon, make a beautiful tail with a bow or make beautiful pigtails.

To add a highlight to a girl's hairstyle, you can make a bang, it can be straight, torn or asymmetric. If you choose the right bangs to the face of the baby, she will emphasize all the advantages of her face. Before you make a bang, be sure to ask the master that the length is not too long and does not interfere with the child during school or school.

Also, it is not unimportant that, before the procedure itself, once again carefully discuss the future haircut of the baby, so that the child and you are satisfied.

Trendy haircuts for short hair for girls

For a very small girl whose hair has not yet grown, the ideal haircut will be a haircut for a boy. You can easily comb and lay hairs. You can stylishly decorate your hair with bows, ribbons and colored hairpins.

Also to girly haircuts treat "bob", "page" and square. Any of them on the children's head will look great. But often, mothers choose a dash for their daughters, as it looks good on all hair, regardless of thickness, wavy hair.

For boys

At an early age, boys' hairstyles should not be too complicated and intricate, but when the child matures, his hair becomes tougher, with the result that the master can perform a much more complicated model haircut. There is a huge selection of haircuts for boys, from the “pot” to the model with different patterns.

The most popular at an early age is a hedgehog haircut, as the hair is short in length and therefore does not interfere in the hot season. The only "but" is that the "hedgehog" is suitable for the ideal shape of the skull. If your child has an unconventional form of the skull, then the “cap” is more suitable for him. If you are afraid that with this haircut will flatter the hair in the eyes of a child, then you can ask the master to make the bangs a little shorter.

Stylish haircuts for short hair

The most popular haircut among boys for short hair is the hedgehog haircut, as it does not require special care. The only inconvenience may be that it has to be updated frequently, since the “long hedgehog” does not look good. But in all other respects, such as convenience, practicality, this haircut is good.

If you prefer a haircut with Bole long, but not quite long hair, then you better opt for a haircut "cap". It is universal and fits every child, besides there are two types of it: with a sharp or smooth transition.

Long hair

A few years ago, boy haircuts for long hair were considered strange and "wrong", but today they are very popular among boys. Boys with such a haircut will look stylish, creative and elegant. But parents should take note that it will be much more difficult to care for such hair and, moreover, it requires additional investments.

If you are not from shy parents, then you can safely proceed to the choice of hairstyle, as there is a sea of ​​haircuts with long hair. It is best to turn over a couple of magazines with hairstyles with your child and choose the option that suits you best.

Model haircut baby photo

Modern children's haircuts for boys

Many parents prefer to do the child's hair at home with the help of a typewriter, and this is indeed a good solution, since the child will be much calmer at home than in an unfamiliar place with strangers.

For a haircut you will need scissors with blunt ends and a machine with the correct attachment and of course the child is in a good mood. Under the correct nozzle means a nozzle for a particular length of hair.

First you have to start from the back of the head, lifting the comb strands. Then slowly move to the temporal areas and last parietal. The machine must be kept tight to the head, but in no case at an angle.

To make the hairstyle more interesting, make it with shaved temples. After completing the procedure, clean the instruments.

You can also watch the video below, which is a good example of how to properly make a model haircut to a boy using a typewriter at home.

Name of children's haircuts - what types are popular?

To date, there are a huge number of haircuts for boys, and sometimes parents are very hard to choose among this variety. Therefore, let's consider the variants of hairstyles that are most popular among guys.

This option is suitable for both boys and girls. Parents often choose a bob haircut, especially when the kids are too small and don't want to shave off delicate hairs. Therefore, with the help of "bob" they give the hair shape, and add volume.

If the hair of your offspring has grown well enough, then this model is for you. It is well suited for both straight and curly hair. Caret can be made with even oblique parting, as well as graduated or double.

This option is suitable for boys of all ages. "Poluboks" combines, as well as long and short hair. On the parietal zone, the hair is the longest, the sides are much shorter on the sides and on the back of the head. Whiskey and neck are clipped by a typewriter.

Mohawk children

If you are crazy about the mohawk hairstyle, you can make it to your child from the very young age. Initially, the kid needs to be helped to use all the styling products, after a while he learns how to perform these actions himself.

This model is very interesting and fits almost everything, as it has many styles, so depending on the shape of the head and preferences, everyone can choose their ideal. Haircut "tennis" implies a short hair length and in some places longer hair. For example, this may be a “hedgehog” hairstyle, when the hair is almost everywhere short, only a little elongated on the parietal zone. There are a lot of such options and combinations. The end result depends on your individual preferences, which you discuss in advance with the master.

This hairstyle was very popular in Soviet times. Now popularity is gradually returning. If you opt for it, make sure that the bangs are not too long, as this may interfere with the child during his studies.

Children's hairstyles for short hair - video

Enough original and convenient option - harnesses. The length of the hair should not be less than 15 cm.

  • Divide the hair into identical strands, make the tails, fix them with a rubber band, twist the bundles from them, and fasten the ends with a small barrette.
  • The second option is to make geometric partings (triangles, for example) around the entire head circumference, make tails, secure them with rubber bands. Divide each tail into two identical parts, connect each one with a strand from the next one and twist it with a tight rope to the crown, fasten it with an elastic band. When finished twisting the harnesses, collect them in a ponytail at the crown.

Hairstyles for medium hair

  • Little girls will find a comfortable and beautiful hairstyle called “heart”.
  1. Divide hair into 4 equal parts, fix wet strands.
  2. Braid the pigtail from the crown on the right, when you reach the end, fasten the braid with a hairpin.
  3. Continue to weave, dropping down so that you get half of the heart. At the bottom, lock the braid with a rubber band.
  4. Repeat for left side.
  5. As a result, you will get a heart of braids, and at the bottom you can leave the tail, pigtail or make a bundle.
  • Harness
  1. To create an elegant harness, comb the hair on one side from above, and in order to avoid “roosters”, use gel or foam.
  2. Make a tight tail, divide it into 3 parts, braid pigtails, they should be free, and therefore the strands need a little stretch.
  3. Secure them at the bottom with a rubber band, twist them into a cocoon, secure it with pins or stealth. Hair can be decorated with a bow or a flower.
  • Step-by-step instructions for creating beautiful weaving on thin hair are presented below.
  1. Comb the hair, treat with gel, make a parting in the middle of the head.
  2. Then divide each half into 4-5 squares. Fix the strands with rubber bands and cross-connect with each other.
  3. At the bottom, make 2 tails or a bunch.

Beautiful hairstyle from tails for medium and long hair - video tutorial

  • Asymmetry.
  1. To create an original hairstyle, divide the hair into 2 parts, but not in the middle, but obliquely.
  2. Leave one part uncovered and divide the other into 3 parts. Form a tight bundles that need to be secured with rubber bands, collect them in a common tail near the ear.
  3. The base of the tail can be decorated with a bow.

Hairstyles for long-haired

A very popular hairstyle for girls are two tails, and they can be placed on top and bottom.

  1. To do this, simply make a straight or zigzag parting.
  2. Tie two tails on top, secure them with rubber bands.

And this hairstyle is suitable for both very young and 5 year old girls who love to walk with their hair loose.

  1. To curls do not interfere with the child, take 2 strands of each temples, braid pigtails (loose or tight - at your discretion).
  2. Connect them together in the middle of the head, decorate with a flower.
  3. The tips of the hair can be twisted curling.

How to make an interesting hairstyle girl in school with their own hands?

  1. Create a direct parting, form 2 tails on each side.
  2. Divide the tail into two strands, stretch them up through the hole in the elastic. Begin to twist the strands tightly and lower them down so that the heart turns out.
  3. At the bottom, connect them with a rubber band, twist the tips of the tail. Use a ribbon as decoration.

Express hairstyles

Such styling is easy to do at home, and you will spend very little time on this.

  1. Build hair in the tail, secure with a rubber band.
  2. Divide into 2 equal strands, form another 2 tails at the bottom along the sides.
  3. You can decorate with bows or hairpins.

  1. Take the bang, make a light lick, fix it with the help of invisible.
  2. From the rest of the hair form a disheveled bundle, secure it with an elastic band.

To create such hairstyles to school in 5 minutes with your own hands, you do not need special skills, even a novice will cope with this.

  1. Gather the hair at the crown, secure with a rubber band, make a bunch, so that the tips are on top.
  2. Divide the bundle into two equal parts, and stretch the tips between them to form a bow.
  3. Secure the tips behind stealth.

This hairstyle for those who like to walk with flowing hair:

  1. Make a side parting.
  2. The part where there is less hair, do not touch. On the other hand, make 4 tails one by one.
  3. Each tail at the base (above the rubber band) divide, stretch it into the resulting gap. Done!

Curly hairstyles

There are many beautiful hairstyles for girls with curls.

  • To create a stylish African style hairstyle you will need 5–10 minutes:
    1. Treat the hair with gel or foam, divide them into 5 even strands.
    2. Twist each part into tight bundles, secure them with rubber bands.
    3. At the bottom you can make a tail or a beam, decorate at your discretion.
  • Parting, braid the French braids, at the bottom secure them with rubber bands. On the back of your head, connect them and form a bundle, securing the tips with stealth.

  • Generally, the curly hair looks great weaving, various bundles. And if you decorate loose hair with a diadem, you get a beautiful hairstyle for graduation in kindergarten.

Hairstyles for the celebration

Creating beautiful hairstyles from long hair is much easier than from short ones. But if you try a little, stock up with hairpins on the springs and multi-colored rubber bands, then everything will turn out.

  • Spit wreath.
    1. Leave a strip of hair around your head to make a headband.
    2. Stir up the hairs on the top of the head, secure it with a rubber band, and lightly tip the tips.
    3. Braid a tight pigtail around the entire circumference of the head, starting from the back of the head and ending at the same place, fix the tip with a barrette. Hairstyle better sprinkle with varnish.

Weave braids wreath (crown) - video

  • Divide the hair into strands, twist each of them with a tight braid to the top of the head, fix it with stealth. Screw the rest of the hair with a curling iron, apply varnish. Hair can be decorated with beads.
  • Create a beautiful Greek hairstyle for hair of medium length.
  1. To do this, make a side parting, form the tails so that the rubber bands are in the middle. They should be placed along the entire front circumference of the head (from the right ear to the left ear). The closer the tail is to the ear, the lower the gum should be.
  2. Twist each strand on your finger and secure with a barrette. So do with each strand. It should be something like a braid or a hoop.
  3. Hair behind you can twist, sprinkle with varnish.

  • French braiding looks great on long curls, this hairstyle does not spoil for a long time.
  • An elegant bun will make the image more feminine and romantic.
  • An interesting option for long hair:
  1. Smoothly comb your hair, collect it in the tail below, mix it.
  2. Wear thin rubber bands every 5–7 cm.
  3. Decorate the tail with a large flower or beads, sprinkle with varnish.

Hairdressing recommendations

  • If the hair is dry, use the conditioner.
  • It is not recommended to use a hairdryer.
  • For fixing the hair of children under 8 years of age, use special tools.
  • To create hairstyles for children under 3 years old, do not use small hairpins or pins.
  • To decorate French braids, use pearls, ribbons, small flowers.
  • Remove hair from eyes, otherwise conjunctivitis, squint develops.
  • To create curls, use soft curlers, braid overnight braids. It is not recommended to use heated hair rollers or curling iron.
  • The most stable hairstyle - it braids. They keep their shape for a long time, they are suitable for every day and for a holiday.

So you figured out how to make interesting, original hairstyles for girls of different ages. If you decide to try something new, be sure to rehearse laying the day before. If your woman of fashion is still quite small, then distract her with something in the process of laying, and you will definitely succeed.