How to choose and use hair balm?

Women always strive to try new images on themselves, but some manipulations with hair do not always give a positive result: they weaken, break and begin to fall out. So that the cardinal transformation doesn’t do much harm to the locks, you can use a tint hair balm.

What it is

Shading tonics, shampoos and balms have a number of indisputable advantages, but the main plus of such products is their composition. It is a combination of gentle ingredients that do not penetrate deep into the structure of the hair and do not destroy them from the inside. After using the tonic, the curls retain their luster and silkiness, do not become fragile and dull.

Balms for toning have a number of features. Some of them are positive, others are negative. After analyzing them all, you can easily understand whether this method of staining is suitable for you or not.

  1. Surface staining. Coloring pigment balm does not penetrate into the hair, and placed on its surface. On the one hand, this is good, as the structure remains intact, and the formed film creates a protective barrier. But on the other hand, this color is extremely unstable and completely washed off after 5-10 times (depending on the brand).
  2. Ability to experiment. With the help of tonic balms, you can safely try a new shade. If any does not fit, you can simply stop using this tool, a natural hair color will return in a couple of weeks. The exact period during which the staining effect remains is indicated on the packaging. Some balms are stored on the hair up to 2 months.
  3. Healthy shine. The most popular brands of tint balsams have a soft and gentle effect. Due to this curls do not become fragile over time. On the contrary, they are soft, silky and glossy, and also easy to comb. Only some of the tonic balms slightly dry the hair, after which you need to use emollients and moisturizers.
  4. Balm can change hair color by 1 - 3 tones. And the effect will be predictable, if you have not used paint before and have not done a perm. Otherwise, you can get a completely unpredictable result. In addition, with care in relation to such funds should be treated to owners of light curls - painted or natural. In this case, you should give preference to soft shades close to the original color of the head. In addition, it should be understood that the tonic balm-tonic can make the color a little darker, but not vice versa.


All tint balms can be divided into several groups:

  1. The neutralizing toning means for a fair hair. They are also used to dye gray hair, which eventually turns yellowish. This unattractive yellowness is easily neutralized by regular use of the purple pigment. These tools do not need to keep on the hair, they are washed away immediately. After some time, you can see that the curls acquire a beautiful ash tint without a hint of yellow oxidation.
  2. Tint balms, giving the original color depth, saturation and shine. It is impossible to change the hair color with this type of product, it contains a small amount of pigment. Such tools can be found in many lines that are aimed at maintaining and saturation of the color of the curls, which are already painted with resistant paint.
  3. Increasingly popular, especially for fair-haired women with their tendency to damage hair, becomes lightening type with lamination effectwhich not only tones up, but also transforms curls, giving them a brilliant shine and smoothness. The best manufacturer in this group, affordable and easy to use - "Rukolor", which takes great care of blond hair.

Popular manufacturers

There are dozens of manufacturers of shampoos and balms on the Russian market, but most buyers choose only a few brands. Some of them belong to the professional segment, and some - to an inexpensive mass market.

Brand balms "Mermaid" - These are the means by which you can give a luxurious shade without chemical influences. Due to the wide choice of colors, natural additives and ease of conversion from one color to another, this tool is considered an indispensable tool for any woman who follows fashion.

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Shading balm is a cosmetic product designed to maintain or change hair color. It consists of only gentle coloring pigments. Hydrogen peroxide, ammonia and other aggressive components are not contained here, so staining will be gentle and practically safe.

Basic principles

In the process of such coloring hair fade, and therefore, their structure is destroyed. After the procedure, there are two main goals: the restoration of the hair structure and the maintenance of color.

In the care should be guided by the basic principles:

  • Even if the hair does not look overdried and lifeless, after highlighting, you need to make a nourishing mask at least once a week. Well suited as ready-made store masks, and home.
  • In the summer it is worth to protect and so damaged hair from the damaging effects of sunlight. Wear hats and use indelible hair products with an SPF filter.
  • It is hardly possible to completely eliminate the use of a hair dryer, curling iron or a straightener, but to reduce their harmful effects on the hair is not so difficult. Dry your hair naturally or with cold air, always use thermal protection when straightening, and use curlers for curling, if time permits.
  • Do a head massage with a special brush. You can also use essential oils. Such a procedure is not only useful, but also pleasant, especially before bedtime.

What tools to choose: a review of options

The choice of hair care products is always a difficult task. In a variety of shampoos, balms, masks, indelible means easy to get confused. This list will feature popular hair care products that have collected a large number of reviews.

The list is structured as follows: two tools from the arsenal of professionals, and one of the mass market.

Our recommendations:

    One of the best shampoos for dyed and streaked hair is KAPOUS PROFESSIONAL from the Color Care series.

This series is designed to restore hair, getting rid of unwanted color pigments after highlighting. Shampoo can not boast of a natural composition, but the manufacturer says that it is the use of sulfates in the composition that gives the same effect of recovery.

The effect will be more noticeable if you use a mask together with shampoo. It is worth paying attention to Londa Professional from the Visible Repair series.

Like any professional tool, this shampoo has a chemical composition, but at the same time it gently cleanses, helps to preserve color and make the hair smooth, which is so lacking after highlighting.

It is possible to use together with a mask or the conditioner of the same firm. The next worthy candidate is NATURA SIBERICA for colored and damaged hair.

Fans of natural formulations will appreciate this non-sulphate shampoo. However, it is worth remembering that greasy hair does not take such formulations very well, so hair may look dull.

But in general, this is a great option for organic lovers. It maintains color, cleanses the scalp, but does not foam well.

It is important to use a suitable balm for melirovanny hair, because it gives the visual effect of smooth, healthy, shiny hair.

Among the balms can be identified:

    Balsam from the Color Care series from KAPOUS PROFESSIONAL.

It works most effectively in a pair with the same shampoo.

This tool has collected many rave reviews, and all because with regular use, the color lasts longer, and the hair looks much better and is not exposed to static electricity. Indelible balm-conditioner from Londa Professional from the Visible Repair series.

The tool is great for hair care after highlighting.

It returns a healthy look to hair, removes fluffiness.

Also, the tool reduces brittleness and significantly simplifies the process of laying. By right, one of the best means of the mass market can be called balsam lamination from the Belarusian brand Belita - Vitex.

It has a cumulative effect, each time the hair becomes more and more well-groomed.

The democratic price and economical consumption helped this facility to settle for a long time on the shelves of girls who love highlighting.

Best representatives:

    Indola Repair rinse-off treatment earned the love of bloggers and many hairdressers.

This mask is great for hair after highlighting, restores dried hair, gives them shine and strength.

For its value, this is the best option to bring your hair in order. Estel's Curex Therapy Intensive Mask Great for damaged hair.

The result is noticeable after several uses, with constant use of hair looks amazing.

Hair quickly restored, become hydrated, well-groomed, beautifully shine. Natura Siberica was able to create a decent product again.

This time it is a sea buckthorn mask that will breathe life into damaged bleached hair.

In addition, it will make the hair elastic, healthy, give it shine, but also serve as thermal protection.

What to do so that the color does not tarnish?

Sometimes after highlighting, an unpleasant situation arises: hair grows dull or changes color. To prevent this from happening, use suitable care products, the most popular ones described above. To avoid these troubles and the yellow shade of strands will help toning.

The only minus of toning is that it should be carried out once every three to four weeks.

Recovery and treatment after the procedure

The key to successful hair care after highlighting is consistency. After all, only in this case, the hair will look healthy and well-groomed. If you notice too much deterioration of the hair after the procedure, then try these tips:

  • Stop using aggressive styling products. It is necessary to abandon all kinds of foams, mousses, gels and hairspray in everyday life, leaving them for solemn exits.
  • Make friends with oils and products based on them. Hair usually responds well to the use of oils, so burdock, castor oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, argan oil or macadamia oil will become your recovery helpers. They can be used both in pure form and added to ready-made masks.
  • Use complexes of professional care products. Much depends on the choice of shampoo, balm and mask, so you should choose a trusted manufacturer.
  • Limit access to swimming pools with chlorinated water, let your hair rest from hot styling.
  • Try popular recipes for hair. Many masks with honey, oils, egg yolks really save hair.

Highlighting is a great stress for hair, but in pursuit of beauty, girls are ready for a lot. Regular care and observance of simple rules will help not only to maintain the hair in good condition, but also to maintain color.

Who are balms?

Immediately it should be noted that the balms for dyeing are not intended to drastically change the color of the hair, like ordinary dyes. Such a tool will allow you to refresh the color after dyeing, to make the natural shade more saturated or to slightly change the tone.

The effect will not be durable. This is due to the fact that the dyes do not penetrate into the structure of the hair, and remain only on their surface. And with each wash the pigments will gradually be washed away. Usually the product is washed off completely after 5-10 shampooing procedures using a shampoo.

Advantages and disadvantages

To begin, we list the advantages of tint balsams:

  • With this tool you can quickly and easily refresh the color or slightly change the existing shade.
  • The use of these products does not harm the hair and is considered safe and harmless.
  • You can change the color often, for example, once in two months.
  • Affordable price.
  • Ease of use. The consistency of the tool allows you to easily and quickly distribute it over the entire length of the hair.

  • None balm can not be called persistent. The color will in any case be washed out with every wash of the head.
  • Since the coloring pigments remain on the surface of the hair, they can move to other objects in contact with the hair, such as bed linen, towels, hats and so on.
  • There are some limitations. So, when visiting a bath, as well as while swimming in a pool or in open reservoirs, some of the coloring matter can flow down the face and body and stain the skin. That is why it is not recommended to immerse yourself in water with your head and wet your hair. In addition, you can get dirty after the rain.

How to use?

Any balm has instructions for use, which accurately describes all the actions. But there are a few general points:

    Balsams are applied to washed and slightly damp hair. So first you need to wash your hair with shampoo, then blot your curls with a towel and dry them a little. When applied to dirty strands, dyes simply do not linger on the surface, and the procedure will be useless. And the application of dry curls will be extremely uncomfortable, increase consumption, and also cause harm.


  1. Carefully choose a shade. If in doubt, stop choosing a natural tone that is close to your natural tone.
  2. Do not use the balm after the procedures implying a chemical effect on the hair. In this case, the end result may be very different from the desired, because the components of the tool can react with the substances that already exist on the surface of the curls.
  3. Do not mix balms, it can make the results unpredictable.
  4. Blondes are not recommended to choose dark shades, as the coloring may be uneven, and the color will differ from the one stated by the manufacturer.
  5. If you want to slightly change the shade, then before applying, dilute the tint balsam with the usual balm or conditioner.
  6. Do not use balms too often. Enough one application every 3-4 weeks.

Why do I need balm for dyed hair?

Every woman who used chemical dyes for hair, faced with the unpleasant consequences of their use.

Strands lose their luster, begin to split and fall out. Weakened hair with impaired structure needs more delicate care, and the usual means are no longer suitable for them.

The main problem of colored hair is increased dryness.All coloring compositions contain ammonia or ammonium hydroxide, chemicals that destroy the surface of the hair and disrupt the natural protective and moisturizing mechanisms.

To prevent complete loss of moisture, you must use tools that will restore the water and fat balance of your hair.

Balsams for colored hair should intensively moisturize the strands, retain color and contain the maximum amount of nutrients.

How to find the best balsam conditioner that will meet all these requirements? First of all, study the composition of the product you want to purchase.

Avoid alcohol-containing balms - this substance will deprive your locks of moisture and damage thin ends.

A tool that includes beeswax, vitamins, zinc, natural oils and phytoestrogens will perfectly cope with its task.

There are special balms for light and dark hair, they help to preserve the coloring pigment and give the hair a healthy glossy shine.

Such products are produced by manufacturers of professional cosmetics, such as Wella, Estelle, Matrix.

Reviews of these brands are quite easy to find on the Internet, and you can read the opinions of other buyers before you go shopping.

Funds Review

The most popular balms:

  • Balm "Concept Fresh Up" is used to revitalize the color and maintain it. The composition includes flaxseed oil, glycerin, beeswax, lecithin and coloring matter. And thanks to such components, the tool not only improves the shade, but also nourishes and moisturizes the curls, making them shiny and healthy. The color spectrum is quite wide. As the reviews show, the products of this brand really allow you to change the color while maintaining the health of the hair.
  • Balsam "Kapous Life Color" is used to add shine and refreshment of the available color. A total of 6 shades are suggested: copper, sand, brown, purple, pomegranate red, and also dark eggplant. Reviews are different. Some argue that the shades are different from the stated, and the curls become brittle and dry.

Use balms to color properly to get the desired results.

Our readers share in their reviews that there are 2 most effective remedies for hair loss, the action of which is aimed at the treatment of alopecia: Azumi and HAIR MEGASPRAY!

And what option did you use ?! We are waiting for your feedback in the comments!

How to choose a balsam for dyed hair?

Balsams for the care of dyed hair produce almost all companies, both in the mass market segment and in professional cosmetics.

The range of such funds is so great that making the right choice can be very difficult.

Feedback from friends, convincing advertising and bright packaging are not always a guarantee of good quality.

Cheap imitations have flooded the market, and sometimes a product that should look after and care for your curls turns out to be completely useless and, in the worst case, causes an allergic reaction.

How to choose the right balm conditioner?

Quality balm can not be liquid, its consistency should be viscous and creamy, such a tool will not drain from wet hair.

After applying the rinse you should not feel any discomfort. Burning and tingling means that the product does not suit you and will do more harm than good.

Be sure to smell the balm you like, too strong chemical smell indicates a poor quality of the product, such a tool can cause an allergic reaction.

Buy cosmetics for hair only in large chain supermarkets or branded and professional stores.

Funds purchased in subways or on the market are very likely to be counterfeit.

Many women prefer to use professional hair care products at home.

It is considered that they differ in natural composition, cost effectiveness and more successfully, as compared with regular shampoos and balms, perform their functions.

Among professional balms for colored hair, the most numerous reviews are received by products of Russian companies Estel and Capus.

Funds from these manufacturers are of low cost and consistently high quality. The following balsams are most popular.

Estelle Otium Blossom gloss balsam has conditioning properties and gives the hair a glossy and silky appearance.

This tool is suitable for daily use, in the composition it contains cocoa butter and a unique complex to protect the color.

Balsam Estelle Curex Color Intense for brown shades not only conditions and moisturizes the colored strands, but also enhances the brightness and color saturation.

The product contains a vitamin complex that provides nourishment and strengthening of damaged curls.

Balm care for bleached and highlighted hair Estelle Haute Couture Blond contains a lipid complex that fills the voids in the damaged areas of the hair.

Pearl proteins and orchid and Tahitian gardenia extracts provide nourishment to the hair, give it shine and volume. Means levels a yellowish shade on cold blonds.

Balsam conditioner Kapus for dyed hair is an affordable and effective way to care for weakened locks.

The composition of this drug is an innovative stabilizing complex for protection: pigments, essential and vegetable oils, as well as olive leaf extract.

Natural ingredients tone the scalp and regulate the sebaceous glands.

Balsam-care "Color Care" from Kapus restores the hair structure and smoothes the hair cuticle, closing all exfoliated scales.

As a result, the strands become softer and more shiny, look healthy and well-groomed, easier to lay.

When applying, try to avoid the root zone, the balm is designed directly for the hair, and nourishing masks are used to care for the scalp.

Also, do not hold the balm longer than the time indicated on the bottle, contrary to the opinion of many young ladies, this does not enhance the effect.

Hair balm at home

It is not necessary to spend money on expensive store supplies, the balsam-rinse can be prepared by yourself.

Home remedies due to a completely natural composition especially carefully care for hair and have almost no contraindications.

The best homemade rinse is plain sour milk. It contains a large number of amino acids that are incorporated into the structure of damaged hair.

Before use, be sure to remove the clabber from the refrigerator and let it warm to room temperature. Despite the simplicity, reviews this tool gets extremely enthusiastic.

Curdled milk can be enriched with vitamins in ampoules or essential oils to your taste, the main thing is to keep the right proportions: one ampoule of pharmacy or 5 drops of ether is enough for a glass of yogurt.

For the next recipe, take 1 chicken egg, two tablespoons of castorca and 20 ml of apple cider vinegar.

Mix the ingredients to a uniform consistency and heat to a comfortable temperature. Balm should be kept on the head for no longer than 15 minutes.

Egg and castor oil will perfectly moisturize the hair and feed the roots, and vinegar will make the hair color more intense.

To enhance the effect of balms, you can rinse your head with broths of healing herbs.

For dark hair is better to use a decoction of nettle leaves, thyme or calendula, blondes ideal chamomile, linden and dandelion.

Every self-respecting fashionista should have in her arsenal a good balm for the care of dyed hair.

Armed with suitable means, you can not be afraid to experiment with your image, because proper care will help your curls to remain strong and healthy, despite the harmful effects of coloring compositions.

Such a wide range

Of course, the beauty industry does not stand still, and every year the choice of hair dye products is becoming more and more. Each product is distinguished by the purpose, composition, quality, price and method of application.

In this article we will not consider hair dyes, because everyone knows that the ammonia contained in them spoils the structure of the curls. In turn, let's talk about harmless cosmetics, such as coloring hair balsams. Among the various products in this category you can find: tonics, balms, balms, masks and tinted shampoos. These funds can be called analogs. They do not penetrate deep into the hair and paint it only superficially. Due to this, the effect lasts not too long (about a week).

We all know that after dyeing the hair with paint they deteriorate, but it is rather upsetting that something else: on many curls in a week or two the color becomes not so saturated, especially with dark shades. Light tones, in turn, can produce an unpleasant reddish color, especially in the root area. Sometimes you have to wait a few weeks for the yellowness to go away. It will help to cope with this problem precisely tint balsam. Dyed hair must be rinsed with a balm of the same shade as was the paint, at least once a week. This method will help to preserve deep saturated hair color for a long time.

How to apply tonal balms

In order to use such tools, it is necessary to equip with latex or polyethylene gloves, a brush for application, a container for tonic, a comb and a towel. In contrast to the application of paint, dye balms are used only on clean and often wet hair, immediately after washing the head. Gloves are necessary in order not to stain your hands. Despite the fact that the balms do not contain harmful substances, some pigments can be very much eaten into the skin of the hands.

As a rule, on each package there is an instruction on the use of the product, however, not every such method of painting can be suitable, especially for the tonic from “Rokolor” of light colors. The remedy itself has a dark purple color, and its excess in the hair can turn you into Malvina. If we talk about dark shades, then everything is simple: the balm is applied along the entire length of clean, damp hair, distributed with a comb and washed off after 10-15 minutes. Time depends on the expected effect. The longer the product lasts on the hair, the more intense the shade will be.

Light and bleached hair requires much more attention. First of all, it should be taken into account that immediately after perm and lightening it is not recommended to use tonic. This is due to the fact that due to exposure to harmful substances, for example, an oxidizing agent that affects the surface of the hair is not quite evenly, even the best balm for colored hair can "get stained" or give a completely unexpected color. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the tonic affects the entire surface of the curls. If the hair is colored unevenly, then the balm will be dyed more intensely on some strands, and less on others. Sometimes this effect can “play into the hands”, and even the most experienced hairdresser does not guess how the ombra was obtained.

Tonic from "Rocolor" - the most popular tint balm

This tool is familiar to many firsthand. Most often, "Tonica" is used to remove the yellow color from the roots after clarification. In addition, a wide range of products allows staining in any of the shades (from bright saturated to warm natural colors). The huge disadvantage of this tool is that it is very difficult for the bleached curls to pick up its quantity so that the hair does not turn purple. If the color of the curls is dark, then as a rule, there are no problems and the tool can be applied in any volume, the more it will be, the richer the shade will turn out. Much depends on the exposure time of the tonic on the curls.

Tricks with Tonics

Some girls conduct various experiments with dark and bright shades of this product, and the results are stunning. Experimenting a little, you can get any hair color: red, yellow, orange, pink, dark blue and even green. For example, in order to get a bright red shade of hair, you can mix in equal proportions "Mahogany" No. 5.54 "Mahogany" and No. 6.54 "Mahogany". If, however, apply the Smoky Topaz tonic No. 9.10 to blond hair and quickly wash it off, you can get only a slightly pinkish tint.

"Tonic" and blonde curls

It is necessary to act differently with bleached hair: you can dilute a few drops of the product in a bowl with water and pour the solution on the hair until the desired shade is obtained (a kind of conditioner for colored hair will turn out to be a balm). This option is used to tint bleached hair (for example, from golden-wheat to pearl-ashy).

If it is necessary to remove the yellowed roots after lightening, it is recommended to use a different method: a few drops of the product are mixed with the usual hair balm to obtain the desired shade. You should not drip too much "Tonics", so as not to overdo it. If the obtained tint balm does not protonate dyed hair, then you can try to add a few more drops to the mixture and then apply it to the hair again. It is very important to apply the most part of the product exactly on those areas where it is necessary to remove yellowness. The ends of the hair can be slightly greased with the resulting balm and quickly washed off. Pay attention to the fact that the base balm with which the tonic will be mixed should be well suited for frequent use and should not spoil the hair.

Estelle Brand

Coloring hair balms from the company Estel also recently quite popular. The essential difference of this tool from the previous one lies in its method of application. If the previous one is applied only on clean wet hair, then this brand balms can be applied on slightly moist or even dry. The exception is "Estelle" - a balm for colored hair. This tool is used directly after washing the head. The method of applying tint balm must be done exactly according to the instructions (hold on the hair for about 20 minutes).

An interesting fact is that these tools for blond hair have virtually no nuances: inflicted, held and washed. But with dark shades, on the contrary, has its wisdom. In some cases, the tonic gives the hair roots a pink tint that is very difficult to wash off. In order to avoid such a situation, it is necessary to do a trial staining. Take a strand of hair from the bottom and apply the product along the entire length, pack it in cellophane or foil, after 20 minutes it is necessary to wash it off. If the resulting shade suits you - you can safely tint all the strands. The product contains a certain amount of vitamins and minerals that nourish hair and give it volume.

Balm "Fara"

Coloring hair balms of this brand are also quite popular. There are practically no special differences between them and the means of “Rokolor” and “Estel”. It is also a budget balm, which is sold in almost any store. In the responses of many girls about this tool you can see the information that it dries hair.Balsam "Fara" is applied to wet, only washed hair and is distributed throughout the length. For greater efficiency, you can create a thermoelectric effect by wrapping your hair with polyethylene and a towel.

Manufacturers recommend choosing the balm "Headlight" one shade darker than its color, and then there will be no problems with toning. It is very undesirable to dye blond hair in dark shades and vice versa, the color can be absolutely unpredictable.

Kapous Tint Balms

A more expensive brand that has already managed to recommend itself is Kapus. The range of tinting products is small: purple, eggplant, sand, brown, copper and red - only six, but the most popular flowers. The great advantage is that among the products of the company can be found such a tool as a balm for colored hair Kapous. It helps to preserve color after toning for much longer. In any case, after various thermal procedures, the hair becomes drier, brittle, and the ends begin to exfoliate. It is in order to avoid these problems, it is recommended to use the balm "Kapus" for colored hair.

Balsam Itely Hairfashion RIFLESSI

A rather interesting and unique product is a balm mask from Riflessi. This tool is presented in 10 different shades that can be mixed with each other. This is a professional product that tones hair well without damaging it. After using the product, the hair looks healthy, smooth and well-groomed. To maintain a greater effect, it is also recommended to use a balm mask for dyed hair. It will keep the color after toning bright and saturated.

Bright tint balms "L'Oreal"

Some of the best balms are L'Oreal's products. Their advantage is that they have a cumulative effect, in other words, frequent use of the product helps to maintain the desired shade for a long time.

Shampoo and balm for colored hair from "L'Oreal" can also be very useful.

Why L'Oreal Balsams are So Popular

Their special formula protects the hair from the negative effects of the environment, and the unique composition does not wash away the colored hair balm. In addition, thanks to the natural ingredients in this tool, it leaves no residue on clothing and skin, which cannot be said about the tonic from “Rokolor”. The product belongs to professional hair care products and is found in many beauty salons. It is very economical and gives excellent results. Even damaged hair after using such a balm is not only painted in a new shade, but also looks healthier.

What is the power of balm?

Any dyes cause noticeable damage to the curls. If you use paints based on ammonia, then you can not do without additional moisturizing agents. Even when used without ammonia paint, curls become fragile, break down faster and look “tired”. The chemical components contained in any coloring agent act negatively on the structure of each hair, and the result is that the strands begin to lose their natural moisture, become brittle, and their loss increases.

The use of special balms for colored strands helps to “return” beauty and grace to the strands. As part of virtually any caregiver contains a unique set of components that helps moisturize, nourish and protect hair. The result of constant use of the best balms are beautiful and well-groomed curls. It is important to note that the balm contributes to the preservation of color in dyed hair.

Modern cosmetology companies produce a huge number of various care products, but all of them can be divided into 3 groups:

  • Mask-balm is applied to the surface of the strand for no more than 20 minutes,
  • Balsam conditioner is applied to the curls immediately after washing the head and washed off after 1-2 minutes,
  • Express balm, this means after application does not need to be washed off.

Any of the above means has a firming effect, the components of the balm help to restore the flakes of hairs that were destroyed during the dyeing process. Protective components help the paint not to wash off the strands longer. Regular use of the balm makes the curls obedient, they are much easier to comb, do not tangle after washing the head, look well-groomed, radiate health and beauty.

As a rule, the following main components are included in the balm for dyed, i.e. dry strands:

  1. Vegetable oils - they perfectly nourish and restore damaged hair structures.
  2. Natural extracts - they help soften the order and improve the hair color obtained after dyeing.
  3. Waxes have a positive effect on the result of coloring, retain the durability of the resulting shade.
  4. Fatty acids and zinc are the regulators of the action of beneficial properties, that is, they help the beneficial components more effectively “penetrate” into the structure of hairs, and also actively strengthen the roots.

The only factor that should be remembered when using balms is that the caregiver is able to weight the curls, respectively, after its application the creation of complex styling and hairstyles will not always differ in a worthy result.

How to choose the best care product?

At present, caring balms for colored strands are produced by almost all cosmetic firms that produce professional hair products. The range of funds for the corresponding purpose is very diverse and large, but do not think that any of them will be ideal for your type of strands.

It is important to remember that the structure of the hair of any person is individual; therefore, it is impossible to select balms for bright packages or tips of commercials. Not help in the selection and reviews of girlfriends who use the "proven" for them caring means. The structure of the hair of each person is individual, therefore, in the choice of the care product should be a careful approach. We should not forget that in recent years, the atrocities of fraudsters, which produce a completely useless and sometimes harmful product, and sell it under the brands of well-known cosmetic companies have become frequent. Such a “drug” at best will not bring any beneficial effect, and in the worst case it will provoke an allergic reaction on the head.

What important aspects should be observed when choosing a balm for colored and damaged strands?

  1. High-quality balm should have a sufficiently thick texture, when applied to wetted strands, it should not drain. An effective care agent cannot be liquid.
  2. When buying a care product, you need to open it and smell it. Bright and rich smell indicates that the product is not of high quality, no reliable and effective balm will smell like it.
  3. After applying directly to the curls, the balm should not cause any discomfort at all. If you feel tingling, burning or discomfort of any nature, then such a tool for your hair type is definitely not suitable.
  4. In order not to run into fraudsters and, accordingly, low-quality and harmful goods, it is recommended to buy all the means for caring for the strands in supermarket chains or professional and branded cosmetics stores.

It is important to remember that neither the price value nor the brand name of the product affect its quality and efficiency. Equally useful and productive can be a balm, the cost of which is 200 rubles, as well as a care product at a price higher than 1500 rubles. Hair stylists prefer professional balms, for example, cosmetics from companies such as Wella, Matrix, Estel, Kapous have received good reviews.

Women with problem strands are recommended to pay special attention to pharmaceutical balms. Products of Asian cosmetology firms have excellent properties - due to the inclusion of silicones and moisturizers in the composition, such balsams after use impart an unusual smoothness and rich tint to the curls. Well-proven in this version of the company Garnier and Elseve, as well as balms of the Belarusian cosmetology company - Belita.

Tips, how to choose the best balm depending on the type and characteristics of the hair:

We present a line of the best balms for colored strands.

  1. Matrix offers a unique product for caring and regenerating purposes - Oil Wonders Oil Conditioner. The basis of the composition of such a balm is argan oil, which gives the strands softness, shine, helps to smooth them. To facilitate the process of styling strands, the manufacturer advises to use this balm in conjunction with a similar company shampoo. Among the advantages of balm can be identified - a thick texture that does not flow, an effective result, the absence of silicones in the composition. This balm is not fat strands and does not weigh them. The disadvantage of the product is quite a high price.
  2. Gliss Kur offers the “Hyaluron + Filler” caring and regenerating agent. The balsam contains hyaluronic complex and liquid keratin filler. The tool helps to strengthen the roots, update the broken structure of the strand, elasticity and splendor hairstyles. The balm is ideal for owners of thin, brittle and dry strands. Advantages: it is easy to apply on the strands, has a delicate texture, is easily washed off, gives the strands shine and smoothness. The product has no minuses.
  3. The company Estelle produces a huge amount of caring balms. An effective example is Otium Blossom Balsam. The product has the properties of an air conditioner, after use it saturates the locks with silkiness and shine. Balm is ideal for daily use. The main components of balsam are cocoa butter, as well as complex color protection.
  4. Another Estel product is Curex Color Intense. Balm is recommended for women with brown shades of strands. The caring preparation moistens strands, conditions, saturates with color and gives smoothness to a hairdress. Due to the content of the vitamin complex, high-quality nutrition and restoration of the hair structure takes place.
  5. Kapous Color Care is a balm care for dyed strands. The tool smoothes the structure of each hair, restores the destroyed parts. When using it, it is important to adhere to some of the basics: the product is applied only to the length of the strands, it is important to avoid applying balsam on the root zone. In addition, the duration of the care of the drug should not exceed the recommended time in the instructions.

Folk recipes

Many women hold the opinion that folk remedies are much more efficient and effective than purchased ones. Persuade them in this does not make sense, because, indeed, the available products have unique abilities and can be used as a caring balm for colored curls.

  • Sour milk or kefir. Amazing product that has a mass of valuable ingredients. The main component of yogurt is amino acids that reliably and tightly "embedded" in the structure of each hair, causing a caring and moisturizing effect. The use of yogurt is very simple: before direct use, the product is heated to a moderately warm temperature, gently applied to the surface of curls and withstand the desired time. There are no clear recommendations on the duration of the action of yogurt. After use, the product is thoroughly washed from the pad.
  • Herbal decoctions of nettle leaves or thyme, as well as hypericum or linden and dandelion are ideal for ladies with dark curls. The useful complex of fortified and mineral substances in the composition of each of the herbs has a positive regenerating effect on the hair structure. Herbal broth curls rinsed after each shampooing.
  • Essential oils, castor oil or burdock oil also have a useful result. Oil must be rubbed into the roots, and then distributed over the entire surface of the curls. After aging (1-2 hours), the folk balm is washed off with shampoo.

Opinions of people about the effectiveness of balms

It is proved that after dyeing the curls lose their elegance, luster and visual appeal. Girls cope with the problem in different ways, some of them prefer to use people's councils, while others prefer professional means. Reviews help to verify the effectiveness of the best products for colored hair.

  • Veronica: “I use Estel’s balm. The effect surprises me more and more each time. The hair is no longer tangled, it looks shiny and bright. The tool gives more shine to the colored strands, which is especially important. "
  • Tatyana: “I use Kapous brand balms. Everything suits, I admire the result. The only thing I can advise is that it is better to buy the product in professional stores, and not on the market, because the risk of getting fake is very high. And the price of such means is rather big ”.
  • Elena: “I am the owner of long and hard hair, after dyeing they became confused, it was impossible to comb them. A friend advised to use a balm for colored hair. I am satisfied with the result, my hair is no longer confused and their color, as it seems to me, has become more bright and refined. ”
  • Sofia: “In the hot season, I would advise you to use hair balms, which contain, in addition to important components, also UV-protective ingredients. In this way, I retain the color of dyed hair and protect it from “sun damage”.
  • Marina: “I have thin and short hair. I never thought that I needed a balm. Visiting a hairdresser, I was convinced that the use of grooming products will help to preserve the color of dyed hair for a longer period of time, moreover, the balm will help to create the perfect hairstyle without tangling the hair. ”

After coloring, the curls lose their beauty, despite the fact that they are saturated with color, their structure becomes weaker. To help restore the health and beauty of the strands can balm caring for colored hair. Regular use guarantees an excellent result - the curls will no longer be tangled, they will become smooth, obedient, the color will not only be preserved, but will also be filled with shine, radiance, health.

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