Ombre for light brown hair of medium length, square: color, ashy

Light brown hair looks very feminine and gentle, but sometimes it seems too boring. The ombre technique will help to revitalize the hairstyle, add volume to the strands and try new shades.

With its help, you can achieve the effect of naturally burnt hair, create smooth or sharp color transitions. Usually, the procedure is performed in the cabin, but with certain skills it is possible to dye the strands at home.

What is an ombre

Ombre - a variant of creative hair coloringfirst proposed about 10 years ago. Since then, the technology has been improved, clients of the salons are offered at least a dozen options of varying complexity.

The essence of the technique - smooth or more pronounced color transitions. Usually the ends of the hair remain dark, and the ends are brightened or tinted. There is a reverse ombre, in which the tips are painted in bright or dark colors, and the roots are left light or discolored, followed by coloring in delicate tones.

The procedure is performed in salons, but women who know how to handle paint can try staining at home. The technology can be applied to medium wavy, straight or curly hair, both natural and colored.

To suit

The ombre technique is ideal for women who want to experiment with color, but not ready for full coloring. The easiest way to tint the strands that are well perceived paint, not too thick, but not fragile.

It is possible to dye hair of any length, but the effect is more noticeable on medium and long curls. Ombre worth trying girls

  • having thin and thin strands, but dreaming of a more voluminous hairstyle,
  • wanting to liven up too boring color
  • loving to experiment with shades
  • who are afraid of too frequent staining.

The technique is suitable for different colors, but you can try a particularly wide palette of shades on natural blond hair. Strands of this shade well perceive any colors, perhaps dimming and gentle lightening.

Choosing an ombre variant for light-brown hair of medium length, it is better to look for a photo in magazines for professional hairdressers, there will always be interesting ideas.

Ombre is worth trying for anyone who wants to visually change facial features. Lightened strands on the sides of the head will slightly expand the oval and make the image more feminine.

Darkening, in contrast, will lengthen the face, emphasize the cheekbones and chin. Soft transitions and the use of several natural shades create the effect of lush hair.

Who should not try coloring

Despite its versatility, the ombra is not for everyone. The procedure should be abandoned

  1. Girls with badly damaged, split ends, brittle hair. The effect of burnt strands is good with perfect hair condition, otherwise the hair style will look untidy. Contrast and color ombre emphasize the poor condition of the hair.
  2. Owners of very fat strands. Sebaceous roots against the lightened strand will be evident. For a normal styling look, you will have to wash your head daily, but this does not always save the situation.

Shade selection

Before you choose the paint, you need to decide on a general way. To create a natural effect, all shades of blond, from silver to richly honey, will suit the owners of light brown hair.

Light brown hair usually has a cold undertone. For work ashy, silver, pale yellow gamma. To create greater contrast, you can slightly darken the roots, using a dye 2 tones darker than natural.

If the hair is painted in warm colors, you should use a straw, honey, cream or golden palette. Dark blond strands will require pre-clarification, the color will be more pure.

Colorists suggest the use of dyes of professional brands. For home use are special sets for ombre, including 1-2 colors of paint and high-quality oxidizer.


The classic version implies smooth transitions of natural shades.

The roots are left natural or slightly darkened with a soft, ammonia-free dye.

On dark-blond hair, the ends are lightened and tinted; on lighter strands, a fairly light dye.

Strands may have a horizontal border, but sometimes the color is applied along the entire length.

Thus you can select the hair from the face or bangs, giving the hair extra volume.

Regrown roots

The easiest to perform version, this effect is easy to achieve at home. The roots remain dark, the tips can be very light, the middle part of the hair is worked through 1 or 2 shades close in tone.

Transitions should be soft, the border of flowers is relatively high. Such staining looks especially beautiful on wavy or curled hair.

Burnt Strands

The hairstyle looks very natural, but requires great skill from the colorist. At home, to achieve this effect is not easy. The dye is applied to the tips and the middle part, some strands are brightened completely. Using the technique it is easy to adjust the shape of the face and visually increase the volume of the hair.

A creative option that allows you to turn any gray mouse into a iridescent hummingbird.

For work paints of different shades are used, from pastel to neon.

It is better to work with professional sets, harmless to the hair.

Some colorists successfully use food dyes, they give a very interesting effect on light-brown hair. It is possible to use 1 tone or several at once. Color transitions can be smooth or clear, in the form of even stripes.

Ombre for light blond

It is believed that the technique is more suitable for dark blond hair color. Contrast with discolored or bright tips will be more noticeable. However, owners of brighter strands should not be upset. For them, there are separate techniques that allow you to try on trendy colors and look great.

Reverse ombre. With this technique, the ends of the hair are darkened, the roots are left light.

Option suitable for perfect straight hair, emphasizing an unusual contrast. A clear or blurred horizontal border is required.

In a similar technique, you can perform ombre "flames", causing bright reddish or dark pink glares in the form of zigzags and stripes on a light base.

Darkening of the roots. In this case, the dye is 2-3 tones darker than its own hair is applied to the roots, the middle part is processed in a lighter tone, the tips remain natural. The effect is very interesting, but the color of the roots will have to be refreshed every 3 weeks. Growing light strip spoil the impression of hair.

And in this video, a non-standard application of a tool for painting overgrown roots and gray hair is shown. With it, a blonde can very quickly turn into a dark-haired girl with a spectacular ombre, and all this at home:

Important. Work with light brown hair should be trusted to a professional colorist. At home, the effect can be unpredictable.

Technique performance at home

At home, you can try the classic or color ombre. You need to start with the highlight of the ends, you can gradually move to multi-color toning along the entire length of the strand and work with a whole palette of shades.

For work you will need:

  • a set of paint and oxidant intended for ombre,
  • faience or glass container for breeding,
  • flat brush for paint distribution,
  • protective gloves
  • nourishing balm.

Before the procedure, the hair is not washed for 2-3 days. The rods should cover a natural protective film that reduces the aggressive effects of paint.

The easiest way, suitable for sufficiently long strands - staining in the tail.

Curls are collected on the crown, as close as possible to the forehead. A dye is applied to the ends of the hair, aged for 10 minutes, then washed off.

If the shade of the tips seems too dark, the procedure can be repeated. Another option - toned clarified parts, imposing dye careless broad strokes. This technique is good for wavy or curly strands.

You can try another technique.

It implies the absence of a clear color border, the result is more natural.

The hair is divided into strands. The paint is applied with a flat brush on the tips or slightly higher; it is not necessary to observe a smooth border.

Face curls can be painted to its full length, retreating from the tips of a few centimeters.

The paint is aged for 10 minutes, then another layer is applied, its borders are slightly higher than the first one. After 7-10 minutes, the composition is washed off, curls are treated with softening balm.

Medium length blond hair is an excellent base for Ombre experiments. This type of strands is suitable for a variety of methods, it is possible to use natural or strongly emphasized bright dyes. Having chosen a suitable image, try to embody it at home, after a few workouts everything will definitely work out.

How does an ombra look on medium brown hair

On light brown hair, an ombra looks fashionable and relevant. The color is stretched along the hairline. Often the roots are left in a natural shade. When coloring, smooth brightening of the hair to the bottom is performed, due to which the appearance of the hair changes for the better.

This type of coloring gives the hair a visual volume and thickness, rejuvenates, makes the image more dynamic. With the help of the ombre, you can visually reduce the cheekbones, lengthen the facial contours, hide flaws and emphasize the correct features. A soft color transition looks natural.

What hair is not recommended to do ombre

It is necessary to refrain from staining with ombra:

  • if you have a too short haircut,
  • after perm and lamination procedures,
  • if the hair has recently been dyed over the entire length,
  • owners of very greasy hair, as this will emphasize the contrast between light and dark strands,
  • there is hair fragile and weak, and the tips are bitten.

How to choose the right shade

Ombre for medium-length blond hair is recommended to be done using dyes lighter by several tones of natural color. Pure blond is best suited.

Dark blond curls should be lightened before staining. The same procedure is carried out when staining in unnatural bright colors. Dark-haired representatives with pale skin and bright eyes are red, plum and red shades.

When choosing a paint should be considered:

  • original hair color
  • preferences and tastes of women
  • the desired contrast of colors and skin color.

Girls who are skin color-coded for spring (with a peach and pink hue) are remarkably suited to the warm colors of chocolate, copper, gold and caramel. They favorably emphasize the natural beauty.

“Summer” girls who have light hair and skin color should ombre using cold tones. The best option: a soft transition from light blond to dark blond color, and juicy shades will do. This will make the image more expressive.

"Autumn" women with golden skin and dark eyes are warm colors: burgundy, copper, orange and coral.

Girls with winter appearance (with a bright contrast of hair and face color) should choose a shade of paint from a cold palette: dark ashy shades and silver. They look attractive and blend well with pale skin.

Dark ombre

The lower part of the hair is sometimes painted in dark shades. This is done by girls who like to experiment with their appearance and change drastically. It turns out bright and fashionable image. In this case, you can use coffee and chocolate shades.

Girls with light curls resort to dyeing the root zone in dark colors, the middle part - 2 tones lighter. Blonde is applied on the tips. With dark roots perfectly combines the tips of the color of honey.

In recent years, color coloring is considered popular, which helps to create an extraordinary image.

Color ombre looks unusual and extravagant. Painting is carried out horizontally, the color smoothly changes from one tone to another. It is possible to begin to paint also from the middle of hair, and to process with paint only tips. It uses turquoise, purple, red, blue, pink and burgundy shades.

Such a staining procedure can be carried out at home. You must first get a haircut.

You will need:

  • glass container
  • foil,
  • gloves,
  • hairbrush,
  • brush for coloring.

It is necessary to tie the tail high and comb it for a smooth shade transition. Paint is prepared immediately before application. Under the hair, enclose the foil, coat the hair with a coloring agent and wrap it in foil.

The duration of exposure should not exceed the time specified in the instructions. Then use the shampoo to wash your hair. It is advisable to use after the conditioner to nourish and strengthen the hair.

Pink ombre

Confident and strong personalities who want to attract the attention of others can venture on such an ombre. Romantic girls can also choose a pale pink color.

Ombre in pink color is most suitable for women with blond hair and gray, blue eyes. It is equally well combined with dark and light shades of hair. But it is important to choose the right tone.

There is a large selection of pink shades:

  • tea rose,
  • saturated pink,
  • salmon,
  • light pink,
  • purple,
  • Crimson.

When choosing a paint you must consider the color of the skin. Delicate pink tones (caramel, peach) are perfectly combined with peach and dark skin, ashy and cold shades with olive, and coral and fuchsia with light colors. Older women in bright pink color is not recommended to dye their hair.

Ash ombre

Ombre for blond hair of medium length using ash shades is particularly suitable for blue-eyed and gray-eyed girls. It is convenient to apply coloring in the classical style. Naturally smooth flow of a natural shade of a light-brown hair in an ashy shade looks. It is better to use three colors at once.

Darker ash shades are suitable for women with dark hair and dark skin. At the same time add pink, blue or blue notes.

How to perform dyeing on medium hair at home

Ombre for blond hair of medium length is performed in the following sequence:

  • Strands are divided into 4 parts.
  • The prepared composition is applied to the color transition zone. Processing should be performed from top to bottom, slightly touching the upper areas and abundantly putting paint on the tips.
  • For a saturation of color on 5 cm of length of hair from below, the paint is additionally kept for 10-15 minutes.

Ombre for blond hair can be made at home by using foil so that only the right areas of hair can be covered.

  • The next 5 cm length, located above, is also painted.
  • It is necessary to wash off structure on the expiration of the term specified in the instruction.
  • Be sure to put on the hair restorative balm, which is then washed off.
  • How to make an ombre on a square

    Kare - classic haircut, which is characterized by versatility. To make this hairstyle fashionable and relevant, use dyeing, combining several colors of paint.The bottom of the hair is lightened or darkened.

    There are 2 ways of coloring:

    1. Smooth flow of color. Looks romantic. Coloring is performed from the middle of the strands. Natural color gently turns into brighter shades.
    2. Sharp transition. It has strict lines, it looks unusual and stylish.
    3. Girls with a bob-hairstyle haircut are recommended to make a gradual change of color, this will give the hairstyle lightness.
    4. With an extended carefree, staining is carried out from top to bottom, gradually changing the palette and using brighter shades.
    5. Shatush on a square with a lengthening in front will look equally good with a clear and smooth transition. In this case, the strands near the face should begin to paint at a level below the middle.

    Tips for beginners on technology

    You can make an ombre at home. Before coloring it is necessary to get a haircut, give shape to the hair. The paint is applied to dirty hair to reduce the negative effects of chemicals.

    Before the procedure it is necessary to moisten the hair slightly and divide them into four parts. Then make the tails so that the rubber bands are in line with the chin or cheekbones.

    Paint must be applied quickly. Then the strands are wrapped in foil. After 20-30 minutes, you need to rinse the head. The second time they paint the area several centimeters lower, the paint is kept for 10 minutes.

    Last time only paint the ends. After 10 minutes, the head should be thoroughly washed with shampoo. During dyeing they try to achieve an uneven color, small strands should differ in tone.

    After the procedure, it is advisable to apply a restoring balm or mask on the hair. The first 2 weeks you can not use a hair dryer to avoid drying out the structure of the hair.

    Medium length hair care after dyeing ombra

    Ombre procedure is one of the most gentle methods of dyeing, but the hair after the procedure still needs special care.

    It is not recommended to expose the locks to high temperatures. It dries the tips, makes them brittle. Laying with a hair dryer is best done at a minimum temperature, using special means of thermal protection. The head is recommended to be dried naturally. If you can not do without a hair dryer, it is advisable to pre-dry your hair a little with a towel.

    It is advisable to wash your hair no more than 3 times a week. This will help to avoid dehydration and leaching of color.

    Regularly it is necessary to nourish and moisturize hair with the help of regenerating masks, balms and oils.

    Particular attention is paid to the tips, which are most exposed to the harmful effects of chemicals. Olive oil has a beneficial effect on hair. You can put a few drops on the ends for 20 minutes before washing your head.

    So that the hair does not tarnish, smear the colored areas with lemon juice and leave for about 10 minutes. Proper coloring makes a woman irresistible and stylish. Observing simple rules, you can make an ombra on light brown hair, having an average length, at home, without spending a large amount of money to change the image.

    Article design: Mila Friedan

    Ombre video for light brown hair

    Ombre for blond hair:

    Ash Ombre on Blonde:

    Ombre options for blond hair

    Classic Ombre for Brown Hair assumes to leave the roots in natural color, and to lighten the tips, or to paint in a suitable light shade. Dark-blond girls often give clarified tips of ashen or wheat hue, and light and medium-brown beauties prefer strong brightening of the tips, or the opposite version of amber with darkened ends.

    Ombre in the style of burnt hair does not imply a soft and blurry transition from dark to light hair. Here the technology of vertical strands is applied, along which the lightening gently flows down to the saturated bright tips, as in the photo.

    Color Ombre on light brown hair looks very bright and attractive. For dark blond shades, it is better to paint the tips in rich colors: blue, pink, purple. But light-brown heads better to choose soft pastel colors: lilac, blue, pink, turquoise.

    Ombre with tongues of flame It looks best on dark hair, so dark-brown girls can calmly give the tips of copper and red strands.

    Ombre hair dyeing technique involves creating a smooth transition from darker ones.

    Ash-blond hair color in 2018 is considered the most fashionable, because it bears.

    Dark blond hair color is characterized by cold notes. Many girls try to repaint.

    Cold light brown hair color is characterized by the almost complete lack of shine of the hair.

    An ambre on medium hair is supposed to leave the roots natural or darken them, and the tips.

    Ombre on red hair is a smooth transition from darkened red roots.

    Ombre for light brown hair

    This technique is universal and suitable for lightening curls of any shade. Lighten the tips any source color. The effect will remain and will look beautiful, even if the hair grows significantly.

    Light brown ombre looks best on light brown hair. It looks natural, and others do not get the impression of wearing a wig. Hairstyle looks natural.

    Dark ombre is not often done due to the fact that on light brown hair it does not look so impressive as bright. But some girls like it on their curls exactly the dark version, so choose it.

    Young girls prefer to somehow stand out from the crowd, they come to the aid non-standard clothing, bright makeup, the original hair color, tattoo or piercing. For those who love bright images and changes, there is a color ombre that will sparkle with new colors and bring a lively and fresh stream. It looks interesting on light brown curls orange or fashionable ombre carrot. Since naturally blond curls look pale, thanks to this color you can stand out.

    What shades can easily be done on blond curls? This natural type is ideal for dyeing in any color, since the pigment absorbs paint well and no pre-bleaching is required. That is why the blond hair can perform the following types:

    Today, at the peak of fashion is a beautiful ash color, so you should pay close attention to it.

    Color Ombre

    At the height of fashion, a color ombre! It is ideal for light-brown hair, as it gives them saturation and contrast. Color ombre hauled from the shadow of fashion designers from haute couture, now they are on a par with naturalness and naturalness. Informal dyeing techniques are now officially recognized.

    Mermaid from a fairy tale has green or blue hair. Many girls from childhood wanted to be like her. And now their dream has come true, as the Ombre technique appeared, allowing it to be done. The combination of green, blue and blue will create the very image of a mermaid. It will be especially romantic if the girl has medium or long hair.

    Important! This technique when painting in three or more colors implies skill. Therefore, it is better to contact an experienced specialist.

    A stylish solution is turquoise staining. This option is easier than the previous one, but it has its own fans. When coloring it does not give that shade of green which the woman of fashion is so afraid of. However, turquoise is performed only on well prepared curlsHair quality and bleaching is required.

    For a very light shade of blond hair, a blue ombra will suit with a smooth transition to dark blue. Such an ombre will emphasize the cold color type to which the girl belongs (winter and summer). It will show off her eyes and skin. If a woman of fashion belongs to the autumn type, it is better for her to abandon a similar experiment.

    No less extravagant on the blond hair looks yellow ombre. The warm color is not so “flashy,” but it can quite make a bright change to the image.

    Important! When coloring it is necessary to know that yellow color is very artful. If you choose the wrong tone, the face will acquire a reddish or, conversely, deadly white shade. Therefore, it is worth consulting with a colorist, so that when changing the image, he takes into account your color type.

    When choosing an ombre color, you should always remember that the tone should emphasize the beauty and dignity of curls. Therefore, you do not need to visit an unfamiliar master, if he does not have photos of his works or reviews of clients.

    Dark ombre

    This type of girl choose more rarely than bright. The reason is likely to be in the habit of seeing dark roots and light tips. Light ombre looks more natural, since each of us has roots that are darker than the hair itself. Dark coloring in this technique implies dark ends and blond hair at the base.

    On dark curls, coloring to a black or dark brown color creates a softer image than on light ones. Pay attention to the photo, which allows you to see that dark ombre looks better on curly hair.

    Dark ombre on straight hair of medium length looks as if curls once dyed dark, then the industry’s hair stopped. This option is not bad and is suitable for such a case. Since dark ombre will create a smooth transition effect without a sharp border between light and dark.

    Ombre on light brown hair of medium length

    On straight blond hair, this dyeing technique looks natural, feminine and elegant. It allows even the simplest hairstyle to look fashionable, fresh and stylish.

    A soft transition from light brown to light blond on medium-length hair looks decent. The photo shows a light ombre.

    With the help of ombre you can achieve the effect of burnt hair. Very naturally and harmoniously such coloring decorates ashy hair with tanned skin. Do not leave the feeling that the girl had just returned from a holiday at sea.

    Straight hair of medium length with a smooth transition brings a pleasant gentle image. It creates a bright ombre. In this coloring only half of the hairs below are affected.

    Ombre on dark blond hair

    Many Hollywood stars - owners of gorgeous dark hair. To create a graceful, brighter image that does not disturb harmony, resort to a light ombre. New image requires appropriate makeup. If your color type is cold, then the choice should fall on the gloss and lipstick of wine, plum, cherry tones. Since they are beneficial to emphasize the new color of curls and skin color.

    Ombre on light blond hair of medium length

    Light brown hair allows you to perform a very smooth transition. That is why blondes choose ombra more often than others.

    The technique is perfect for the following light shades of hair:

    • Walnut,
    • Amber,
    • Caramel,
    • Silver,
    • Light blond,
    • Blond sunny
    • Blond matte.

    The most natural shade of ombre is burnt hair effect. It is made by clarifying individual strands. A distinctive feature of the coloring are burnt strands in the full face zone.

    Coloring will gradually grow back, but this will not spoil the image at all. A smooth transition will not focus on regrown roots.

    Ombre on blond hair from the roots

    Technique from the roots does not enjoy such a staggering popularity, as at the tips. Because she has a kind of full coloring with gradient or highlighting. In the photo there is an option where the roots have hardly experienced any paint is still there, staining begins with a three-centimeter retreat. Then everything goes down a smooth gradient characteristic of an ombra.

    An unusual and complex staining technique is presented in the photo below. To obtain such a result, the master first lightened the curls, then toned in a golden hue with a transition to black and dark chestnut.

    Ombre technique creates a beautiful and natural look. A good choice of colors and the right technology of painting are the main components of a successful implementation.

    Watch the video: Balayage for YOUR Face Shape PART 1 (December 2019).