How to use mascara for hair, rules of application

Recently, hairstyles that were relevant about fifteen years ago are back in fashion. There is nothing easier than creating a hairstyle with mascara for hair. This tool was the most popular in the period of the performance of the legendary groups Roxette, Ace of Base.

Today's fashionable women can refute the fact that the fashion of the past is now in the trend, however, the presentation of the Chanel collection in 2018 confirms the opposite. Creating a unique image with the help of a mascara for hair, skillfully used by well-known fashion designers and it gradually enters the everyday life of ordinary girls. Due to the mascara, it is very easy to diversify and give the hair originality and originality.

Much earlier, the ink had only a few primary colors, but today the cosmetics market offers a huge color range of these products. In addition to the seven primary colors, there is a mascara of the color of the metal, as well as all sorts of "acidic" tones and shades. Before applying mascara, shades are very easy to combine.

Application of mascara

The mascara itself is usually referred to as decorative cosmetics, it does not harm the hair and is used for temporary color strands. This is its main advantage, because if you do not like the result of it, you can easily remove it with an ordinary washing of the head. Such positive qualities as ease of application and the ability to quickly eliminate, some women successfully apply in case of a sudden themed party or an unplanned celebration.

The method of application of ink is quite simple and you can paint the hair or strands almost everywhere. Usually it is painted separately lying strands, but sometimes dye completely the entire hair. The composition of the carcass consists of natural plant components, moisturizing substances, beeswax and other wax. Wax creates strands necessary shine and does not dry hair. Apply the tool with a special brush.

Before applying mascara for hair, you need to know about the features of its application:

  • Apply mascara only on dry strands.
  • To achieve a brighter color, the procedure should be repeated.
  • Apply the product should be from the growth of hair and in no case across.
  • Do not apply large amounts of product to prevent bonding.
  • Remnants are recommended to be removed with a toothbrush or comb.
  • In color eyelashes and eyebrows, mascara is not suitable for hair.
  • Wash off with regular shampoo.

Rules for buying mascara for hair

Before buying hair mascara, you should arm yourself with information collected from the Internet, where you can get to know the opinions of women who used various products on the forums. Thanks to the information received, already at the place of the distributor of cosmetics, you can find out the details of the purchased product. If the consultant cannot help, then it is important to read the composition of the carcass, which is usually indicated on the packaging. Another major condition is the duration of the carcass. Before carrying the tool, you should make sure that the opposite and sharp smell does not emanate from the carcass, it does not glue the curls or crumble.

Shading mascara is just the tool that teenagers are very fond of trying to separate themselves from the crowd with various colors and modern haircuts. A more advanced category of women also successfully uses mascara for hair and, in everyday life, for going to the theater or restaurant.

Product value

  • The composition does not affect the structure of hair, the coloring composition does not penetrate into the hair shaft.
  • Coloring composition does not contain ammonia, hydrogen peroxide.
  • Can be used for children's hairstyles. It is important to avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.
  • Means changes an image for a short time, with the following washing of a head the pigment will be completely washed away.

  • The tool allows you to create an organic image. If you have several shades of mascara, then you can choose a suitable accessory for a dress.
  • In the process of using it is possible to choose the most appropriate shade for coloring.
  • Mascara for hair coloring helps to create bold images for a theme party. Strands can be of various shades: lilac, green, yellow, blue, fuchsia, pink, gold, white.

Features of working with color ink

  • The tool is very afraid of wet, rainy weather, swimming pool, sauna. If you have to visit one of them, then the use of carcasses should be abandoned. The paint will drain from the strand, ruin the outfit, makeup and your mood.

  • If you are the owner of dark curls, then choose the most bright and pigmented shades. Only in this case, the color will show up well on the curls, and the native strands will color up.
  • In some cases, there is an allergic reaction to mascara hair. Before use, you must conduct a test on the back of the hand. If after applying after 15-20 minutes there is no redness and irritation, then you can apply the composition to the strands. Remember that when removing a product, components can get into the eyes. Be especially careful at this moment.

The principle of using ink at home

  • For the procedure you will need a fine comb with teeth and gloves.
  • Applying colored mascara for hair should be carried out on clean, dry strands. If the product is applied to wet curls, gluing and uneven coloring occur. As drying on the curls are pieces of paint.
  • Before the procedure, you must carefully comb your hair, after applying the paint strands can not be combed. This can create an uneven distribution of paint, form a large number of disheveled hairs. Mascara application should be the final touch.
  • If you plan to lighten some strands, then you need to select them, slightly stretch and apply the tool. Mascara applied from the roots to the tips.
  • If the first time smooth swelling did not work, you can apply mascara again, carefully highlighting the same strands. This method of application is suitable for girls with blond, chestnut, black strands.

  • Do not touch the strands until the carcass is completely dry. On average, the tool dries within 5-7 minutes. Remember this when you wear a holiday outfit. The paint dries faster when drying with a hair dryer, but do not make the air jet too strong. Powerful airflow can give your hairstyle an untidy look.
  • After drying the paint, you need to carefully raise the hair at the roots. This technique will give the hairstyle volume, allow you to mix colored strands with the main color, will make interesting glare on the strands.
  • Familiarize yourself with the instructions before using the ink, different manufacturers use different formulas means. In the application of mascara may appear nuances.

Dyeing techniques for hair of different lengths and structure

  • Long hair. Owners of elegant hair can focus on individual strands or tips. The result is a trendy coloring effect along the entire length or balayazh, that is, stretching the color closer to the roots. Both options will look stylish and fashionable.

  • Short haircut. Girls with a hairstyle like kare and shorter can highlight strands of hair with strokes, it is not necessary to paint strands from root to tip. Mascara for hair, applied in a chaotic manner, will give volume to the hair and refresh the appearance.
  • Hair of different structure. The easiest way to use the tool is for straight strands. You can easily paint over the curls from root to tip. Girls with wavy and curly hair will need more time and mascara to qualitatively paint over selected strands.
  • Gray hair. Mascara is suitable for painting gray hair, but the use of such a product will become daily.
  • Already painted or streaked. If the curls are already painted with resistant paint, the use of mascara will give a deep and many-sided, complex shade.

Tips on choosing mascara

  • Prefer carcasses from reputable manufacturers. This will allow you to get a high quality product and protect yourself from fakes.
  • Mascara is not used for hair every day, so before applying, make sure that the product has not expired. Long-term storage can lead to changes in properties, harm to health.

  • Pay attention to the composition of the tool. Prefer carcasses on the basis of wax, using natural oils, vitamins, glycerin, natural dyes. This mascara will protect the hair from the negative influence of the environment, will accelerate growth.
  • Before you buy, if possible, you should evaluate the smell of mascara. Too harsh chemical smell will irritate you in a short time. Ideally, it will be an odorless product or with a light pleasant fragrance.
  • If the mascara for hair thickened, then it must be thrown away, even when applied to the hair and a good appearance, after a while the tool can crumble.
  • If you decide to create a bold image, then you just need to purchase a set of several packs of ink. This is a kind of creativity, it can mix several different shades, just do not forget that each color should be used to a lesser extent. Otherwise, you will get a motley hairstyle.

  • If your hair is cold, choose a mascara with a cold shade and vice versa.

Bright pink, blue, blue are perfect for the cold blond. If the hair color is warm, for example, chestnut, then copper can become an accent.

How to choose mascara

The choice of mascara is a pretty crucial moment. You need to know all the subtleties and secrets that it possesses. First of all, you need to decide what effect you want to get (an increase in the volume or length of the eyelashes).

Also, it should be individually tailored to the color of the eyes, skin, to make them more expressive, and not dull and unattractive.

Buy any cosmetics you need only in trusted stores that are licensed for products. In no case should not take products in questionable kiosks at the market. In such places, it can be sold at a very attractive price.

The secret of Pugacheva - as in the eighth dozen look 15-20 years younger. A unique tool Innovit: rejuvenating complex for hair, nails and the whole body.

Be sure to pay for an expiration date. It mainly ranges from 3-6 months. If the carcass specified longer shelf life, it is a fake and it is dangerous to use it.

The following must be indicated on the packaging of the cosmetic product:

  • date of manufacture,
  • firm,
  • producing country,
  • shelf life
  • Contact Information.

If the ink is sold without packaging, the purchase should be abandoned. If you have already purchased a poor-quality product, you should contact the distributors, they are required to return the money or make a replacement.

If the eyelashes are thin

Long, thin and thick. Optimal mascara with volume effect. It will make the lashes lush, so that with a good length they will visually become even thicker.

Long and rare. The brush should be either twisting or spiral, with occasional bristles.

Short Volumetric lengthening mascara based on wax and resin. Brush - thin, rare bristles. Well-proven in such cases, two-phase mascara.

If the eyelashes are thick

Long, thick, thick. Mascara with a twisting effect, not more than one layer, as the eyelashes may need only adjustment, but not in giving volume.

Short, thick and thick. They only need to add length. Accordingly, the lengthening mascara, the brush is thick.

Quality test

If you use cheap, dubious production of mascara, there is a risk of damaging the eyelashes - they can start to fall out, become thinner. It is advisable to choose mascara already proven manufacturers and brands.

However, here one should be careful, today very often brand brands are forged. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a test - open the mascara and apply a small amount on the skin of the hand. If the skin is not baked, it does not turn red and there are no other signs of allergies, then the mascara is suitable.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to which line the brush on the hand forms - if it is smooth and without lumps, then the mascara is of high quality. Feel free to smell it - it should not have a specific smell, in extreme cases it should be sweet.


It is made on the basis of polymers, microprotein is introduced into the composition. The consistency is less thick than other species. Because of this, as well as a brush with rare fibers, perfectly distributed over the entire length of each cilia.

Thick, made on the basis of wax. It is equipped with a semicircular brush with thick bristles with the effect of microrasical - to improve the separation and prevent sticking of eyelashes in the process of dyeing. It is applied in several layers.

Water resistant

Personal Slim - the first tool for weight loss with an individually selected composition. A proven way of losing weight from Marina Afrikantovaya from House-2.

This quality she received due to the content of certain polymers that prevent the washing of the coloring matter. This is its advantage and disadvantage, since a specialized compound is required for removal.

For even staining

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It is supplied with a brush with alternating long and short setae. Due to this, the distribution of paint on the eyelashes occurs as evenly as possible.

It is produced in the form of a clear, colorless gel without dyes. May contain:

Heals eyelashes, makes them more elastic, thick.

Proper storage of carcasses

With improper storage, even the highest quality cosmetic can be easily spoiled.

You can not leave the mascara open, even when in a hurry, you need to remember to close it. Then it will not dry out and will last for a long time.

If the mascara is dry, you need to get rid of it. It can not be used, diluted with cream, water or other means. Place dry carcass is not in a beautician, and in the trash.

If you wish, you can leave the brush, most importantly, it is good to wash it. Subsequently, it can be used to apply nutrients to the eyelashes.

If the mascara changes its texture, it also becomes unusable. In order for the mascara to serve the recommended period, it needs certain conditions - the appropriate humidity and temperature. Manufacturers indicate this data on the tube.

Mostly all cosmetics in women stably lie in a cosmetic bag. It is desirable that she was not in the bathroom, there is always high humidity, which can harm any makeup product.

To have good eyelashes and do not harm yourself, you need to choose and store mascara. Any cosmetics need proper storage, only then they will last a long time and will give the desired result.

The site administration, according to the requirements of Yandex, notifies: THIS IS ADVERTISING UNIT

What is mascara for?

Usually these things are chosen by women of fashion to decorate and change their image. Colored strands look stylish and unusual, allow you to quickly change the look for a party or disco. Of course, in the office with bright curls will not go. But here's a date or prom can be quite.

Some girls paint the roots, other ends of hairs, you can make color highlights, choose one shade or more. This is a very convenient product, because it stays on the surface until the first shampooing, and therefore, if you don’t like the result, just wash your hair.

How to choose

Girls often find it difficult to take a shade, because you want to buy everything. You can choose one or two per sample, and if you like it, you can purchase more.

Blondes go tones:

Brunettes can choose bolder shades:

  • Yellow,
  • Green,
  • Orange,
  • Blue,
  • And all of the above.

Review of the best brands

PUPA - It is expensive, about 500 rubles, but quality is captivating here. The paint evenly falls on the hair, the brush is fluffy, well paints the curls. In the presence of more than 20 colors.

Estel - the brand is very famous, it produces hair dyes. The average price of 200 rubles, the children's series Estel My angel gives a neon glow in the ultraviolet, safe to use. Those who used this mascara, leave a very good comment. Comfortable soft tube allows you to use the tool to the maximum.

Children's series of carcasses for hair Estel My angel

Essence - the cost is a little more than 200 rubles. It has 5 shades. The reviews are not particularly flattering, many say that the remedy falls into clumps, but a small price and bright shades find their fans.

How to use

There are several rules for the use of this cosmetic. Mascara can not be used for dyeing eyebrows and eyelashes. On short curls to give them the volume of paint applied strokes, or feathers. So it looks more stylish and economical consumption. For long strands, it is necessary to paint the surface from parting to tip. In this case, the paint looks neat and better visible.


Mascara applied to clean and dry hair. It is necessary to take the order, which will be painted, and carefully comb it. After applying the curl can not be combed. After that, spend on the selected part with a brush to achieve the desired color effect. Immediately strand attached to the other hair is not worth it, you need to wait until the paint dries. It takes 5-7 minutes. You can blow-dry, but without fanaticism.

Many curls for curls dry the surface a little, so too dry they will not look neat. After that, take another curl and repeat the whole procedure from the beginning. When dyeing in several colors, the choice of hairs is better to alternate, so that the image looks more natural. To create a fashionable hairstyle after the end of the procedure, you can slightly mix the colored curls with others. You need to do this with your fingers, without using a comb.

Precautionary measures

Attention! Such factors as:

  • Heterogeneous texture means
  • Unpleasant smell
  • Stretching texture.

In no case should not allow contact with the mucous membranes of the eyes and mouth.

Choosing a cosmetic product of famous brands, you can protect yourself from a fake and not spoil the curls. When drying, the tool peels off, so pay attention to the shelf life.

It is necessary to store a bottle at a temperature not higher than +25 degrees in a place protected from the sun.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of mascara:

  • The content is harmless, does not contain hydrogen peroxide and other harmful compounds. Safe for children,
  • The ability to change the image, look unusual without harm to the hair, as the coloring takes place only for a day - two,
  • If you want to paint the curls in the desired color, you can first experiment with mascara of a certain shade, and with an excellent result, decide to change the image,
  • A wide palette of shades allows you to create truly fantastic hairstyles and style decisions. It is very popular in the fashion industry, with photographers, at a fashion show.


  • Not all colors are visible on brunettes,
  • The tool does not tolerate water, so the sauna, rain, beach and pool are contraindicated to him,
  • Green and red hues of ink are washed away quickly. But they can pigment blondes.

Children's carcasses for hair

Series Estel My angel - refers to the children's means. It is safe to use, very bright and unusual, girls like it. Glows in the ultraviolet, so it looks great in a disco.

A beautiful image before a photo session or a party is now easy to get thanks to the color mascara. Colorful crayons come into fashion, but not everyone knows how to use them, and the coloring is also weaker than that of this medium. I purchased a pink mascara from the Estel My angel series. I liked her very much. On my dark hair, she looked refreshingly, but not catchy, but on light blond she will probably look very bright. I liked the use of this brand, I recommend. I think that the paint is best kept on curled curls, so it looks more natural.

Bought in the beauty salon mascara for coloring curls from the company Estel. Chose green as blonde. What you liked:

  • Low price
  • Bright interesting color,
  • Easy application
  • In the ultraviolet gives acidic shade
  • After scratching does not crumble from the head.

What did not like:

  • Horrible smell,
  • The paint is washed off, leaving a tint that disappears only after repeated washing of the head.

Bought mascara 4 shades from the company Estel. I like blue and pink, green and yellow don't. I am a blonde, so only the first two shades look good on my hair. Yellow is not visible at all, green looks like a dirty marsh. Liked the convenient packaging with a brush, the fact that cosmetics are easy to apply and wash off, it is possible to change the hairstyle.

Did not like: a terrible smell, glued to the hair. Have to comb. The thing is pleasant, but not obligatory, you can have in your cosmetics bag in case of a change of image.

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