Simple hairstyles for March 8: a sea of ​​ideas!

Each of them you can do yourself. They let you look natural and very romantic. Actually, exactly as this feast of femininity and eternal spring suggests. In 2015, fashion still remains natural, so we will not offer you complex, perfect hairstyles. Enough defiantly put hair, put on a beautiful dress.

Gentle curls

Refinement and femininity have always been associated with light curls of thick, beautiful hair. You can do them yourself. It is worth noting that it is best to use a flat iron to create curls on long hair, as curling iron or hair curlers can not cope. To make beautiful curls enough to wash and dry hair. After that, put the iron to warm up, and add some hair roots. Take a strand, twist it into a light tourniquet and run an ironing on it. When finished with the whole volume, shake the hair a little and fix it with varnish.

Stylish hairstyles for March 8 long hair

Pigtails in hair

Very original look long curls, complemented by pigtails. Especially popular are hairstyles created from a cascade of braids. Make them completely easy, for this, carefully look at the photo and repeat all the steps. The braids, braided on the side, look very nice. So you can experiment.

Not leaving classics

If you are going to spend the evening of March 8 in an expensive restaurant, you can turn to the classic look and make a high styling. We do not recommend to contact the salon and do something like a wedding hairstyle. It is enough to restrict the traditional shell, and you can make it yourself. To do this, comb your hair well about the entire length. Slightly add a few strands on top to create volume. Gather the hair in a high tail and tie a rubber band. Twist the hair around the elastic and hide the tip in the hole in the middle. To be sure that the hairstyle does not disintegrate during the dance, fix it with several invisibles.

Hairstyles for medium hair on March 8

Medium length hair can be laid as you like, especially if the hair is docile. Therefore, we will not go into details, but offer photos of current styling in 2015. It should be noted that for medium hair as well as for long-trend natural hairstyles, pigtails, curls, light curls.

Beautiful hairstyles on March 8 for medium hair

Originality can be added to your image with the help of a side beam. If you want to collect hair in a traditional ponytail, do not forget to make bouffant.

Also popular are the hairstyles in the Greek style, which is very easy to do yourself.

Beautiful hairstyle on March 8 will make you truly beautiful, will emphasize your femininity and attractiveness.

Hairstyles for March 8 for short hair

For girls with not very long hair, casually styled hair is best suited. This effect can be achieved with a mousse or a special gel. Negligence in hair styling will give lightness to the whole image. In addition, this option is perfect for both day and evening out. It is simple to perform and does not require much time.

  • A little trick: apply styling to wet hair, then use the hair dryer to create the desired texture. Want crazy volume? Bend your head down and dry your hair well with a hair dryer. If you want to control each strand, do not turn on the dryer to the strongest power and use the comb to guide the strands.

Lovers of more elegant images can use special tools for fixing and combing the hair back or lay them to the side. For the latter option, it is enough only to divide wet hair into two parts and simply fix with a comb and hair dryer.

What hairstyles for March 8 do without waves? Waves are suitable for girls with bangs, and without it. To fully complete the entire image, it is worth using accessories. Decorated studs or headbands are best for this purpose.

  • Win-win hairstyles on March 8 for short hair for the most lazy. Smooth or loose your hair, and then put on a beautiful bandage or headband. And voila! No cost for a hairdresser.

Hairstyles for March 8 for medium hair

Medium hair length offers a wider choice for hairstyles. The easiest way to go out with loose hair. To do this, they can be completely straightened, or vice versa, make light curls.

With the help of special tools for fixing the hair, you can give a little kind of carelessness. To do this, it is enough to apply a special mousse to the hair, dry it with a hairdryer without combing it and slightly crumpling with hands. With this hairstyle you can go out, both in the afternoon for a walk, and in the evening to visit entertainment facilities.

Not less advantageous option is loose hair with elements of weaving, which use small accessories, such as flowers or hairpins with jewelry.

  • A pigtail on the side or unusual forms from invisible women - such a hairstyle on March 8 looks original, but at the same time it is rather daily, so nothing will show your desire to stand out on this day.

A smooth bun is perfect for attending official events. For the same day image, you can choose a careless bundle. To do this, it is enough to make a high tail, comb it well and wrap it around the elastic, then fix it with the help of invisible hairs and varnish.

New trend - hairstyles with harnesses. Here every girl can give free rein to her imagination. With their help, you can simply remove interfering side strands or make up the entire hairstyle.

Hairstyles for long hair

Girls with long hair can not limit themselves in anything.

  • Charming braids, plaits or a simple black bow - hairstyles in the style of “back to school” will remind you that in your heart you will always remain a girl.

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Universal and at the same time simple hairstyle for March 8 - curls, they can create each girl on their own. They may have a clearer shape, and be almost invisible. It all depends on what kind of curlers you choose. If you want Hollywood curls - choose large curlers or use aluminum cans from under the cola, dream of small curlers - to help you with small curlers or, at worst, pencils.

Another option - corrugated strands.

High tail with weave will be able to decorate absolutely any image. No less successful will have elegant bun, which can be created using a special rubber-pillow. For a more romantic option when creating a beam is to use small curls.

  • Just see how you can decorate the simplest tail! All you need is to take a few extra rubber bands to split the big tail into segments.

No less a winning option would be a hairstyle shell, which enjoyed the love of women back in the 70s. For more hair, pre-lightly curl.

Hair accessories for March 8

Nowadays there are many variety of accessories that fit all hair regardless of length or color. With the help of some accessories you can give a hairstyle a solemn look, slightly emphasize it, attract attention. Most of them are used simply for the placement of accents and additions, and some are not only decoration, but also the main element with which the hairstyle is fixed. Among the variety it is necessary to highlight accessories that are universal for girls with any hair length:

  • Invisible - More recently, they were just assistants in fixing hair. Now with their help on the hair, you can create unique patterns that will certainly attract the attention of others,

  • Tiaras - most often they are used when creating hairstyles for evening events. The tiara can be easily fixed and it will be held on the hair for a long time without inconvenience,
  • Combs - They are back in fashion recently. With their help, you can not only securely fix the hair, but also bring some zest to your hair. Due to the simple method of fixation and a wide range of combs are very popular among the beautiful half of humanity to create not only festive and evening, but also everyday hairstyles,
  • Flowers - for hair decoration, you can use both live and artificial. Just a few flowers in her hair can not only complement the image, but also make it very delicate. Each girl will be able to choose a flower that best suits exactly her hair in size, color or shape,

  • Headbands - the most versatile accessory for all occasions. With the help of the rim you can not only beautify, but also create a hairstyle from scratch. Thanks to a large assortment, any girl will be able to choose exactly the bezel that best complements her image.
  • Beads for weaving and small ring earrings. Accessories in your hairstyle will say everything for you! Who are you - a daring rebel or a romantic nature? Or maybe both?

When choosing an accessory for decorating hair, you need to consider that it should decorate it, and not distract attention from you. In addition, any accessory should be in harmony with the whole image, and not just be a bright spot. And down with my grandmother's bouffant and desire to look "richer"!

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Very beautiful on long hair looks low tail, which can be decorated with ribbon or original hairpin. This hairstyle can be combined with weaving, braids or wrap to give a non-standard note styling.

All kinds of curls, curls, soft waves and other types of cheating are also popular on March 8, because almost every girl can make this hairstyle on her own. Properly fix the styling varnish and celebrate International Women's Day in all its glory!

Gentle hairstyle for March 8

Original low tail

Small details that can be used in a festive hairstyle

To begin with, it should be noted that the festive hairstyle, even in the office, allows for the presence of accessories in the hair. Of course, which ones will depend on the severity of the dress code, but you can easily allow a slight deviation from the rules in the form of beautiful hairpins or a small hairpin. Hair at the same time should lie very carefully, negligence is unacceptable.

For evening holiday hairstyles allowed more. You can choose any image that will be appropriate for your publication or home festival. Here you can use beautiful and bright hairpins, small diademki, artificial flowers. Of course, you need to select them in accordance with your outfit and other decorations. But do not overdo it, so that your appearance does not look very tasteless.

Loose hair

This type of installation is truly universal. Loose hair is perfect for a women's holiday, emphasizes the beauty of its owner, and well-chosen accessories will add mystery to the image. You can lay them in different ways. The first two options (in the photo) are suitable for a romantic evening, but the third one can also be used to go to a restaurant.

For example, using fixing means, you can give your hair light negligence. To do this, apply mousse or gel on the hair, then blow-dry the hair without combing it. At the same time, squeeze them in your palms, as if crumpling paper.

Another winning option would be a hairstyle with flowing hair with elements of weaving. For example, a waterfall with curled locks will look good. For such a hairstyle would be appropriate flowers in her hair.

Retro styling will look no less impressive. Such curls you too can easily make yourself. Take a few long hairpins (the amount depends on how many waves you will be doing) or foil. Apply mousse or gel to the curls, wrap each strand of hair in an envelope of foil. Make an accordion out of it and warm it up with an iron.

The same spectacular curls can be obtained using long hairpins (clips). Here only each strand of hair must be laid in a wave, fixed with barrettes.

Smooth bunch

For an evening in an expensive restaurant, a smooth high beam is perfect. Moreover, its implementation should be minimalist and concise. Do not make a difficult option, limit yourself to a regular shell or a neat bunch.

Comb your hair well and do a little bouffant on the crown. Then lift them into a high tail, tightly tie a rubber band. Carefully twist the tail around its base, and hide the tip inside. For reliability, fix all invisible and spray varnish.

By the way, instead of combing you can braid the braid from the temple perpendicular to the parting. Finish the braid to the very end and tie it with rubber band. Now make a high beam with the rest of the hair, fix it with pins. Wind the tip of the braid around the base of the beam and hide it. In the end, you can also spray varnish.

Festive tail

There are girls whose faces are just perfect to the horsetail hair. At first glance, such an ordinary styling may be quite original. You only need to add a few accessories or tailor an unusual way. Moreover, if your hair is rather voluminous, then the hairstyle will look just gorgeous without any tricks.

So smoothly combed hair and strapped at the bottom, around the neck look like an option for every day. But if you separate a strand of hair and wind it with the base of the tail, then your tail will get some chic. This is the technique used by Hollywood stars. Instead of spinning hair, you can use a pigtail to hide a rubber band. And the tail itself can be tightened not at the bottom, but on the crown itself.

Another option could be a high tail braided in a braid. Rezinochku also hide straightened hair.

The following offer is suitable for those who like fleece. At the top you need to comb a little hair, then pull them all in a ponytail. If desired, you can twist curls. Sprinkle hair on your hair so that it stays better and longer.

Unusual weaving

This hairstyle is very similar to the Greek styling. There is a slight carelessness and airiness in the curls, and the decoration in the hair gives an even greater femininity to the image.

Weave this hairstyle is easy. Comb your hair well, before that, apply a special styling agent on them. Now weave a braid from the temple and on the bottom, grabbing large strands of hair. Weave not too tight to the hair as if slightly scattered. Do not finish the braid, and drag it with an elastic band on its side so that the hair forms a tail. It remains to sprinkle a little varnish and put on a beautiful bezel.

Hairstyles from harnesses

Such hairstyles are no less popular among women. Their owners attract attention with the unusual styling of their hair, as the flagella look quite interesting. Moreover, when using jewelry, you can perfect your image to perfection.

For example, while using the simplest styling option, curl the curls in the opposite direction from the temples. Attach each strand with a pin and, if necessary, fix it with stealth. So do the hair and the other side.

Another option for laying bundles is a bundle. Comb well hair and divide them into several parts. Each strand of hair twist into a flagellum, fixing it on the back of the head in random order. This hairstyle looks good with artificial flowers.

Now you have in your arsenal some variants of what hairstyles can be made on March 8 for medium hair. With their help, you can complete the selected image, become more feminine. Each hairstyle is easy to perform at home, alone. It is advisable to practice before the final version of its implementation, especially if such a installation is done for the first time. I also want to note that at least March 8 is a holiday, you should not perform too complex wedding-type hairstyles. It is better if it is somewhat easier, but it will have a zest. Then you definitely will not stay away from the general attention.

Video: hairstyles on March 8 for medium hair

Festive hairstyles for short hair

A popular option for hairstyles for short hair is considered to be badly folded curls, which are fixed with a special gel or mousse. A slight randomness will give the image ease and ease, therefore it is suitable for both daytime and evening activities.

To make the strands look spectacular, apply mousse for fixation on wet strands, and then proceed to the formation of the desired texture with the help of hot air. If you wish to increase the volume of the roots, while drying hair, it is recommended to tilt your head down.

You can emphasize the elegance of the festive look by putting the strands on one side. To do this, wet curls are divided into two halves and modeled using a special mousse and comb. At the final stage, the hair is carefully dried with a hair dryer.

In addition to the feminine look, styling with elements of weaving - asymmetrical thick braids. Girls with short hair braid plait in the temple, fix it with a beautiful hairpin. To give the weaving volume and gently straighten the links with a thin comb.

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Festive hairstyles for medium hair

Owners of locks of medium length prefer natural hairstyles. A simple option is loose hair. To make the strands look well-groomed and attractive, they are washed, dried and leveled.

You can improve your hairstyle by giving it a carelessness. To do this, apply moisturizing mousse to wet hair and dry it with a hairdryer. When the curls are dry, they are slightly twisted with a curling.

To emphasize the originality of the image, the curls are complemented by an element of weaving. The advantage of the hairstyle is its versatility: a braid in loose hair looks harmoniously both during a day walk and during a celebration.

A suitable styling option for a formal event is a sleek bun. To model it, you need to align the hair, make a high tail of it and wind it around the elastic band, and at the final stage - fix it with invisible hair.

The presence of oblique bangs is the reason for creating styling in retro style. To obtain the desired texture curls sprinkled with dry shampoo. A small bouffant is formed in the back of the head, fixed by invisibles. Side strands rise up, secured. Short curls, which are located near the neck, smoothed scallop with fine teeth.

Festive hairstyles for long hair

Long, smooth and shiny curls look spectacular, well-groomed. It is possible to emphasize femininity and sophistication of the festive image with the help of gentle curls. For modeling curls, it is recommended to use a flat iron.

The hair is washed, dried with a hair dryer, make a little bouffant at the roots. After the iron has warmed up, they proceed to the winding up: a strand of hair is twisted into a tight bundle, after which it is held along a straightener. At the final stage, the curls are fixed with varnish.

A good addition to the classic together is the high styling. You can create a traditional shell at home, without going to the hairdresser. To do this, comb your hair along the entire length, form a high tail and tie a rubber band. At the next stage, the curls are wound around the base of the tail and fixed with stealth or hairpins.

The original outfit looks harmoniously with a wreath of large braids. At the first stage, it is necessary to curl the curls with a curling iron and tie a low tail, while leaving the locks in the temples area loose. The formed tail is twisted into a tight harness and fixed with pins.

The purl French braid is modeled from loose curls, the end of which is hidden in the tail. In order to fix the finished hair sprinkled with varnish.

Optional accessories

Accessories give the hairstyle a festive look, emphasize accents, attract attention. Popular hair ornaments include:

  • invisible - except for the main purpose - fixing curls, they are used to create unique patterns and abstractions,
  • a small tiara looks harmoniously in loose wavy curls, which complements the solemn image,
  • combs are fixed in modeled strands, give originality to the hairstyle,
  • Flowers emphasize the tenderness and lightness of the image. To make the decoration look harmonious, the size and color of the flowers are selected based on the hairstyle and outfit,
  • headbands are an accessory, used to create everyday, festive hairstyles,
  • large beads are woven into thick braids,
  • silk shawl is used to improve high hairstyles,
  • hairpins made of non-ferrous metals are used in the formation of a shell, a volume fly.

When choosing decorations for festive styling, you need to follow the rule: the accessory must complement the hairstyle, and not distract attention from its owner.

That the ornament was combined with a holistic image, conveyed the right mood.

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Weave bundle on March 8

Beautiful curls for long hair

Stylish hairstyle for long hair

Extreme hairstyles for March 8

The category of women inclined to extreme options is not too numerous, but it is most noticeable. This is especially true of girls who are distinguished by their courage and love for risky experiments.
For example, hairstyles from matted hair, which are not so easily constructed, are listed. To do this, apply special sprays, need necessarily good taste from the designer.
The combination within the same hairstyle of different textures - straightened and curled hair - looks impressive.
Enjoyed success and hairstyles with the effect of sea salt in the hair, and other experimental findings. For the imagination of the master there is a vast scope.

San andres milano

Fatima val

Cushnie et ochs

Striking hair to the side on the day of March 8

This kind of hairstyle is done if you have a long day, full of greetings and other events. The density of the schedule does not allow to allocate time to restore hair, so you should immediately choose a beautiful and reliable option.
Throwing hair to one side, you will look interesting and fresh, your hair will look natural and pleasant. You can leave them straight, or you can slightly curl, the parting position is determined individually. It is necessary to use styling, but in moderation, so that the hair does not seem wooden.

Max mara

Laconic bun: simple hairstyle for women

It is quite possible to understand women who do not want to risk changing hairstyle. Suddenly, the new version will be worse than usual, to which everyone had time to get used, and first of all - the woman herself. Therefore, you can leave your own hairstyle, but to dress her up.
It is possible to decorate your usual bunch for the sake of the holiday, and it will immediately freshen up, it will become interesting. This can be either a flower or an original hairpin.
At the base of the beam may lie the tail, which is folded into a bundle and fixed. And you can braid the same tail, and weave a shiny rope in strands, and already lay the braid around the base of the tail.
And the formed harness can be decorated further.

Dolce & Gabbana / Diane Von Furstenberg

Rolando Santana / Gabriele Colangelo

Curls and curls most relevant on March 8

What could be more elegant than lush hair, clean, brilliant and well-groomed!
Well, if you - the owner of curly by nature hair, able to fit into the soft waves. Those who are not lucky curl their hair with all available means to create an image of a romantic and feminine.
Curls and curls are fundamentally different things.
When choosing the size of curling tools, remember that the features of your face require quite certain size of curls. If you have small facial features, then the curls should be smaller, so as not to disturb the harmony. Small features with large curls will be even smaller, and it will not decorate you. But large curls beautifully set off large facial features.

Everyone knows how to curl hair:
- my hair shampoo, increasing volume,
- blotting hair with a towel, apply a heat spray,
- take a hairdryer and brushing (a large comb, a round brush with a special coating and holes) and dry the hair,
- we work with curling iron, cone or forceps.
There is another way, not so common:
- my hair shampoo, increasing volume,
- we blot hair with a towel and, while still wet, we twist it into a bundle, and we roll the bundle itself,
- we fix the beam on the head and in this form we dry it with a hair dryer,
- wait until the hair is completely cooled, and dissolve them,
- we give shape to hair, squeezing them with palms, after which we spray it with varnish.

FELDER FELDER / Alberto Zambelli


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