Chemical hair straightening forever

How do you want the perfect styling on the head! The advantages are obvious: neither styling is needed, nor to spoil the hair with hot air. There is a great option - straight hair. Perfectly straight. And the procedure is called permanent hair straightening.

Benefits of the procedure

The option is ideal if every morning begins with the alignment of the strand ironing. And after straightening in the salon and the hair structure is preserved, and styling is much easier. And hairstyle neither rain nor the wind is not terrible. Yes, and rebellious curls, which are difficult to comb, become obedient. Once a visit to the salon - and everyday torture for the hair is a thing of the past.

The question is whether the procedure is so good. In fact, it is the opposite of perm. In preparations there are substances for softening the outer hair layer. Curls after such an intervention turn into a kind of clay, and the master can do with them what he wants: at least light curls to mold, even turn into perfectly straight.

Wavy soft strands are suitable means the weakest, those who have hard hair, solutions require more saturated. Specialist and optimal composition chooses, and the procedure will hold with minimal harm to the hair. Start - cleansing hair with a special shampoo. This is followed by a preparation for softening. It stays on a third of an hour’s length, then it is washed away.

How is straightening

The hair is prepared for further action, and the turn of thermal protection has come. After applying the heat protection spray, the hair is divided into small strands and treated with a hot iron. Then put the retainer and leave for a certain time. The result - the hair is smooth, straight and silky. But time takes a lot of straightening. But the effect is also promised permanent: forever.

However, once a month in two or three will have to handle regrown roots. In combination with curly regrown roots, straight hair looks weird. Yes, and the damage to the chemical head of the hair when permanently straightening hair cause considerable.

In any case, care is needed quality. Three days after straightening the strands can not be washed. We'll have to forget about the hair dryer, curling iron and iron, as well as remove away hairpins with rims and rubber bands. And of course you should not do complex hairstyles and dye your hair.

Hair care after the procedure

To wash the shampoo will need only high quality, it will recommend the master. Once a week at least - air conditioning, and not any. A dry hair is necessary only in a natural way. In the sun, especially active, the first three days after the procedure is better not to appear. It is necessary to comb the strands with a rare and wide-toothed comb: the hair is already weakened, so why injure it additionally. For this reason, several times a week we make nourishing masks.

Even with all the recommendations, permanent hair straightening still harms the hair to some degree or another, and restoring them is not easy. So it is worth thinking, as it should, is it really necessary to change drastically. And if the cost does not frighten, and the maintenance of beauty is a joy, then go ahead to the salon.

Straightening methods

The duration of permanent hair straightening is very impressive. So the procedures offered in the salons are less durable. The most popular - keratin straightening. The composition with keratin is applied to the locks, smoothed for a couple of hours. The result will last up to five months.

Heat straightening gives a good effect, although not as long. You can spend it at home ironing. To create the perfect hairstyle “on time” option is suitable. And too frequent use of thermometers and strands dry up, and the hair will thin.

The most popular system for straightening is Goldwell. It adds volume to the hair, and straightening is possible with it even on the head of hair after chemistry. As part of the application vitamins and oils to improve the structure pryadok.

Home straightening

If permanent hair straightening is a kind of chemistry, then the procedure can be carried out at home. Skills, however, will be required. It is impossible to carry out straightening by folk remedies, except that hardly noticeable and not for a long time. But to get a set for a home procedure is quite real. It includes a special shampoo, chemical composition, thermal protection, neutralizer and fixative.

Funds for

A lot of money and is intended for independent use. They are sparing, and the results will give good. In the RioBottox series there is a preparation for smoothing, conditioner and shampoo for deep cleaning.

Complex Cadiveu is designed for keratin straightening. ConstantDelight curls smooth out for a while, and the CHI line evens out natural curls. With the help of Maxima cream you can change the structure of the hair, and Zimberland even smoothes out the most resistant curls.

Before carrying out permanent hair straightening on your own with a specialist, it is necessary to consult. He will assess the state of the order objectively, and the composition will recommend.


If the hair is diseased and weakened, if you have recently undergone chemical shaving, the procedure will have to be postponed. You can not do straightening and with problems with the scalp or a tendency to allergy to money. And pregnancy and breastfeeding are direct contraindications to conduct.

If there are no contraindications, you can begin to act. Be sure to strictly follow the instructions, performing all of the steps. The composition should remain on the locks only indicated on the label time. There was a burning sensation and itching - immediately wash away the remedy.

Procedures for changing the image a lot. And it's nice to change constantly. And permanent hair straightening to help us. But when drugs are used, they are quite aggressive. Their action does not disappear instantly. And to return the native curls, if something has disliked, alas, is unreal. So before you decide to radically change the image, it is worth trying more benign means that act temporarily.

Hair straightening process

The uniqueness of the procedure is that it has absolutely no aggressive effect on the hair shaft itself or on the scalp.

The main differences of the system of permanent transformation hair DXL:

Replacing disrupted disulfate bonds of a hair protein with artificial crystallized paraffin or silicone

Replacing disrupted disulfate bonds of a hair protein with artificial crystallized paraffin or silicone

Their means for chemical straightening penetrate into the hair and change its structure. Depending on the thickness, health and hair, the exposure time and the duration of the effect are regulated. It is impossible to straighten hair forever. Although the company revlon claims that their products are capable of a very long-lasting effect, on average from six months to a year.

Chemical permanent hair straightening

This is a synonym for conventional straightening, but with a difference in the composition of the rectifiers. For permanent procedures used only professional cosmetics, such as kaaral. What are the features of hair straightening professional means:

Hair properties

Hairstyle after the procedure of straightening always looks good. She is not afraid of rain, and in the morning does not require styling. Permanent hair straightening is especially recommended for brunettes, who usually have hard and often wavy hair.

Smoothing X-Tenso hair gently and gently, it does not damage the hair, but rather restores them, filling the voids in the structure and deeply moisturizing from the inside. When smoothing, the condition and type of hair must be taken into account: depending on this, the right product is selected from the X-Tenso line. A differentiated approach provides excellent results on any hair - sensitive, normal or hard.

X-Tenso ToolsfromL’Oreal has made long-term smoothing more accessible: now you can straighten weak and thin hair that has been streaked (up to 30% of strands) and even dyeing hair on the same day is also allowed.

The achieved effect is natural and beautiful: the hair remains alive, with a moving volume, light and crumbly.

No burnt strands, no lifeless “icicles” on the head - only strong, healthy and dynamic hair. Long-term smoothing lasts up to two months, after which it can be repeated by capturing the grown curly roots.

- Excellent result with fast, classic application.

ATThe bands stay straight for long due to the reinforcement of the joints.

Betaine strengthens hydrogen bonds

For the first time and only in the network of beauty salons UNIQUE, the procedure of long-term hair straightening with installment payment for two months. Perfectly straight, smooth and shiny hair is even more accessible.

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Permanent hair straightening: prohibitions after the procedure

Before performing this procedure it is advisable not to dye hair, maximum - on the hair can be light toning. For about three days after visiting the salon hair should not be exposed to sunlight and, of course, wet them. In order to avoid wrinkles, you can not use barrettes and other hair accessories. It is also advisable to "sleep carefully" 🙂

Such a procedure, if you take the risk, you can do and at home, but for this you will have to go through special training courses, as some brands of professional cosmetics, necessary for leveling, simply don’t sell without it. In addition, it will be difficult to even straighten small strands with irons.

And the fact that the permanent straightening of unruly hair should be carried out using only high-quality cosmetics - it is a fact.

This is the only way to achieve the perfect result, without any surprises. Those who have undergone the procedure in professional salons claim that their hair gets a luxurious shine, which is not lost for many months, and the hair remains even after being hit by a shower or after a bath.

But correction of regrown roots is quite possible to carry out in the walls of your own bath. To do this, you need a special spray, which consists of ammonium thioglycate and sodium hydroxide. To care for chemically straightened hair is desirable with the help of products containing a moisturizing or amino acid complex for recovery.

When deciding whether to permanently straighten hair or not, pay attention to the condition of your strands. Some girls believe that daily straightening hair with the help of ironing and heat protection means is much more effective, cheaper and less harmful for them. If in doubt, try experimenting. for starters only with bangsand if you like it, then you can straighten the entire length of the hair.

How do hair straightening chemicals work?

There are several systems of permanent hair straightening, but they all use, in general, similar chemical processes that change the structure of the hair. First, an alkaline solution is applied to the hair, which breaks down the disulfide bonds that make the hair curly. After some time, when the alkaline solution has its effect, a neutralizer is applied - it restores the natural pH of the hair, and helps to form new disulfide bonds, with the result that the structure of the hair changes.

Although the exact composition of alkaline relaxators varies from different manufacturers, they can all be divided into three main types:

  • Sodium hydroxide relaxers are the first and most aggressive relaxers that can cause serious damage to hair and skin. These substances are best avoided, but they may be the only effective means for permanently straightening hard and very curly hair.
  • Relaxers, the main active substance of which is guanidine hydroxide - softer means for straightening hair, but, nevertheless, they can also cause severe skin irritation and hair damage.
  • Ammonium thioglycolate is the active substance of the softest relaxers.

The active ingredients of various relaxers are not always well combined with each other, so if you have previously done any permanent hair straightening, before going through it again, consult with a specialist. For example, if an ammonium thioglycolate relaxer is used on hair that was previously straightened with sodium hydroxide, a chemical reaction could practically burn the hair.

It’s impossible to call the best way to permanently straighten hair, having considered two of the most common ones, you can see that each of them has significant advantages and disadvantages.

Permanent hair straightening relaxers

In traditional systems of permanent hair straightening, relaxers with sodium hydroxide or, more often, with guanidine hydroxide are used. With the help of these substances you can straighten even the most "stubborn" hair. In addition, they allow you to control the degree of straightening - for example, if you want to get large waves instead of small curls, you just need to put a neutralizer on your hair before they become completely straight. The main disadvantage of relaxers is that they contain very aggressive chemicals. They can not be applied to hair, weakened by dyeing, exposure to sunlight, and other factors.

Japanese hair straightening

This method uses soft relaxers with ammonium thioglycolate. They are held on the hair until the disulfide bonds are destroyed, and then the hair is straightened with the help of an iron. The result is perfectly smooth, shiny hair. In order to maintain the achieved effect, it is necessary to straighten grown hair several times a year.

But this method of hair straightening, of course, is not perfect. Glitter is achieved due to the fact that the iron smoothes the hair cuticle, thereby increasing the reflective surface. However, the internal structure of the hair as a result of exposure to chemicals and heat is damaged. In addition, Japanese hair straightening is expensive and takes a long time - up to six hours in case you have thick and long hair.

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