How to make a tiger eye dyeing on dark hair: typical mistakes and photo highlights

Replaced by the fashionable techniques of coloring shatush and balayazh came a new way with the beautiful name "tiger eye". It is suitable only for owners of dark or dark blond hair. Coloring "tiger eye" won not only the stars of show business, but also fashionistas who follow trends in the beauty industry. About him, and will be discussed in the article.

Why is it called that?

The name “tiger eye” has not got its name at all because of the love for the representatives of the cat family. There is also nothing in it to resemble a tiger color. This technique applies to highlighting using only warm shades of paint.

Hair coloring "tiger eye" implies the creation of highlights of a light caramel color on dark hair. The result is a smooth transition from chocolate to amber shades. Such glare resembles the play of a semiprecious stone tiger eye, therefore the technique received such a name.

Previously, among the brunettes was popular effect of sun-bleached hair, which was not so difficult to achieve and without going to the salon. But creating a tiger's eye overflow will require some skill and patience. Therefore, if you want your hair to resemble a Hollywood hairstyle, it is better to contact a qualified colorist.

Advantages of this method

The tiger eye dyeing technique has several advantages due to which many women want to try out this trend. The positive points are as follows:

  • hair will appear more voluminous
  • hairstyle will gain airiness,
  • visually curls will seem resilient and resilient,
  • Correct selection of shades makes the image more fresh and youthful,
  • staining does not require frequent updates,
  • Coloring does not harm the bulk of the hair.

Disadvantages of tiger coloring

Despite the fact that the result looks beautiful, does not need frequent updating and is suitable for any length of hair, there are also disadvantages in coloring:

  • suitable only for owners of dark hair. Some colorists try to apply this technique to both fair-haired and red-haired girls, but it doesn’t look as impressive as brunettes,
  • The procedure is quite long. Of course, the coloring turns out to be multifaceted, with overflows, but not everyone is willing to spend a lot of time on coloring
  • the difficulty of doing at home. On this account, the opinions of experts are different: some believe that home staining is aerobatics, others believe that there is nothing difficult in staining the "tiger eye". But still you should not try to do it yourself if you have insufficient experience in painting.

How is it done?

Specialists compare the tiger-eye hair coloring with painting on canvas. That is why it is difficult to do at home. The specialist dyes the strand in the form of a letter V in a light shade: the sharp end faces the tips of the hair, which are painted completely. The strand is wrapped in foil and additionally in polyethylene. This is done so that dyed hair does not touch each other.

The coloring composition is left for 30 minutes. Depending on the effect of the dye, the master can increase the time. Next comes the stage of shampooing, light drying with a hair dryer and coloring the roots. The colorist selects the shade as close as possible to the natural color.

Next, the master starts toning. Smears of selected shades are applied on the strands. After the coloring is completed, the hair is washed and a moisturizing balm is applied, because strands were lightened.

By the time the procedure takes about 2-3 hours, but the result is amazing - the hair style plays with other colors. In order to get the desired effect, show the master of the photo tiger hair dyeing with the hairstyle you want.

Hair care

After coloring "tiger eye" hair does not require any special recommendations for hair care. About once a week, you need to saturate them with nutrients using repair masks. It will also be useful hair moisturizing balm, because strands brightened.

This technique looks great on the curls, so if you have to use various devices to create them, you should not forget about thermal protection, so as not to injure the structure of the hair.

Difference from balayazh

After familiarizing yourself with the tiger technique of coloring, you may think that it is no different from the equally popular way of balayazh. Yes, they have a similar hair coloring method. In both cases, for the master, the hair is a canvas on which he paints a picture in highlights. But still there are some differences.

Unlike balayazha this technique is suitable only for brunettes. Its peculiarity consists in the fact that a warm gamut is used - these are honey and caramel shades. The resulting contrast between the main color and the strands is more pronounced and sharp than in balayazh. New technology has quickly gained popularity, there are many photos of tiger-eye staining both among stars and fashionistas.

The new trend is ideal for those who do not want to radically change their image. "Tiger eye" is a rather gentle dyeing technique that allows you to maintain the quality of the hair. The hairstyle takes on a more well-groomed and elegant look, it becomes brighter, many-sided. Warm shades emphasize the beauty and depth of dark hair. The main thing is to choose a qualified master who knows how the "tiger eye" differs from other popular techniques. If you want to do it at home, it will be difficult to do it yourself. Therefore it is necessary to seek help from a specialist. Your image will certainly be spectacular and will cause admiration.

The origin of technology

The Tiger Eye staining scheme has no connection with the animal world. it name borrowed from the extraordinary beauty of natural stone. Tiger's eye (stone) people knew in ancient Rome, its color includes a lot of gorgeous colors: from dark chocolate to rich caramel. It is such transitions on dark strands suggests the highlighting of the "tiger eye".

He came up with an unusual technology for staining Cory Tuttle's curls. There are two types of coloring: for brunettes and an inverted range of shades for blondes. Caramel fashionable strands with pleasure are Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Joan Smoles.

Who is suitable for highlighting "tiger eye"?

Amber-chocolate tints highlighting "tiger eye" look favorably on the owners of dark, brown hairwhich have a warm skin type, green / brown eyes. For pale and dark-skinned ladies this type of highlighting may not be suitable.

Blonde Tiger Eye is not, but the lady may wish to change the image, painting most of the hair in a dark color, in this case, the technique will be acceptable for a fair-haired woman. For blondes, there is also another method of highlighting, which involves the use of the opposite color gamut. The length of the strands for such a highlighting technique does not matter, the “tiger eye” looks great on short and long hairstyles.

Choosing the right shades

Highlighting the "tiger eye" involves the use of caramel, honey, golden, copper shades for coloring individual strands, rich chocolate tones are used as a basis for highlighting. Ladies who have a natural dark shade of hair can not buy a base color, leave the natural color of hair as the basis.

At the moment, there are many caramel shades available that can be used for highlighting the Tiger Eye. Choose a color that will shade your eyes and skin. For help, it is better to contact an experienced colorist or a consultant in the store if you doubt your choice.

Contraindications to staining

In addition to the color of natural hair, consider other features of your hair:

  1. Highlighting is not recommended for women who have very damaged hair.
  2. It is forbidden to repaint curls for two months after using henna or basma. It is quite difficult to predict the end result, natural dyes penetrate deep into the hair structure, and may give the strands a green or red tint.
  3. Hypersensitivity to the selected dye. Before home staining, test for allergies (apply paint on your wrist 48 hours before staining; if there is no negative reaction, feel free to use the substance).
  4. It is forbidden to highlight curls in the case of dermatological diseases that affect the scalp (eg, seborrhea, eczema).
  5. During pregnancy and menstruation, various hormonal changes take place in the body, therefore during this period it is not recommended to change the image drastically. Breastfed ladies before painting should consult a doctor.

Tiger Eye yourself at home

Many people ask: is it possible to dye your hair on your own and get the desired result? Of course, follow the tiger eye highlights.

To perform staining yourself Prepare consumables in advance, the necessary tools:

  • caramel-colored cream paint,
  • brightener (for dark hair it is better to choose 6–9%),
  • nonmetallic capacity (2 pieces),
  • flat brush
  • hairbrush,
  • foam sponge
  • foil (you can buy a special foil or use food foil),
  • hair clips
  • shampoo, colored hair balm,
  • a cape on the shoulders, newspapers (in the future it will be necessary to close the floor in order to avoid damage to it).

The tiger-eye staining scheme includes several main points:

  1. Prepare a workplace, wear gloves. Prepare a clarifier and paint (mix the coloring matter and oxidizer).
  2. Separate small strands, use a foil, for reliability fix them with clips.
  3. Apply the clarifier, retreating from the roots of 4 cm, stretch all the substance along the curl. Soak for twenty minutes, rinse with plain water.
  4. Apply the caramel paint to clean and slightly damp bleached strands with a special brush or sponge. Pierce a shock of hair that will remain unpainted so that no dye gets on the hairs. Place the colored strand in foil again, fasten with a clip. The absence of sharp transitions, color stretching is the main principle of the excellent result of highlighting “tiger eye”.
  5. Hold the paint for 30 minutes (if there is a different time period on the package, follow the manufacturer's instructions).
  6. Rinse the hair with shampoo, apply a grooming balm for colored hair.

Duration of the result

Highlighting the "tiger eye" is worn for a long time, due to the coloring of some strands, leaving the roots in a natural shade. Therefore, after hair regrowth, the transition will not be visible. You can walk with Tiger Eye for up to two months, during which time the paint may blur, you need to repeat the manipulations.

The most common mistakes

Lack of professional skills in hair coloring sometimes leads to poor results. Consider common errors, methods for fixing them:

  • Do not rely on the hair color that is painted on the dye cover. The shag has its own pigmentation, other features. Carefully study the back side of the box (there is a palette with the original shade of the strands and the final result, which will be obtained after dyeing). Exactly on these data, count when choosing paint.
  • Consider that the dye includes aggressive ingredients, before dyeing, protect the skin from the negative impact (wear gloves, smear the face epidermis with baby cream or a special emulsion, cover the shoulders with a cape).
  • Before changing the hair color, do not put on the curls the caring balms and masks, they envelop the hairs, preventing the paint from penetrating into the curl. It is recommended not to wash your hair before highlighting for several days.
  • Choose shades of several tones that are lighter than natural color, you may not like dramatic changes.

What to do in case of failure?

Tint shampoo or tonic that is easy to find in any store will help to cope with untidy highlighting.

It will add shine to the curls, eliminate the missteps after dyeing.

You can re-dye your hair after a week, otherwise the curls can be badly affected during the intensive change of image.

Rules for the care of dark hair after the procedure

Any coloring, even gentle, for hair - stress. After highlighting, follow the following requirements to help preserve the shine of the strands, the result obtained for a long period of time:

  1. Get dyed hair care products (shampoo, balsam, mask, even thermal protection for streaked hair is sold).
  2. Immediately after the procedure, refrain from visiting saunas and swimming pools (chlorine adversely affects the paint, “washes out” it). The ban is removed on the fifth day after highlighting.
  3. Wear a hat before going out into the open sun, ultraviolet negatively affects not only the hair, but also the skin of the face.
  4. Minimize the use of irons, ploek, hair dryer. Exposure to high temperatures on the strands leads to hair damage: the appearance of split ends, even loss of curls. If styling is required, then use thermal protection.
  5. Scrub the locks gently only after they have completely dried. Use a comb with occasional rounded teeth.
  6. Every three months, take a course of multivitamin preparations, help the hairs recover from the inside.

What does a tiger eye look like in a photo?

Here you can see a photo of the highlights of the tiger eye.

Highlighting Tiger Eye is a fashionable, gentle way to change the image. Follow the highlighting instructions, be irresistible!

Advantages and disadvantages, who will suit, who does not

Initially, the idea was born in the female head: British stylist Corey Tuttle came up with a wayhow to save the ladies from frequent trips to the hairdresser in order to dye the growing hair roots (a man would hardly have bothered to deal with this problem).

As conceived by Cory Tuttle, it is necessary to paint separate locks not from the root itself, but slightly belowin this case, the woman and after a rather long period of time looks perfect, as if she just came from a hairdresser.

This mode of highlighting has several advantages:

  • hair looks alive, strong, thick,
  • the volume of the hairstyle increases visually
  • a woman looks younger than her years, fresher,
  • the image acquires romantic, soft features.
  • Practical persons will be pleased to realize that Tiger's eye will reduce the number of trips to the hairdresser, which means that it will save the wallet from unnecessary encroachments.

    Besides, hair will be spared from the next portions of "chemistry" - This is an argument for those who care about their health in any detail.

    The tiger eye is universal: there are practically no age and status restrictions for this type of highlighting, it is good for hair of different lengths, straight and curly.

    As for color, certain problems arise here (and this is one of the drawbacks of the Tiger Eye) - blondes and redheads he does not quite fit.

    In addition, the palette of highlighting may seem poor for those who love outrageous colors (pink, blue, green): Tiger Eye does not go beyond the natural brown and gold shades.

    About hair coloring Tiger eye video:

    For short, medium or long strands

    The length of the curls, of course, is important, but not decisive: Tiger Eye will look interesting on hair of any length. It is well combined with different variants of haircuts - bob, ladder, square, cascade.

    In terms of technology, painting is also very convenient, since curls tinted at the same time, in full: for a woman to reincarnate, it will take two hours, even if there is a magnificent head of hair — not the worst victim in the name of beauty.

    “Flip through” photo galleries on the Internet - for most beauties strands reach the middle of the back. And this is quite understandable.

    Remember, in "Cinderella" a catch phrase - "Eh, the kingdom is not enough, there is nowhere to roam"? So it is here: the larger the “front of work”, the more opportunities the stylist has to “roam”, show off his skill, create a fantastically beautiful image.

    Tiger eye coloring on short straight hair, photo:

    Hair coloring Tiger eye for long hair, photo:

    On dark or light

    Most experts believe that Tiger eye created exclusively for brunettes.

    For fair-haired, on the contrary, a number of strands will need to be darkened. Do it smoothly, as recommended by Cory Tuttle, so that there is no sharp contrast.

    As additional flowers take "amber", "buckwheat honey" and "milk chocolate". Approximately the same shades, only slightly more saturated, are used when highlighting red-haired ladies.

    And yet, many stylists believe that with blondes and redheads it is better to work in other techniques.

    Learn how to make California highlights on light brown hair here.

    Read more about shatush hair coloring technique for light brown hair in this article.

    Straight or curly

    Tiger's eye is good for both straight hair and curly hair.. In the latter case, experts advise to choose additional colors as close as possible to the natural.

    Here are some shades fit:

    • curly blonde - honey, wheat, gold,
    • brown hair - cocoa, cinnamon, caramel,
    • brunettes - coffee, milk chocolate, dark amber.

    Curly hair (their owners know this) is dry and brittle, since sebum cannot spread through it as easily as through straight hair.

    However, tiger eye staining should not disrupt their structure if high-quality preparations are used.

    In addition, the tiger eye dyeing technique makes it possible to process not all curls and not with such frequency as with the traditional method of hair coloring.

    Technique of painting in stages

    The work of the master in the technique of painting hair Tiger eye is sometimes compared with the way the artist puts paint on the canvas.

    After that, the strand is placed on the foil and, in addition, "pack" in polyethylene: the master ensures that the neighboring strands do not soil one another.

    Coloring composition remains on the hair for about 30 minutes. If it seems to the master that this time is not enough, he prolongs it.

    The next steps are washing the hair, gently drying it with a hair dryer, and then the process of dyeing the roots.. The color is chosen close to natural, so that (as the hair grows) the hairstyle does not look untidy.

    Then toning occurs. Typically, the master performs it in the sink, spreading strands over its surface, and, like an artist, applies strokes of selected shades to them.

    After that - a few minutes of waiting until the paint works, then rinsing and treating the strands with balsam.

    The final stage is hair drying and slight curling., as curly hair especially effectively demonstrate the result.

    Specialists usually recommend moisturizers for women to care for their hair, as the strands still dried out when bleached.

    About booking for dark hair of medium length, read in this material.

    The technique of hair dye balayazh discussed in detail in this publication.

    Is it possible and how to do it yourself at home

    There is no consensus among specialists. about whether it is possible or impossible to apply the Tiger Eye technique at home: some consider that it is the highest aerobatics in hairdressing and an amateur will not cope with this work, others point of view - the technique is not so complicated as to deny a woman the right to apply it herself .

    However, in any case, she cannot do without outside help. First you need to take care of the tools and materials.

  • hair clarifier,
  • paint,
  • shampoo and balm
  • glass or porcelain containers,
  • brush,
  • gloves.
  • Prepare the paint and lightening mixture, guided by the instructions to the drug. After this, the strands are brightened. (from the roots it is necessary to retreat about 2-4 cm).

    Each treated strand is wrapped in foil. Usually the effect of the drug lasts 20 minutes, then it is washed off.

    After that, the hair is slightly dry - and you can start coloring. Each processed strand must be insulated from the adjacent foil.

    After half an hour, you can wash your head and treat with balm to mitigate the effects of chemicals.

    The result of hair painting Tiger eye at home, photo:

    If after some time you want something new, be sure that the stylists will have some unexpected options for you.

    There is not enough of their own imagination - they will turn to nature, because besides the mineral, the Tiger's Eye also has Falcon and Feline, which are also very beautiful.

    The concept and technique of performing tiger eye staining

    Tiger's Eye is a fairly new hair dyeing technique, but it has already earned the favor of many world-famous actresses and singers (Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba). Thanks to the successful natural transition from chocolate to golden hues, the curls have a healthy appearance.

    Not recommended for red-haired ladies. When choosing a represented trend, a woman gets many advantages:

    • minimum damage to the structure of the curls (gentle method of staining),
    • base color does not change,
    • visual volume is added,
    • gives new coverage to facial features, young,
    • does not require frequent tinting,
    • due to a combination of shades adds shine and saturation to hair.

    For coloring need a few adaptations:

    • cream paint (caramel color),
    • lightening agent
    • disposable gloves,
    • foil,
    • non-metallic capacity
    • sponge,
    • brush,
    • caring shampoo
    • restoring mask.

    Technique performance implies the following actions:

    • wear rubber gloves
    • mix paint with brightener (in ceramic or plastic dishes),
    • separately dilute the lightening agent (according to the instructions of the selected manufacturer),
    • to separate the thin strands, twisting them for convenience in the flagella,
    • apply brightener on strands (stepping back up to 3-4 cm from the roots),
    • secure with foil
    • hold for 20 minutes
    • rinse with running water
    • caramel paint applied to the straightened strands with a sponge or brush,
    • cover with foil part of the strand, which should be darker,
    • wait 30 minutes
    • wash the hair thoroughly with shampoo,
    • apply a mask, hold for 10-20 minutes, rinse with water,
    • dry curls in the usual way
    • proceed with the installation.

    Do not start re-staining for 2-4 weeks.

    What type of hair is suitable?

    Coloring with this technique has practically no restrictions, it looks great on straight and curly hair, on medium and long, dark and blond. And not only suitable owners of light and red curls. In the first case, the curls will have to be darkened, and this is a different technique, and in the second - the color transitions will not be visible.

    If a girl has a short haircut, it is worth growing curls before painting (after all, it will be difficult to achieve naturalness).

    Looks great "tiger eye" on all sorts of variations haircuts (four of a kind, bob, cascade, ladder). The palette for creating an image is extensive, you can always find a suitable shade according to the type of natural color, eg:

    • for brunettes - milk chocolate, coffee, amber,
    • for brown-haired - cinnamon, coffee with milk, caramel,
    • for blond hair - wheat and honey.

    Using the above method of hair dyeing should pay attention to Some features of care:

    • the frequency of staining with the claimed technique is every six months,
    • wash the curls with professional products (without sulfates and parabens),
    • make moisturizing and nourishing masks (both purchased and made from handy products - yolk, honey, burdock oil),
    • regularly remove split ends,
    • soften the water with acid before washing the hair (per liter of water - 1 tbsp vinegar),
    • avoid direct exposure to sunlight (to avoid loss of color).


    It is time to forget about the bored highlighting, shatusha, sombre, ombre and balayazh. If you want to look like a Hollywood beauty, the above technique is for you. Deciding on the reincarnation of hair, it is worth remembering that the end result depends on the skills in dyeing strands.

    If there are doubts about the effect of the "tiger eye" - you need to contact a special salon to a professional. It is also worth a responsible approach to the choice of coloring means, because of its quality depends on the further condition of the hair.

    All about the tiger eye staining technique

    This technique takes its name not from a representative of the cat family, as you might think, but from a decorative ornamental stone with a charming multi-layered shade.

    It was his play that inspired stylists to create a new beauty trend. The author of the new mix of shades is a woman British stylist Corey Tuttle.

    “I wanted to simplify the life of the girls and create a coloring that would“ grow ”well, just be done and did not require frequent updates.”

    And the stylist succeeded!

    Coloring, albeit similar to ombra and balayazhem, but here are used only warm colors: copper, honey, golden, caramel, milk chocolate, chestnut. The technique consists in a combination of shades from this group in one coloring.

    The main condition is a smooth transition from a dark tone at the roots to a light one at the tips.

    At the same time, it is technically simpler to make this coloring to a master than balayazh, which means that it is cheaper - good news for fashionistas.

    The trend has already tested many of Hollywood stars, such as Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Miranda Kerr, and Kate Beckinsale. Such coloring looks good both on straight hair and curly. Technique solves many color problems.

    Advantages of coloring in the Tiger Eye technique:

    • growing roots do not catch the eye and do not spoil the impression of the appearance,
    • does not harm the bulk of the hair, as individual strands are tinted,
    • masks imperfections: gives visual volume to thin hair, gives shine to dull curls, soft and warm tones give a face freshness,
    • does not require frequent updates, and, therefore, allows not only to save on visiting the master, but also less harm to hair.

    It is interesting to know: the Tiger's Eye stone has long been revered as a charm, and it is believed that staining in this style took over the magic value of the mineral. New staining can be your talisman.

    Tiger Eye on hair: who suits

    This coloring is a good choice for girls with dark hair, with a warm skin tone and green, brown or hazel eyes. And what about fair-haired girls - this technique does not suit them? This is not entirely true.

    According to the author, the coloring is equally suitable for both brunettes and blondes. The first - in the classic version, the second - in the performance of "the opposite." However, the most impressive Tiger Eye looks on owners of dark hair.

    But there is a technique and limitations. So, on completely black and completely blond hair, it is a little more difficult to make this dye. But girls with red hair will have to choose for themselves another dyeing technique, since on such a natural base, soft play will look blurry.

    As for the length of the hair, the "Tiger's Eye" looks good on both long and short hair that reaches the chin line. The haircut is also not important for the application of this technique: Tiger Eye perfectly combines with a ladder, a bob, an extended bob, a cascade and other options.

    The palette may seem poor for those who love outrageous colors: “Tiger eye” does not go beyond the natural brown and gold shades.

    How is Tiger Eye stained

    Technique "Tiger eye" provides an individual choice of colors for the combination in accordance with the features of the client. At the same time take into account the color of the base. The work of the master in this technique is often compared with the way the artist paints the canvas.

    The procedure usually takes no more than 2 hours, since the strands are tinted at the same time, but it all depends on the length and thickness of the hair and the professionalism of the master.

    If the paint is applied to a natural base, the correction is carried out six months later. If the hair is dyed and besides bright, you will have to visit the master more often.

    On dark hair, amber and honey color stretch from the roots to the tips, making them lighter, and on light ones, on the contrary: on a light base, the strands are gradually darkened in shades of buckwheat honey and milk chocolate.

    Coloring is done with indentation from the roots, which allows the young ladies, even after quite a long time, to look perfect.

    The technology allows the use of permanent or gentle dyes - it all depends on how durable the result you want to get. Some craftsmen use foil during dyeing, others refuse aids.

    If you decide to try such an image on yourself, the main thing is to find a master who is a good colorist and can achieve a beautiful result that matches your color type. It is rather difficult to repeat this coloring at home, the result can be far from a smooth transition and a beautiful overflow.

    How the master works in the “Tiger eye” technique, and how the result of coloring is obtained, you can see on this video:

    How to keep the shade for a long time

    Compliance with simple rules will help to extend the brightness and saturation of the hue:

    • use colored hair cosmetics
    • refrain from visiting the pool and swimming in the sea water; chlorinated and saline water is the enemy of colored curls,
    • Before going out in the sun, do not forget about protection with UV filters for hair, and before using the thermometers, apply heat protection agents to the curls.

    As with any dyeing, after the Tiger Eye, the girl should carefully care for her hair. The first step is to purchase colored hair cosmetics, such as ALERANA® shampoo for colored hair with vitamin E, keratin and a UV filter. The tool provides color protection from tarnishing, gives the hair a radiant shine, protects the curls from the negative effects of sunlight.

    The shampoo contains natural growth stimulants with clinically proven efficacy, moisturizers to preserve the natural moisture of the hair, proteins to restore the structure, and UV filters.


    It is also recommended after dyeing 1-2 times a week to make a nourishing hair mask. The ALERANA® line of products contains the Intensive Nutrition Mask.

    The mask with a natural growth stimulator and active plant extracts eliminates damage and strengthens the adhesion of scales on the hair shaft, protecting the curls from dryness and brittleness. It has conditioning properties.


    To summarize: hair coloring in the technique of "Tiger's Eye" - an undoubted trend, which tried on the stars of Hollywood and ordinary girls. This technique looks more impressive on owners of dark hair, but in the "inverted" version is also suitable for fair-haired young ladies, but for red hair will have to choose a different variant of coloring. There are no restrictions on the structure and length of hair for the application of this technique, as well as on the type of haircut. The main thing is to choose a good colorist and properly care for dyed hair, then the Tiger Eye will please you for a long time, because this color “grows” imperceptibly.

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    What is it?

    The Tiger's Eye represents one of the latest fashion trends, which has already become incredibly popular among stars and ordinary women. The name of this technique has nothing to do with tigers - it came from the gem of the same name, in which several shades intertwined at once.

    The creator of this coloring is considered to be Corey Tuttle, a famous Hollywood stylist who first began to mix chocolate, amber, honey, gold, caramel, cocoa, light coffee, wheat and cinnamon in one dye.

    Coloring takes place according to the innovative technology developed by the best world technologists (without foil and other means). At the first stage, the master brightens the hair and then applies the desired shades with a brush. The action resembles the creation of the painter and looks natural, as if the sun itself worked on your hair.

    Who is Tiger eye for?

    Painting "Tiger eye" - is the perfect choice for brunettes and brown-haired women with a warm skin tone and green, brown or hazel eyes. But red and blondes, it does not fit. They will have to drastically change the familiar image and paint the strands in the dark. As for the texture or the length of the hair, they can be any. Tiger eye just looks gorgeous and curly, and straight hair - both short and long.

    As you can see in these photos, the Tiger's eye looks incredibly beautiful and makes the image fresh, young and romantic.

    Advantages of technology

    Tiger coloring is not in vain in demand - this technique has a lot of important advantages:

    • Natural appearance - growing roots are not striking and do not spoil the appearance. This allows the ladies to visit the salon less and save well,
    • Soft overflow of shades makes dark strands alive, gives volume and fluffiness even to thin hair, gives them a beautiful shine,
    • Disguises imperfections, rejuvenates appearance,
    • Does not affect the roots and is considered gentle
    • Can do without frequent corrections.

    On a note! Many consider the stone a very strong amulet. These magical properties were transferred to the painting, so your strands can quickly turn into your personal talisman.

    It is interesting! 15 options for painting hair for brunettes - find out what highlighting is now in fashion.

    Features of staining

    Technique Tiger eye provides an individual choice of colors in accordance with the individual characteristics of the client. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account in what color to paint the base and which tones to choose for individual thin strands. By making the right accent, you will be able to achieve amazing effects - not only to hide the flaws, but also to refresh the skin color.
    The degree of impact of the paint can also be any - it all depends on the effect and the selected shades. Depending on the thickness and length of the hair, the procedure takes about 2-3 hours. If tiger highlights are applied to a natural base, then the correction is carried out about six months later. If the hair is dyed, and even bright, you will have to regularly tint the growing roots and tint the ends. This will keep their shade bright and saturated.

    Tips on the selection of hair color, taking into account fashion trends:

    How to perform Tiger eye?

    Experts recommend staining exclusively in the cabin. But if you want to perform the procedure at home, carefully follow our instructions.

    For painting you need:

    • Brightener
    • Gentle paint of the right shades,
    • Sponge,
    • Capacity for mixing formulations
    • Brush,
    • Gloves
    • Foil,
    • Shampoo,
    • Air conditioning.

    How to paint the hair in the technique of "Tiger eye"?

    1. Dilute the clarifier using the instructions on the packaging.
    2. Divide the hair into many thin strands, selecting them in random order.
    3. Wear special gloves.
    4. Apply the clarifier, retreating from the roots of 2-4 cm. You can do this with a sponge or just with your hands. In order not to blot the rest of the hair with the tool, place narrow foil strips under the strands.
    5. Wait for the right time - about 20 minutes.
    6. Wash the clarifier with water.
    7. In clean containers, mix several shades at once.
    8. Carefully pick the bleached areas and use a fine brush to paint on them. Combine shades and arrange them in random order. Your main task is to make a smooth transition.
    9. Wait 30 minutes.
    10. Wash strands with shampoo and apply balm.

    But short strands need to be painted differently:

    1. Thoroughly comb the hair at the roots. The tips should stick out in different directions.
    2. Apply a clarifier, retreating from the roots about 2 cm.
    3. Wait for the right time and wash it off with water.
    4. Prepare the coloring composition - in the case of a short head of hair it is better to stop at 1-2 shades.
    5. Toned clarified areas and wait half an hour.
    6. Wash your hair with shampoo and apply balsam.

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    When dyeing hair Tiger eye should follow a few simple rules.

    Rule 1. Wash your head with special shampoos for melirovannyh or dyed hair.

    Rule 2. Regularly use moisturizing balms.

    Rule 3. Once a week, apply repairing and nourishing masks for home or industrial production.

    Rule 4. Do not forget to cut the split ends at the first need.

    Rule 5. Avoid exposure to chlorine and direct sunlight - they wash out color. Before going outside, use a spray with high UV protection.

    Rule 6. Limit the use of hair dryers, irons and ploek. This will save your hair from falling out and breakage.

    Rule 7. Do not comb the wet strands - from this they become thinner and begin to break.

    Rule 8. During the installation, be sure to apply a means for thermal protection.

    Rule 9. Cosmetic oils will help restore damaged hair structure. From time to time, lubricate the strands with castor, burdock, olive or almond oil heated with water steam. Hold for 20 minutes, and then rinse with shampoo.

    Rule 10. To make your cat's eye look as beautiful as in the first minutes, follow the procedure for glazing or biolamination of hair.

    See also: how to maintain hair in perfect condition after dyeing (video)

    Features and benefits of painting Tiger eye

    Hair coloring Tiger's eye is a real trend of the season, which has managed to catch the eye of recognized style icons. Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Kate Beckinsale, Miranda Kerr - now you can join the list of Hollywood fashionistas.

    What is tiger eye staining?

    This is a sequence of warm caramel and chocolate shades.

    The creator of the technique, American hairdresser-stylist Corey Tuttle successfully noticed the reason why it is worth painting in the style of “tiger eye”.

    It is proved that the same stone repels negative energy through a combination of its shades. It is reasonable to assume that this works with appropriate highlighting.

    Specific staining

    Tiger Eye on the technique almost does not differ from the classical highlighting. The only difference is in the choice of colors and the characteristic glossy shine. Natural amber-chocolate tones are used here:

    • honey,
    • caramel,
    • golden chestnut
    • milk chocolate,
    • cinnamon,
    • amber.

    No blond, red or bright, flashy colors. Allowed variations in the brightness level of the same shade - from saturated to pastel, translucent. This gives color additional depth, volume.

    It is important to choose a shade that complements your natural color, without contrasting transitions. For example, caramel, cinnamon, cocoa will suit brown women. Brunettes - shades of coffee, chocolate or amber.

    Technique tiger eye involves applying paint with a distance of several centimeters from the roots. This is a big advantage. Even after two or three months the hairstyle looks fresh, well-groomed.

    In the technological sense, painting is also convenient. Since the strands are tinted at the same time, the whole procedure takes a maximum of two hours, even if your hair is very thick.

    How does tiger eye staining differ from other types of highlighting?

    The fundamental difference between the Tiger Eye and other modern techniques is the use of chocolate-copper shades and the way paint is distributed.

    If the ombra, balayazhe mainly worked out the lower part of the hair, here the paint is applied almost from the roots.

    There are no stretch marks in color, the tips are not lightened. The result of the technique is a vertical pattern with a difference in tones of 2 or more levels.

    Tiger eye staining is easier than ombra or balayazh, respectively, is cheaper.

    But at home it is not easy to do. Technique requires the creation of an accurate, neat pattern. Going to the salon, do not forget to take a photo for an example of the result you want to get.

    • Learn how to dye your hair at home: the subtleties and rules of procedure.
    • What are the advantages of professional Italian hair dye, as well as the 7 best manufacturers here.

    Who is suitable?

    The color spectrum of the tiger eye is suitable for all dark shades of hair. They look great on brown-haired women, brunettes, fair-haired with a warm skin tone and brown, green or hazel eyes.

    Dark-haired girls are recommended to make dark highlights in the tiger-eye technique.

    Suitable length, hair structure

    The shape and length of the haircut for coloring “tiger eye” does not matter - it looks good on long, short, straight, curly strands.

    Yet this technique is more often chosen by girls with long or medium cascading haircuts. It is easy to explain. “Tiger eye” varies depending on the lighting, he likes to shimmer in the sun.

    Then the amber-chocolate shades become lighter, festive. On short haircuts such an effect will not achieve. The structure of the hair does not matter. Thin soft strands, on the contrary, become more lush, strong in appearance.

    Who is not suitable

    Blonde and red-haired such coloring will not work. They can change their color to dark, and then highlight it in this technique. But it will directly negatively affect the quality of the hair.

    Despite the gentle action of highlighting, the procedure will have to be postponed if you have dry, brittle tips.

    What paints are used?

    The procedure is performed with high quality semi-permanent paints. So, when washing the color you get a natural look of hair, which does not require re-dyeing.

    If you use multiple colors, choose products of the same brand.

    • An overview of the Matrix hair dye color palette, as well as its features and benefits.
    • Igor hair dye: palette, price, application technique, its pros and cons look for the link.

    Algorithm action when staining tiger eye

    For home tint using the tiger eye technique, it is important to choose the right shade. It should match your natural color of hair. Ideally, the overflow between shades is as smooth as possible. Prepare:

    • paint one of the above shades,
    • brightener (at least 10% for dark curls),
    • brush,
    • foil
    • comb to separate the hair into strands,
    • non-metallic container for paint mixing
    • old towel
    • shampoo and balm.

    How to dye your hair:

    • Protect your hands with gloves, throw a sheet over your shoulders.
    • Cut the foil into equal pieces. Their length should be equal to the length of the strands with an increase of 1 cm per bend.
    • Twist the edges of the foil.
    • Prepare the coloring composition according to the instructions.
    • Comb with a long thin handle, separate the strands that are chosen for dyeing.
    • Alternately lay a foil under each strand (stepping back from the roots 2-4 cm) and apply a brightener.
    • Wrap the foil.
    • Leave for 20 minutes.
    • Wash off with warm water.
    • Apply paint to bleached paint using the same technology. Remember that we don’t touch the basal zone.
    • Hold for half an hour.
    • Wash your hair with a special shampoo and balm.
    • With short haircuts we act by analogy. The only thing is that they can be slightly combed at the roots to make it easier to distinguish the treated area.
    • Another option for coloring haircuts with a length of strands up to 15 cm is the use of a special polyethylene cap.

    Interior painting

    Experienced colorists do not use foil for this procedure. The master works exclusively with a brush, his actions resemble the work of the artist.

    Professional approach implies:

    • competent assessment of the state of curls,
    • use of quality materials
    • a set of strands taking into account features of appearance,
    • creating a neat pattern
    • correct selection of colors, which corresponds to the natural color of the curls, skin tone,
    • less harm to health, because foil is not used (there is no aggressive chemical reaction).

    At home, to achieve an impressive effect is difficult. But staining “at the level of” can be quite capable of those who already have relevant experience.

    Care for hair after dyeing

    The chemical effect of ammonia even in a small amount drains curls. Therefore, regularly use:

    • Indelible dry tip products
      They cover the strands with a protective layer that prevents overdrying and brittleness.
    • Moisturizing Masks, Professional Series Balsams
      Also maintain a normal level of moisture in the hair shaft.
    • Thermal protective equipment with SPF factor
      Protect from hot air during the drying of the hair, hot styling (although it is better to completely abandon them), sun rays while relaxing on the beach.

    To preserve color, use:

    • shampoos, balms, masks for colored hair,
    • headgear on a sunny day.

    If possible, go through the procedure of biolamination or glazing curls - so they will be protected from external influences.

    • from oil products - they contribute to the leaching of pigment,
    • from visiting the pool - chlorinated water dries curls, washes out color.

    Highlighting the tiger eye is an American trend that quickly became popular in Russia. Many popular stars have already experienced it (Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, etc.), why not try us?

    Ideally, a professional colorist should perform the technique. But, armed with a step-by-step algorithm of actions, you can carry out the procedure at home.

    Tiger eye hair coloring: photo, homemade technique, recommendations

    If the stylist recommends that you dye your hair using the Tiger's eye technique, do not rush to announce to him: “I do not like animal print!”.

    A new way of coloring hair, won fans around the world, has nothing to do with the majestic beast of prey. The source of inspiration for the stylists was a mineral called "Tiger's Eye": in a scientific way - a kind of quartz, and in a magic way - a stone of justified hopes (astrologers give this characteristic to it).

    Its color range affects the richness of all shades of brown and gold. Moreover, they may vary depending on the lighting. The tiger eye loves the sun and under the influence of its rays becomes lighter and more festive.

    If you choose this original way of painting, you can hardly sit at home - you will want to visit people more often, catch admiring glances at yourself, take admirers into captivity by the wealth of your exquisite curls.

    Tiger eye hair coloring: fashionable luxury of 2017

    Tiger-eye hair coloring is a technique that is gaining popularity all over the world. European hairdressers are predicting a great future for the fashionable trend, which will surpass the ombre, sombre and balayazh. Let us figure out what tempts modern women of fashion to dye their hair into a “delicious” caramel and chocolate hue.

    The origin of the name

    The principle of creating a hairstyle in the style of the tiger eye has nothing to do with the animal world. The name comes from the name of a beautiful stone in an elegant strip.

    Tiger's eye is a stone, which was known in ancient Rome. Although the pebble itself is quite cold, its color scheme in honey tones from dark chocolate to caramel syrup.

    Gentle transitions on the curls look rich and well-groomed, especially on dark hair.

    The author of the masterpiece technology, stylist Cory Tuttle, invented the optimal combination of colors suitable for both brown-haired women and blondes; Star customers with amazing success wore fashionable caramel strands on their heads.

    Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Kate Beckinsale, and Joan Smoles became the pioneers of the new Hollywood style. The original name is “Tiger’s eye” or “Tiger's Eye”.

    In Russia, the name has undergone some changes and the new trend of 2017 became known as the “Tiger Eye”.

    The principal differences in the technique of Tiger eye

    For the inexperienced ladies, the fundamental difference is not noticeable at first glance, but on closer examination the difference is obvious.

    • The principle of any kind of highlighting is the selection of some strands in a contrasting color against the background of the main mass of curls. Hair coloring tiger eye provides for the use of such a selection only such warm colors as: copper, honey, gold, caramel, milk chocolate, chestnut. Other techniques, such as shatush and ombre, are painted in red, wheat, blond and even pink and purple tones.
    • The principal difference from other methods of coloring the tiger eye in its classical form is only suitable for dark-haired young ladies, and on light-colored hair the coloring is carried out according to the inverse scheme. Strands are darkened with chocolate tones on blond hair.
    • The black-haired ladies, women with chocolate and dark blond curls can emphasize the individuality and beauty of the hair with this technique.
    • The method of tiger painting is not suitable for red-haired beauties, which is not fundamental for other types of highlighting.

    Principles of universality of Tiger eye technology

    • The technique of tiger eye hair coloring is excellent for short hair, long curls and medium hair.
    • It doesn’t matter if you have a quad or a cascade, tiger’s eye is suitable for any haircut.
    • The structure of the hair does not matter when choosing this method of painting. The color of honey stone looks spectacular on both straight and curly strands.
    • The strands are tinted at the same time in full, so it will take no more than a couple of hours for a complete transformation into a fashionable lady.

    The advantages of tiger staining

    Choosing this type of coloring hair, be prepared that the bonus will receive the following advantages:

    • Much less harm is done to the strands, when the base color remains the natural color, and only a few curls are subjected to staining.
    • The game of color transitions between selected colors visually adds to the volume of women's hair.
    • The new look, consisting of several colors, adds a youth and freshness to the woman.
    • Long preservation of effect due to the choice of color close to natural. The surface principle of coloring allows you to not re-coloring in the system.
    • Grown roots hairstyles are not striking.
    • This type is suitable for young ladies of any age, social status and state of curls.
    • The successful combination of shades gives the curls saturation and shine.

    Tiger eye at home for brunettes

    For the perfect look, it is preferable to go to a beauty salon, but at home you can try to repeat the process. You will need:

    • caramel-colored cream paint,
    • illuminator:
    • brush, sponge, non-metallic container,
    • gloves, foil,
    • shampoo and balm.

    The cat's eye staining scheme:

    1. Wear gloves and prepare paint and illuminator. To do this, mix the paint with an oxidizing agent in a non-metallic container and dilute the bleaching mixture separately.
    2. Separate thin strands, fixing them with foil. Coloring requires some effort.
    3. Apply the illuminator, retreating from the root by 2-4 centimeters, stretching the color with your fingers downwards. Hold for 20 minutes on your head and rinse.
    4. On clean and wet discolored locks and apply caramel paint with a sponge or brush. Pre-cover the area that will be darker, and twist the colored strand into foil. The main principle is the naturalness of the effect and the absence of sharp color transitions.
    5. After 30 minutes, wash off the remnants of the dye and wash your hair with shampoo and then with balm.
    6. Dry your hair and enjoy the new look.

    Rules for the care of dyed hair

    • Coloring a tiger eye at home provides for the availability of home care products for colorized curls.
    • The use of balms and masks with regenerating properties.
    • Try to avoid visiting pools or saunas in the period after the procedure, because chlorine eats away color.
    • Try not to be for a long time under the scorching sun.
    • The use of hair dryers, hairpieces and irons guarantees the appearance of brittle tips and hair loss.
    • Biolamination and glazing of hair - a chance to preserve a healthy look of hair longer.
    • Use means of thermal protection, which will preserve the healthy appearance of curls.

    Changing fashion every day brings new directions in the field of hair care.

    The cat's eye staining technology, which you can spend at home, already has tens of thousands of fans all over the world, including show business stars. A fresh image and a natural look is the way to the fashionable Olympus of the New Year 2017.

    Coloring "Tiger eye": a new mind-blowing trend of 2018

    With the beginning of spring and the first warm days I really want change and transformation. And we plan, if not to drastically change the image, then, at least, to bring new fashionable touches to the usual image. Famous stylists help us with this, inventing new dyeing techniques that are becoming mega popular in all the salons of the world.

    Today, our attention was attracted by a new coloring technique with a mysterious name. "Eye of the Tiger"which many Hollywood celebrities have already tried and evaluated, including Jessica Alba, Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Lopez, Lucy Hale and many others. Coloring "Tiger's Eye" promises to become the most popular trend of 2018, and well-known beauty bloggers in social networks trick the technique with the #tigereyehair tag to the glory of the famous balayazh.

    What is tiger eye staining?

    This coloring technique has received the name due to the similarity with the semi-precious stone “tiger eye”, known for its beautiful tints in a brownish-golden range and glossy shine. It is these shades that reproduce the colorists, dyeing the hair in the same technique.

    Starry stylist Corey Tutl, who, in fact, is the founder of this trend, advises to dye the main part of hair in chocolate or warm brown color, and highlight highlights with caramel and amber shades.

    Just as in the balayazh technique, the “tiger eye” provides for a smooth transition from dark to light color, which gives a luxurious play of shades and incredible hair shine.

    To whom will go coloring "Tiger eye"

    Soft amber-chocolate shades of “tiger eyes” will look great on brown-haired women and brunettes with a warm skin tone and brown, green or hazel eyes.

    Unfortunately, this coloring is not suitable for blondes, unless, of course, you want to drastically change the image and repaint the main part of the hair in a dark color.

    But the hairstyle and the length of the hair does not matter: "tiger eye" looks great on long and short hair.

    The advantages of staining "Tiger eye"

    The great advantage of tiger eye dyeing is that the roots do not spoil the general appearance of the hair, so you can visit the hairdresser every three to four months, which will significantly save your budget.

    Soft tints of chocolate-amber shades will fill your hair with shine, and will visually add strength and volume even to thin lifeless hair. In addition, the hair looks natural, so that fans of naturalness can also adopt this fashion trend.

    In addition, the stone tiger eye is considered a talisman, so feel free to apply its color to your hair and use the magical properties of your personal talisman.

    How to make hair coloring technique "Tiger eye" (video and photo)

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    Today, at the peak of popularity, a new kind of highlighting is “Tiger's Eye”. This type of coloring received its exotic name due to a mineral with the same name. With beautiful golden brown hues, this semi-precious stone inspired the famous stylist Corey Tuttle to create a new technique.

    Brunettes and dark-haired beauties of the whole world are jubilant - this technique is exclusively for them! The royal chic of such coloring and Hollywood stars - Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Alba and J Lo were appreciated.

    Let's look at all the intricacies of such highlighting and find out whether it is possible to repeat it at home.

    The basic principles of hair coloring in the technique of "Tiger eye"

    • wash your head a few days before dyeing
    • dark strands must be discolored before dyeing,
    • For this technique, use the following color palette: chocolate, copper, honey, amber, caramel, chestnut,
    • for saturation of the color strands and reduce the exposure time, use foil wrapping,
    • apply paint to the strands, not reaching the roots, about 5 or 6 centimeters,
    • choosing several shades for coloring strands, arrange them in such a way that there is a gradual vertical transition from dark to light tones.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    • perfect coloring for brunettes and dark hair,
    • suitable for any length and structure of hair,
    • looks great in any haircut,
    • suitable for any age
    • gives hair volume,
    • emphasizes the hair structure and beauty of styling,
    • looks spectacular
    • allows you to mask growing hair roots,
    • renders less adverse effect due to the fact that they dye only individual strands, not reaching the roots,
    • the staining procedure takes place within 2 hours
    • correction can be done once every few months.
    • does not fit blondes and redheads,
    • limited to the range of golden brown shades,
    • strands of dark hair must be pre-discolored,
    • expensive form of staining.

    You have firmly decided to apply the tiger eye hair dyeing technique at home, so we recommend you stick to our step by step instructions. This will help to avoid mistakes and get a good result.

    1. Prepare: paints of shades of caramel and amber, brightener, brush, comb, plastic containers - 3 pcs., Protective agents, shampoo.
    2. Prepare a bleaching mixture and paint. Place them in separate plastic containers.
    3. Select individual thin strands from your hair that you will be dyeing, and wrap them with foil.
    4. First stage: on all selected strands, apply a clarifier and wash it off after the time specified in the instructions.
    5. Second phase: Apply dyes to the clean wet strands alternating colors. Coat the strands from bottom to top so that the root zone is not affected. And after applying the paint again wrap them in foil.
    6. Soak the paint on the strands for the amount of time specified in the instructions, and then rinse each strand separately with shampoo.
    7. Rinse all hair once again and use a mask to maintain color.
    8. For easy correction of the overall tone or shades of the strands can be applied tonic.

    We offer you a selection of photos showing various versions of this coloring technique.

    When is it justified to do it at home, and in which it is better to go to the salon?

    If you have experience of highlighting and are well versed in modern dyes and technologies for their use, then you can try the Tiger Eye dyeing technique at home.

    If you do not possess such skills, and your hair has already been dyed in a different color or in a different technique, then it is better to seek the help of a specialist in a hair salon.

    Precautionary measures

    • before dyeing damaged hair, it is better to undergo a recovery course,
    • after dyeing, use preserving agents,
    • for laying, use thermal protection and cold mode hair dryer,
    • eliminate long stay in the sun and in the pool - ultraviolet and chlorine changes color and dries hair ends very much.

    Elizaveta, 32 years

    Expert comment: The work of the master is beyond praise! Very well and accurately selected and distributed shades, and this is very difficult to achieve.

    Expert comment: You very much face juicy shades. The next time you can add caramel strands - it will increase the brightness of the main tone and emphasize the structure of the haircut.

    Before deciding to color your hair yourself using the Tiger's Eye technique, we recommend watching a video that clearly demonstrates all the stages of coloring.

    Technique, which was discussed in our article, is very complex and requires special skill, years of experience and professional skills. Not every beauty salon there is a master who is able to qualitatively perform such coloring.Do not save on your beauty, love yourself and do not be afraid of change! We are waiting for your comments!

    Tiger eye - hair dyeing technique

    Highlighting has long gone beyond the selection of thin white strands on a dark base. The technique has a lot of variations, now it is used to create the most natural, stylish and elegant hairstyles.

    Tiger eye - hair coloring, which literally blew up the hair industry this year. World stars consider it their duty to dye their hair in a fashionable color and share the results with fans in social networks.

    What is the latest trend, and how you can try on a charming look, we will examine in detail.

    Name designation

    If you are thinking about tiger staining, do not immediately remember what the eyes of an animal look like. In fact, the technology has nothing to do with representatives of the fauna. It got its name in honor of the same semiprecious stone. The combination of soft shades of brown palette and glossy surface - this is what combines fashionable technique with a mineral.

    The founder of the trend is star stylist Corey Tuttle, who first began to combine warm colors for coloring the dark base. Initially, Corey wanted to simplify the lives of women and create such a technology that does not require frequent refreshment. She managed to do it to the fullest, because not only Hollywood stars, but also their fans wear a fashionable tone with pleasure.

    Experts all over the world quickly realized that the novelty was becoming megapopular, and adopted it to translate it into the head of their clients.

    A distinctive feature of painting hair tiger eye is the use of only warm shades. Strands stand out best on the basis of a dark color; they can be copper, honey, gold, caramel, chestnut, cinnamon or other colors.

    However, hair must not be dark. Blondes make a cat's eye with the help of reverse staining. On a light base, the curls are not lightened, but, on the contrary, darkened in warm shades of a brown palette. The effect is stunning, hair takes a completely new look and refreshes the image.

    The only base color unsuitable for performance of technology is red, on it soft overlaps will look blurry. In addition, the porous structure of the fiery curls does not allow the pigments to linger in them for a long time.


    The tiger eye has much in common with other types of highlighting. Technique involves a smooth transition from dark roots to bright ends. Pigments are applied to the pre-clarified strands so that the shade most clearly stands out on the base.

    You can make the coloring in the cabin, the cost of the service is not too high. If you do not have time to visit the master, try to try on a fashionable image of the house.

    We will consider step by step how to make a beautiful and fashionable painting.

    Inventory preparation

    You can dye the medium length hair yourself, but for treatment of long hair it is better to ask for help. The technique is quite simple, but it’s not very convenient to distribute colors along long strands.

    Before painting you need to prepare all your inventory:

    • two non-metallic containers in which you will dilute the brightener and paint,
    • rubber gloves for protecting hands,
    • foil or thermal paper,
    • brush and sponge for applying the composition,
    • colors of selected shades
    • lightening agent
    • shampoo for colored hair,
    • nourishing balm.

    Also take care of the protective cape - it will help protect your belongings from dye. It is desirable to carry out the procedure in the bathroom, as the tile is washed much easier than other surfaces.

    There is no need to treat the hair growth zone with wax or greasy cream, as we will begin coloring 2-4 cm below the roots.

    Instructions for medium and long hair

    • We mix the clarifier in a separate container according to the manufacturer's instructions.
    • We put on gloves, choose in any order thin strands all over the head of hair.
    • Apply a lightening compound to each strand with a brush, indenting 2-4 cm from the root zone.

    So that the tool does not stain the rest of the hair, put a foil under the treated areas.

  • Withstand the clarifier for the time specified in the annotation, wash off with water.
  • We dilute the colors of the selected shades according to the instructions, each in a separate container.

    We separate the clarified strands and apply pigments on them so that the tone at the top is the darkest and the bottom becomes lighter. The roots are not affected, we make smooth transitions between tones, blending the dye with a brush or sponge.

  • Leave the composition under the foil or in the open air (depending on the chosen paint) for the time specified by the manufacturer.
  • Wash off the remnants of warm water and shampoo for dyed hair.
  • Apply for 5-7 minutes nourishing balm, wash off with water.
  • Instructions for short hair

    1. We make a strong bouffant of the root zone so that the tips are sticking out in different directions.
    2. We process thin strands of clarifier, retreating from the roots by 2 cm.
    3. Keep the composition for the required time, then rinse with water.

  • Diluted in clean containers, dyes, in the case of short hair, you can do with two shades.
  • Apply paint to the clarified area, maintain the allotted time.
  • Wash off with water and shampoo for dyed curls.

  • Apply balm for 5-7 minutes.
  • Further care

    Highlighting in the style of tiger eye looks great on the hair - this is proved by the numerous photos of celebrities and ordinary women who managed to try on themselves a new trend.

    Despite the fact that the coloring is gentle, after him the curls must be very carefully looked after. Compliance with simple rules will help you to extend the brightness and saturation of the shade and keep your hair healthy.

    • Use only cosmetics for dyed hair - it contains the optimal amount of nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, prevents the color from quickly eroding,
    • refrain from visiting the sauna and swimming pool, chlorinated water is the worst enemy of the colored hair,
    • during the summer period, use protective equipment with UF-filters - try to stay under the sun for as little time as possible so that the strands do not fade,
    • hide curls under clothes in winter - frost destroys their structure,
    • try to use less equipment for hot-laying, and if it is impossible to do without them, use thermoprotective agents,
    • twice a week, make nourishing masks - you can buy them in the store or prepare them yourself,
    • trim split ends in time so that the bundle does not spread over the entire length,
    • do not comb wet hair, be sure to wait until it is completely dry before using the comb.

    The novelty of 2017 - coloring in the colors of the tiger eye - won the hearts of millions of women. The technology has many advantages, it is almost universal, because it is so popular.

    Despite all the advantages, highlighting should be postponed, if you have very weak and brittle hair - for the beginning they will need to be cured, and only then dyed. It should also be remembered that the procedure for changing the color can be carried out no more than once every 2 weeks, even if you are using gentle formulations.

    Correctly follow all instructions of stylists, and warm shades linger in the curls for a long time.

    Watch the video: HAIR TRENDS 2018: hair colors, haircuts, hair styling. Justine Leconte (December 2019).