6 hair care mistakes

All of us are interested in healthy, thick and effective hair. But even those of us who are lucky to have a gorgeous head of hair, sometimes face problems such as brittleness and hair loss.

Most often this is due to improper care or improper nutrition. Today we will talk about the basic mistakes in hair care that most of us make - and regularly. With this you need to tie. And you can start right now.

Hot Hair Wash

Hot water helps to quickly wash away the dirt, but its regular use causes significant damage to hair. It affects the structure of the hair, making it dry and brittle. Beauticians recommend using water at room temperature, and boiled: both the hair and scalp will thank you.

Incorrect use of shampoo

We are used to applying shampoo to the entire length of the hair, although another technique is considered to be correct. It is known that hair at the roots is contaminated the fastest. therefore it is recommended to apply shampoo to the roots, massage them and rinse the shampoo. What gets into the rest of your hair will be enough. So we save hair from drying out.

Wiping wet hair

Wet hair in no case can not be wiped with a towel. So we break their structure - they become brittle and quickly split. After washing it is enough to wrap the head with a towel and allow moisture to soak. 15-20 minutes is enough. After that, they need to be carefully divided and dried using a hairdryer in a cold mode.

Use of lacquers, gels and mousses

No matter how soft and harmless the care products you chose were, they are anyway burden your hair and keep them from breathing. Try to use these tools no more than 1-2 times a week: styling can be done with a hair dryer with nozzles.

Frequent combing hair

The rule of "one hundred combing" - a common misconception. It is enough to comb once to unravel and style hair. Excessive combing can damage the hair cuticle (outer protective layer of hair), which will cause it to fall out. Brush when you need it - and let your hair rest.

Wherein the method of combing is also important. You should not start from the roots: first brush the tips and then rise higher.

To keep hair healthy and strong, worth watching and your diet. Excessive consumption of sweet, salty and fatty harms the whole body, but affects hair first.

It is also worth using a comb for your hair type - and from time to time pamper them with vitamin masks and balms. And yours will please you - and delight those around you.

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Substandard cosmetics

Hair is not less than the skin on the face, in need of proper care and care. Unfortunately, most cosmetics and hair care products do more harm than good to hair. Many shampoos and masks contain harmful substances (sulphates, parabens, etc.). Therefore, it is extremely important to select products that have natural components in their composition. You can choose Tangi Mori on profistyle.in.ua. This Korean cosmetics consists of healing herbal extracts that provides moisturizing, nutrition, protection and intensive restoration of damaged hair.

Irregular cropping

If you ever let go of hair, then you know how easy it is to get used to their length. This is what causes you to miss the regular cropping. This can adversely affect the condition of the hair. The roots grow back, and the tips break down over time and require special attention. Cutting them maintain the integrity of the hair and accelerate growth. Attend a hairdressing salon at least 2, and preferably - 3 times a month. This will help you maintain a beautiful and healthy hairstyle.

Nutrient Surplus

Silky, soft strands - it's just a sample of beautiful hair. In order to achieve or maintain their condition, many women like to put on them large amounts of a variety of nutrients. After all, the more the better, is not it? Not really. Of course, sufficient moisturizing and nourishing hair makes them soft and silky, but some women do not always understand how to properly use such products. Do not apply nutrients to the scalp, but only - on the ends of the hair.

Use of artificial hair

Magnificent mane of luxurious hair can make you feel like Jennifer Lopez, but the procedure of extension should be approached with caution. Otherwise, it can hurt you and even cause baldness. The best option is to survey and search for a good hairdresser, who specializes exclusively in building.

Wearing too tight tails

Such a habit, with constant or long-term use, can also harm the fluffiness and shine of the hair. The mechanism of harm here is that the surface layer of the scalp that nourishes the hair follicles is in conditions of insufficient blood supply and nutrition caused by stagnant processes in it.

Mistake number 2: You overdo it with the amount of shampoo

More does not mean better. At least this applies to shampoo and conditioner. According to trichologists, the amount of shampoo should vary depending on how often you wash your hair. If you have to wash your hair every day, then double soaping is not necessary. Leave it to those who wash their hair 2 times a week.

Mistake number 8: You constantly dry your hair with a hair dryer

Blow-drying, of course, is convenient. But when the hair is wet through and through, it is better to let it dry naturally. And then, when they are only slightly wet, it is already possible to put it and dry it with a hairdryer. As you can see, things are simple, but it is worth a little to reconsider your attitude towards them, and the state of your hair will be much better!

Mistake in hair care №1: washing uncombed hair

Many ignore this simple advice. But tangled lumps during washing become even larger, and in order to comb them, you will have to pull out more than one hair. It is enough only every time before going to the bathroom to comb the hair with a natural massage comb, which will help eliminate any nodules and prevent the hair from pulling out.

Mistake in hair care №2: foaming shampoo on the hair

Every 24hair reader already knows that the hair is covered with scales. While washing your hair, when you foaming shampoo directly on your head, this way the scales rise and break off. And this leads to a loss of gloss and cross section. Moreover, during active friction, it is also possible to tear out thinner hairs in the area of ​​bangs and temples. To avoid this, apply shampoo that is pre-foamed in your hands. First, you need to wash the occipital area of ​​the head, where the hair is thick and thick, and wash the bangs and temples with foam residues.

Also, do not forget that you do not need to apply shampoo to the ends of your hair - washing it off from your hair will help you to wash the ends off with foam residues and do not harm them.

Mistake in hair care №4: thorough towel drying

Even if you are in a hurry, try not to be zealous in wanting to dry your hair with a towel. After washing, each hair becomes more swollen from water and is easily injured due to friction. In addition, the habit of tightly tightening the towel contributes to the loosening of the bulb and rapid loss. To avoid this, gently wrap the hair with a towel and leave it on the hair for no more than 10 minutes.

Error in hair care №5: ignoring the spray for hair

Spray is very important in complex hair care. Especially, if you are accustomed to dry your hair with a hair dryer or ironing. This tool allows you to smooth the scales, make your hair more slippery and pliable styling. Also, hair spray facilitates combing and reduces the amount of damage when combing.

Error in hair care №7: drying at hot temperatures

High temperatures dry up hair, which leads to brittleness and cross-section. The same thing happens if you dry your hair at an average temperature for more than 20 minutes. To avoid this, alternate cold and warm air.

Error in hair care №9: improper combing

Improper brushing can damage even the strongest and healthiest hair. Train yourself to begin the movement of the comb with the tips of the hair, gradually rising up to the tips. This will quickly unravel all the resulting tangles and minimally harm the hair.

Error in hair care №11: rare combing

It would seem, what is so useful frequent combing? After all, it contributes to the appearance of microtraumas on the hair? However, it is the comb that helps to awaken the bulbs and accelerate hair growth. Careful combing with a natural wood massage will ensure high-quality blood circulation in the scalp, improve the nourishment of the hair and help it grow faster. It is important to comb the hair in different directions: from the forehead to the back of the head, from the back of the head to the forehead, from left to right and vice versa.

№1 Improper nutrition

We are what we eat, in these words the truth of our health is revealed, and the hair is the first to react to problems in the body. We do not urge you to give up your favorite foods, but you still need to try to balance your diet, eat less fat, smoked, fried, and try to eat more vegetables, fruits, and cereals. You can try every day to include (at least one) in your diet foods that are necessary for the hair, or to prepare homemade vitamins for the hair according to the recipe of the trichologist, you can find the recipe here Such vitamins are ideal for the whole body and for the whole family.

You should drink at least 1.5 liters of pure water per day (in small portions), not juice, tea, compote, namely, clean, not cold water. Firstly, the hair is less greasy, and secondly it is very good for the length of the hair, the hair is not so dry, it is more saturated and natural shine appears.

№2 Incorrectly selected hair care

It seems to us that beautiful promises on bottles of shampoos or conditioners to make our hair thick, smooth and shiny will fit perfectly. And this is logical, because every girl wants to have thick, shiny and smooth hair. Believe me, never any shampoo or any other cosmetic will not make your hair thicker than it is laid by nature. Therefore, first of all you need to determine your hair type and select a shampoo, mask, conditioner and non-washing products based on it.

Select a shampoo depending on the condition of the scalp and be sure to buy another deep cleansing shampoo, which is used every two weeks to thoroughly clean the hair and scalp of various impurities (sebum, dust, styling products), after such a shampoo the scalp breathes. In the article How to choose a shampoo for normal, dry and oily hair, you can read more about it.

Choose a mask, conditioner depending on the condition of the length of hair, what your hair needs at the moment: moisturizing, strengthening, nourishing, restoring, protecting. In professional products, all lines are narrowly focused on solving a specific problem with hair.

Therefore, if you have shampoo from one series, and a mask from another, it is okay.

№3 Wrong water temperature

Many people think that if you wash your hair with hot water, then everything is washed out of your hair better and your hair becomes cleaner. But this is a delusion, you can’t wash your hair with hot water, because it contributes to sebum production, as a result, your hair will get greasy even faster, and the still hot water dries out the length of your hair, making it drained and brittle.

The head should be washed with warm, comfortable water, and at the end (after the mask) you can rinse your hair with cool water, it will smooth the scales and the hair will be smoother.

№4 Improper application of shampoo

I think everyone knows that the shampoo should be applied twice, the first time to wash off the dust and the second time to massage and leave the shampoo for action for 1-2 minutes. But not everyone knows that the shampoo should be applied only to the roots, and do not touch the length, especially if the hair is long and prone to dryness (this is generally the law), and when rinsing the shampoo will drain along the length and rinse it. And remember, always carefully wash off the shampoo from the hair, hairdressers say that the shampoo needs to be washed twice as long as it was on the hair.

If you comb your hair before washing, you will facilitate the subsequent application of the mask, combing and styling itself!

№5 We do not use thermal protection

If you have a hair dryer at home (not to mention the curling, ironing and tongs), then you must also have thermal protection, and it is of high quality. Thermal protection is needed so that the protein, the keratin of which our hair is made of, does not break down, because at temperatures above 130 degrees it breaks down and the hair becomes depleted, fragile and brittle.

Thermal protection for hair minimizes the negative impact on the hair of hot air and ultraviolet radiation. Thermal protection may be in the form of a cream, spray, serum, oil, fluid, emulsion.

№ 6 Wrong use hair dryer

The hair dryer is very convenient in hair care, in a few minutes you can dry your hair and give it the desired look (styling). Now there are a lot of good professional hair dryers, which practically do not hurt the hair, but still you cannot dry your hair without thermal protection.

Do not dry your hair with too hot air and very close to the hair; you can dry your hair somewhere by 80%, and then let it dry naturally. While drying hair, the hairdryer should always be in motion.

№7 Rarely trim the ends of the hair.

Even if you grow your hair, once every three months you need to trim the ends, so that the hair does not break off and is not depleted.

To improve the condition of the hair, you can make the hair polish, which shears off almost all of the cut ends without losing the length of the hair, read more about it in the article Hair polishing. Description, pros and cons of the procedure.

№8 We sleep with hair loose

This item applies to owners of medium and long hair.

At night, it is best to braid your hair in a light, not tight braid, so waves from a pigtail will not remain. And the hair will not rub at night on the pillow, so they will not be tangled and fluffy in the morning, which will greatly facilitate styling.

№9 Rarely comb my hair

Comb plays a very important role in hair care. A high-quality hair comb removes dirt particles and styling residue, and evenly distributes sebum from hair roots to the tips.

Combs should be washed at least once a week, otherwise the remnants of conditioners, modeling agents and sebum will make hair stale even after washing. And if you use the iron and other stylers, then you need to wipe them with alcohol, before each use.

The comb can be washed with shampoo and with a brush for applying paint (you can buy it at any cosmetics store), it is especially convenient to wash Tangle Teezer, apply some shampoos to the brush and walk between the rows of the comb, foam it well and rinse with running water.

№10 We do not wear a hat

Hair needs protection from the sun is not less than the skin, so in the summer, use products that have UV protection and protect the hair from the sun.And when you spend a lot of time in the sun, be sure to wear a hat, for example, a stylish hat, blazer or a bandage.

Do not forget about the headdress and in the winter, because the cold constricts the blood vessels, which leads to a deterioration of blood circulation, as a result of which the nutrition of the hair is disturbed, because all the beneficial substances to our hair come along with the blood. This at least makes the hair more dull and brittle, and in the future may cause hair loss.

We wish you all beautiful and healthy hair.

6 mistakes that make hair care

Everyone wants to look good, and hair is an element that attracts a lot of attention. In an attempt to give our hair the best we sometimes do the opposite - we spoil them. Here are some common mistakes you can make in trying to take care of your hair.

1. Good by little

Most make a common mistake by using too much styling products at one time. Using more of them will not necessarily give you a better look. For a natural, gorgeous look, just dry your hair and use one styling product that is most effective for you. You can pick up the tool on this site.

2. High temperature

Different types of hair can withstand different temperatures. If you have thin hair, do not expose them to heat more than 130 ° C, and if you have thick, tough hair, do not expose them to more than 200 ° C. Hair styling at a temperature of about 200 ° C reduces their strength by up to 50%. Hair laid down at this temperature loses brightness. To avoid this, you need to use high-quality styling products that allow you to adjust the temperature to suit your hair type.

4. Hair fragility

You may be interested to know that hair breakage occurs because of the most simple, innocent actions. Combing thick hair with a frequent comb, vigorous combing and even combing of wet hair leads to their fragility. Use simple and effective styling tools such as combs with wide teeth. Maintaining a good diet rich in vitamin C, iron, protein, biotin, zinc and folic acid will prevent brittleness and damage to hair.

5. Secrets of drying

To touch the towel for drying hair can be pleasant, but not fit your hair. Towel makes the cuticle rough, leaving hair unprotected and porous. The best way to dry your hair is to blot them with a soft towel or use a hair dryer. It is important and combing in the right direction. Combing in the opposite direction and backing do not bring benefit to the cuticle and can cause irreparable damage.

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