20 options for short haircuts for women over 40

Today we will bring to your attention a small selection of hairstyles on the side, which you can do yourself without the help of a stylist. Below in the photo you will see how to make these simple and beautiful hairstyles step by step. You can choose between a side beam and a scythe or combine these two styles. They are perfect for curly hair as well as straight hair. Some of these hairstyles are good for those who do not have time, others are suitable for special occasions, for example for your prom.

Take a look at the photos and choose the one that best suits your style. Follow the instructions carefully, and you will have the perfect hairstyle. Enjoy and stay informed with us.

A woman is always beautiful - both at 20, and at 40, and at 60.

But often with age, women cease to monitor their appearance, justifying it by the fact that the time of her youth has passed. And, seemingly, there is nothing to pretend, because the long-awaited stability has come in life ...

This is a terrible mistake! Just one detail - a haircut - can make you younger. Take an example from timeless world celebrities! On their example, it is easy to see how short haircuts for women over 40 are decorated.

Cascading haircut

Mature women with an excellent sense of style will surely appreciate the convenience and attractiveness of a short cascade. An excellent final touch of such a haircut is a bang suitable for the type of face, designed to securely mask age-related defects on the forehead. Professional multicolour coloring can radically transform a short cascade, making the composition on the head refreshing and youthful.

This haircut has several variations, adult ladies should pay attention to the one that provides bangs, combed to the side. The side parting in combination with asymmetric bangs and flawless pixie lines distract attention from the middle-aged face and add femininity.

Laying bangs on one side, if necessary, is able to adjust the shape of the face, pulling it out to normal. This option is the best suited for owners of thin hair, as thanks to the concept of haircuts curls visually thicken. Pixie is appropriate for both straight and moderately curly hair.
It is important that this haircut is not contraindicated for full women and owners of rounded face.

For women who have natural curly hair, or who always prefer to lay them in waves, bob haircut is perfect. It is extremely easy to shape it; you just need to add natural negligence by thoroughly ruffling your hair. The look of this hairstyle is penetrated by light boldness, looks at ease and removes a dozen years from the owner. Bob is relevant for mature ladies due to his ability to correct a non-winning appearance of fine hair.

Women who have crossed the forty-year border need to look blooming and modern to maintain their image, so they should definitely consider a chin-length bean as a good hairstyle. There are many varieties of haircuts.

For example, the facial rejuvenation abilities are seen in a long bean and a graduated bean. The long version is good because it fits perfectly on the hair of any structure, it is able to completely change when using different versions of the parting. Ideally, parting is selected by type of person. The graded version is good because it balances the inharmonious elongated face type, moderately expanding it in the eye area.

Haircut looks spectacular when styling, containing unobtrusive tucked inside the strands. Owners of a bob haircut, the length of which reaches the chin, do not necessarily have to stop on a single-colored coloring. It is worth paying attention to new developments in this area. For example, staining with sombre. This subtype of ombre staining, featuring a smooth color transition, looks amazing due to the natural result.

Curls with velvet and without

The effect of negligence and simple elegance can be achieved by creating a hairstyle on the head based on curls and fleece. To begin with, apply mousse, foam or powder on the hair roots. Then gently thin the hairbrush to separate the hair and carefully comb it at the roots.

Only when the necessary volume is obtained proceed to the creation of curls.. Take the middle curler and gently walk through the hair, carefully tearing the hair apart. First curl the lower strands, taking the upper ones with the help of crabs, and then proceed to the top and front strands, as in the photo:

Curls should not be too tight, because you do careless styling. After all the strands have been heat treated, grab a hairspray and take a good look at your hair. Do not forget that you are laying on a side parting, so evenly distribute the tool and slaughter the side strand in the area of ​​the eyebrow invisible.

Curls can be beautifully laid and without a fleece in the event that they are naturally thick, like in this video:

Curls with braids

For this hairstyle you will need mousse or foam. Apply the product to the hair along the entire length, stepping back a little from the roots.

Then make a side parting and take a small strand in the temple area, start weaving a pigtail, leaving the area of ​​the crown.

Also do with the second side. Sliver both side braids with invisibility, hiding the tips. Then take the middle curling iron and walk along the entire length of the hair, carefully curling each curl. After that, take the hairspray and fix the hair.

This video details a slightly different technique for creating this spectacular hairstyle:

Side beam

Bundles - this is relevant and trendy. This hairstyle will take just a couple of minutes, and it will look spectacular and fresh. Side bun easy to do on slightly messy hair, apply dry shampoo on them and scrape at the roots.

Then take a curling iron and curl large curls. After that, take the hair in a taut tail and scroll inside several times, creating a bun. Gently pulling loose hairs invisible.

Kill the bundle itself with the help of these barrettes, its basis can be created also with the help of a special elastic band for the bundles. To fix the result, apply hairspray to your hair.

Side hairstyles

Hair on the side is stacked quite simply, and this hairstyle has a special dignity, which puts it at the peak of popularity among the female sex. This advantage is considered the ease of execution, because not every girl can quickly and beautifully collect a bunch on her own head in the back of the head. But to make the same bundle on one side easier lung.

Advantages of side hairstyles:

  • attracting the attention of others,
  • ease of execution - no need to be a master in creating hairstyles,
  • a huge selection - from loose hair to all sorts of weaves,
  • versatility - hair is gathered on its side, both for a formal event and for work,
  • sexuality - neck, shoulders are exposed, and elongated earrings only decorate the image,
  • a properly selected hairstyle will allow you to hide the existing flaws,
  • neatly laid long curls do not hide and do not interfere.

Beauty and speed performed by

The most convenient and simple option is the hair collected on the side with curls. To create such a styling, you need to pre-curl large curls with curlers or curlers. Further, the curls are stacked on one side, combing them is not worth it, just separate each strand with your fingers. In the case of stiffness and obedience of hair, hair simply fixed varnish. But soft and naughty curls are attached stealth or beautiful hairpins. With a similar side styling you will shine not only in life but also in the photo.

The hairstyle framed by a fringe will look very original. The direction of the bangs depends on the side of the piling. Bangs help hide obvious flaws on the face. Visually divert attention from them.

Invisible as used as a fixative. To date, such a thing as an inconspicuous invisible being gained enormous popularity. Invisibles are an ornament and a means of fixation. They can be selected by hair shade, under the dress and much more.

Another interesting option is the side tail. The easiest way is to collect the hair from the side and secure with a rubber band. Gum can be hidden with your own hair, that is, wrap in one strand. The photo looks very creative and braided bangs with a side tail.

Spit and beam on the side

A practical and versatile option is the French side braid. In this case, it is necessary to braid the spike not from the forehead to the occipital part, but along the frontal line, like a rim. Then curls are collected in the tail or left in a lowered state. Spinning will not bother you, climb in the face and confused. The best option for young schoolgirls.

You can braid the side fishtail. It is difficult to braid such braids on the back of my head to myself, but on one side it is quite easy to lay it. In the photo of many stars, you can see the trend on the side styling, namely on the spit.

Completely different, both in life and in the photo, looks like a bunch on one side. The occipital bundle is already a classic, which has become boring. And the side way of creation is a new trend in hairdressing. A bundle can be made from a braided spit. A great option for young ladies, which highlights the femininity and romance.

It is a well-known fact that hairstyles on their side attract special attention from outside. With their originality and beauty, they are able to violate the existing proportions and routine of modern life, which means that they cannot be overlooked.

To suit men's hairstyle on its side

Men's haircut with hair styling on its side is very practical, and therefore is the most frequent choice of many stylists. She helps to create a beautiful masculine image, conquering with its convenience and perfection.

With a classic suit and tie, a hairstyle with hair styling on its side adds to the appearance of rigor, confidence and gallantry - any man, even of a young age, looks so refined and intelligent in this image. Many modern businessmen under the age of 40 make themselves such a haircut. In a businesslike manner, she gives young people courage, while not making the image boring and monotonous.
The classic model of male hairstyle on its side fits the male with any oval face, shape of the skull and hair structure. Therefore, it will be very easy to choose from ten options suitable for your type. The main thing is to contact a professional hairdresser. He will show what types of hairstyles are on the side, and the photo will quickly help determine the choice of options. Below are photos of the back and side of this hairstyle.

Classic men's haircut to the side in retro style

You can wear this hairstyle for men at any hair length: it can be a short haircut, and a haircut for medium or long hair. Depending on the length of the strands, you can make different styling. It can be smooth hair of various lengths, combed on the side or just back, with any parting location.

You can also experiment and make styling with asymmetrical sides - this trend in this hairstyle, by the way, is now in vogue.

If the hair with curls and modeling poorly, it is better to style this haircut with such a hair structure immediately after washing the hair and use well-fixing tools to model the hairstyle.

Mens hairstyle on its side has long been popular with the stronger sex: it is easy to make any styling and care for her does not take much time.

Wedding hairstyles with asymmetry

The bride always wants to create a unique image.

A fresh and trendy look at wedding hairstyles can create styling based on braids and bunches on the side.

Now asymmetry in fashion, more than ever.

Consider the popular options.

How to make a fishtail braid with curls

Use the braid on the side parting using the fishtail technique - this is, when strands are woven not outside, but inside.

Then slaughter the braid, and curl the loose strands. Secure the hair with lacquer. This image is suitable for light and airy clothes, as well as romantic images.

Air side beam

The bundle on the side is made on the basis of a special elastic band, which will allow to hold the hair. But you can use the good old invisible. To keep the hair in the hair, put on them a light styling mousse, and then curl the strands with a large curling iron.

You can also use accessories - a large hairpin or elegantly fasten a veil. It is important that the hair at the roots are not knocked out and were perfectly smooth.


To hairstyle looked spectacular and was appropriate at the wedding, used perm on large curling. Hair at the roots is laid with a gel - they should be perfectly slick.

The tail itself is better to do with an invisible eraser and carefully curl the tips. This style looks good with bangs, it fits cheeky ladies who want to show their individuality and show domination and passion.

Romantic with curls

This styling is done quite easily, it is often used for the prom. To begin, divide the hair on the side parting, apply on them foam.

After curl strands to the middle of the small curling. Curls gather in a tail on the side, and from above make a small bouffant. Without lacquer so that the volume does not sleep, it can not do.


This styling is done using colored barrettes, as in the nineties. Curl your hair, and then stab a part of the strand with rectangular colored hairpins, but take the second part into a bun on the side. Fill all with varnish with sparkles, to have a laying effect in the style of "Wild Angel".

Greek weaving

The famous hairstyle based on the Greek braid will suit owners of medium and long hair. First you need to comb your hair on the side parting. Then the separated strands need to be braided into braids, on the one hand the braid will be shorter than on the other.

The location of the spit begins from the nape. Then stretch the weave as if it were a casual hairstyle, giving the pigtails a volume, then connect them around the head in the shape of a crown, securing them with pins.

After that, hide the tips of the invisible and add a little varnish on the hair.

This video details the wedding styling for long thin hair with a Greek braid:

Four-spit braid

Spit from the history of the Celts for a long time conquered the fashionistas of the whole world. It is not woven as usual. It is based on four strands. First, mix the hair at the roots and pick it up in a high bun.

Select the main strand, weave into it the main braid. Then all the woven strands lift up this main strand and lower all strands down. If weaving goes on the side parting, then the strand should be taken from the side, and already in it weave the remaining hair.

French braid

This hairstyle will make you a princess from a fairy tale.. To start curl your hair on a large curling iron. Collect them on one side and leave the side strand near the ear, where you will weave a braid.

Weave from three strands from the opposite ear, turning diagonally to the second ear. Leave a few careless strands free.

Braid the braid using the fishtail technique, dividing the hair into two parts. Then pin the tip or take it with a rubber band. The effect of negligence will add to the image of romanticism.

Hairstyles firmly settled on the side in the image of every fashionista. They look good on owners of long hair.

note that such stacking is impossible without the use of styling products, stealth, curling. Therefore, carefully prepare before you do hair.

Who are the short haircuts?

Unfortunately, not in all cases, haircuts for short hair for women over 40 look appropriate. A short haircut will suit a woman who:

  • endowed with nature enlarged or vice versa incredibly small facial features that differ from the standard,
  • has a more or less pronounced contour of the face,
  • managed to keep the neck slim,
  • does not have excessive weighting or noticeable lengthening in the lower part of the face,
  • can freely demonstrate not the “second”, but a well-shaped chin.

Short haircut and hair color

Those who wish to wear a short haircut need to know a few nuances regarding hair coloring.
Hair color:

  • with a short haircut can look a little faded, therefore, it is often recommended to revive the natural range by tinting,
  • requires careful thought, it is best to entrust the choice to a specialist or consider several suitable paint options,
  • it does not have to be uniform, a good effect can be achieved by professional highlighting or coloring, the optimal choice of equipment within one of these areas will only help a hairdresser,
  • including several shades at once gives the hair a natural volume, which is important after 40 years,
  • with some short haircuts it can be completely gray or imitate full gray hair, this is a stylish combination used by many stars.

As can be seen from the photographs of fashionable celebrities who are unable to look old, haircuts for short hair for women over 40 can be varied, have a lot of styling options and decorate the image no worse than is possible in 20 years. At any age, a full-fledged woman needs self-confidence, she makes the image organic and attractive.

The most courageous ladies with pleasure carry haircuts under the boy or cut hair to a short hedgehog. Do not assume that in 40 years you can not make a shocking messy styling or hairstyle in the style of punk. Sure you may. Any haircuts and styling are allowed. A woman should choose her hair according to the laws of harmony, show it with pride, skillfully combine with clothes, accessories, body type and face shape. Women over 40 should not do dull old-fashioned hairstyles, they deserve better.

Men's haircuts with bangs on the side

To wear this type of haircut, you must wash your hair daily, and pay attention to styling. This is important because such a hairstyle, especially with a long bang, looks perfect and neat only on well-groomed head of hair. In addition, deciding on such a change of image, it should be borne in mind that men's haircuts with bangs on the side will not suit the owners of curly and fluffy hair, because they on such a structure will be difficult to style.
Bang in this case, the stylists do a duet with elongated strands on the crown - in this case, it perfectly harmonizes with the entire haircut.

Cut to the side with shaved temples

Such a model of a hairstyle with shaved or short-haired sides can change the image of a man, emphasize it with hints of individuality, visually open his face. This version of the male hairstyle perfectly with the beard.

It is made on the short and the average length of the strands. Very often, at the request of the man, in addition to her, the stylist makes the shaving of various patterns, stripes, and figures.

Fashionable trend among young people who love to stand out, is shaving part, which adds to the effectiveness of this hairstyle.

High styling

This male hairstyle is not suitable for owners of noble gray hair - it is made mainly at a young age (up to 35 - 40 years).
The stylist starts the haircut from the offset of the central line - from here the hairstyle acquires its pomp and bulkiness, and the beveled side to overcame is very interesting and stylish. This model of male hairstyles on its side requires everyday styling with wax, spray or powder. But this daily waste of time is worth it if you want to refresh the image and change it for the better. With it, you can adjust the shape of the face, open the desired areas and at the same time look confident and charismatic.

Extended hairstyle on its side - photo

Modeling such a haircut is performed in accordance with retro style or high styling, and it is often done with shaved temples (sides). In what style and how to make such a hairstyle, is decided on the basis of the style of clothing and lifestyle of a man. With a smooth line in the forehead, with a beard, with curls or straight hair - this haircut will perfectly fit into a business image, adding to it a note of originality.

Hairstyle hair on the side - the main nuances of care

Properly chosen haircut, corresponding to the type of man, his lifestyle and image will look perfect and harmoniously only with competent and daily hair care and styling.
What can be recommended to men who chose to design their hair on their side in retro performance or with shaved temporal areas, as well as in high styling? Consider the main points of care.

1. With the development of the modern cosmetic industry, now not only women have the opportunity to purchase a wide range of hair care products, but also for men manufacturers produce a large arsenal of special shampoos, styling products and much more. Properly chosen modeling tools for the hair will help create a successful and presentable image without leaving your own bathroom.

The main thing in this business is to choose products that match your hair type.
The owners of fine strands and light, wheat hair are best suited lightweight sprays - styling. And for owners of thick hair with a heavy structure, waxes or mousses are suitable for men's styling - they do an excellent job with their task and tame any thickness of hair.

2. But men with curly, naughty hair, who decided to cut with a side parting, should get used to the daily styling rituals. If this is not done, the hairstyle will look sloppy and unpresentable, because the styling on such hair does not last long and quickly loses its original shape.

3. In order for the male hairstyle to look neat and well-groomed on its side, it is worth visiting your hairdresser each month and cutting your hair at least an inch. In addition, these measures will greatly facilitate the installation process.

4. Properly selected care products (shampoos, gels) and a healthy lifestyle contribute to the health of the hair and scalp, and, consequently, their gorgeous appearance. Therefore, these things should not be overlooked.

5. And, of course, hair care products. A good hair dryer and, if necessary (especially for unruly hair) an iron, it can be purchased in the mini version, it will be quite enough for the average length of a trusted manufacturer and you will have no problems with the styling process.

How to make a fashionable men's hairstyle on the side with a shaved parting will show the video.

Well, if you make this hairstyle for the first time, which requires attention in the form of styling, it is better to contact your hairdresser for advice - he will show you and tell you how to quickly and accurately perform styling on your haircut with side parting.

What features hairstyles on the side?

The main feature of absolutely any hairstyle, which has an asymmetrical shape, is that on the one hand it will definitely be smooth, and on the second it will be magnificent.

Because of this feature, the hairstyle on its side does not suit all girls, as individual features of the face, which many may simply be embarrassed, will stand out.

Before doing this styling, you should familiarize yourself with a few simple recommendations:

    Flowing light curls will help to mask too large or bulging ears, so that the hairstyle will be brighter, more playful and lively.

Owners of oblique bangs need to take into account the fact that most of the hair should be located exactly on the side to which the bangs “look”. If you ignore this advice, the hairstyle will not look neat, and the hair will literally bristle in different directions, which can not be tolerated.

  • For girls with round and slightly plump cheeks, it may seem that such an asymmetrical hairstyle changes the appearance literally beyond recognition. Correct the situation will help correct makeup, with which you need to highlight the eyes and emphasize the shape of the lips.

  • Who are the hairstyles on the side?

    Before you do the hair on its side, you should know to whom it suits, and to whom it is best to refuse such styling:

      This is the perfect hairstyle for girls who have certain flaws in appearance that they would like to hide. Hairstyle on the side will be a great disguise for moles, scars, signs of acne and other facial features.

    Owners of too big ears, which are ugly bristled. Especially if one eye bulges harder, hair on its side would be the perfect solution.

    Hairstyle on one side will be a real salvation for owners of thin and sparse hair. In this case, to create a beautiful styling, in which visually the hair will be more voluminous and lush, you need to collect strands and stab, slightly lifting them, giving them lightness and lightness. An asymmetrical hairstyle not only combines, but also organizes all the hair on one side. Such a hairstyle will even turn a rare mane into a gorgeous collection of hair.

  • Hairstyle on the side is perfect in the case when, after a long sleep, the hair got together in one direction. The main thing is to lay the strands in the direction in which they themselves gathered, so that the hairstyle will look stylish and neat.

  • Hairstyle on the side with shaved temple

    This hairstyle for quite a long period of time does not lose its relevance and is suitable for young, self-confident girls who like to attract the attention of others. This is an excellent option to show your own individuality and show that they are emancipated in modern society.

    This haircut will not leave any choice except how to do the hair on its side and wear hair on one side. This style emphasizes the duality of nature - there are the ability to show rigidity, but at the same time remain very gentle and feminine.

    This hairstyle is easy to do yourself at home and the whole process does not take much time. It is quite enough to choose the area of ​​the head where the hair is shaved. It is necessary to adhere to the following advice - to cut out the area in the temple, a little above the ear.

    When changing the image on their own, a comb is taken with a thin end, after which a strand is carefully separated, which will be shaved. In this case, the bulk of the hair is collected on the other side, so as not to interfere during work.

    Hairstyle on the side with bangs

    This version of the hairstyle fits almost all representatives of the opposite sex. Many girls do not know which side to do the bangs on. In this case, you can use simple advice - choose the side that is opposite to the working hand. Consequently, the right-hander can stack bangs on the left side and vice versa. First of all, this is due to the fact that from the side of the working hand, as a rule, the vision is worse, so you should not make an even greater load.

    Hairstyle on the side for long hair

    Owners of long hair often face the problem of how to lay strands beautifully so that they do not develop, and the hairstyle is preserved in almost perfect condition throughout the day. This installation is easy to do yourself at home.

    To create a stylish, modern and at the same time business look, you should choose the option of a smooth hairstyle on its side. A simple tail, pulled by a rubber band looks too dull. And if it is placed on the side, the image becomes more vivid and interesting.

    First, an oblique parting is done with an even movement of the comb in the direction from the forehead to the back of the head. Then, on the one hand, on which more hair was distributed, the tail forms at the level of the ear, but you can place it a little lower, covering the ear. Strands are attached with a vertical barrette or rubber band.

    To turn a hairstyle into a bun, you need to use only a few invisible. For this, the strands are fixed around the attachment point of the tail and the hairstyle is completely ready.

    If such a haircut will cover the ear, it is better to leave the tail, as the beam will begin to create an advantage, and styling will cause a strong feeling of discomfort or disintegrate after a few hours.

    Haircut on the side with a braid

    Owners of long hair can braid various braids. Even the simplest tail, tightened with an elastic band, will look much more interesting and brighter if you add it to the oblique fishtail or French oblique. And a simple three-strand braid, braided slightly casually, will look stylish in a beam.

    An excellent choice would be the French braid, braided on one side. First a side parting is made, after which weaving begins in the direction from the occiput and to the opposite ear. To spit was sent in the right direction, additional strands are taken from the side to which the movement.

    If you start taking additional strands from the opposite side of your direction, the resulting braid will resemble a harness moving in the right direction.

    After the braid is braided to the end, you can tie it with a beautiful rubber band or form a bundle. Here you can safely choose absolutely any option, taking into account the event, which is planned to go.

    For an evening out you can make another interesting version of this hairstyle. First, a braid is woven, starting from the ear, and at the same time it is important to constantly adhere to strictly one direction - between the line of hair on the forehead and the back of the head, otherwise the braid will not be neat.

    It is not necessary during the weaving too tightly to tighten the strands, especially if the hairstyle is done independently. If you tighten the braid very tightly, ugly “roosters” may appear, which simply cannot be disguised. During weaving, you need to make sure that there is no strong stretching of the strands, but only slightly lifted above the hairline. In this case, the hairstyle will turn out not only lush enough, but also help to slightly open the face.

    After weaving the braid will be completed, you need to slightly draw in some strands to give extra volume and uniformity to the finished hairstyle.

    If you choose such a hairstyle on its side with a scythe, it is useful to follow a few simple recommendations:

      The thinner the strands are, the more elegant the finished braid will be.

    You only need to braid clean and completely dry hair, a hairstyle done on the second or third day after washing your hair will be inaccurate.

    With the help of the stud, you can hide all the unruly strands that are knocked out of the braid.

  • If the haircut has uneven strands, you can conduct small experiments in advance, braiding different versions of braids in order to choose the most suitable one for you.

  • Hairstyle on the side with curls

    This is one of the easiest hairstyles to do that much faster than braid a simple braid.However, to create it, you will need to use curling, curlers or ironing to get beautiful curls.

    Before proceeding directly to the creation of curls, it is necessary to determine approximately at what level they should be located. To this end, the hair is divided into two parts, the resulting parting should be preserved during styling. Then curls are collected on the side, and the height at which curls should begin.

    As soon as the hair will be curled, it is necessary to fix the curls with lacquer so that they do not fall apart. Now you can proceed directly to the formation of the tail, which can be tightly pulled or carelessly tied, there are almost no restrictions. You can leave a few playful locks near the face to give the image of lightness and romance.

    Smooth hair on the side

    This hairstyle is perfect for medium length hair. To create it, you will need to take about 10–15 invisibles and a mirror, so that it is convenient to consider your own nape if the hairstyle is done on its own.

    From the side where the hair will be smoothly combed, a not too large strand is taken and wrapped in a curl, then fixed with an invisible one, slightly turning it back. Then the next strand is taken and the previous action is repeated.

    As a result, each successive strand, stabbed by the invisible, must overlap the previous one so that the hairpin is not visible. If the hairstyle needs to be given lightness and playfulness, the tips of the stabbed strands can be pulled through the next one. In this scheme, hair is stabbed until the opposite ear is reached. In this place, slightly below the ear, a slightly inaccurate tuft is collected and the hairstyle is completely ready.

    Due to the large variety of different types of hairstyles on the side, each girl will be able to choose for herself the perfect styling, which will emphasize the dignity of appearance and reliably hide the existing minor flaws.

    As from curls weave hair on its side, look in this video:

    Watch the video: 50 Best Short Hairstyles For Black Women Over 40 (December 2019).