Wheat color in hair colors

Wheat hair color is a fashion trend that offers several variations of shades, so you can choose the tone that is most appropriate for a particular color type. Experimenting with the color of wheat, you can give a special charm to the image, make it light and gentle.

Wheat-colored hair: who should pay attention to the sun shade

When planning this coloring, you need to consider in which case the shade of wheat will be in harmony with the type of woman (how to choose the appropriate hair color for different color types, read here). Experts recommend to pay attention to the following points:

  • Ideal for girls and women, whose skin is naturally peach-colored, and the eyes have a rich green, gray, blue hue. For completeness, the eyebrows should be fairly thick and dark.
  • If a woman belongs to the color type "summer", with wheat-colored hair, you should be especially careful, otherwise you can become completely nondescript.

Professional stylists recommend conducting a test: young greens are applied to the face, assessing the presence of circles or bruises under the eyes. If they are not available, you can wear a beige blouse or dress. If the image is quite expressive, you can pick up a suitable shade of wheat for hair coloring.

Wheat shades available

Sunny wheat shade is available in options:

  • Golden-wheat - refers to the most complex colors, but with its help you can give the appearance of refinement, elegance.
  • Honey-wheat - it is characterized by the presence of redfish. You can describe this shade as a combination of caramel and gold.
  • Wheat brown hair color. Light tone makes hair matte, but at the same time shiny, yellowness is completely absent.
  • Ash-wheat. This hair color represents a cold gamut, but before dyeing the curls, it is important to make sure that the skin and eyes are fully suitable for the ashy color. Due to the presence of a gray glow, giving the skin a light blue, any flaws on the face will look as expressive as possible.
  • Caramel-wheat - is the average shade between the blond and blond tone. The peculiarity of the refined color is the presence in it of honey, cinnamon, caramel paints, giving the skin beauty and vitality.
  • Dark wheat. After this dyeing, the hair gets an interesting shade with inclusions of brown, red, golden brown.
  • Medium wheat. It is an intermediate option between warm and cold tones, characterized by the presence of pearlescent notes.
  • Light wheat. This hair color provides an interesting play of colors in the curls.

How to determine the appropriate tone?

When choosing a wheat color, pay attention to a number of points:

  • Owners of fair skin should give preference to cool shining shades that will give brightness to the hair. This is a platinum and ash blonde.
  • If the skin color is relatively dark, golden warm shades are best suited.
  • When the skin is dark, it is worth choosing a rich and dark shades of wheat color.

You can choose the tone of wheat, and focusing on your own color type. Used scheme:

  • Summer type with fair skin, light brown hair and eyes of gray, green, light brown, light blue color fits light or medium-wheat tint. You can stay on the pearl version. A color change of more than two tones is undesirable.
  • Spring type with a skin of milk or peach color, light golden hair and eyes of light tones will go medium or clarified wheat tone with inclusions of copper color.
  • Owners of the autumn color type with tan or beige skin, freckles, green or brown eyes are wheat-caramel color, light or dark-wheat shades interspersed with red, copper tone. Strongly not suitable in this case, the blond version.
  • Winter type with dark or light blue eyes, dark hair, light or olive-gray skin is medium or dark wheat tone. Experts strongly do not recommend to decide on a full clarification and choose a wheat-ash color.

Having stopped on a suitable variant of a shade of wheat color, it is possible to get ready painting structure and to carry out coloring of the house or in the conditions of salon. Another option for obtaining a wheat-honey shade or another clarified tone is the use of home remedies.

Home dyeing methods

Such methods of painting in dark or light wheat colors are suitable for both light and dark hair. After a course of regular procedures, you can get the desired result with minimal cost. True, have patience.

You can choose from the following options:

1. Pharmacy chamomile. To make an infusion, a couple of tablespoons of dry grass is poured with a glass of boiling water and left to infuse for several hours. Then the composition is filtered and used to rinse hair after washing the head. Carry out the procedure after each swim.

2. Masks with glycerin. To obtain wheat-colored 4 tablespoons of the pharmaceutical chamomile pour 100 ml of boiling water and infuse for 2 hours. After filtration, add half a glass of glycerin to the infusion. The mask is applied under a warming cap on cleanly washed hair. The session duration is 30 minutes.

3. Mask with glycerin and honey. This mixture is suitable for dyeing in a golden-wheat tone. To prepare combine 3 tablespoons of liquid honey, a tablespoon of glycerin. After mixing, the composition is applied to cleanly washed hair and warmed with a towel. Sessions are repeated three times a week. The result - lightening, nourishing hair, activating their growth.

4. Lemon-glycerin mask. To obtain a wheat shade, 5 tablespoons of glycerin are heated in a water bath and 5 drops of lemon essential oil are added to them. After cooling, the mixture is applied to the curls along the entire length and left for 15 minutes.

5. Herbal rinse. Lighten hair to wheat shade helps infusion of nettle and chamomile. Each herb is taken in the amount of a pair of tablespoons and brewed with a liter of boiling water only. After a half-hour infusion and filtration, the infusion is left on the hair for 15 minutes. Then do chamomile rinsing.

6. Mask of honey. If you have enough free time, you can lubricate the strands with liquid honey for 8 hours. Then ringlets washed with clean water.

When the desired result is achieved, it is important to take care to preserve the beautiful golden hair color. There are a number of rules for this:

  • It is necessary to regularly apply tint balsam for rinsing, stirring it in a couple of tablespoons of water and applying the composition on curls for 15 minutes. For flushing use clean water.
  • When choosing a shade of wheat, you should prevent the appearance of yellowness in advance by regularly making lightening masks according to the above recipes.
  • Each hair wash is completed by applying the conditioner.

To the result fully met the expectations, you can hold the first painting in the cabin. After this, in the absence of a pronounced contrast between the new shade and the natural color, it is often enough to maintain a well-groomed look at home.

To suit

So, for a wheat-colored hair dye to be chosen correctly, you must first determine your own color type. For example, light-haired and light-eyed ladies of Slavic appearance are best suited golden and light wheat. But the owners of warm skin tones, it is desirable to prefer honey or dark wheat hue. They will not come into sharp contrast with the complexion. And the coloring procedure itself will cause less damage to the strands than a more serious clarification.

When choosing a paint, in addition to the skin tone, it is necessary to take into account the eye color. For example, gray and blue combine well with those shades of wheat, which the manufacturer denotes on the package the word "light" (for example, light-brown sun). And also with ashen and golden wheat.

Dark wheat, honey and caramel are recommended to owners of black and brown eyes. Green-eyed women are perfect honey and gold.

How to get wheat color

If you want to get the result that you expected, it is advisable to entrust the selection of colors to a professional. Buy paint and paint in one tone, of course, you can. But today it is irrelevant. Masters perform staining with several pigments at once. This makes it possible to achieve the effect of naturalness and gain additional volume.

Are you blonde or fair-haired? Then the color of wheat will add a natural golden glow and depth. Make a full-bodied wheat hue brunette - more difficult task. She first needs to lighten up, and only then paint the hair in the desired tone.

If you have dark hair by nature, and you want to become a wheaten blonde, but with minimal impact on the curls, you can use gentle methods of coloring. This is highlighting (balayazh, ombre), in which individual strands are covered with paint. It allows you to get a fashionable effect of burning out in the sun, preserve the integrity of the internal structure of the hair and their elasticity, gives elegance.

An important point: the best result will provide professional paints, especially if you are beautiful for the first time.

Dyeing techniques

Ombre, shatush, degradade, balayazh and others are used to obtain the effect that is fashionable today in places of burnt strands in dyeing. In the beauty salon, experienced craftsmen will perform any of them to make the wheat tint look even more attractive.

  • Mazhimesh - the technique of highlighting, created specifically for blondes. Successfully done and brown hair. It is performed without ammonia based on natural wax and cream. Can lighten curls up to 3 tones.
  • Classic view of highlighting. Looks good on any base color.
  • Balayazh - the tips or some of the strands are painted in a darker or lighter shade of wheat color (the difference, as a rule, is 3-4 tones).
  • Two-tone coloring - the use of a single paint, but 2 shades with a difference of 2-3 tones. The technique involves staining the upper strands darker, and the lower - lighter.
  • Degrad - a gradual transition from a darker shade of wheat to a lighter one. Very profitable technique, since the growth of roots does not spoil the appearance of hair.

In addition to all of the above, a hairdresser may suggest dyeing in one tone with a dyeing, as well as discolouring the hair and then painting it.

At home

Many women are used to painting at home on their own. This saves not only money, but also time. To make the coloring really high-quality, it is necessary to adhere to a number of rules:

  1. Wheat color should be selected, focusing on your own natural hair color. Another condition: it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the dye (which tone it will “give out” in combination with your base color).
  2. In order to avoid staining of the skin next to the hair, it is necessary to treat potentially dangerous areas with a greasy cream or petroleum jelly.
  3. It is possible to work with paint only in gloves. Otherwise, you will get problems with the skin of your hands and nails.
  4. It is permissible to dilute the pigment in plastic, glass or ceramic containers. The use of metal objects is prohibited due to oxidation.
  5. It is better not to wash the head on the day of the staining. Natural fat will be a kind of protective barrier against the effects of "chemistry".
  6. Paint should be diluted immediately before working with it. When idle, its qualities are lost.
  7. It is necessary to apply the dye quickly. Then the color will be even and the same.

You can get a rich wheat color at home except on the initially light curls. Photos and reviews of those who have already tried to do this, eloquently testify to this.

Alternative ways

Make a home coloring composition that will give a shade of wheat shade is not difficult. However, keep in mind that the base color of the curls should be light.

So, to achieve this tone, you can use:

  • Broth rhubarb. Pour 2 tbsp. spoons of raw glass of boiling water. When infused and cool, apply on strands. Withstand depending on the desired color saturation. Perfectly paints over gray hair.
  • Broth calamus and chamomile drug. Take both ingredients in the same proportions and insist on a water bath for 20 to 40 minutes. The longer you do this, the shade will become darker and brighter. Ready decoction should be filtered and added to the mask or balm. Can be used as an independent tool. The aging time on the hair - from 30 minutes to an hour.
  • Liquid honey with a decoction of chamomile drug. If you add a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice, your hair will be shining. It is necessary to mix all the ingredients, apply the mixture to the hair and soak under the towel for an hour.

Care for dyed hair

Women who dyed hair in wheat color, need regular and proper care for them. If you do not do this, the shade "sheds" in gray or yellow. It is recommended to use special balms and tinted shampoos for newly-minded blondes to maintain color saturation.

In addition, in the arsenal of care products must include an air conditioner, moisturizing, nourishing and healing mask. The use of these products will help protect the color from the gradual leaching and keep it as long as possible.

The main problem of shade of ripe wheat is yellowness. To avoid its occurrence, it is necessary to constantly apply lightening nourishing masks.

A variety of "wheat"

Shades of wheat-colored hair is represented by a mass of options, because each of you will be able to accurately choose your own.

Such a complex hair color will make the image very soft, refined and elegant. It became very popular during the Renaissance, but even after many years it still catches the eye.

This color can be described as wheat with a red subtone. It successfully combined gold and caramel.

Wheat light-brown pours a beautiful sunlight, differs in opaque gloss and does not assume existence of yellowness at all.

One of the most relevant and popular shades. Refers to the cold range. The main base for it is ashen color. Ash with wheat is capricious in terms of the selection of eyes and skin. The main reason for this is a noticeable gray glow, which gives the shade a slight blueness. Wheat and ash color strands to matte skin without any flaws and light eye color. With the problematic type, this tone can not be combined!

Something in between dark blonde and blond. It is not as bright as red, but not as simple as a regular light brown color. This subtle tone combines notes of honey, cinnamon, caramel and makes the hair very beautiful and lively. Wheat and caramel color is ideal for women with blue eyes and fair skin.

Dark wheat tone refers to a warm color palette. It consists of red, brown and gold. It is recommended to women with any color of hair and skin condition. This noble tone will give your hair a rich and bright color and highlight their beauty.

It is not warm and not cold - this is the average option. The most successful choice for girls with a light golden sheen in their hair. Pearlescent notes look incredible - both in the photo and in life.

Light wheat shade is the best choice for women with fair skin.If you are one of them, feel free to buy paint and watch how this beautiful shade plays in your hair.

To get wheat, you can completely dye your hair in the right shade. And you can do balayazh, ombra or mazhishesh - more gentle method. You can not worry about growing roots, because wheat shades have no pronounced transitions, unless, of course, you are not a brunette.

And here is a list of the best colors of wheat shade:

  • L’Oreal- a large number of wheat shades are presented in this article.
  • Brelil Professional (9.32) - Italian paint, which is suitable for those who want to give the light strands a rich and bright color,
  • Inoa (9.31) - light shade, suitable for dark hair, does not contain ammonia and peroxide, paints over gray hair. One minus is the price. She's pretty tall
  • Yo.Coloring Kemon (8) is a sparing Italian dye based on yoghurt. Perfect for weak and damaged hair. Without ammonia and aggressive PPD supplements, does not damage the hair structure, and makes them healthier - makes them more elastic and durable,
  • Estel High Blond De Luxe - gives a rich shade without strong damage to the strands,
  • Concept Profy Touch (9.37) is a cream-based compound that is able to paint over naturally dark strands. Another plus is that in case of a bad painting it is easily washed off the hair,
  • Wella Color Touch (9/03) - a dye without ammonia, perfectly fits on strands, gives a conceived shade. It nourishes and moisturizes weakened hair,
  • Revlon Colorsilk (74) - using this patented tool, you can not fear for the health of hair.

It will be interesting to you: how to choose your hair color?

Both blondes and brown-haired women can easily recreate the wheat shade of hair using home remedies. To do this, you only need to regularly carry out the following procedures:

Pharmacy Chamomile Infusion

2 tbsp. Pharmaceutical chamomile spoons Pour 200 grams of boiling water. Insist a couple of hours and filter. Rinse your head after each wash.

Pour 4 tbsp. l chamomile and a half cup of boiling water and set aside for 2 hours. Filter and add the same amount of glycerin. You need to apply such a mask under a warming cap and only on clean hair. Keep at least 30 minutes.

Mix 3 tbsp. spoons of good liquid honey with 1 tbsp. spoon of glycerin. Apply under the cap on a clean head of hair. Repeat three times a week. The mask not only brightens, but also nourishes the hair and accelerates growth.

Mask of glycerin and lemon ether

Heat on steam 5 tbsp. spoons of glycerin. Add 5 drops of lemon ether. Apply the cooled mixture to the whole length. Wash off after a quarter of an hour.

Fill with a liter of boiling water a mixture of nettle and chamomile (2 tablespoons). Insist half an hour and filter through a sieve. Moisten the hair in the infusion for about 15 minutes. Then rinse with steep chamomile extract (part of the water and part of the chamomile).

If there is free time, brush the strands with liquid honey. Walk with him for 8 hours and then wash with water.

Wheat color care

To keep a luxurious wheat hue for a long time, remember a few rules.

  • Rule 1. Rinse your hair regularly with a tint balm. Stir 2-3 tablespoons in a small dose of water and apply the mixture on the strands for about a quarter of an hour. Wash everything off with clean water.
  • Rule 2. To remove the yellowness, which will manifest 100% over time, it is necessary to make a mask with a brightening effect. They are described just above.
  • Rule 3. Once a week, perform a mask for dyed hair, and after each wash, use conditioner.
  • Rule 4. Paint the grown roots, otherwise your whole appearance will be very untidy.

How to choose a haircut with wheat color strands?

Enhance this color will help cascading haircuts. Chaotic curls in a duet with a slanting bang look just great! Especially this hairstyle to face brown-eyed ladies - it allows you to divert attention from the eyes.

A bob for bright hair - a risky option. The pale shade of hair can play a cruel joke and make the look very dim. In order to prevent confusion, it is recommended to apply a graduated haircut. With it, the strands on the back of the head are cut as short as possible, and elongated curls are left on the face.

The ideal option for wheat-colored strands is a perky pixie. Short, bold strands give the image playfulness. Pixies are often complemented with elongated oblique bangs. Colorful appearance hairstyles support styling with wax.

Makeup for blonde hair

Make-up for wheat color should be very soft and as natural as possible. Do not overload your skin with too dark tones - this is the most important factor.

  • Powder - cream, beige, sand or ivory,
  • Shadows - bluish, mauve,
  • Eyeliner and eyebrow pencil - grayish brown, cinnamon. Charcoal-black pencil - only for exits.

Wheat-colored hair shades

  • Light wheat The shade is best combined with very fair skin.
  • Ash Wheaten helps to avoid excessive yellowness, with its own yellow hair pigment.
  • Honey Wheat contains more ginger color. It is ideal for girls with medium fair skin.
  • Golden wheat suitable for fair-haired girls. It will give your hair a shine of golden autumn.

In the photo below you can choose the appropriate shade.

Color features

Wheat hair color makes the image softer, more feminine. This shade is easily combined with any haircut. He always looks saturated, has a golden sheen that attracts the eyes of others. With the help of wheat-colored hair, you can easily disguise gray strands.

The main disadvantage of this shade is its poor compatibility with naturally dark curls. Before the dyeing procedure, it is imperative to complete the hair lightening step.

Who is the wheat color

Wheaten hair color is suitable for ladies who, from birth, have blond curls, fair skin and a hue of eyes. This type of blond will be perfectly combined with such features of appearance. Stylists are also advised to pay attention to what tint the eye. Appearance should always be in harmony with shades that play on the hair. The most beautiful combination - wheat curls with green eyes. Such an image attracts and attracts the masculine look on itself. Brown-eyed girls can also choose a wheat tone.

If the tone is naturally dark, you will not get such a light shade on your own at home. You need to visit a beauty salon and contact a specialist with a high level of skill. To drastically change the color, you first need to destroy the natural pigment with the help of a brightening powder. Whiteness should be perfect.

After this procedure, a cream mask with 1.5% oxide is applied. Mixtones may be needed to make the shade deep and rich. The exact formula can be calculated only by an experienced master technologist.

The tone lasts about 3 weeks. Then you need to lighten the regrown roots and tint the hair.

It is important to consider that according to the result of clarification and coloring the curls will become drier and brittle. The head of hair will be stiff. To preserve the health of the curls, you should regularly use masks, balms and cosmetic procedures to restore the structure of hairs - Botox, keratin.

If you are ready to spend time and money on maintaining a wheat tone, then you can safely move into it from the dark.

Wheat hair color matches perfectly with the spring color type. This type of appearance implies a peach complexion, bright eyes and thick eyebrows that have a dark shade.

The second type of appearance - "Summer". Such girls by nature have bright hair and bright eyes. Woman Summer has fair skin, so the wheat color will blend in with the image.

In the presence of golden wheat natural strands you get a beautiful wheat color with a golden hue. Such coloring is recommended for owners of blond or blonde curls. If the hair is a few tones darker (this often refers to the “Autumn” and “Winter” color type), then it will definitely need to be lightened in a beauty salon.

For girls with brown eyes and dark skin, the wheat color will help to hide small imperfections in the face area. For example, rash, redness and various inflammations will become less noticeable.
Wheat-colored shades

There are several options for the selection of shades of wheat color. So golden-wheat tone adds more tenderness and elegance to the image of a girl. The style becomes more sophisticated and delights the views of others.

Wheat color with a touch of honey goes well with green eyes. It is acceptable to use a combination of gold and caramel.

Wheat color with light brown shade will have a sunny outflow. A characteristic feature of this image is the absence of a matte sheen with yellowness.

Wheat and ash colors are the most relevant colors of this season. This is a cold color scheme, it is very picky in terms of a combination of eye color and female skin. The main reason lies in the visible gray tide. The color can be partially blue. Pay attention, it is better to select such tone to matte skin and light eyes.

The combination of wheat and caramel is in the middle between the blond and the dark blond color. Unlike the use of red color, the image is not so saturated. At the same time, there is no dullness, like a natural light brown shade. Stylists can add honey and caramel notes. So the tone becomes more alive. The perfect combination will be a girl, a feature of the exterior is light skin and eyes the color of the sky.

The warmest color palette is a dark wheat shade. At its base are ginger brown and golden color. This image fits almost any lady. The style of the girl gets bright notes. The color of the strands is always saturated and filled with vital energy.

If the hair is noticeable outflow of gold, then experts recommend a closer look at the average wheat color. Additionally pearl notes can be applied.

For ladies who have a bright face and hair, a light wheat shade would be an ideal option. On the curls get a spectacular overflow.

Wheels and Colors for Hair Colors

When choosing wheat-colored hair, it is important to trust a specialist in a beauty salon, since the dyeing procedure is a complex process. You must first select the desired hair dye. For owners of dark curls, you first need to lighten the strands. To make the effect more natural, representatives of the fashion and beauty industry often use several shades at once. So curls are obtained with a golden overflow and additional volume.

For those who are not ready for drastic changes, you can try Ombre or Balayazh. In this case, only some strands are added to the staining. Visually, the effect of the sun-streaked curls will be created. The image will become more elegant and refined, while the structure of the hair will be preserved.

Before going to the beauty salon, you need to decide on the choice of paint. There are many elite budget options on the market.

Paint can be used to make wheat color. Estelle. To do this, select the paint number 9 (golden blond).

In the lineup Capus paint number 7.1 and 7.07. Firm Ollin offers to dye hair in wheat shade with the help of color number 11/3 and 10/03, and also such color can be received paint Garnier Belle Color.

In paint Palette experts recommend to pay attention to the number 9 (light blond) and number b9 (beige blond).

Toning blond hair to give a wheat tone - tinting balm, shampoo, homemade recipes

Along with folk methods of obtaining wheat color, there are ways to achieve results in the home. Unlike toning - this is a great way to care for curls.

Rinse with chamomile infusion is considered a folk remedy. Two tablespoons of the plant is filled with a glass of boiling water. The decoction is infused from 1 to 2 hours, and then filtered, and the infusion rinsed hair. The procedure is repeated after each shampooing. So the hair becomes softer and shinier, the hair roots receive additional nourishment.

In order to make a glycerin mask, you need to heat about 50 g of glycerin from the pharmacy in a water bath. It also adds a teaspoon of juice squeezed from lemon. Next, a warm mask is applied along the entire length of the curls, it should be washed off within one and a half hours. After this procedure, the hair will become soft and extra shine, combing them will no longer cause difficulties.

Another healing effect has honey mask. It is better to apply it to the curls on days off from work, because to achieve the effect, the honey mixture must be kept for 7 to 8 hours.

Invisible hair lightening can be obtained with onion peel. She will give a golden hue. Enough to pour 30 grams of husk and about 2 liters of water. This mixture should be boiled for about 20 minutes. A few drops of glycerin are added to the solution. For two weeks in a row, the strands must be wetted every day until the desired effect is obtained.

The use of special balms and shampoos is necessary so that the color after staining is not washed out. For curls need constant care. After shampooing, it is recommended to use tinted balms or camomile tincture. Also boiled water with lemon juice will do. So strands will become more elastic and shiny. For a neater appearance, you need to constantly tint the hair roots.

Makeup and Haircut

With any change in hair color is very important correct correction of everyday makeup. When the wheat shade of the hair can not keep your eyes dark. This will make the facial features heavy, make it look too gloomy. In this case, decorative cosmetics should be:

  • cosmetic pencil - brownish-gray,
  • eyeshadow - lilac-pink or pale blue,
  • powder - beige, sand, cream,
  • lipstick - pastel shades (gloss - only transparent).

that the image will never be natural if the makeup is bright and flashy. Having gone too far with cosmetics, it is very easy to turn into a doll. But this is not what you want.

  1. Enhance wheat shade by using cascading haircuts. Chaotic scrolls along with cropped oblique bangs look great. Especially this hairstyle goes to the owners of brown eyes, as it allows you to shift the emphasis from them.
  2. Rack for hair the color of ripe wheat is better not to choose. Since the shade itself is not bright, it can make the entire image faded.
  3. The best option for a haircut is a mischievous pixie. Ultrashort strands bring some playfulness. Wonderful addition will be oblique elongated bangs.

If you decide to paint in wheat, first look at the photos of the representatives of your color type, who chose the same color for themselves. Liked? Then pay attention to your skin tone. Note that warm suggests soft shades of wheat, and cold - respectively, cool.

Do not forget that the hairstyle can not exist separately from the makeup, style and characteristics of the character. Pick a shade so that the result is a harmonious whole image.

Variety of wheat-colored hair

In order not to be awkward with a new hair color, it is important to understand in advance whether it will suit you. The palette of wheat color is very variable, so you will definitely find your own color. Basic shades

  • Wheat brown - this hair color is molded by sunlight and has a matte sheen. Significantly changed, finally pushing out the outdated yellowish shades.
  • Dark wheat - attributed to the warm gamut and includes notes of brown, gold, red. Recommended for owners of blond hair, given that it can give a noble shade to hair and emphasize natural beauty.
  • Wheat golden - this hair color is able to give an image of elegance, delicacy and softness. Got popularity back in the Renaissance. It has a nice gloss and attracts the eye.
  • Wheat Honey - has a wheat-colored base, but also shades of red are visible in it. The color should be described as a combination of caramel and golden hues.
  • Wheat Ash - the most relevant to date shade of the wheat palette, like other cold tones. To get an ash tint, you need to include an ash tone in the main palette, making it basic.
  • Caramel wheat - the golden mean between blond and dark blonde. Not as bright as red, but not as simple as a regular blond. In this specified tone, honey, sunny, caramel notes are visible. The optimal combination of them will fill the hair with vibrant and vibrant color.

Hair dye wheat shades

Choosing the paint of any of the following manufacturers, you can be sure of the durability of the pigment and the full disclosure of the selected tone. Samples are able to please with vivid color even a month after dyeing. When choosing a paint, you should also think about the technique of coloring - with wheat shades the styles are ideally combined: shatush and highlighting. We have selected for you the options of both professional lines and mass-market:

  • Inoa (shades base 9, beige 9, 31),
  • Brerel (professional). Base 9, 32, super blond beige,
  • Kemonyogurt-based dye (base 8)
  • Londa (profserii, light blond brown 8 7),
  • Garnier shade 9 blond,
  • Cutrin demi (havanna 9, 7 super light),
  • Concept Profseria touch (light sand blonde 9, 37),
  • Vella color touch (morning dew),
  • L’oreal majirel (profserii, base 9),
  • Igor royal (base 9, 55),
  • Revlon ColorSilk (blond 74).

Who will suit wheat shades

In order to understand for whom wheat shades of hair color are created, you will not have to break your head. The point is not in the shade itself, but in the quality of paint - if the staining is carried out correctly, the result will be worthy anyway. If you approach the issue with full responsibility, it is worthwhile to study in advance the rules for selecting a wheat tone. Thereby, you will avoid disappointment after dyeing.

Wheat Ash Hair Color

The most capricious color in the question of selection for skin types and eye color. The reason for this - a pronounced gray glow, which gives a shade of blue. Suitable owners matt well-groomed skin (very important match on both points). If you have bright eyes, the effect of staining will double. This shade does not fit well with problem skin.

Dark wheat hair color

As in the case of light wheat color, gives hair a rich and vibrant color. Wheat palette is so variable that the process of color selection and staining can last indefinitely. This color fits literally every - not so important, what is your natural color and skin condition. Favorably combined with a number of coloring techniques, and is able to advantageously complement and add notes of freshness to the image.

To summarize the issue of selection of wheat tone

  • if you have dark hair, we do not recommend dyeing them in golden-wheat shades: you will have to lighten them, after which a long lasting platinum tint will persist,
  • for the owners of dark skin and brown eyes suitable golden-wheat color, able to give the image a note of mystery and depth,
  • if you are a stinging brunette by nature, it is worth gradually moving to golden shades of wheat, dyeing your hair a tone lighter each time,
  • Gold is rarely combined with a cold color type, not in a beneficial way contrasting with the color of the eyes and skin. It is better to dwell on slightly beige and cream shades of a golden-wheat gamut.

If you have questions or doubts, it is optimal to seek professional help from experienced salon masters. They will not only competently select an individual shade from a rich palette of colors, but also produce a careful dyeing without harming your hair.

What photo of wheat-colored hair do you think is the most original and non-trivial? Leave feedback and comments!

Popular shades

Main shades of wheat used in dyeing:

  • light wheat - the best choice for owners of fair skin,

  • average wheat - does not have a characteristic pronounced golden reflux, so girls with a cold skin tone can try it,

  • dark wheat - it is characterized by golden, red or brown tint, therefore it strictly refers to a warm range, it is recommended for dark-haired women to refresh the natural color,

  • golden wheat - gives the appearance of tenderness, refinement, elegance, in harmony with both cold and warm skin tone,

  • wheat honey - creates at the same time soft and bright appearance, favorably emphasizes tan,

  • caramel-wheat - a good choice for women of spring and autumn color type, unlike saturated red color, does not look defiant, looks advantageous on wavy strands or in combination with a haircut cascade.

Coloring at home

Manufacturers of coloring agents do not guarantee a shade of wheat on dark curls. If the original color is too dark, there is a need for prior aggressive bleaching, which significantly impairs the hair structure. If you nevertheless decided on cardinal changes in appearance, it is better to entrust the work to a professional who will select the most sparing lightening agents in the correct proportions.

It is much easier to achieve a beautiful shade of wheat on the naturally light curls.

The following varieties of wheat-colored paints are in demand among consumers:

  • Inoa 9 base, 9.31 beige - will give a wheat shade on dark hair,
  • Brelil Professional 9. 32 super light blond beige,
  • Coloring Kemon, a yoghurt-based soft dye, 8 natural blond, 8.2 natural beige,
  • Londa Professional 5/37 light brown / golden brown,
  • Cutrin Reflection Demi 9.7 super-light havanna,
  • Concept Profi Touch 9.37 light sandy blond,
  • L`Oreal Professionnel Majirel 9.0 - appears on the dark-blond curls in wheat color,
  • Schwarzkopf Professional / Igora Royal, base 9-4, 9-55,
  • Revlon Colorsilk №74 - Medium Blonde,
  • Estelle High Blond De Luxe.

To achieve the desired color, you can try to mix a few tones of paint.

Important! You can mix only similar shades in the palette of one manufacturer!

Persistent paints are washed off for 6 months, gradually losing the brightness of the color. If you want to experiment with color for a shorter period, You can resort to using tint tools:

  • balsam Estel Solo Ton 1.26 Honey caramel, 1.27 Beige,
  • Igora Expert Mousse mousse from Schwarzkopf 9-5-4, 9-5-55,
  • shampoo IRIDA-M De Luxe Sunny blond,
  • tonic Rocolor Tonic 7.3 Milk chocolate, 7.35 Golden nut,
  • shampoo Loreal 1.26 Honey caramel, 1.27 Beige,
  • shampoo Kapous Life Color Sand.

When using shading agents, one should not expect the same result as from resistant paint. The main effect will be a light color tint, rather than a persistent bright saturated color. For a more expressive shade, the coloring agent should be kept longer, for getting a barely noticeable shade - less. When staining with unstable means, you can get rid of the unloved tone simply by washing your head 6–8 times.

Although tint products do not contain as many aggressive dyes as resistant dyes, they still damage hair. You can add a shade of wheat to your hair and at the same time strengthen curls by using masks made from natural ingredients.

  • Apply to the hair a natural beesy unspactivated honey, wrap with plastic and leave overnight.
  • Heat a few tablespoons of glycerin in a water bath. Add a couple of drops of lemon essential oil. Apply a little cold mixture over the entire length of the hair and wash it off after 30 minutes.
  • Pour 2 teaspoons of chamomile 250 ml of boiling water, infuse and add to the mixture an equal volume of glycerin. Apply a mask, wrap hair in a film, a towel and leave for half an hour.
  • You can also rinse your hair with an infusion of equal parts of chamomile and nettle. To achieve lightening on several tones, you should perform the procedure regularly, after each hair wash.

An important point! Get the desired shade with natural ingredients can only be provided that the original color is bright.

Partial staining techniques

The most gentle method of transition to light tone is highlighting. It can be either barely noticeable or catchy, drawing attention to the dark strands.

For dyeing light curls widely used technique mazhishesh. We use only soft, benign, ammonia-free dyes with the addition of wax particles. To achieve clarification when using this method, you can only a few tones. Hue lasts up to three months.

You can reveal the richness of wheat color by resorting to 3d-staining using two, three or more shades of wheat. The result will be the most natural color with beautiful color transitions, giving the hair extra volume.

Ombre does not lose demand - a smooth transition from one shade to another - and its less contrasting option - a sombre. And also is gaining momentum Shatush is a coloring technique that gives the hair a natural burning effect.

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