5 styles in the bride's hairstyle: types of styling

Wedding day for each bride is very important, and at the ceremony everything should look perfect. Along with the dress and makeup, hair is one of the necessary conditions for the bride to be an image of irresistible. Tied up in a bun or a soft tail, the bride's hair should be in harmony especially with the facial features, correspond to the chosen dress and style should be chosen under the "genre" of celebration.

Trends in wedding hairstyles of this year are calling for bunches, braid weaves and half-assembled styling - malwicks. You also should not overlook jewelry - flowers, headbands and jewelry accessories. In the following list we draw your attention to the 5 styles of the best wedding hairstyles.

Partially collected hair style - Malvinka

The first of 5 fashionable wedding styling options is Malvinka. She combines partially laid hair with loose curls. The ideal model to simultaneously express the classic and playful side of the hair. Malvinka offers the best - elegance and alluring femininity. Today, this hairstyle is the most sought after by brides. Suitable for long-haired girls who prefer a romantic style.

The best wedding haircuts for the bride and her bridesmaids in 2017

Among the hairstyles of any length of hair emit:

  • With a veil.
  • With fresh flowers.
  • With a diadem.
  • For the wedding.

Bride hairstyle with veil and flowers

Hairstyles with a veil and fresh flowers for medium-sized strands

Long since the veil was protected from evil spirits and envious, a symbol of chastity. Nowadays, the appointment of the veil has changed, but it is still a fashionable and beautiful decoration of the bride. Veil is appropriate for hair of any length. It can be single-layered or fluffy, long or short, decorated with patterns, laces or flowers. For a strict dress fit lush veil. If the wedding dress itself is richly decorated, then you should choose a simpler veil or a light veil.

Brides are increasingly choosing fresh flowers as decoration. Here the main thing is to decide which image to create: a gentle fairy, a romantic princess or a fatal beauty. The image should match the temperament and appearance of the bride. In addition, if large flowers are used, their number should not be more than two or three, otherwise there will be a tasteless flower bed on the head. It is also necessary to take into account the hair color so that the flowers do not merge with the hairstyle or, on the contrary, do not catch the eye.

Accessories for long high hair: decorating strands with a diadem

Wedding hairstyles with diadem look particularly impressive on long curls with large curls. Tiaras have different shapes. Brides wear crowns, thin hoop. From jewelry using precious stones, pearls, crystals, rhinestones, beads. Exquisitely look hair, combed in combination with a tiara in a high hairstyle. The bride in this decoration will feel like a fairy-tale princess.

The use of braids and makeup in the image of the bride

There are no strict requirements for hairstyle in the church. However, the religious ceremony does not welcome the complex structures of architectural forms or the abundance of jewelry. In the church on the head of the bride should be a veil. It is better to replace long curls with pigtails, which are laid around the head, and loose hair - with a neat bundle with parting. The best choice for a wedding hairstyle - strict simplicity and nobility.

For a wedding in the church, the hairstyle should be simple and not fancy

Styles for weddings for the chosen one and her mother

The style of hairstyle for the wedding for the bride is chosen depending on the dress, jewelry, time of year, length of hair. The image that the intended will adhere to is also important. There are many different styles, the main ones are:

    Classic style has not lost its popularity. It is characterized by severity, correct proportions. Hairstyles are characterized by simplicity and sophistication. Most styling is accompanied by a veil, a small crown or a thin diadem. The basis of the same hairstyle lies smooth tufts and nodules, on the crown or the back of the head. Sometimes only part of the hair is collected, then the rest are laid in curls, but not too large.

Classic hairstyle Romantic style is used to emphasize the tenderness of the image. Characterized by the use of braids, weaves, intertwined with ribbons, flowers. Today, the romance of loose hair, which is laid in large curls or light waves, is popular.

The romantic style of Baroque hairstyles is not used very often, but girls who want to be original, use such wedding hairstyles. This is the style of the queen, chic, solemn, suitable for a bride who is confident in herself. Characteristic are voluminous or tall hairstyles with large flowers, bows, brooches. For such a hairstyle fit the bride with thick lush hair.

Baroque style

How to make a beautiful hairstyle for short hair

Owners of short haircuts sometimes turn to retro style, although it is suitable for hair of any length. There is usually no volume here. The hair is laid in neat waves, adding a veil-mesh, cap or feather. At the side they pin a big bow. Sometimes they make a smooth haircut, and the bangs are laid in a wave. Apply also straight bangs to the level of the eyebrows. For decoration use hairpins of different shapes, ribbons, bows.

Retro style

The original style, but to face is not every bride. Perfectly suits fragile girls of small stature with a doll face and small features.

The image of the bride will be inferior, if not recall the avant-garde style. The hairstyles of this style amaze the imagination with asymmetry, multi-colored strands, lush bouffant. Accessories include feathers, branches of dried sea plants, spikelets, and even wire. This is a style of shocking, but still worth remembering the sense of proportion.

Whatever the girl's hair, there will always be an option when the wedding hairstyle, jewelry and dress will be a single whole in the wonderful image of the bride.

Wedding hairstyles: styles

Even 10-15 years ago, almost all brides did the same high styling, similar to one another. Now wedding fashion differs from those times in its diversity. In addition, it is important for those who decide to arrange a stylized wedding, therefore, you need to choose a proper hairstyle, so that not only the dress and decoration of the hall convey the whole atmosphere.

So, there are several styles of wedding hair styling, which have certain features.

Greek hairstyle

Such wedding hairstyles are distinguished by their airiness and a certain carelessness, but in the end the whole image is gentle and elegant.

The basis of the styling in the Greek style are large and medium curlspartially or completely cleaned back. Do not forget about the volume, which will create with the help of the same curls, so that the hair does not look sleek.

For example, a hairstyle may consist of weak air streamerswhich are woven into loose curls, or collected from behind. There is also a variant of one volumetric braid, which is braided on the side or on the back.

And for those who do not like weaving, you can simply twist the hair and stab the waves at the side, or collect them from behind and fasten with pins, and leave behind some loose strands in front.

The most popular styling in the Greek style are hair collected using dressings. For this curls just going back under the bezel.

Classic hairstyle

Such styling has concise, strict and symmetrical forms. Most often, hair is collected from behind, namely in the form of a knot, decorated as smooth beamor in styleseashells", Which is suitable for hair of different lengths. Each of these styling can be complemented by curls of hair.

Another option for classic hairstyles are twisted loose hairfalling on the shoulders.

Classic wedding hairstyles are decorated with a veil, tiara, rim, tiara, decorated studs and beautiful combs. At the same time it is necessary to observe the maximum simplicity so that the styling does not turn out to be elaborate.

Romantic hairstyle

Recently, the bride’s romantic style has been favored, especially by those with long hair.

For romantic styling characteristic soft uniform waveswhich may be slightly assembled at the back or remain uncool. In curls can be woven braids, or added flowers. Veil is extremely rare, so it is replaced by decorated hairpins, hats or flowers. The hair collected behind are fixed by hairpins.

Retro hairstyle

Wedding hairstyles retro does not require a lot of jewelry. Short hair fit styling, which made the ladies at the beginning of the last century. it smooth curlsthat flow in one wave. There is no need to achieve any volume here, but the styling can be supplemented with a rim or a flower on the side.

For long and medium hair can be tied low beam or knotwhich must be slick. Another option is the hairstyle.tuft”, Which provides for bouffant bangs, and behind it creates a kind of“ shell ”.

To pass 50s style, you can try high bouffant. It begins directly from the bangs, or from the nape. It is easy to decorate ready laying with a small diadem, a festive rim, a flower.

Modern hairstyle

Brightness, originality and singularity inherent in the wedding styling in modern style. This is a rather extravagant solution. Laying out difficult and interesting. Make this hairstyle yourself will not work, which means you need a good master.

Also, choosing a modern style, you should start from the dress as a whole, because two complex images are overkill. A simple dress cut and a minimum of decorative elements will be the best solution when choosing a modern style. There shouldn't be a lot of accessories, but they just have to be stylish and bright.

Boho hairstyle

This is a rather careless and somewhat airy wedding hairstyle, which is characterized by incredible femininity. Here no need to strive for perfect curls and curlspedantic smoothness, smooth pigtails.

Bohemian hairstyles in particular will suit owners of long curls. They can be screwed in a chaotic manner, add to them braided, slightly disheveled pigtails.

You can decorate the curls with flowers, a beautiful comb, ribbons. Floral wreaths and hoops with tucks tucked into them will also look good.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

The hairstyles for long hair are endless. There will be appropriate free curls, gathered on the back of his head, the Greek version, three-dimensional braids, fleece, knots, bunches and much more.

Long hair is very fond of pigtails, in all their diversity. And it is even more interesting to decorate a beautiful braid, since special floral ribbons can be woven into it, or it can be studded with studs with a wedding decor. Let's consider an option like volumetric braid that is woven from the side or behind. To create it, a massage brush and flat comb, a rubber band, a mousse or hairspray, as well as jewelery will be useful.

  1. Hair is divided by the half. Need to navigate on which side will be spit. If the spit will be located at the back, then the parting can be done as you like.
  2. The upper part of the main mass of hair is divided into three parts and light weaving begins with a gradual seizure of the strands on the sides.
  3. To give the hairstyle originality, you can change the weaving of the braid to "fish tail". But this is not necessary.
  4. At the end of the pigtail is fixed with a thin invisible rubber band.
  5. To give volume to the hairstyle from the top row of weaving and gradually, moving down, strands slightly stretched.
  6. Further, the hair is fixed with varnish, if necessary, supplemented with accessories.

Demonstrate the beauty of long hair, you can using curls. In this case, you will need a comb, a curling iron of the desired diameter, means of fixation and several invisible devices. Accessories may also be needed.

  1. Hair styling products are applied on the hair.
  2. Then the hair is divided into levels. Starting from the bottom row, you can start curling curls. They must be the same width so that the waves are uniform.
  3. Having reached the top of the head, parting is done, and the front strands are wound from the face.
  4. This can complete the installation, but there is another option to move the front strands back. Behind they are fixed with stealth.
  5. Hairstyle complemented by selected accessories, fixed with varnish.

Wedding hairstyles for medium hair

Just as in the case of long curls, medium-length hair is an excellent field for creativity. It is easier to work with them than with long ones, but you can pick up at least the original hairstyles. Among these there are options: leave uncool, remove or fasten from behind, tie a bundle, give them volume using a fleece, etc.

One of the most simple, but incredibly feminine and romantic hairstyles, is"Greek" styling. It will need a comb, bandage (bezel, tape), invisible, means for fixation.

  1. Hair divided into parting.
  2. Then the bandage is put on (band, tape).
  3. After that, on the right or left side, the strands are alternately tucked under the bandage, and hidden inside.
  4. When all the hair will be under the bandage, you can loosen the tension, release a few front strands. It is also important to keep the rear volume.
  5. Hairstyle slightly fixed varnish.

Medium length hair is good bundle of many strands. Need to stock up on studs.

  1. Hair is combed back, and after that mousse is applied for better fixation.
  2. Then, the hair is fixed by several invisibles at the level from one ear to the other.
  3. Starting from the upper level, uniform strands are alternately separated, which twist into bundles.
  4. The resulting harnesses are handled to make them fluffy.
  5. Then the harnesses are twisted into a ring and fastened with pins at the base of the hairstyle.
  6. The same is done with the harnesses from the bottom rows. It is important to evenly distribute them so that they constitute a single mass of hair.
  7. At the end of the laying is fixed with lacquer, as well as supplemented with decorations.

In the video below you can see how to create a beautiful beam with curls and decorate it. Each stage is shown in detail, so you can repeat the procedure even at home.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair

At this length, you can create a few hairstyles, so the emphasis in them to do better on jewelry. However, it does not interfere, you can achieve an elegant wedding styling.

Careless styling - This is a great wedding hairstyle for short hair that long-haired brides cannot afford. All on short hair easier to make naughty and airy curls. It will take a comb, curling iron and varnish.

  1. To curls keep the shape, you should apply a mousse for fixation.
  2. Alternately strands are wound on a curling iron in a chaotic manner.
  3. Next, you need to beat the hair with your hands and fix it with varnish.
  4. The styling is complemented by accessories.

Cold wave - This is a great retro hairstyle, which is well suited for short hair. Clamps are required here.

  1. The hair is divided into a side parting and fixed with gel or mousse.
  2. Then the first wave is formed from the roots with fingers and fixed with a clip.
  3. At the same distance from each other, following the length of the hair, similar waves are made and fixed with clamps.
  4. The finished hairstyle is well fixed varnish, after which you can remove the clips.

Wedding hairstyle accessories

Now it is customary to decorate wedding hairstyles with various accessories. Salons offer a variety of hairpins, caps, tiaras, headbands, wreaths, combs.

Jewelry first must complement the hair, give it some zest. In addition, they add emphasis to the hair, as well as the entire image.

Hairpins and all sorts of hairpins fit hair of different lengths. The average hair length looks perfect with rims, wreaths, floral inserts, ribbons, tiaras, diadems, etc.

Long hair can also accept all options for medium length. Wedding hair accessories woven into curls will look very tender.

Short hair is played with interesting hairpins, hoops, tiaras, veils.

Wedding hairstyles with veil

Veil - the most popular accessory. Many traditions are associated with it, and most brides cannot imagine their wedding image without her.

Veil fits all hair, it will be appropriate for a wedding of any style. Depending on its complexity, it can be combined with various dresses.

In most cases, the veil has a special mount. Due to it, it can be added to any hairstyle, even in short or loose hair. It is important that they be collected at least a little, so that the mount has something to hold on to.

Wedding hairstyles with flowers

The latest trend is jewelry in the form of flowers. Real or artificial, depends on personal preference and the desire to use such accessories in the future. Moreover, the laying can be decorated with one large flower or many small buds. They are fastened with pins or threads on which they are strung.

Fresh flowers look very tender, but it is better to choose them with an experienced florist. He will pick up the buds that can last for a long time without water.

Artificial flowers - this is an excellent solution that will suit brides who want a similar decoration. Now masters make quite realistic flowers, among which you can choose any option.

Wedding hairstyles with tiara

A tiara from any bride will make a princess. This accessory fits any hair length, easily attached. The tiara is simply put on the head, and already on the basis of her style a wedding hairstyle is formed.

A small elegant tiara will suit any image, in addition, it does not exclude the fastening of the veil. But bigger models and decorated with large stones are better not to combine with other accessories.

Wedding hairstyles with a wreath of flowers

Wedding hairstyles in a romantic style or country style can be decorated with wreaths of fresh flowers. Most often, they require loose curled hair. The wreath is not simply put on the head, but is additionally attached with invisible so that it does not fall off during the day.

For the creation of a wreath of flowers you need to contact florists, who will not only make the desired composition, but also pick up durable buds.

Depending on the style of the wedding, different flowers are selected, which can be of one or several varieties. Wildflowers, roses of various shades, baby's breath, alstroemeria and even berries are used.

Wedding hairstyle with rim

Headbands - a universal accessory that will decorate any length of hair. Moreover, the hair can be collected, and you can dissolve.

From materials for rims use plastic, fabric, special wire. In addition, they can be decorated with stones, rhinestones, crystals, pearls, beads, flowers.

Headbands perfectly fix hair, do not allow the strands to interfere and climb into the face.

How to choose a wedding hairstyle?

Wedding hairstyles should be selected at once according to several criteria in order to harmoniously complement the image of the bride. Among these:

  • face oval,
  • dress style
  • hair length, their type, color,
  • necessary accessories.

For example, under the dressWith many decorative elements, it is better to choose simple wedding hairstyles with a minimum of accessories. Under a simple dress, you can focus on the hair, but still styling should not be too complicated and distract from the whole image. It is important not to forget about the harmony between the dress and styling. Let the "lush" will be one thing.

Face shape also defines the perfect hairstyle of the bride. The universal shape is oval, so it will suit almost all types of hairstyles. Chubby and girls with a rectangular face is better to cover the cheeks and make a parting part, as well as give styling volume. An elongated shape with a high forehead can be adjusted with a bang.

Tiny girls are not recommended too lush and high hair, otherwise they can visually enlarge the head.

How to make a wedding hairstyle?

It is better to choose a wedding hairstyle together with a master, whose search should be started in advance. For this, several test options are being made, among which it will be possible to choose the most suitable one.

Why is it so important to try different types of hairstyles? It's simple. It is possible that the desired hairstyle may simply not be suitable, and the one that is considered as the last option will be ideal.

Together with the master it is worth discussing all the nuances of the styling products, as well as testing them to ensure their quality in advance.

Special attention should be paid to accessories. If the choice fell on fresh flowers, the search for an experienced florist should be addressed along with the search for a master hairdresser. Perhaps they will work together to create a wedding hairstyle. As for the other accessories, they should fit into the image, and you need to buy them in advance.

If the bride does her own hair, it is better to practice beforehand, and also to choose simple types of styling that can be easily repeated.

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Wedding hairstyles

This style is characterized by brightness, uniqueness and creativity. Characterize its lush volumetric styling. Often used various fleece. Also here can be attributed the hair gathered in a ponytail, which is tied in a knot, and a thick braid is wound around it.

5. Boudoir style.

He is chosen by extravagant girls who want to pretend that they worked on their hair for not too long, but made it hastily.

This style of hairstyle is perfect even for representatives of royal families. It is characterized by hairstyles for long hair that look luxuriant and pretentious. This is the embodiment of luxury and solemnity of the moment. Even jewelry for a hairstyle for a wedding in this style should be rich and bright.

Greek hairstyles for wedding

Hairstyles for a wedding in the Greek style is quite simple in execution. But this does not make them less beautiful or exquisite. In the style there are wavy strands of hair that give the image of femininity. The Greek style involves weaving hair in different variations. For example, braid, loose hair with small weaves.

To date, the most popular are the hairstyles for a wedding in the Greek style with a veil. If the dress is also chosen correctly, the bride will look gentle and sophisticated. This effect is achieved even without the use of accessories. Wedding hairstyle in the Greek style is decorated with only small flowers. If you have short hair, it does not matter, they can be lifted at the roots. This will give hairstyle volume.

Wedding hairstyles for hair of medium length

Fashionable wedding hairstyles for brides are very easy to come up with for owners of medium-length hair. The magnificence of hair will depend on the scale of the holiday. After all, you can build something elegant and complex in execution, but you can make some simple hairstyle that will look good with a small amount of celebration.

In order to create a wedding hairstyle for hair of medium length, you need to stock up on a huge number of hairpins, clips, tools for styling and fixing the hair. It would be better if you contact a professional stylist and hairdresser. After all, medium-length hair is more difficult to put in a hairstyle that will last a long time.

This hairstyle in the Greek style is ideal for this length, when the hair is divided into a parting first, and then collected in a knot. Strands of hair that remain on the sides, laid in such a way that it fits the shape of the bride's face. Alternatively, they can be simply braided into small pigtails. You can decorate with a beautiful hoop or hairpin.

Wedding hairstyles: choose the right

Fashionable hairstyle for the wedding can be created on both long and short hair. The main thing to entrust the hair to the professionals in their field. It is very important to find exactly the option of installation that is right for you. You can not change the hair color somehow dramatically just before the triumph. This can turn into fraught, for example, the shade will not be exactly the one that is needed, and there will be no time for correction.

You should know that the dark hair color for a wedding hairstyle does not quite fit, because it makes the bride a couple of years older. Also, age can add bangs, falling directly on the forehead. Open face gives the image of freshness and lightness. If you want to opt for pigtails when creating a wedding hairstyle, then it is better to do them also on blond hair.

For girls of high stature, a wedding hairstyle with flowing hair is suitable, and for short ones, a high hairstyle is best. If you need to hide extra weight, then a large volume curls will help in this. You can lengthen your neck by lifting your hair up.

Wedding hairstyle - this is a very important nuance of the whole celebration. She should be chosen so as to emphasize all the charms of the bride, and hide her shortcomings from her eyes. Also the hairstyle should fit the dress. A stylist who specializes in creating fashionable wedding hairstyles will help create a harmonious image.

Women's hairstyles

Today, any woman has the opportunity to choose the style of styling that best suits her type of face, lifestyle, demeanor, basic wardrobe, dress-code of a particular event, to which the hairstyle is performed. Not all types of female styling are universal, suitable for all occasions. Many of them should be considered as an element that is only suitable for a holiday.

A clear classification of women's hairstyles does not exist. In all the variety of options of accumulations accumulated by mankind you can try to identify the most popular destinations.

Important advice from the publisher.

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Classic model haircuts

Model ladies' haircut involves a thorough, filigree execution of the actual style. With proper choice of this option, taking into account the hair color and shape of the face, the owners of such haircuts look very well-groomed and elegant. Modern stylists offer a lot of current options for model haircuts: “bob”, “garcon”, “pixie”, “sesson”, “square”, “cap”, “gavrosh”, “leg bob”, “page”.

Of particular value to these hairstyles gives them versatility: they are suitable for everyday life and for a solemn atmosphere.In addition, model haircuts are always the result of the work of high-class stylists, so they are distinguished by the convenience and ease of styling.

Most of these hairstyles have long been a classic: their age has been far from one decade. However, their unusually beautiful and feminine base in conjunction with the methods of shading, the information of individual strands on “no”, filleting, edging, graduation, smoky transitions, “working with fingers”, make it possible to achieve an exquisitely fashionable hairstyle.

In everyday life, such models can be supplemented with exquisitely-simple accessories: headbands, hoops. In a solemn atmosphere will look good diadems and hairpins with large crystals, wreaths and flowers.

Torn haircuts

Due to its refined carelessness, such hairstyles are a great modern option for ladies of any age. Such haircuts can be made from hair of any length and have different basics that create a common silhouette: from square to cascade. With these styling, bangs, “legs”, “feathers”, graduated strands, and original “facets” are perfectly combined, which allows you to choose an option for any type of face.

The great advantage of these haircuts is the absence of restrictions on the type of hair: they can be wavy and straight, thick, and also have a modest volume. Only small "African" curls will not allow you to create a spectacular hairstyle with torn strands, because they hide her pattern. Such haircuts are convenient because they do not require complicated styling. However, they need regular updates.

As a daily accessory for such haircuts, a simple hair clip is best suited (if, for example, you want to collect hair during sports or cooking classes). With the help of tiaras and large colors you can decorate such hairstyles on holidays.

Cascading haircuts

For the past 4 decades, cascade-style haircuts have been incredibly popular. This is logical: such hairstyles are very comfortable in styling and naturally look on hair of any length, structure and color. In addition, they are very ladies of any age, having any type of shape and shape of the face.

In contrast to the classic model haircuts, as well as hairstyles with torn strands, made on their basis, the cascade version does not have clear and strict cut lines.

Graduation in such a hairstyle can go from the crown, which gives the hairstyle a romantic note. On the days of ceremonial events, graded strands can be folded inward, which will allow you to create an elegant, and, at the same time, young look.


Asymmetrical haircut is one of the most interesting and extravagant hairstyle options. As a rule, self-confident individuals with a pronounced individuality are decided to make it. The main differences of this hairstyle, performed on the hair of any length, should be recognized the lack of symmetry, fantasy form, the presence of outrageous elements (stepped bangs, "feathers", decorative strands, color accents).

This model is perfect for young women with any structure and length of hair. With proper choice of form, this hairstyle will allow to emphasize the dignity of appearance and hide some flaws. This model with particular attention should be given to the owners of a flexible physique, clear features, sensual lips, chiseled neck and high cheekbones: it comes to such ladies extraordinarily.

Due to the different modeling bangs in this case, you can get completely different effects. So, a short and even version will allow you to pay attention to the beautiful cut of the eyes. Oblique bangs will give the opportunity to visually make the face more thin and oblong. Milling will make it look more elegant heavy square face. Stabbing with the help of various accessories a very long bang, you can create bright and catchy images.


Creative extravagant haircuts - one of the traditional solutions for fashion models, acting on the catwalks. These hairstyles are designed to emphasize the dignity of model clothing. The form of such styling, color solutions, decorative elements should be in perfect harmony with the collection on display.

Due to the huge popularity of creative haircuts, as an element of the Haute couture, they have become very popular among today's youth. At the present time, original everyday models are being created on their basis.

As individualized elements of creative haircuts, extravagant partings, shaved drawings, “Iroquois”, colored accents, and “feathers” can be used.

Due to its brightness and shocking, such hairstyles allow you to achieve special goals related to attracting the attention of others, emphasizing energy and fervor of character, the creation of a youth image.


This model involves fixing on the back of the head the entire mass of hair collected in the tail. This version of the hairstyle of hair of almost any length, is distinguished by unsurpassed ease of implementation, convenience and stylistic neutrality.

Due to its democratic nature, such styling is perfect for any everyday costume and would be appropriate for any event. Performing more complex horsetail variants (for example, with a turn of the strand at the base), as well as the use of spectacular accessories (flowers, headbands, tiaras, ribbons, headbands, large hairpins) allows you to make an elegant accent in a festive look.

Exquisite weaving, original parting, light bangs, romantic locks at the temples: the braid today is at the very top of fashion trends. Modern women who closely monitor the trends in hairdressing, actively use this beautiful hairstyle in everyday life and at ceremonial events.

The braid is recognized as one of the most convenient styling, as it looks attractive, it is distinguished by simplicity of execution and stylistic neutrality (can be combined with almost any wardrobe items). This option is very practical, it does not lose its exquisite attractiveness during the day and can be easily turned into a solemn hairstyle with the help of a single accessory (ribbon, rim, hairpins, flower).

Since there are many options for weaving braids, its owner has the ability to always look original. In particular, in the presence of hair of medium or significant length, women can use the options of French, pike, openwork, surround, Celtic, multi-strip, chess, square, sea, Hollywood, basket weaving.

The bundle, fashion which goes back to the traditions of Hellas and the Roman Empire, is a very simple, strict, practical and elegant styling in the form of hair gathered at the back of the head. When performing this hairstyle use gum and studs. To make the formed beam more heavy and relief, it is accepted to use special slips.

Due to their restraint, convenience, ease of execution and sophisticated sophistication, these hairstyles are great for everyday life (including sports, office and household activities, shopping, walking), and for special occasions.

The bundle is a stylistically neutral version of the hairstyle, so that it can be successfully used to create any image (romantic, oriental, business, Provencal, Spanish, folklore, etc.). Due to the reliable fixation of such styling, its owner always feels confident and comfortable.

The formation of this hairstyle does not require special skill: it is enough to opt for the most appropriate version of the beam. In this case, for example, middle-aged ladies are not recommended to use romantic models with curls, “Greek weaving” and delicate accessories in the form of wreaths, flowers, ribbons.

But they are very suitable concise smooth hairstyles made using a gel. Special attention to this hairstyle is recommended for women with a high neck and a distinct cheekbone, as they look just like a king with such styling.

If the neck does not look like a swan, then the knot of the hairstyle should be fixed low. Owners of a flattened skull are recommended fluffy beams, made with special pads. In this case, models with elements of weaving are also suitable. Ladies of brittle addition, it is better to perform a tight styling, in which the volume of the beam itself is minimized.

This hairstyle is perfectly combined with various accessories. They can have both everyday performance (for example, a laconic hoop or a thin leather forehead cord), as well as a spectacular elegant (hairpins with rhinestones, flower arrangements, tiaras).

Flowing hairstyles

Hairstyles belonging to this group, at certain times, are performed by all owners of hair of considerable and medium length. Some of these styling are extremely simple in execution (loose strands), and some options require skill and hard work (curls, loose curls with weaving elements, curly strands with a bundle).

Such hairstyles - one of the best options for creating a stressed feminine look. They emphasize the beautiful shine of healthy hair, however, they can also reveal their shortcomings (dullness, the presence of excised tips, unsuccessful coloring).

It should be remembered that the falling hairstyles are voluminous, so ladies of short stature should be very careful to check the proportions of such styling (we can not allow them to be too massive). A huge advantage of such options is the ability to divert attention from the square heavy face and large inharmonious features.

These hairstyles are beautiful and are perfect for a party or a solemn event. They are quite acceptable during romantic walks. However, for everyday work or outdoor activities, they are not the most convenient option, since they will require the constant attention of their owner.

There are many opportunities to decorate a falling hairstyle, make it even more spectacular. For these purposes, beautiful accessories can be used, such as headbands, original hairpins, large flowers and flower wreaths, diadems.

Well-groomed hair and today remains one of the significant symbols of female attractiveness. Therefore, the appearance at the gala event with an unsuccessful and unsuitable hairstyle is a real moveton, which puts the identity of a woman in the most unfavorable light.

Today there are many requirements for evening hairstyles, the failure of which can emphasize the unkempt appearance of a lady, her inattention to fashion trends and the absence of good taste. To avoid this, you should consider the principles on which high-class evening styling is performed:

  • the presence of well-groomed, properly dyed hair with a healthy shine,
  • hairstyle comfort for the owner, which implies a reliable fixation of styling with the help of competent technologies and modern styling products,
  • complete harmony of styling and accessories with the type of figure, face, as well as makeup,
  • the presence of a very light (minimal) note of carelessness,
  • solemn and neat appearance hairstyles.

As for the models of evening styling, they are currently offered a lot. Classic chic is symbolized by high evening options, which allow to emphasize a chiseled neck. Such hairstyles are a modern, refined interpretation of Babette, which was very popular in the 1960s.

The image of a refined aristocrat is successfully highlighted by hair gathered in a bun or French shell. Restrained elegance of such styling is perfectly combined with evening dresses, made of silk and satin. The key requirement for such hairstyles is their neatness and smoothness.

In spite of the fact that the presence of the lightest note of negligence is considered to be a sign of high-class evening styling, modern stylists admit that hair that is out of the mass is bad. A good option for evening hairstyles can be a “crown”, made with the help of a spit laid with a whisk or chignon.

Nowadays, various variants of drop-in styling, which include weaving elements, are very popular as an evening hairstyle. The best choice in this case may be one of the options "Greek styling." To give a similar hairstyle solemnity, it is decorated with flower garlands, tiaras, large hairpins with rhinestones.

A very successful version of the evening styling hair stylists recognize, collected on the crown in the form of a bow. This hairstyle in the style of "Breakfast at Tiffany" looks perky and aristocratic. Always win-win long curls, raised at the nape and decorated with elegant hairpins or flowers. In this case, the romantic enthusiasm can give a light curled strands at the temples. Zigzag partitions will help to make a solemn styling out of flowing straight hair.

Modern wedding styling is a symbiosis of solemn sculpture (structure, tone, shine, shape) of hair and decorative accessories. However, it is one of the key components capable of building the look of the bride as a whole.

Whatever hairstyle model is chosen, it must meet several requirements:

  • the presence of inner harmony, which implies an elegant combination of individual aspects of styling (shape, structure, tone, accessories),
  • achievement of perfect compatibility with a figure, face type, make-up, dress, jewelry, bouquet, veil or hat,
  • ensuring perfect fixation,
  • achieving complete comfort for the bride,
  • providing an attractive look when photographing.

The most important requirement for wedding styling is to achieve complete harmony with the appearance of the bride. Properly chosen and high-quality hairstyle will allow to level all the flaws in appearance and present the advantages in the most favorable light. So, romantic retro strands will be the perfect choice for a bride with a round face. Small curls will visually shorten the nose. The volumetric bundle will outline the correct line on the flattened nape.

A high pile with an accessory such as a hoop will allow the shape of the face to be perceived as oval. There are many similar nuances and when performing a wedding hairstyle they should be considered.

Among the styling options that emphasize the fragile attractiveness and tenderness of the bride's appearance, you should highlight curls and “cascades” of curly hair that frame the shoulders.

Such hairstyles can be decorated with flowers and wreaths. It should be borne in mind that bad weather can irreparably spoil a similar hairstyle, despite the full force of fixation of modern styling products.

A more practical and equally beautiful option for a wedding hairstyle should be styling from the gathered curls. Various modifications of the "ponytail", "Greek" models with elements of weaving look very impressive and demonstrate at the same time a high level of convenience. Such hairstyles are perfectly combined with fresh flowers, tiaras and small delicate ornaments.

Particularly aristocratic appearance of the bride will give one of the options for high styling.Modern modification of "babette" with exquisite satin ribbon can look just great. Classical bunches as well as the French shell deserve no less attention. Decorated with a veil and a diadem, or complemented by delicate hairpins with pearls - these hairstyles look elegant and stylish. When choosing an accessory such as a veil, you should remember that miniature brides should refuse a heavy and too long veil and give preference to a Spanish model, and curvaceous ladies should not experiment with multilayered veils.

The use of beautiful accessories will make a delicate wedding hairstyle out of short hair. Exquisite tiaras, invisible women with flowers, feathers and rhinestones make any sports haircut soft and charming femininity.

If the bride is planning to make an extravagant hairstyle, then it should be remembered that modern stylists can very effectively help with this. Hairdressing is able to offer the most unusual options that are performed using special frames. Such hairstyles can have outrageous elements, eye-catching decorations. In order to achieve perfect harmony in this case, it is recommended to stop the choice on a concise outfit with a minimum of additional accessories.

Futuristic hairstyles

Futuristic trend manifests itself in the art of hairdressing from the 1910s of the XX century. At the same time it reached the peak of popularity in the 1960-70s. With particular attention to the futuristic fantasies were the heads of fashion houses Paco Rabanne, as well as Pierre Cardin. There is still a legend that at that time Rabann monthly bought up to 30 thousand meters of special plastic, with the help of which stylists created unusual and bold designs of hairstyles. In addition to plastic, paper, flowers, feathers, wood, metal, lace, dry grass were used for this master's amazing work.

Another creator of futuristic forms was Pierre Cardin - a supporter of strict geometric lines and the style of "unisex". The use of decorative elements made of silver vinyl in that period was Cardin’s “trademark”. In addition to these great masters, the fashion houses Armani, Versace, Valentino, Chanel repeatedly turned to the stylistics of futurism when performing hairstyles for models.

Futuristic hairstyles are one of the traditional solutions for the podium run of a fashion model, so most of them, because of their outrageousness, are not used in everyday life. Such styling is created, as a rule, for the purpose of demonstrating fashion collections, makeup, accessories, or the presentation of other products. The shape of such hairstyles, their color palette, should be in harmony with the products shown.

In very rare cases, this arrangement can be performed for a particular event. But, before turning to the subject of futurism, everything must be thought out very well. With this model, you can easily overdo it. And then, instead of exquisite tenderness and breathtaking great taste, you can get ridiculous and ugly styling.

Modern stylists in performing futuristic hairstyles, the interest in which has increased in recent years, adhere to the key artistic principles of this direction: plasticity, dynamics, and unusualness. They seek to convey them using fairly simple techniques: clear forms, geometric lines, fragmentation. In this case, the direction in which such styling is performed can be any: a distant cosmic image, a shocking reading of a popular artistic theme, or a fantasy author's work.

Men's hairstyles

Bold, practical, stylish men's hairstyles allow you to create a confident and sexy image. Modern high-class styling always looks very fashionable. For the best male stylists today, “Scandinavian thinking” is characteristic: they offer simple models, a minimal amount of styling products, natural hair color, and at the same time create hairstyles that attract general attention.

One of the most fashionable options today for men's hairstyles - "under zero". It involves a complete shave hair. A man with a sports torso, this option allows you to look very attractive and courageous, besides, it is incredibly comfortable and does not require styling.

The classic and minimalist model “boxing”, which appeared due to the sports look of the same name, is notable for its convenience of structure and accuracy. Currently, this ultrashort hairstyle allows you to create a brutal and modern look.

The halfboxing model is made of hair longer than the basic boxing version. On the basis of it can be created a lot of original styling, which is perfect for attractive men. Special tools will help in the installation.

Always attractive looks, different practicality and ease of installation, a model resembling a hat. When laying it with the help of a gel, it can be parted. This haircut looks very respectable, recalling the style of The Great Gatsby.

The undercut model is back in fashion, which is perfect for daring and outrageous men. Representatives of certain subcultures, have the opportunity on the basis of such a haircut to perform styling "Mohawk".

For medium hair length

Haircuts that have an average length, as a rule, are created on the basis of the “caret” and “bob” models. Today, they are recognized as one of the best options for stylish business men. To look respectable and intelligent, it is enough to make a haircut on the basis of the “bob” model, having provided for the presence of a slightly laid bang. Especially attractively similar styling looks on shiny and straight hair without gray hair.

Scandalous men with excellent taste can afford a similar model with straight long bangs. Medium length haircuts can be styled using asymmetrical “ripped” strands.

Daring models in the style of "Tom Boy", which are very suitable for determined men, are very popular. When performing styling at the base of a similar haircut with short hair at the back of the head, a very long bang should be laid on its side. Introducing careless notes into styling is an up-to-date fashion element that will make the image provocative and hooligan.

A good option for owners of curly hair can be a straight cut, which has a length to the chin. Natural hair color and a little gel will make it look very stylish. Styling with a slight effect of wet hair will literally rivet attention.

Traditional male haircut medium length can be given a particularly brutal and bold look. To do this, it is enough to choose a model in the Art Nouveau style, in which the game of contrasts is used: zones with hair of normal length and almost shaved sections alternate.

Classic styling of long hair

This version of the hairstyle suggests a completely equal length, as well as the absence of curls. The way of styling such a hairstyle consists in brushing the whole mass of hair back or in parting. Classical styling allows men to look resolutely and brutal, gives them a romantic halo of gloomy Viking.


When performing such styling, the strands are guided from the vertex in the direction of their natural growth, to the line of the styling edge. Similar options can be performed on strands of any length. As a unique elements that emphasize the refinement of this hairstyle, it is recommended to use only natural elements: partings, bangs. Styling of this type is perfect for both ladies and men.


When performing this model, strands from the growth line are directed upwards to the vertex. Often, such styling is complemented by a parting. Such hairstyles are rarely used by men.

Laying on the basis of this model is very popular with both men and women. When they are performed, strands from the edge in the frontal part are directed to the back of the head. A striking accent of this hairstyle gives a parting, "feathers" and a stepped form, obtained by means of graduation.

Frontal (front) hairstyles

When performing this styling strands from the line of the lower occiput are redirected to the face. Such a parting, graduation, “cold wave” give a very effective look to this hairstyle. Variants of men's frontal hairstyles are quite rare. Styling of this type is complex in execution.

Ethnic afro hairstyles are incredibly popular today, both among women and men. The use of special technology perms, as well as various color solutions, opens up the possibility to create original options for parties.

The emergence of Iroquois hairstyles embodied a protest of youth subcultures against the domination of stamped stereotypes. Modern hairdressing art offers many options for this original hairstyle, different in height, thickness, the presence of shaved temples, color solutions. High-quality performance of "Iroquois" competent stylist is able to give the appearance of originality and audacious enthusiasm.

Dreadlocks are a hairstyle of strands, tangled in a special way. According to representatives of various youth subcultures, for which dreadlocks are one of the fetishes, the easiest way to get such a hairstyle is to stop combing hair. In the period from six months to 2 years as a result of the refusal to comb the hair fall into dreadlocks. A number of owners of dreadlocks prefer to use a pile when performing them.